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14 Best Mattress for Adjustable Bed in 2023

Best Mattress for Adjustable Bed

Adjustable beds cater to many people, from people who read or watch TV in bed to people with health problems such as GERD or sleep apnea. The choice of an adjustable bed mattress means that you have all of its advantages, including personalized positioning and pressure relief.

At the bed’s head and foot can be raised, an adjustable bed frame helps sleepers change their sleep or rest. Many adjustable beds have upgraded features, such as wireless remote controls, massage features, zero gravity, and lighting.

While flexible bed frames are increasingly common and available, it must be noted that not all mattresses operate with an adjustable base. You would need a special mattress that is flexible enough to use the base when you invest in an adjustable bed.

The mattress should also be robust and durable, maintaining its form and comfort level, even when repositioned regularly. Consider your particular needs, preferences, and sleep location when you pick a mattress for an adjustable bed.

Disclaimer: We independently review all recommended products. If you buy through our links, we may earn a commission. For more details read our Affiliate Disclosure.

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What is an Adjustable Bed?

There is a structure in an adjustable bed that can be adjusted in different comfort and therapy positions. Usually, these changes occur using a hydraulic engine, so they tend to be mechanical.

Modern product models allow for different positions, even higher, lower, and zero gravity. The “zero-gravity” effect is accomplished by marginally increasing your top and bottom body.

A structure can be modified in various comfort and therapy positions in an adjustable bed. These adjustments usually occur through a hydraulic motor, so that they are mechanical.

Top 14 Best Mattresses For Adjustable Beds/Frames

  1. Idle Hybrid Mattress
  2. Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid
  3. Haven Boutique Mattress
  4. Casper Sleep Essential Mattress
  5. Nolah Evolution Hybrid Mattress
  6. 12-inch Latex Hybrid Lucid Mattress
  7. Soft Gel Memory Foam Mattress Classic Brands
  8. Signature of Ashley Furniture 12 inch Chime Express
  9. SSectretland 12” Foam Mattress in Gel Memory
  10. Nectar – Exceptional Value Mattress
  11. Saatva – Affordable Luxury Mattress
  12. Casper All Sleeping Positions Mattress
  13. Nest Bedding Hybrid Latex – Split Firmness Mattress
  14. Sojourn – Budget Choice Mattress

1. Idle Hybrid Mattress – Best Mattress For Adjustable Bed


Overall Thoughts

One of our favorites is the Idle Hybrid. It is a hybrid mattress with a special foam, more flexible, and less restrictive. It also has cooling effects in the night to stop sweat and trigger body feelings over time.

It’s the ideal option for your adjustable bed since the hybrid mattress is flexible but convenient. It is 400 percent longer than most memory foam mattresses and lasts twice (sometimes longer!) is a medium-sized mattress.

This mattress is also good if you have pressure on your neck or back. The foam protects pressure points during the night. It’s challenging to know which one you’re better off buying a mattress with online.

Idle has a maximum 18-month sleep test period and free returns in the market. It means that if you try to dislike the mattress, return it, and without questions, You’re going to get a full refund. When you buy a mattress online, it’s as safe as you can.


  • Flippable.
  • Lifetime warranty
  • The hybrid design is compact enough but flexible and supportive for an adjustable bed.
  • Medium-firm is perfect for most people
  • Over time it will not sink or build body impressions
  • 18-month sleep trial (industry-leading)


  • Since a hybrid spray/coil, movement isolation may be better

2. Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid – Best Soft Mattress For Adjustable Bed


Overall Thoughts

Amerisleep is a company that has been making sleep products for longer than most other direct-to-consumer mattress companies for more than ten years. The Amerisleove AS5 hybrid is a high-quality mattress that works well with an adjustable bed structure.

This hybrid mattress is comfortable, supportive, and loosens pressure, particularly when you are sleeping behind or sideways. It consists of private foam, similar to memory foam, but much cooler and reactive in sleep.

You may not be stuck in the mattress, but your stresses (like hips and shoulders) are drowned in your color while your lower back and legs are gently supported.

One of the main problems with memory foam is how hot it gets. This color consists of cooling foam and a mask that actively spreads the heat at night. During the night, you can expect to feel curved and cool. 


  • Super gentle, strong pressure relief
  • Mold and mildew resistant to dust mites
  • Open-cell design lets you keep cool in the night while walking warm.
  • Far stronger than traditional foam memory
  • Coil core helps to extend the life of the mattress


  • It may be too soft if you want a medium or solid feeling

3. Haven Boutique Best Mattress for Adjustable Bed


Overall Thoughts

If you want an all-foam mattress, this is one of the best ones. It is a strong pressure reliever and support for all kinds of discomfort and pain. This mattress is suitable for all sleep for hybrid and belly sleepers.

The mattress consists of seven layers of moisture, starting with a sheet of ice and then with a Haven moisture foam. Without being trapped, this moisture curves the body. The first two layers keep the body cool and provide excellent back and joint pain relief.

This mattress’s top layer is unbelievable, which means the cloth is smoother and more comfortable than GSM fabrics and like buying a 50$ shirt versus a 1$ shirt.


  • Trial for 18 months.
  • 14″ foam 14″ (2″ more average)
  • Lifetime Assurance
  • The foam curves your body without you getting trapped.
  • Less expensive than others


  • It’s perfect for motion, but it doesn’t bounce much, so it doesn’t feel like you can use a traditional mattress

4. Casper Sleep Essential Mattress for Best Mattress for Adjustable Bed


Overall Thoughts

The 13″ all-foamer mattress is comfortable in every respect. It is versatile and robust enough to be used on an adjustable basis but does not jeopardize comfort.

This cool mattress is 7 layers, of which four have a cooling property. If you sleep warm, this is the mattress for you. It’s cool to the touch not just because of the ice cover but also because the top layers below help extract heat from your body when you sleep.

This mattress sits in the core of the firmness scale at about 5/6-10, making it perfect for nearly all but strict stomach sleepers who would probably prefer a firmer feeling.

GhostBed provides even a great 101-night review, but the need to break in the mattress for 30 days before you start the return process is a practical and truthful solution because most people who update their colors need that time to get used to the feeling.


  • The Special ‘bounce’ layer avoids the widespread feeling of being trapped with all-foam beds
  • Multiple layers for cooling you
  • Decisive and flexible enough for an adjustable foundation
  • Excellent US-based customer service


  • Higher price levels can make it too expensive for some people because of premium materials

5. Nolah Evolution Hybrid for Best Mattress for Adjustable Bed


Overall Thoughts

Not everybody enjoys the texture of the memory foam, and that’s all right. This hybrid mattress will suit you well if you’re one of those who want a more conventional feel.

The top/pillow configuration of the euro is primarily intended to control the temperature of the body. This mattress’s first color is 2 centimeters from a cutting pillow; this sheet is 2 centimeters from Nolahs AirformICE.

The Nolah Evolution Hybrid is an excellent choice if you look for a hybrid mattress that looks more like a tradition than a big improvement. Free shipping and an outstanding lifetime guarantee are given. Nolah is known for its exceptional customer service.

This mattress also matches well with your adjustable bed. It is flexible and secure and is designed as a foundation without compromising the integrity of the mattress.


  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • The top of the pillow feels like a typical mattress
  • 15″ Thickness
  • It helps to keep you calm


  • It is too dense for regular sheets, and you need deep pocket sheets

6. 12-inch Latex Hybrid Lucid Mattress for Best Mattress for Adjustable Bed


Overall Thoughts

The hybrid mattress blends foam and mattress coils to provide maximum support and comfort. Every steel belt is individually wrapped for isolation, airflow improvement, and sleep development.

The memory foam layer is soft and resistant to the right level. It has a normal respiratory and hypoallergenic coating of latex that is ideal for allergies.

This mattress offers strong support even when you sleep on the back when you shift your bed using your adjustable foundation.

The odds of latex mattresses being longer than non-latex mattresses are also greater. However, latex mattresses are more costly but last longer. This latex mattress is cost-effective and suitable for long-term investment.


  • Soft, two-tone washable cover
  • It is compressed and boxed for fast transportation and movement.
  • Fast and easy to set up for almost any adjustable base


  • Some lightweight people can find that too firm

7. Soft Gel Memory Foam Mattress Classic Brands for Best Mattress for Adjustable Bed


Overall Thoughts

One common problem with memory foam is that sleeping is very difficult to avoid overheating; this mattress uses a ventilated cooling gel mousse.

These gel particles are thick foams that blend in with your body contours and protect your backbone, keeping you from throwing and turning over the entire night. It has a gray and white cover and increases bed compatibility for a better life. 


  • Certified CertiPUR-US Certification
  • Bed-in-a-box, suitable for online ordering
  • Self ventilation


  • Announced as medium-sized, but we thought it was much softer

8. Signature of Ashley Furniture 12 inch Chime Express Best Mattress for Adjustable Bed


Overall Thoughts

When set up, this bed in a box stretches to a 12″ mattress. You just need to unbox it and see it get bigger. It features an enduring center to relieve your movement and to sleep comfortably with your partners.

The hypoallergenic material is suitable for those exposed to pollen, pet dander, and dust mites allergic to allergens. Not a high-quality material, such as latex, it will continue to fit well on a flexible bed frame, soft on the bed, And one of the best price choices in a queen’s size.


  • A comfortable, breathable, extended cover
  • Soft feeling with medium help
  • Compatible with all bed frames and bed bases


  • It can take more than 72 hours to dissipate smells

9. SSectretland 12” Foam Mattress in gel memory Best Mattress for Adjustable Bed


Overall Thoughts

This mattress has three layers of HD foam. The top layer is three inches soft with gel storage foam for a calming touch, and a respirable footing offers a smooth weight distribution to keep the sensation healthy.

For stability and minimal rotation, ergonomic architecture comfortably moves to the natural contours of the body.


  • Certified without dangerous substances or heavy metals
  • Hypoallergenic cover washable
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Superior to the expectation of a memory foam mattress

10. Nectar – Exceptional Value for Best Mattress for Adjustable Bed



Overall Thoughts

Nectar has created a memory foam that enhances the traditional design and retains all the memory foam functionality. The result is a bed with a cooling system that does not allow you to stick to a foam or be resistant to a flexible base.

The Nectar layers of comfort are filled with relaxing gel and molds to the body, and the air can escape from the mattress to help drive out the heat.

The Company has developed a high-tech adjustable base to increase bed choices, while its structure can complement its design with the most modified frames.

What is unique? Nectar wave by incorporating superior mattress while retaining low prices on the bed in a boxing scene. The generous sleep test and 365 nights’ warranty help make this purchase a low risk and boost the mattress’s excellent value.

11. Saatva – Affordable Luxury for Best Mattress for Adjustable Bed



Overall Thoughts

Since the start of the business, the Saatva spiral system’s internal mattress has been excellent support for a wide variety of body types and sizes. After implementing the adjustable base, the Lineal was revised to be sufficiently flexible to operate with an adjusting structure.

What’s awesome? The classic feeling adds bounce and breeze to the house that many enjoy. However, these features can be challenging to find without sacrificing comfort nor longevity in an adjustable internal mattress.

Saatva says that they don’t compromise their slender custom design and endorse their claims with a 15-year warranty. The mattress of Saatva has two coil modules.

The first is a micro spindle layer that supports your frame during the training phase. The second is a related spindle structure that facilitates deceleration and increases the durability of the mattress. The bed should bounce dramatically when the certified organic Saatva cover is signed.

12. Casper All Sleeping Positions for Best Mattress for Adjustable Bed



Overall Thoughts

Although Casper has an entrance bed and a comfortable alternative, the original Casper can offer a wide range of sleeper possibilities. This mating machine uses memory and storage foam to create a reactive and pressurized 12 cm thick board.

This color mattress should match all flexible foundations, and even the Company produces a model for remote control.

If you need your feet, arms, or both, you can get everything you need in one location at a fair price. This bed is ideal for sleeping in most zoned positions and can suit co-sleepers due to its movement insulation technology.

Why did that say? Why did it? This bed is very flexible and can accommodate a wide range of adjustable base beds. Sleeping with a partner who has many needs can be an immense advantage.

13. Nest Bedding Hybrid Latex – Split Firmness for Best Mattress for Adjustable Bed



Overall Thoughts

Latex mattresses are also an excellent choice for adjustable foundations because natural latex can be costly and react easily and quickly.

Thankfully, Nest is offering a healthy and organic latex model at a reasonable price. You may also order this bed for people who sleep in the king’s sizes and the king from their spouse.

If you want a better feeling, this bed is fitted in three degrees, while a medium-sized bed is in the middle. It is also ideal for those who want to be as green as possible.

If cotton and sprouts contain safe quantities of potentially dangerous substances, this bed should be safe for the environment and your home.

What are the best features? This bed should be too cool with respirable latex and a dense layer of bobbles that separate airflow and movement. The heat should not then be trapped within the bed even though the mattress is bent.

14. Sojourn – Budget Choice for Best Mattress for Adjustable Bed



Overall Thoughts

Sojourn comes from producers who say that the standard of mattress is not costly. Dreamfoam builds and sells its beds exclusively online in its production facility, two techniques that allow it to offer a high-quality mattress at an affordable price.

The bed has a cotton cover and a compact configuration of three layers of foam. The mattress has a multifaceted, medium-sized feel suitable for most body positions and sleep. Two separate emission standards were checked to ensure compliance with consumer protection.

What’s odd about it? The cost savings of Dreamfoam are generously shifted from intermediaries to consumers, providing improved sleep experiences at a price matching a tighter budget. 

It might benefit people who want to try the advantages of an adjustable basis but don’t believe a new base and a new mattress can be made.


Watching TV in bed in a sea of pillows is not the only advantage of an adjustable bed. There are other great reasons why an electrical model is chosen:


For those seeking home treatment, an adjustable bed makes it much easier to feed, change or even get up. Standing up from an apartment is much harder than a leaning posture, whether you are disabled or caring for others.


A-frame adapted from acid reflux to extreme dorsal pain may cause another night’s sleep to change from pain and insomnia. Snoring, heartburn, sleep apnea, fibromyalgia, and respiratory disorders are greatly enhanced.


Maybe you’d like to lie flat for a night. Or perhaps for a couple of hours, you want to lift your feet to zero gravity. You are asking for an adjustable base. You are not limited to one angle only.


Remember the evenings, no matter what you do, can’t be happy? Perhaps the problem is that you lie flat, and your body feels different. One of the main advantages is the right to sleep.

Massage amenities, Bluetooth, USB ports

Modern beds have several whistles and bells, such as massage, Bluetooth, and USB ports, which allow you to charge your gadgets without stretching a cable through the chamber. If you pick one of these models, you will never have to get out of bed again.

How to shop?

Are adjustable beds damage mattresses?

As long as you buy mattresses, which the Company says explicitly can be combined with an adjustable base, you need not worry that your adjustable base will affect your mattress.

Check the mattress guarantee to ensure that it deals with any problems with an adjustable base’s daily use. Purchase of your mattress and base from the same Company can make sense so that the flexible basis is up to standard and does not cancel your warranty.

If you already have an adjustable base, you can also connect to the mattress company’s customer service agents to ensure your base does not cause any problems with your new mattress warranty.

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Are adjustable beds worth it?

Many people find the investment worth the money in the adjustable bed because they deliver a range of sleep advantages. These foundations support sleep and provide relief from sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and acid reflux.

Although these bases are more expensive than most bed frames, they also have endless bells and whistles to maximize the rest of your night.

Are hybrid mattresses good for adjustable beds?

It’s up to the hybrid! Many hybrid mattresses today are designed to fit fine with flexible bed frames, but some do not. The best way to decide whether a hybrid fits with an adjustable bed is to inquire directly about the brand or retailer.

It is worth noting that if a company has hybrid and adjustable sizes (like us!), it is fair to conclude that their hybrids fit with their adjustable base just fine.

Do adjustable bases ruin mattresses?

The mattress, frame, or both can be harmed by combining a too rigid mattress with an adjustable bed frame. However, as long as your mattress is made to fit one frame, it can be easily adjusted together.

How thick should a mattress be for an adjustable bed?

Adjustable beds can only be combined with good mattresses. On the other side, thicker mattresses can cause problems. Beds bigger than 14 centimeters do not bend as easily with the base, so anything between 10 to 12 inches thick is ideal (but no thicker than 14 or 15 inches).

It is also important to remember that for convenient sleep mattresses should not be thinner than 8 inches. But you just want to search for an 8 to 14 inches thick mattress to fit on a customizable bed frame.

Is an adjustable bed worth the money?

Many consumers find adjustable bed frames that provide outstanding value because they improve sleep and make sleeping needs more comfortable. Consequently, people wake up to feel more restful, refreshed, and ready for the day.

You should never spend too much on adjustable beds but between $2,000 and $3,000 worth the investment for years of blissful sleep.

Do you need a unique mattress for an adjustable bed?

No, regular mattresses just fit well with adjustable beds. However, you want to ensure that your mattress is flexible and doesn’t wear out of constant bending. Either you use an old mattress or buy a new mattress, you will find out if it is compatible with adjustable beds.

Unfavorable and old innerspring is not a reasonable choice as the coils possibly are not adequately flexible. The famous options you want to take into account are latex, memory foam, and hybrid mattresses.

Think of the latex mattress Avocado Green, the memory foam Nest Alexander Signature Series and the Saatva Mattress for a hybrid alternative.

Are adjustable beds bad for the mattress?

No harm can occur if you use a mattress compatible with an adjustable foundation. A flexible and fit mattress can assist the repetitive movement of the bed. Of course, you must also take the bed you are using into account.

Some beds are durable and compatible with a wide range of mattresses. On the other hand, some may be of low quality and tighten the mattress faster than average.

Can I choose a firm or a soft mattress?

Medium-sized businesses are the right choice. A too-firm surface can not allow the base to be settled, particularly in corners with more curves. However, it is not likely that a product that is too soft would last long.

An overly soft surface can make you feel like you sink too far, particularly when you are at an angle of zero. The weaker surfaces often minimize your body weight by the convenience layers to discomfort your sleep.

Last Things to Consider

There are a few other items you can remember while looking for an adjustable bed. These considerations are essential when shopping for an online mattress and some for shopping for an adjustable bed mattress. Compare the coverage of guarantees, return policies, and rates to get the best deal.

Trial Warranty & Sleep

A 10-year or longer warranty protects many mattresses, but warranties include clauses about the type of essential support used. If a mattress is not compatible with a customizable base, its use will void the Guarantee and cause premature wear and tear or other damage.

The sleep trial helps you try the mattress at home, and most mattress sleep trials take place from 90 to one full year. Certain sleep checks require mandatory break-in periods before returning the mattress.

Split against Strong Architecture

It would be best to decide whether you want a split or reliable configuration before buying an adjustable bed. A split design is double-sided so that pairs can individually change each hand allows all parties to have different sleep positions or interests or whether someone wants to read.

A divided King is the most common, but divided Queen and divided California king sizes are possible. A solid adjustable bed acts as one unit, so it rises and lowers both sides together is suitable for sleeping individuals or couples with similar interests.

Value & Expense

An adjustable bed can be a costly buy, but a long-term purchase offers better value. Shoppers with small budgets should pay attention to sales and discounts that are often available during vacations. Flexible options for funding could be available and worth exploring.


When choosing an adjustable bed mattress, there are so many attractive options. Your tastes and sleeping patterns will be the best ones for you, but it’s a great step to select the better one and know what you need.

There is a lot to do with your sleep health for mattresses, allowing you to choose brand coats with a strong test and guarantee time. There are many brands, and not all brands care for the best interests of their consumers.

Adjustable beds are becoming increasingly common in homes. You have a fully personalized sleeping experience that helps you to feel refreshed and restored. There are no models in the following comment section if you are looking for an adjustable bed mattress. You can find the right mattress that can be customized for your bed.

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