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The Best Cooling Mattress for Hot Sleepers in 2023

11 Best Cooling Mattress for Hot Sleepers 2021

Research indicates that low body temperatures improve sleep overnight, while higher body temperatures will stop sleeping. For this reason, it is necessary to choose a cooling mattress for people who prefer to sleep hot.

A cooling mattress will distinguish sleep and sweeping, tossing and turning all night. A good price for a cooling mattress for hot sleepers is also available, so hot sleepers do not have to worry about breaking up the bank.

Many mattress companies take on the subject of hot sleeping by designing cooling mattresses designed specifically to encourage breathability and absorb body heat to make you feel more relaxed at night. But what is the perfect cooling mattress for you?

In this easy-to-follow guide, you can find the right choice for your particular sleep style in important aspects, like firmness, materials and mattress.

Disclaimer: We independently review all recommended products. If you buy through our links, we may earn a commission. For more details read our Affiliate Disclosure.

Our Top 11 Best Cooling Mattress for Back Sleepers

  1. Best Overall – Helix Midnight Luxe
  2. Best for Side Sleepers – Nolah Original
  3. Pressure Relief Mattress – PlushBeds Botanical Bliss
  4. Best Value Cooling Original Mattress – TUFT & NEEDLE
  5. Electric Cooling Mattress – The Pad Eight Sleep
  6. Best Foam Mattress for Hot Sleepers – Ghostbed Luxe
  7. Best Cooling Memory Foam Mattress – Nectar
  8. Cooling Latex Mattress – Saatva Latex Hybrid
  9. Exceptional Cooling Mattress – Brooklyn Aurora
  10. Best Cooling Mattress for Heavy People – Big Fig
  11. Best Flippable Cooling Mattress – Layla Hybrid

1. Best Overall – Helix Midnight Luxe



Overall Thoughts

Let’s say you look for a new mattress but don’t know what amount of firmness is right for you. Helix Sleep is equipped with a range of hybrid memory foam models adapted to the various shapes and locations of the body.

A punched coil system constructs these mattresses to ensure a consistent airflow and maintain a comfortable mattress temperature.

Although standard Helix models are attractive to budget-conscious purchasers, the Luxe series features thicker pillow tops with additional characteristics to enhance your sleep experience.

Helix Midnight Luxe is an excellent middle-of-the-road alternative, with a medium-size feel, which can hold up to 230 pounds for most sleepers.

The Midnight Luxe Helix has two layers of memory foam, one of which lies under the pillow top to give the surface a flavoring feel. A transitional polyfoam layer provides different conformation when protecting the body and preventing sinking.

The cotton mixture of foams relieves pressure while keeping a certain ‘bounce.’ Pocket coils form the foundation of the support. Coils are supportive and allow for constant airflow, and do not trap body heat like foam.

The Helix Midnight Luxe, therefore, maintains a cool temperature at night. A base layer of high-density foam provides additional support.

The Midnight Luxe and the other Luxe hybrids are more economical than the standard Helix hybrids, but they are still affordable. Helix Sleep also provides free shipment to every country in the U.S. The Midnight Luxe Mattress includes a 100-night sleep trial and a 15-year warranty.

2. Best for Side Sleepers – Nolah Original Cooling Mattress



Overall Thoughts

Many all-foam mattresses sleep hot because the air is not very well circulating. The surface layers absorb and trap the body’s thermal content, which uncomfortably warms the entire mattress.

The Nolah Original 10” is a significant exception. The comfort layer is made of highly respiratory, adaptive poly foam that keeps your body warm. Polyfoam does not sink like memory foam, so airflow is stable on the floor as well.

The narrow shape and the comprehensive cover make the mattress perfect for side sleepers. These individuals normally need an extra mattress to cover their hips and shoulders, balance their backs and reduce pressure. The mattress is also suitable for back and stomach sleepers weighing under 130 pounds.

The Nolah Original 10 is also recommended for couples. The layers separate movement from the mother’s movement and prevent it from moving over to the floor, avoiding interruptions of co-sleeves and mattress noise.

The mattress is fairly expensive than other polyfoam models, and Nolah is free to ship on the deck. If you want to reduce the sticker price further, Nolah will opt out of the 120-night assessment. The mattress is 15 years guaranteed.

3. Pressure Relief Mattress – PlushBeds Botanical Bliss



Overall Thoughts

The PlushBeds are suitable for guests wanting to adjust their sleeping surfaces frequently. Each layer is made of Global Organic Latex Standard-certified latex, which ensures sustainable cultivation and production of the sources.

It is also possible to choose two different levels of firmness. Models with a medium feeling can be firmly created by removing the cover and swinging between two layers. This adjustment makes it possible for most people to find the right level of sleep and body shape.

Each latex layer on the mattress is ventilated with a small hole for internal ventilation and includes organic cotton approved for additional cooling in the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

The GOTS-certified organic wool barrier also monitors surface temperatures and eliminates body moisture. The botanical bliss also makes these naturally respiratory components suitable for hot sleepers compared to other all-latex types.

Latex is significantly stronger than polyfoam or memory foam, which can go beyond normal mattress life.

PlushBeds provides a 25-year Botanical Bliss warranty covering the first 10-years immediately. In the USA, customers have the right to a 100-night sleep and free delivery.

4. Best Value Cooling Original Mattress – TUFT & NEEDLE



Overall Thoughts

Even if it is not so cool as the Tempur-Pedic pick, this 2-pay foam mattress is a complete steal with features to avoid overheating at night. It contains carbon and gel to absorb the heat from your body, and the foam has cells open to making it breathable.

You will relax the body temperature while you sleep on your Tuft & Needle mattresses.
Simple installation and order, convenience and support.

They appreciated the brand’s customer service as a mattress-in-a-box to place your order online and set it up without any preparation for the delivery. The main problem is that the support is not big, so it can be sloppy when sitting on the mattress.

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5. Best Electric Cooling Mattress – The Pad Eight Sleep



Overall Thoughts

This foam mattress has a high-tech cooling cover that works with a smartphone app. For each side of the bed, you set the temperature and water flows from the hub – that is, from your bedside tool – to create a cooling effect.

You can program this when the temperature is on and off, plus the cover has built-in sleep tracking capabilities. The main emphasis is on the top (as opposed to the tough mattress itself), but you can buy another 10 or 11-inch mattress.

6. Best Foam Mattress for Hot Sleepers – Ghostbed Luxe



Overall Thoughts

Although foam mattresses are great for warmth, they can have difficulty with heat-trapping causing sleeping people to overheat overnight. The GhostBed Luxe is an all-smooth mattress that uses materials to dissipate heat to make you cool.

One problem with body shapes such as the Luxe is that people fall into it, increase insulation and trap body heat. The GhostBed Luxe uses cooling-phase material and gel memory moisture to help remove heat from the sleeper, so you do not overheat this mattress.

The GhostBed Luxe is perfect for side sleepers, thanks to its pressure-relieving feel, along with all its cooling benefits.

7. Best Cooling Memory Foam Mattress – Nectar



Overall Thoughts

Memory foam is a proven heat-absorbing material. As a result, many hot sleepers are shy of memory foam mattresses. That said, the Nectar mattress shouldn’t have a problem.

While the Nectar is a mattress for memory foam, it has cooling materials to prevent heat from being caught at night. The top of the memory foam consists of a gel infusion which contributes to heat dissipation. The cover has very attractive and cool Tencel leather.

The Nectar is just only a comfortable mattress. Its multiple layers of memory foam can make the sleepers and others that want a smoother mattress more comfortable.

8. Best Cooling Latex Mattress – Saatva Latex Hybrid



Overall Thoughts

Latex is typically a good place to start when it comes to finding something for a cool night’s sleep. Natural forms such as latex Talalay are more breathable and do not trap heat than other foam forms.

Anyone wishing to have a nice latex mattress should look at the Saatva Latex Hybrid mattress. It contains latex in Talalay’s comfort layer, and a group of coils in the support layer naturally adds further support to the mattress, but here’s about cooling! The coils help airflow through the mattress to make it cooler to sleep.

Also free from toxic chemicals, both environmentally friendly and suitable for people who only want to sleep in a natural environment. It would be like the Saatva Latex Hybrid sleeping clean, translucent and comfortable.

9. Exceptional Cooling Mattress – Brooklyn Aurora



Overall Thoughts

Brooklyn Aurora has a high level of cooling capability in a comfortable and supporting design. The Aurora was handcrafted with many features, including the phase changes technology, which should help those who sleep warmly.

The hybrid mattress has an inner base and a foam comfort layer on end. Brooklyn Bedding used copper and titanium with TitanCoolTM’s proprietary foam to remove heat from the sleepers in its layers.

The indoor level allows air to flow naturally by the mattress so that hot air does not stay with you on the concrete.

Why’s that Special?

Cooling is important for bed design. Not only are the layers optimized to keep sleepers cool, but the bed also has a gentle berth instead of sinking sleepers deep into heat-trapping layers.

Aurora can sleep comfortably in many areas. The bed is in three rooms (Soft, Medium, and Firm).

10. Best Cooling Mattress for Heavy People – Big Fig



Overall Thoughts

This bed was designed with heavy people to address common issues with “one size fits all” beds. If you fight to sink too deeply in beds or get proper pressure relief, this bed aims at providing enough space for sleepers to sink into comfort layers without making a hammock.

Best of all, it has been planned to last for the 20-year warranty. In the case of cooling, the elements required for proper ventilation to regulate sweating were included.

Sleepers can avoid creating hot areas due to temperature control capabilities with ThermoGel Cooling Technology. If this doesn’t sound like enough, an 8-inch coil sheet is sandwiched in the center of the bed for bounce and support, thus providing the perfect airflow.

What stands out? One of the first plus-size beds to fit with guaranteed longevity for most heavy sleepers with a maximum weight limit of 1100 or 550 pounds per sleeper.

11. Best Flippable Cooling Mattress – Layla Hybrid



Overall Thoughts

Suppose you have a cooling mattress on top, but you cannot settle on a firm standard. In that scenario, you might imagine a flippable mattress, the Layla hybrid being our choice.

With a soft feeling (3/10) on the one hand, and a medium feeling on the other (6.5/10), sleepers may tailor their sleep experience to a whim—all you need to do is turn it on!

Being a hybrid, Layla still has a lot more to do with it. The layer of individually wrapped coils provides a structure that makes your movement more sensitive, and the foam of memory prevents motion transfer, which can keep pairs sleeping healthfully.

We will suggest the stronger side for heavy and average sleepers, although lighter than average folks would probably find the softer side better suited to them.


  • More comfortable sleep
  • May allow for better, uninterrupted sleep
  • Reduces sweat, which can damage a mattress over time


  • May not have other desired features

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What Is Sleeping Hot?

When we sleep, the temperature of our body falls naturally by a few degrees. As part of the sleep phase, our bodies release heat energy because materials trap so much heat around us. This is what we call “sleeping hot.”

Sleeping hot will make you nervous, unable to sleep deeply. You can also wake up a few times that will not make you sleep the most restful. Several factors can cause night sweats. Maybe the room is too warm – experts suggest a room temperature of a few degrees 65.

You will wake up with sweats at night with your hormonal levels, metabolism, and even workout routine. You want your bed warm and comfortable, but you don’t want to get the heat trapped and create a common issue with memory foam mattresses, too.

The traditional memory foam in polyurethane can be dense and not very breathable to build up heat. Some can notice the heat from a memory foam topper increased.

Many mattress companies have engineered patented moisturizers to help warm air move away and dissipate, making you sleep cool easily to fight heat retention.

Should You Buy a Cooling Mattress?

When you’re trying to find cool ways to sleep, you should not concentrate just on your mattress. Instead, imagine the whole field of sleep. Many mattresses and sleeping gear help or hinder your temperature neutrality efforts.

The optimum sleep temperature is a step in your body towards better sleep. Then choose to go to bed to make your dream cool throughout the night.

What is the best temperature for sleeping?

For everyone, no sleep temperature is best. Experts believe that most adults are approximately 65 Fahrenheit at an ideal sleep temperature. Naturally, many people go beyond the standard.

Some people believe they want a cooler room, while some people that sleep hot need a cooler room. To see what’s best for them, people should experiment with different sleep temperatures.


Try a memory foam or latex cooling pillow if a traditional polyester pillow feels too warm. Manufacturers either ventilate or inject gel or other refreshing materials to improve the memory and latex cooling of airflow pillows.

Cooling pillows with air or water chambers are also available for night sleepers. These are usually more affordable but efficient.


The sheet you choose will influence how warm or cold you feel at night. Some sheets, like fleece, flannel and heavy cotton, are designed to isolate and heat. These sheets are not a good choice for hot sleepers.

Other sizes such as lightweight cotton, linen and Tencel lyocell are cooler. Lightweight sheets of cotton are well known for breathing. They can also be used in two patterns of weaving: percale and satin. The two are known for their breathability, but percale is more of a small, sweeter fabric.

Linen is regarded as cool but can feel rough. Manufacturers are also producing pre-soft linen sheets or cotton linen mixtures for this purpose. Tencel lyocell is a wood pulp fiber that naturally winds and cools with moisture. Most of the “bamboo” sheets are made of lyocell bamboo.

Some cooling sheets have cooling materials like Coolmax or outlast fiber. The Coolmax fabric is a polyester that winds moisture and breath. Outlast fibers are materials that regulate temperature change and can be combined with other fibers into textiles.

Mattress Toppers

If you are a hot sleeper but are not prepared to replace your mattress, a topper can support you temporarily. A mattress top has a layer of bed that affects the feeling of the mattress. In different thicknesses and textures, mattress toppers come.

Mattress toppers with memory foam retain heat most frequently. They are not the best choice for hot sleepers unless they have gel, charcoal or other ingredients in their air.

In addition, the mattress topper retains heat. Cooling mattress tops include natural wool toppers and cooling technologies such as fabrics for phase transformation.


Some blankets heat the body, some cold. The hot sleepers that want to cool are the warmest wool, fleece and heavy cotton blankets.

Thinner, smoother clothes are cooler than lighter and lighter fabrics. Cold blankets, of course, consist of light cotton, a mixture of cotton, Tencel lyocell and linen. These two compounds are respiratory and are less likely to trap the heat of the body.

Some blankets have been engineered to cool down, like those with Coolmax or 37.5. Coolmax is a humidifier and respiratory system, while 37.5 fabrics guarantee the optimal body temperature.

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Materials in Cooling Mattresses

As far as cooling technology is concerned, most of the leading mattress companies have integrated cooling technology in their mattress designs.

Many have also made new releases to previous models by creating new technological developments in their mattress cooling capability.
Wrapped coils individually

What is so unique about coils wrapped individually? Unlike Bonnell coils and hourglass spindles, each wrapped individually in a mattress is wrapped in a fabric pocket and stands alone.

This pocket belt arrangement gives the mattress greater breathability. Pocketed coils are often more receptive to the movement of the body and change direction as the body shifts its position.

Foam Gel-Infused

In the construction of mattresses marketed for cooling properties, gel-infused storage foam also is used to support heat absorption and temperature control.

In-gel beads or the mattress, gel-infused foam also feels cool to the touch. This is one of the easiest ways to combat the overheating trend of memory foam by mattress producers. Gel-infused foam is included in mattresses like Brooklyn Bedding Sedona and DreamCloud Premier.

Foam Infused with Charcoal

While we do not believe that a carbon foam is as efficient as gel-infused memory foam, it is a common memory foam additive that some sleepers swear about. In combination with breathable open-cell foam, activated charcoal can add breathing capacity and coolness to the mattress.

Foam Infused with Graphite

Although graphite can make you think of pencils, this mineral may help wipe off body heat and prevent hot sleepers from feeling ashamed. All the Tuft&Needle mattresses, including the original mint & needle hybrid mattress, use graphite-infused foam to cool the body. The original bear mattress also contains graphite gel memory foam.


Tencel is environmentally friendly wood fiber. It also helps retain moisture in many clothing and sleep items to keep your skin cool. A TENCEL cover is a great environmentally friendly cooling solution in a mattress that sweats away.


Celliant is a synthetic fiber that is mostly used in luxury mattress textiles. It responds to the body’s heat to improve airflow and breathability, vital to those who sleep with more heat. In its construction, the Bear Original mattress uses celliant fiber for better cooling.


Lycra is an elastic, stretchy synthetic fabric that is sometimes called spandex. A lycra cover provides breathability in the mattress room. Maybe it doesn’t feel nice, but it allows enough airflow. A lightweight cotton cover, in comparison, feels less respiratory and stretchy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you sleep hot during the night?

There are several reasons why someone should sleep hot during the night. A medical condition such as anxiety or hyperthyroidism may cause it. But it may also be related to the sleeping environment. Your room temperature and the lack of breathing in your bed and mattress can also overheat you.

How does the “cooling cover” work?

Usually, a cooling cover has a phase-change material and uses a very clean chemical reaction, which cools when a certain temperature is exceeded. The cover liquefies at a micro-level to refresh you.

Do I need a mattress for cooling?

Perhaps, but several other variables influence your temperature outside the mattress. Your pajamas, drawers and room temperature will change the way you sleep hot/cold. Even the standard of the bed is significant. The smoother the bed, the warmer it usually sleeps.

What is the cost of a cooling mattress?

For a queen mattress, in most cases, the cost is about $1,500; after discounts is a reasonably good price, as most of these beds are more luxurious for hot sleepers.

Do mattresses of latex sleep cool?

In general, yes. Yes. Latex is better than other products like polyurethane and memory foam for the dissipation of body heat. Cooling properties are one of the main benefits of latex, in addition to toughness and bounce.

What is the perfect mattress for cooling?

Since we’re all different, everyone doesn’t have a single, best bed. we refer to this guide to the ‘best cooling mattress.’

Our Final Thoughts

Suppose you’re a hot sleeper looking for the answer to an uncomfortable feeling. The use of a cool mattress can help to relieve pressure and promote better sleep during the night.

It is difficult to figure out which one of the above is the best mattress for night sweats because everyone prefers to sleep. Although some encourage coolness, they may not be ideal for your favorite sleep.

Others may feel softer or more difficult. Your needs must be taken into account, and support and comfort always first. Having this in mind, we truly hope that in the above, you have found significance.

If you care about what we have said, you can choose the best type of cooling mattress without having to spend the whole day.

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