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Best King Size Mattress of 2023

King Size Mattress

The King’s size’s best mattress would allow you to sleep as possible at night.  Not to put more anxiety, but buying a new mattress is the biggest shopping for your house. It needs to be comfortable and helpful not to have to replace it in a few years. And because mattresses can be costly, you want to ensure that you invest in one that pays off.

It is hard to argue for a king-size mattress that can comfortably fit two sleepers. King size mattresses are much bigger than other mattress sizes and ideal for saving floor space.

There is a range of exciting options available for shoppers looking for a new king-size mattress. We share our recommendations for the best mattresses on the market today with you to help you start your search. We will also provide you with practical advice about whether you are sleeping with a partner, infant, animals or alone.

Disclaimer: We independently review all recommended products. If you buy through our links, we may earn a commission. For more details read our Affiliate Disclosure.

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Which mattress is the best material?

The two most popular styles of mattresses available on the market are memory foam and innerspring mattresses, but it’s a matter of personal preference. You will find mattresses for any substance at all firmness levels and costs.

Memory foam mattresses conform to your body’s design to make you feel like your pressure points are clutching. Mattresses are commonly firmer and bounce more.

Hybrid mattresses use a blend of foam and indoors so that you don’t have any option to choose one of them.

How would I choose the right mattress?

Take your sleep position: stomach sleepers need a hard mattress, side sleepers need a softer surface, and back sleepers have to collapse somewhere between them. The goal is to keep your spine positioned ambiguously so that the pressure points, such as elbows, hips, and knees, can be less stressed.  Learn more on the best mattresses and recommendations from market testing companies.

List of 15 Best King Mattresses
Our Top Picks

  1. Overall: Tuft & Needle Best King Size Mattress.
  2. Mid-Range: Zinus Sleeper Master Spring Best King Size Mattress.
  3. Best Budget: Allswell Best King Size Mattress.
  4. Best Firm: Sealy Response Tight Top Best King Size Mattress.
  5. Hybrid: Olee Sleep Gel Infused Best King Size Mattress.
  6. For Side Sleepers: Casper Best King Size Mattress.
  7. For Back Pain: Purple Best King Size Mattress.
  8. Back Pain: Saatva Solaire Best King Size Mattress.
  9. Stomach Sleepers: Helix Dawn Best King Size Mattress.
  10. Best Priced: Tempur Pedic TEMPUR-Cloud Best King Sized Mattress.
  11. Side Sleepers: Puffy Lux Best King Size Mattress.
  12. Heavy Weight People: The WinkBed Plus Best King Size Mattress.
  13. Mattress under $600: Dream foam by Brooklyn Bedding Best King Size Mattress.
  14. Best for Firmness: Plank by Brooklyn Bedding Best King Size Mattress.
  15. Best Air Mattress-Sound Asleep Dream Best King Size Mattress.

1. Best Overall: Tuft & Needle Best King Size Mattress


  1. Limited 10-year Warranty
  2. Free delivery
  3. Returns hassle-free
  4. 100-nights trial sleeping
  5. US-CertiPUR

Overall Thoughts

If you’re searching for a king mattress online, then the Tuft & Needle Adaptive Foam Mattress is not long until you find it. This mattress provides a trio of consumer and environmental health certifications. It also intends to allow you to sleep more relaxed and more satisfied with its special arrangement of foam.

A big problem with memory foam is that it’s thick, stuffy and difficult to move. With a single, proprietary open-cell foam that does support but will not sweep you, Tuft & Needle aims to solve these problems. This compact mousse has a mixture of graphite and gel beads to help regulate the temperature to keep your sleep cool and comfortable.

Tuft & Needle King’s mattress comprises 7 inches of foam certified free from PBDE’s, heavy metals, phthalates, formaldehyde, and other carcinogenic or harmful substances. A 3-inch layer of adaptive foam for your convenience is on top of this support layer. You note that there is little to no chemical scent when opening this mattress.

Tuft & Needle advises that this mattress break-in time. It may initially be rigid, but it will provide softer support after a week or more. The King Mattress of Tuft & Needle is a strong overall choice for its advanced foam and environmental certifications. It also works for couples with a high comfort level for most people looking for a decent night’s sleep.

2. Best Mid-Range: Zinus Sleeper Master Spring Best King Size Mattress.


  1. Firmness Firm
  2. 10-Years Limited Warranty
  3. Smartly Shipped
  4. Free Returns
  5. Thickness 13-Inch
  6. Luxurious, customized mattress support from iCoil Pocketed Springs

Overall Thoughts

If you can spend more on your mattress, the Sleep Master Spring Mattress is an excellent choice. Most people will notice that this mattress is complete with enough spiral to make sleep easy during the night.

Hundreds of individual pocket coils are mounted in the iCoil Spring Mattress of the Sleep Master to remove movement transfer. Two layers of comfort foam and a new high-density layer foam end the iCoil Spring Mattress to relieve pressure and provide protection. The layer of foam in this mattress, compared with other colors, keeps the bed firm and comfortable. The pillow top is comfortable enough for most people, but you will have to install a separate lid if you find an extra soft one.

We like that with a metal box spring, exclusive to many mattresses for online bed-in-a-box. Unpack the quick-flowing spring and let the mattress extend for up to 48 hours before leaving your head to rest.

3. Best Budget: Allswell Best King Size Mattress.


  1. Free Delivery
  2. Medium Firm
  3. Thickness 10-Inch
  4. 100-Nights Risk-Free Trial
  5. Free Shipping
  6. 10-Year Limited Warranty

Overall Thoughts

The Allswell Mattress is an excellent choice for an inexpensive king bed. The medium-sized mattress comes with individual wrapping spindles, which reduce the movement transfer, so your partner rolls over or leaves the bed, and the edge support is on either side. A wood and copper layer of gel-infused memory foam preserves body heat to avoid night overheating. To retain comfort, the mattress covers with a signature, cut the Allswell top panel.

The Allswell mate has a limited 10-year warranty, and a 100-night, 100-night risk-free sleep test guarantees that the business is the right mate for you. This luxury mattress with luxurious features and an affordable price cannot be misplaced.

4. Best Firm: Sealy Response Tight Top Best King Size Mattress.


  1. Firmness Firm
  2. 3-Year Limited Warranty
  3. CertiPUR-US Certified
  4. Free Shipping & Returns

Overall Thoughts

Don’t get it wrong, this is a solid color king, which promises to give you a stable surface to sleep. This 8.5-inch king-size mattress is a central mattress with a supportive foam from Sealy that stops you from feeling the more than 400 spindles in the mattress. It’s solid but not so painful as to sleep on the floor. We hope you are pleased with this tight top mattress, whether you are a memory mattress regular searching for more assistance or back troubles.

On the other side, you may find it too difficult if you are not ready for a firm mattress. Side sleepers can not feel relaxed because they have too little gift on the shoulders. However, this royal color mattress is an excellent choice for sleepers in the back and stomach, which will enjoy this sturdy, tight surface.

5. Best Hybrid: Olee Sleep Gel Infused Best King Size Mattress.


  1. Firmness Medium
  2. Composed of 5 Layers
  3. Made in the USA
  4. Free Shipping & Returns

Overall Thoughts

Get the comfort of a mattress in the innerspring combined with the foam softness and the Olee Sleep version’s hybrid king mattress.

The Omega hybrid mattress has a particular 5-layer structure that supports a serious zzz a lot. This mattress has three inches of foam support – the top inch cools gel foam and the 7,5-inch pocket-coated springs. Be mindful that the springs are packaged individually to mitigate movement transfer—a critical factor if you share the mattress with someone else.

This mattress is super comfortable and perfect for those not willing to stick to a solid memory foam mattress. A lack of edge support may occur, but that is typical of foam top mattresses.

6. Best For Side Sleepers: Casper Best King Size Mattress.


  1. 10-Year Warranty
  2. 100-Nights Risk-free Trial
  4. Premium Breathable Foam
  5. Arrives in A Box
  6. Free shipping & Returns

Overall Thoughts

Side sleepers need a soft, supportive mattress for their necks and shoulders. The Casper Important is the brand’s budget-friendly line but strikes a healthy balance between a smooth and firm feel and a huge benefit for side sleepers.

The King Color Mattresses of Casper Essential create three layers of foam – a supporting layer, a middle layer of contouring memory spam and open soft cell spam on top. The top layer of open-cell spray helps to dissipate heat and relax and encourages hips and shoulders to relax in the mattress.

This color is thin, Casper claims to be 8.5 inches thick, but it does not weigh. Nevertheless, side sleepers prefer the mattress for its luxury and unparalleled body support. The Casper Key can be tried while you are searching for a side sleep king’s mattress.

7. Best For Back Pain: Purple Best King Size Mattress.


  1. 100-Night Trial
  2. 10- Year Warranty
  3. Free Returns
  4. Free Shipping
  5. 6 Colors Available
  6. Pressure Reduction
  7. Optimal Temperature

Overall Thoughts

You could be in charge of the unique grid design of the Purple Mattress if you are looking for a mattress that relieves back pain. This foam mattress is characterized by a gel cube top that covers your body without exacerbating stresses. The open grid architecture neutralizes this king mattress’s temperature not to trap or retain the body heat.

Most people with back pain typically find this mattress gives them a sleepless, relaxed night. You can also note a drastic decrease in the night when you throw and turn.

The fact that it does not pass any motion is another tremendous advantage to this King’s mattress so that your sleep will be relatively uninterrupted if your partner shifts or goes to bed. And to make your mattress feel even better, you should wear jersey sheets.

8. Best For Back Pain: Saatva Solaire Best Kingsize Mattress.


  1. 180-Night Trial
  2. Free White Glove Delivery
  3. 25-Year Warranty
  4. Made in the USA

Overall Thoughts

This adjustable cotton mat consists of multiple layers of mixed material (organic cotton, Talalay latex, and gel-infused memory foam), covered by a plumbing organic cotton pillow top.

ResearchTrusted Source indicates that a medium-solid self-inflating mattress is the most suited for back pain (such as this Saatva mattress).

It is changed using the remote system, which operates when the air chambers in the mattress are drained or filled. There are more than 50 choices for firmness, so you and your sleeping partner can select your firmness level on your side.

An off-gassing odor on boxing that can only last a few hours is a temporary downside to this mattress.

This mattress features a 25-year guarantee and a 180-night trial.

9. Best for Stomach Sleepers: Helix Dawn Best King Size Mattress.


  1. 100-Night Trial
  2. 10-Year Warranty
  3. Free U.S. Shipping
  4. Financing Available
  5. Made in the USA

Overall Thoughts

This healthy choice — perfect for both stomach and lateral sleepers — promises neither sink nor offer.

It is also a good option for breathability and edge support, a problem for some related colors.

Most reviewers cannot agree on their firmness level (Too firm! Not firm enough!), although the level of firmness is considered vital. Some reviewers have complained that it gets too hot, even though it claims to be suitable for respiratory conditions.

This mattress is made in the United States and comes with a sleep test of 100 nights and a 10-year warranty.

10. Best Priced: Tempur Pedic TEMPUR-Cloud Best King Sized Mattress.


  1. Size California King
  2. 90-Night Trial
  3. 10-Year Warranty
  4. Free Shipping
  6. Made in the USA

Overall Thoughts

This king mattress has a winding cover and is medium-firm. Tempur-Pedic says it manufactures with the same memory foam that NASA originally produced during shuttle launches.

Reviewers rave about the mattress, with a smaller number of reviewers saying it’s too hard. It also noted that while the Tempur-Pedic model is the cheapest, it is at the top of our price guide.

This mattress features a 90-night trial and a 10-year guarantee.

11. Best for Side Sleepers: Puffy Lux Best King Size Mattress.


  1. Lifetime Warranty
  2. 101-Night Trial
  3. Free Delivery
  4. Made in the USA
  5. Place On Any Surface
  6. Free Shipping & Returns

Overall Thoughts

Thanks to its spinal support, this hypoallergenic mattress supports all forms of sleep, including side sleepers. It is the technology of “adapting the body” which helps minimize pressure points.

As a bonus, the mattress is stain-resistant.

It’s challenging to find unhappy reviews, but a few reviewers suggest it’s just not cool enough or it’s a little too soft for them.

This mattress is made in the USA, comes with a sleep trial for 101 nights and a lifetime warranty.

12. Best For Heavy Weight People: The WinkBed Plus Best King Size Mattress.


  1. 120-Night Risk-Free Trial
  2. Lifetime warranty
  3. Free Shipping & Returns
  4. Financing available
  5. Luxury Firm
  6. Individually wrapped pocketed coils
  7. Made in the USA

Overall Thoughts

This hybrid royal mattress is made especially for people over 300 levels. It incorporates pockets of coil and gel mold—a step designed to provide restful pressure relief and excellent support for sleepers.

The top convenience layer is a soft material mixed with Tencel, a plant-based fabric that gives a cooling effect.

Less than glistening opinions with this mattress is difficult to come by, but some reviews say it is too firm for comfort.

This mattress is manufactured in the USA and includes a 120-night trial and a lifetime guarantee.

13. Best Mattress under $600: Dream foam by Brooklyn Bedding Best King Size Mattress.


  1. 120-Night Trial
  2. Made in the USA
  3. Free Shipping & Returns
  4. 10-Year Warranty
  5. Delivered in a Box

Overall Thoughts

The all-foam mattress also features the “open-cell technology” variant with a hybrid version that mattresses a firm and sturdy structure.

Its soft cut top offers a silky feeling and even the bed’s body sensations worthy of some foam mattresses. Finally, with its cooling panel, the mattress provides a cooling effect.

Most reviewers are happy with its quality — especially at its price point — while others have noted that the edges appear to decrease over time.

The mattress is manufactured in the U.S. and includes a 120-night trial.

14. Best for Firmness: Plank by Brooklyn Bedding Best King Size Mattress.


  1. Size Split Cal King
  2. Made in the USA
  3. 120-Night Trial
  4. Free Shipping & Returns
  5. Delivered in a Box

Overall Thoughts

This king-sized air mattress is known for its comfort, but it’s also about its reliability and customer service.

It’s a dense pick (which is perhaps because of its thickness), which also has a quiet engine, so you don’t have to think about being noisy when you blow it up.

Puncture-resistant, so for those with pets and children, it’s a safe option.

It’s for indoor use only, so don’t drag it out. This mattress is also a little heavy at about 20 pounds, so it is not the most comfortable choice.

15. Best Air Mattress-Sound Asleep Dream Best King Size Mattress.


  1. Firmness Firm
  2. 1-Year Warranty
  3. Comfort and Convenience
  4. Sure-grip Bottom
  5. Built-in Pump

Overall Thoughts

This king-size air mattress is known for its luxury and its long service life, and customer service.

It’s a thick pick that also has a quiet motor so that when you blow up, you don’t have to think about being noisy.

Pro: Puncture-resistant, so for those with pets and children, this is a great option.

Con: This is for indoor use only, so don’t drag it outside. This air mattress is also a little heavy at around 20 pounds so that this is not the easiest choice for travelers.

Tips for shopping for a king-size mattress

Make sure to do your homework and consider your needs and lifestyles, and sleeping types (side, back, stomach, etc.). However, many colors usually go for something firmer if you’re a back sleeper and a gentle one if you have a stomach or sleeper side.

See the fabrics of the mattress too. You may consider certifications for products such as GOTS or GOLS. You will also want to consider whether you find foam comfortable or if you need extra spring help.

It is also best to try the mattress personally if you can. A test drive is always the best way to know if you have an individual bed! However, if you can’t try the mattress in advance, purchase from a company with a reasonable return policy and an in-house trial period. See also the guarantee to see what is protected.


When looking for a new mattress, there are a few different fabrics from which you can choose. Many mattresses are constructs with supportive body contour memory foam. Some mattresses with memory foam have features such as cooling gel that make them easier for hot sleepers. You may select one with intra-springs or pocket coils for a more traditional mattress look. And you can pick a hybrid mattress with foam and innerspring for anything in between.

Thickness Thickness

Thickness is often comfortable, but material quality also affects the overall comfort of the mattress. For instance, a high-quality 10-inch mattress is more convenient than a thicker, wrong option. Another thing to note is that you would want a thick mattress and a set of deep pocket sheets fitting well into your cozy new bed.


Please use your sleeping place to pick a mattress firmness. You can choose from soft/plush to firm with medium and medium-sized choices, and you want to make sure the mattress is adequately supported to keep you relaxed all night long.

Duration of Trial

Many businesses offer a trial period of some kind. Some labels also have a full year to sell. These trials allow shoppers to test these beds within a given period and either return their mattress or swap it for a new one when they are not happy with their purchases.


Brands provide various assurances; some also promise lifetime security. Warranties usually contain factory defects or irregular product wear and tear. If damage occurs during the warranty period, the brand typically ships a new mattress to its customers.

Certification Certification

Many third parties also testbeds for healthy concentrations of chemicals and heavy metals. Certifications also provide for brands that go above and above national safety standards and strive to clean up their products with organic and natural materials and production. These certifications can differ and are, therefore, on the lookout between brands.

Additional characteristics

Some brands offer additional services and features; this may be from handles to White Glove Delivery, a service where the bed manufactures you to the bed, which is easier to take. Some coatings may be hypoallergenic, intelligent, or have unique features that assist with edge support or cooling.

Pros and Cons of a King Mattress

A king-size coat might be suitable for sleepers who love to spread into bed, but not everyone has the room for such a heavy coat. Here are some advantages and drawbacks when you start moving to a mattress in king size.


  • The roomy: a king-size mattress gives more room for smaller sleepers, sleeping people who move around, or bed-sharing.
  • Easy to find: King and California King’s mattresses always includes in the regular sizes.
  • Attractive: If your home has space for it, exceptional addition to a bedroom is a king-size mattress.


  • Expensive: Not only is the King the costliest size, but a bigger bed frame and linens also need to be purchased.
  • Unwieldy: Matriarchs of king size can be heavy and bulky, awkward when you move them or turn them on.
  • Large: If you work with minimal space, a king’s mattress cannot be the most convenient option because it takes a lot of floor space.

Last Things to Consider with a King Mattress

Before making a purchasing decision, ask yourself if the mattress is appropriate for your planned sleepers and do not forget to read the written material for sleep trials, delivery and guarantee policies.

Who Can Use the Mattress?

A king’s mattress is big enough for one or two adults to use. If you plan to use the mattress for more than one sleeper, consider each group’s needs.

Side sleepers and those weighing less than 130 lbs typically need a closer mattress to relieve hips and shoulders from their tension. Stomach sleepers and those weighing more than 230 pounds need a firmer surface to dispense the body’s weight. A separated king may be the answer if two sleepers share the space with vastly different needs.

Will You Share the Mattress with Pets and Kids?

Children and pets are still in bed with their guardians. In that case, it might be easier to have a regular king mattress than a different king to prevent anyone from sleeping in a crack. Those who share a bed with one or more restless people may benefit from a mattress that dampens movement and sound, while strong support for the edge allows families to use the bed too crowded otherwise.

Mattress Warranty and Other Policies

Most king mattresses can be pushed, rolled and dispatched as a bed-in-a-box. In the U.S., the online mattress industry standard is free ground delivery, with some companies offering White Gloves and old mattress removal at a surcharge. In rare cases, where some king-sized mattresses are too bulky to transport onshore, companies will supply white gloves at no additional cost.

Mattresses bought online should come with a minimum sleep test of 90 nights, which will allow you time to try your mattress and a refund if it doesn’t fit. After that point, mattress makers usually offer a 10-year warranty on manufacturing and production defects. It is always a good idea to double-check these terms before payment is completed on your new mattress.


Are there any affordable models?

Usually, king beds are more costly, so that a cheaper model will save a lot. There are more affordable models, but be careful not to confuse “cheap” with “acceptable.” So, you can make the most of your money, do your best to study brands and materials comparison.

Are they worth the money?

Yes and no, some beds would be much more costly than other brands offering similar or identical beds. Again, it is important to compare brands so that you get a reasonable deal. There are plenty of decent mattresses in King size worth the price tag.

Should I use a topper for the King?

When you buy a new bed, you can buy it for the first time, get what you want on a mattress, and don’t waste any money on a topper. If you currently have a king and believe that it requires a small change, a topper could be an excellent way to make you feel good.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a mattress of king size, you are already on a safer and comfortable way to sleep. Most owners of mattresses of king size will say that the extra cost is worth it. With additional space, you are less likely to feel your partner’s movements all night long, and the bedroom space, particularly a master, looks better in a bigger room. Investing in a king mattress is an important step to ensure a comfortable sleep, so we hope you can use this guide to get you there.

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