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Best Mattress Topper For College Dorms in 2023

Best Mattress Toppers for College Students

You can purchase almost anything via the Internet, even things you previously only bought in retail stores. Though the bed is very comfortable, it will be challenging to determine which is the best due to the wide variety of opinions.

There are several different mattresses available, but we’ve managed to narrow down your choices to the top products we found within each class.

To get a thorough overview of each best mattress topper for college students, keep reading, or you can skip down to the bed of your choosing.

Disclaimer: We independently review all recommended products. If you buy through our links, we may earn a commission. For more details read our Affiliate Disclosure.

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Our Top 11 Picks

  1. Exceptional Value – Nectar Best Mattress Toppers for College Students
  2. Luxury Feel – Winkbeds Best Mattress Toppers for College Students
  3. Amazing Cooling – Brooklyn Aurora Best Mattress Topper for College Students
  4. All Sleeping Positions – The Casper Best Mattress Toppers for College Students
  5. Pressure Relief – DreamCloud Best Mattress Topper for College Students
  6. Memory Foam – Layla Best Mattress Toppers for College Students
  7. Side Sleepers – Nolah Best Mattress Toppers for College Students
  8. Customizable – Helix Best Mattress Topper for College Students
  9. Organic Materials – Avocado Best Mattress Toppers for College Students
  10. Best Hybrid – Bear Hybrid Mattress Toppers for College Students
  11. Best Innovative – Tuft & Needle Mattress Topper for College Students

1. Exceptional Value – Nectar Best Mattress Toppers for College Students



Overall Thoughts

Nectar excels in providing great value for a low price, especially with its superior memory foam feel. This bed offers pressure relief and motion isolation and can be placed in various ways with the adaptive transfer layer.

The top of the pillow has a layer of breathable gel foam for easy breathing, and it has a plush quilted cover to provide comfortable comfort.

Nectar has a balance of comfort and support that represents immense value. This 11-inch online mattress is carefully built using superior materials, but it is not costly.

Nectar provides 365-day money-back guarantee and a 30-day trial period. Should Nectar not be the best mattress for you, you will get a complete refund for the mattress.


  • Easily competes with more expensive models
  • Maximum motion absorption
  • Help proper alignment of the spine and minimize rigidity and pain


  • Mediocre edge support
  • Back to Could still retain heat because of the generous cradle

2. Luxury Feel – Winkbeds Best Mattress Toppers for College Students



Overall Thoughts

If one will spend a third of their life asleep, they could sleep in comfortable surroundings. Winkbed is luxurious with its high-quality materials and detailed construction.

The mattress is a hybrid construction of foam and coils that provide a memory foam feel but is easy to shift for sleep changes. It receives excellent airflow due to the air pockets between the springs.

WinkBeds uses the highest quality materials and threads to make its beds, and it shows. This bed stands at 14.5 inches long and is handmade from premium materials that favor somewhat heavy sleepers and couples.

For every layer in WinkBed, careful design is factored in, ensuring ultimate support and comfort. It takes two coils to support and contour the back’s natural curve properly.

Like several hybrid beds, WinkBeds are cooler than all-foam mattresses but still offer a wide range of firmness levels.


  • Specially built for heavy users, it can provide exceptional support
  • The combination of coil and breathable foam results in relaxed and comfortable sleep
  • It reduces anxiety and depression and can alleviate painful feelings in the lower back


  • May feel overly responsive to movements
  • Also, the softest option for little sleepers, including those on their side, will be too tight

3. Amazing Cooling – Brooklyn Aurora Best Mattress Topper for College Students



Overall Thoughts

The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora hybrid mattress is one of the coolest bed-in-a-box mattresses that we have ever come across. If you assume that the material generates so much body heat, you may want to rethink this as an alternative.

In this way, the air cooler control system will absorb the heat that you take in and rerelease it when you turn it off. The base consists of a sheet composed of pocketed coils to increase air circulation and temperature control.

Brooklyn Bedding has introduced a quality feature that assists in keeping the bed cool for a long time. It is exclusive and ultra-comfortable with Fundamental Edge pocketed coils that serve well and three layers of enhanced comfort foam that disperses all the pressure on you.


  • Suitable for every type of sleepers
  • Offered in 3 levels of firmness 
  • Delivered in a box that allows for easy transportation


  • Not best for those who choose a more receptive feel

4. All Sleeping Positions – The Casper Best Mattress Toppers for College Students



Overall Thoughts

Casper’s concept is super-sensitive because it maximizes sleeping comfort on soft mattresses. Its architecture matched a diverse population of sleepers who favored different beds and slept in different environments. A more versatile mattress allows you to sleep comfortably no matter your partner’s body shape and weight.

The latest update of the Casper mattress provides a Zoned Support™ device, which will help your sleep regardless of the location you want.

Stroller owners who use mixed sleepers to handle several sleeping positions will know that they will be accommodated comfortably. The implementation of Zoned Spine is useful for the customers who sleep on their backs.


  • Good support and pressure relief
  • Affordable price
  • Perforated for extra breathability


  • Slight odor potential

5. Pressure Relief – DreamCloud Best Mattress Topper for College Students



Overall Thoughts

No one wants to wake up with achy joints in the morning after getting a restless night’s sleep. Sure, you can’t do that without DreamCloud Premier. This hybrid mattress is built to cradle a person’s back and provide a deep, comfy sleep.

These strategically positioned components should ensure that your weight is uniformly distributed across the surface, providing optimum support and underfoot comfort.

This particular hybrid design is one of the best styles of sleepers, incorporating the advantages of memory foam and innerspring to offer maximum comfort. Is this the best option for you? The company provides you 365 risk-free nights to test out the bed in a box, which is an unusually generous period.


  • Can relieve tension in hips and shoulders
  • It has reinforced edges
  • The Coil unit promotes cool airflow among the layers of the mattress


  • May transfer some motion
  • It might not be supportive for heavy sleepers

6. Memory Foam – Layla Best Mattress Toppers for College Students



Overall Thoughts

There’s nothing like falling into memory foam—the top gently envelops your body as you float off to some nice spot. If you like such work, Layla will be yours.

Besides being too hot, one of the common complaints of memory foam mattresses is that they stay too warm throughout the night, translating into uncomfortable sleeping. The gentle and delightful side of Layla provides calming and soft comfort.

Layla is your best option as it offers the best memory foam in a conveniently mini-sized bag.


  • Copper-infused foam is exceptionally thermal conductive
  • Copper particles help with improved mold and mildew resistance
  • Best for those who have not selected their desired firmness


  • It can take some time to extend
  • May hasn’t worked for sleepers who need a medium

7. Side Sleepers – Nolah Best Mattress Toppers for College Students



Overall Thoughts

Nolah’s emphasis on wildlife protection and its pressure-relieving qualities led us to pick it as our top bed-in-a-box mattress.

Nolah has a new memory foam mattress with their patented Nolah, Air foam Technology, which they claim is great for anyone. It follows the curves for some top-notch pressure relief, but it retains little to none of the heat associated with memory materials.

The artificial fabric, fabrics cover wicks away moisture while the supporting base provides a smooth surface for mobility. Many of your mattress’s expense goes to help to protect endangered species by bolstering their numbers.


  • Budget-friendly pricing
  • Soft, Innovative Airfoam
  • Optimal temperature regulation
  • Durable and comfortable


  • Not great for heavier individuals with a higher body weight

8. Customizable – Helix Best Mattress Topper for College Students



Overall Thoughts

Any Helix Hybrid purchase begins with a quiz that you don’t need to prep for; what you need to know is your body type and how you sleep. And your bed will fix that.

Some Helix Memory Foam Mattresses have a combination of Memory Foam, Comfort Pocketing, Micro-Cavities, and a Thick Base Layer of High-Density Polyfoam.

Unlike bed-in-a-box mattresses, every Helix bed is individually made, allowing customers to choose whatever mattress is best for them. There are available options for oversized clothing, with extras included.


  • Plenty of Variety
  • Balanced Quality and Price
  • Free Comfort Layer


  • Shorter Sleep Trial

9. Organic Materials – Avocado Best Mattress Toppers for College Students



Overall Thoughts

It is essential to sleep in a chemically free environment, and Avocado helps with that. They also invested in upgrades to provide an overall improved sleep environment.

Avocado is processed using organic latex and coils, which are the most breathable and bouncy. Comfortable hybrid sleepers will appreciate the ease of adjustment and the wide range of body types that the pillow top accommodates.

If you want your mattress to be soft, buy a mattress topper. For a firm bed, you do not need a mattress, foam, or topper.

Avocado uses natural materials in its goods for the best sleep service. This mattress is made of various organic fabrics, natural fibers, latex, and recycled coils.

There are also vegan products that cover all tastes and needs. And getting the OEKO-TEX certification that tells you the goods are safe from hazardous substances.


  • Firm Comfort
  • Zoned Support Design
  • Sleeps Cool
  • Eco-Friendly


  • Expensive
  • Heavy
  • Maybe too tight for some

10. Best Hybrid – Bear Mattress Toppers for College Students



Overall Thoughts

Bear mattress manufactures three different products. Their first memory foam possesses excellent shock absorption and conforming feel. The Bear Hybrid features an ergonomic form with a gentle and contouring feel.

The Bear Pro is suitable for cool individuals who want a cooler feeling. From Celliant to copper warming, these mattresses often are designed to be superior at warming, reducing back pain, and preventing muscles from being sore. Also, our all-inclusive and low-priced Bear Beds customers love these beds.


  • Pressure and Pain Relief
  • Good Temperature Regulation
  • Significant Motion Isolation
  • From Little to No Noise


  • Almost the same firmness options in both models

11. Best Innovative – Tuft & Needle Best Mattress Topper for College Students



Overall Thoughts

Tuft and Needle gained considerable popularity when selling an all-foam mattress in a package directly to consumers at a low price. Since unveiling their original version, they engaged in two additional innovative designs:

The Mint and the Hybrid, which offer exceptional pressure relief. The Mint Mattress was recently upgraded with antimicrobial protection to ensure it stays fresh for a more extended period. Via their three mattress and more than one million strong ratings, their customers have spoken on their behalf.


  • Two models with different thickness options
  • Good support
  • Above-average pressure and pain relief
  • Temperature regulation


  • Fair edge support
  • Possible odor

What Is Your Mattress Requirement in College?

It is important that the mattress you buy suitable for your living situation. The dormitory students who live in fraternity and sorority houses will consume their bedding, so all they need for bedding are bedsheets.

Due to the high housing cost, students will also be required to purchase bedding and a mattress. Students will remain in their current bedding and mattress, or they may upgrade or stay the same.

Getting enough sleep is essential in college, so you must be sure to research mattresses, bedding, and accessories to help you rest well.

Living on campus

Most college dorms and college fraternities and sororities have beds and mattresses. However, you can make your bedding, but we will have sheets and a pillow for you. If you need extra comfort and a waterproof mattress, you can carry a mattress topper or mattress cover.

Choosing a Mattress

To use your bed, you’ll have to carry your mattress. Usually, twin XL mattresses suit dorm beds, but it may be wise to consult with your school or organization to know for a certain mattress. Different versions cost $100 to more than $600.

Choosing Bedding

Even if you bring sleeping bags and pillows, there are still other things you’ll need to get for bedding. It also contains a range of sheets, pillowcases, comforter, and mattress covers.

It is most popular to purchase a twin XL mattress. Of course, you can consult with your spouse or significant other for the correct sheet set size.

When purchasing bedding, look for quality sheets with easy-to-wash qualities. In small dorm rooms or Greek housing complexes, beds may be used across several functional areas like sleeping, sitting, eating, and studying to avoid small spills and select dark colors or prints.

Living in, off-campus, in an apartment, or a home.

In contrast to living in a fraternity or dorm, you can have your apartment in which you live alone. After moving out, students must purchase their furniture, mattress, and bedding. You can buy more of it, but it also allows you to buy more other items that make your home more comfortable.

Best Mattresses for College Students Buying Guide

Mattresses today are classified into two main categories: foam and blends. Each pillow is associated with features and qualities that appeal to different consumers based on their body type, the type of sleep they prefer, and their personal preferences.

Since your college mattress will likely be the first one you buy on your own, it’s crucial to study various brands and models to budget for it accurately. Buying your mattress online would be more manageable and less confusing.

Significant considerations for college students about the mattress

Type of Mattress

Each type of mattress has distinct features and characteristics that will affect your sleep experience. In particular, these categories are defined by the components that make up the comfort layers that cushion your body, and the support core stabilizes your mattress. Prices also vary significantly.

Spring / Coil

These beds are supported on springs or coils— they are cozy and come with a pillow top. Many college mattresses come with a pillow cover, but not all. Spring beds are bouncy and flexible to satisfy the needs of active runners.

We prefer mattresses with springs for heavy body types because they are more stable than mattresses with foam and will not deflate as quickly. This type of mattress makes excellent pillows used in pillow combat.

Memory Foam

Memory foam heats and softens in reaction to bodyweight but becomes much softer at rest. When you lie down on it, you’ll find that it forms to your body so that you fall in memory foam is one of those things that people either love or hate.

Active sleepers tend not to like memory foam because it can be hard to maneuver around and overly rigid. Also, cheaper memory foam is more resistant to changes in density with heat. Beds can be softer in the summer and firmer in the winter.

Gel Memory Foam

This is a sort of dense gel foam that is somehow integrated into memory foam. It is generally for cooling. Memory foam is known for storing body heat because it sleeps warm and lets you sweat. Gross, yeah.

If you love memory foam and like sleeping cold, check out the Cocoon Chill, a pseudo-gel memory foam mattress that can be cooled.

Latex Foam

Latex is fascinating stuff. It feels bouncy and sensitive and provides support and security for the foot. Latex is extracted from the sap of rubber trees, punctured with several microscopic holes for ventilation.

It’s eco-friendly, anti-bacterial, and hypoallergenic. However, there is a less expensive edition. We’ll explore the superior latex foam mattresses and sleep systems made of natural/organic materials.

Proprietary Foam

Brands that go indie want to distinguish themselves from their mainstream counterparts. Of course, this paper does not always come out fine. It’s a good idea to have a trial period in the case of those beds that don’t function out.

Air Mattress

These are used for hiking, falling on the floor, and sleeping in an air environment.

Polyurethane Foam: Neutral foam. Sleep has a neutral sleep temperature and is very common with bed-in-a-box choices. Many famous brands such as Tuft & Needle, Morpheus, and Casper Essential are polyfoam beds.

Gel-Like Materials 

Purple is the world’s most famous mattress manufacturer. They have four designs with incredibly strong design and support. People either are for it or against it. Ross the Boss uses bedding made by Purple 4 every night.

If you live in shared accommodation, then your room should have a bed and a mattress. Many schools would encourage their students to adjust mattresses that they already have on their bed frames.

All three of these sleeping arrangements are ideal for solitary sleepers. Twin- and full-size bags measure 75″ inches long, while the twin XL adds another 5 inches for those who need more legroom.


Support refers to the way a mattress protects the spine. Because students spend most of their time sitting or hunched over in a classroom, having a bed pillow can prevent aches in their legs and lower back.


Mattress firmness is exceptionally subjective since it relies on personal preferences. People of different weights tend to choose different types of mattresses. Many average-weight people and people who sleep on their backs have a weight range of around 130 to 160 pounds.

Motion Isolation

Some mattresses are designed to withstand movement less and thus prevent the surface from a “ripple effect.” All-foam mattresses and hybrids allow better comfort and motion isolation.

Temperature Regulation

Some people naturally sleep hot and would need a breathable mattress. Some types of materials manage temperature more efficiently than others.

They are composed of layers of insulating, air-permeable foam or latex fibers and coil supports that circulate air in the interior. Cotton or Tencel covers often appear to sleep cooler than covers made from other materials.

Value and Price

One of the things students must be prepared for is tuition and books to be very costly. Given that the average mattress lives for around seven to eight years, then choosing a high-quality mattress is a wise investment of time.

Ultimately, it would help if you chose a nice, supportive mattress within your budget for asylum after you finish school.

Cooling & Airflow

Cribs that will keep you cool throughout the warm season are required. When we sleep, our body temperature rises, and our metabolic rate decreases. If our mattress retains heat, we will be very uncomfortable in our sleep.

Unfortunately, conventional memory foam is infamous for feeling warm while sleeping, so if you cannot sleep comfortably on a memory foam mattress, make sure you pick one with cooling features.

It means either infusion of gel or copper that conducts heat away from your body or an open cell construction that provides breathability for air circulation. A different approach may involve using phase shifters.

In general, latex or hybrids will allow you to sleep cooler, but if you prefer to sleep hot, make sure that you pay close attention to what the outer layer of the mattress is made out of and look for something that helps you stay cool.

Reputation and Encouragement.

When you contact a company manager, you won’t speak with them face-to-face in a showroom. Instead, you can rely on personal experience and company reputation to assess if a company is reliable or has the right products.

You can visit their website for more detail about returns. Quality is often determined by the length of a warranty and how flexible the warranty is. Trusting a company that lasts forever over a business that lasts just a year is easier. You should read through the terms and conditions to ensure compliance.

Bedding Choices for Every College Bedroom

If you live in college, you’ll have plenty of options for sheets, pillows, comforters, etc.

Buying Sheets

Cotton is the safest choice for bed sheets. It is very easy, simple to use, reliable, sturdy, and efficient. Cotton sheets can be manufactured in various thread counts and fabric types (the higher, the better) (including Egyptian, Supima, and MicroCotton). Individuals than visiting malls more prefer internet shopping.

Flannel is another choice because it is so cozy and wet. Polyester sheets are commonly used in dorms and are cheaper compared to those made from cotton. Bamboo dorm sheets are environmentally sustainable and expensive but well made.

There are different blends of each kind of fabric in the mixture of polyester and cotton and cotton and bamboo. They are inexpensive, convenient, and long-lasting. Thread count is significant, but be wise about your choices to achieve the best results; a thread should count between 200 and 800.

The number of variations that sound better to the ear, but the difference between them is not significant. Thousands of students have indicated that 300 or 400-thread count sheets are the most comfortable and durable.

It is important to take the type of weave and quality of fabric when you are shopping for bags. Soft and robust cotton sheets and crisp and durable Percale sheets are available for purchase. Sateen is the softest of all the textiles but not as durable as nylon.

Likewise, wrinkled sheets are handled to keep them smooth, but some students are hesitant to have such sheets due to allergies or sensitivities.

You know the natural sheets are free of pesticides. Alternatively, sheets with zero chemical residues may be purchased.

Buying A Pillow

We will demand that you carry your pillow. You can purchase pillows from plastic, memory foam, latex, wool, cotton, down, and feathers (feather pillows). Foam pillows, memory foam pillows, latex pillows, cotton pillows, and wool pillows are all firm, supportive, non-allergenic and hypoallergenic.

Down and feather pillows are both soft and reasonably firm. However, people who have allergies can be allergic to these things. Students typically prefer to buy pillowcases that fit their bedding.

Some pillowcases come in several sets of covers, while the individual cover sells others. You may also want to suggest bedding accessories like a research pillow and decorative pillow to enhance your bedding collection.

Buying Blankets and Comforters

In addition to down or feather, there are many common styles of comforters. Pillows will also come included with a comforter, depending on the manufacturer. You can again buy a different comforter.

Be sure to look for fill count, thread count, and weight when purchasing any dorm bedding kit. Soft fill filler can be used in place of foam, eliminating allergens.

Comforters with more excellent loft effectively trap more air, which results in warmer sleeping conditions. A comforter’s weight reflects its consistency. In cold climates, a comforter with high fill weight and low fill consistency offers an ideal choice due to its lightweight and natural insulating properties.

It is best to add a light blanket to your cold bed to keep your temperature steady. You will be advised to change your duvet cover if you feel too hot or too cold under it.

Please note the temperature and environment in the classroom when choosing to bed. You can get an insulated coat if you would have to attend classes in a cold area.

Purchase Mattress Toppers

Dorm and Greek house mattresses are notoriously hard, and many college students are searching for toppers to treat their backs from the dampness and strains of the mattresses.

Mattress toppers come in various types of materials like polyurethane, latex, and the most expensive form, egg crate. Regardless of whether you are a student living in a university house or not. Latex memory foam toppers are firm and supportive but can be costly and retain heat.

Memory foam topper mattresses are less expensive but also provide a comfortable sleep surface. They also have heat, which users do not like. Wool clothing is soft but also offers temperature control.

Down and feather mattress toppers are comfortable and luxurious, and they must be fluffed frequently to preserve their shape. Cotton mattress toppers vary in price and softness, but they compress faster and are not as durable as wool mattress toppers.

The least costly, lightweight, and transportable egg crate foam mattress toppers are fragile and malleable but will retain heat.

Tips on buying a mattress

Get a mattress cover

To protect your mattress from dirt and stains. It will also save you from people having sex on your bunk. A mattress encasement will protect you from an intruder.

Invest in a good mattress topper

Invest in a good mattress topper, and with the addition of a supportive one, it can make a big difference between tossing and turning all night and getting a decent night’s sleep.

Buy Two Sheets Set

It would be a brilliant idea to purchase two sets of sheets and pillowcases so that you could reduce laundry expenses to a minimum or even completely.

Choose durability and quality

In buying bed sets, you must care about the consistency and longevity to last up to 4 years. Your sheets would be more relaxed with an excellent package.

Get extra space with bed risers

Regardless of where you wind up your freshman year at college, it would be helpful to own a bed that you have to prop up with bed risers to ensure that you can sleep comfortably.

It is very convenient for you to have all of these blankets and extra sheets. It will also help you keep your in-season clothes more compactly packed outside of your bedroom.

Consider a duvet instead of a comforter

If the laundry machine is too small to hold a comforter, you can always buy a duvet and leave it open. With a quilted duvet, you’ll be able to easily take the quilt from your bed and wash it without having to place the whole quilt in your machine or dryer.

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Where can I purchase a mattress?

The limitation of shopping shops is one of the most considerable drawbacks of mattress purchasing. Since the prices are higher, restaurants often charge higher fees.

Buying a mattress online is more convenient and less expensive than buying one in-store. Online mattress brands usually provide in-home delivery with free shipping, and for an extra charge, you can arrange for couriers to set up your mattress in your residence and remove your old bed.

There is a downside of not checking out the mattress before buying it, but most online mattress brands have a free “sleep trial” that lets you sleep on the bed for a defined amount of time. The studies are usually performed for approximately 90 nights, although some last longer.

What mattress better fits my living situation?

Those who live in fraternity or sorority houses should buy a compact enough mattress to fit underneath the bed and not take up too much floor space. Those with an own bedroom have more versatility in mattress sizes and measurements than those that live with other people.

If you share a bed with a partner, it is recommended that a queen-size or larger be purchased. Twin/Twin XL sizes are intended for single sleepers. Full sizes are more extensive than twin sizes but may still not be big enough for couples.

May I purchase a used mattress?

Certainly not. Purchasing a mattress from the seller or a store is often superior to buying a mattress on sites like Craigslist or

Purchasing from major brands would guarantee the product arrives unopened, is unused, and carries a warranty. Where is the best place to buy a bed in a box?

We have several different places that provide a mattress in a box. Some firms have showrooms where you can try the mattress out before rushing to make a purchase.

If you trust the brand, click the link to the company’s site to order directly. No issues exist at all, as businesses give generous, extended return periods. Third-party sites with the same brands deliver the same things, but their perks can differ.

You can buy bed frames directly off of online retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, and Costco. Amazon has a great variety of items from all the most famous brands. When ordering Walmart and Costco, it is essential to consider the feedback to understand what you are ordering clearly.

What mattress feels the most comfortable?

The benefits of memory foam and latex innerspring mattress is that they are both soft and durable as opposed to their innerspring counterparts. The best mattress in a box brand will have a range of comfort settings ranging from fluffy, medium, and hard.

Without first testing out a mattress topper, you will find it challenging to find a suitable mattress. Sleeping surfaces start at about $50 and provide customers with custom options for feel without being processed for a refund.

Some garden beds are softer than others. You should buy real natural and organic food for better gastronomic performance.

Final Thoughts

It’s hard to decide what to purchase without seeing it first. We understand that may feel humiliating, but it may also be strange to go into a large mattress showroom and lie on a bed full of fluorescent lights with a pushy salesman breathing down your neck to a coat that gives you the highest commission.

With so many options available, the variety of available, quality, and price is greater than ever. The time is right to make the deal.

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