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Best Pillow Top Mattress in 2023

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Pillow top mattresses are especially recommended for side sleepers. They’re generally more affordable than other mattresses, but they may not be as long-lasting.

There are scores of pillow top mattress brands and models on the market, with a wide range of prices. Many well-known brands have similar features at different price points.

Pillow-top mattresses are often inexpensive compared to other mattress models. They are made of wide-ranging materials from memory foam to latex to fiberfill. Pillowtops change the firmness level and add contouring to the mattress. Besides adding pressure relief or bounce, they can also help isolate motion transfer for people who share the bed.

If you’re in the market for a new pillow-top mattress, look no further. We will share our top picks for the best pillow-top and Euro-top mattresses out there and provide advice on how to choose the ideal model depending on your needs.

Disclaimer: We independently review all recommended products. If you buy through our links, we may earn a commission. For more details read our Affiliate Disclosure.

What is a Pillow Top Mattress?

A mattress with a top pillow does not vary so much from traditional mattresses.

What makes these mattresses distinctive is the extra layer of padding sewn to the end. The top of the pillow is generally at least two inches thick for comfort. Consumers have complained about the pillow tops moving in the past, but the pillow tops are now better stitched.

A pillow top’s padding can include many different materials, including cotton, latex, stowage foam, standard foam, or polyurethane.

Pillow Top Mattress vs. Pillow Top Mattress Pad

Those who want to keep their long-lasting and comfortable beds should purchase upholstered top mattress pads instead of pillow-top beds.

A mattress pad on top of the pillow is a luxurious sheet placed on a mattress and saves money when buying a new bed for extra convenience.

Usually, these mattress pads are $150 or less according to brand and style.

Pros and Cons to Pillow Top Mattresses


  • Coil layer promotes airflow making the mattress breathable
  • Comparatively lesser-priced
  • Fewer chances of off-gassing
  • These mattresses are affordable
  • Not likely to produce chemicals
  • Pillow tops relieve aches and pains


  • Not as durable as other mattress types
  • May cause motion transfer leading to sleep disruptions
  • Pillow tops are not useful for more massive people
  • Pillow top mattresses sag

List of 10 Best Pillow Top Mattresses

1. Best Overall Top Pillow Mattress

Helix Midnight Luxe


Overall Thoughts

Helix has made a name for itself with its sleep contest that suits Helix shoppers’ closest match. The 14-inch Midnight Luxe is a hybrid coat built to fit lateral sleepers with dense memory foam and polyfoam layers covering their shoulders and hips. We regard it as a medium-sized business or 6 out of 10 as a firm.

The company’s Luxe mattresses are 2 inches higher than their predecessors and feature a Tencel memory foam pillow cover. Tencel is a respiratory plant fabric that extracts moisture from your body and helps it to scatter through the spins to sleep cooler. The extra memory foam provides a new, coiling feeling when you lie.

Thanks to its hybrid nature, Midnight Luxe avoids the majority of movements while also having a sensitive surface that does not prevent movement. The pockets are reinforced on and around the edges of the lumbar section. The mattress has a symmetrical design so that the longevity of the pillow top can be rotated head to foot without affecting its efficiency.

What makes it best?

2. Most Comfortable Top Pillow Mattress



Overall Thoughts

The WinkBeds flagship mattress has a euro-style pillow top with a respirable Tencel cover is sliced into multiple layers of gel-infused foam cooling. Under the pillow cover, micro-coils and a lumbar pad provide a targeted backbone.

The pocket-based bobbin layer also has lumbar support and a strengthened perimeter that adds phenomenal support. Due to its dual coil configuration, the mattress has more than ample space to prevent the airflow from building up.

The WinkBed consists of four firmness choices designed to attract almost all forms of sleeper. Each medium-smooth, medium-sized model has a slightly different design, with the Plus micro-coils for latex swapping to accommodate people wearing more than 300 pounds.

What makes it best?

3. Best for Side Sleepers Top Pillow Mattress



Overall Thoughts

The hybrid DreamCloud mattress has several layers of memory foam and polyfoam on a single belt frame. The mattress is made of a narrow top with a plum polyfoam sheet cut into a poly-blend cover.

The mattress measures 14 inches, which is considerably higher than the typical mattress and leaves enough coating space. The firmness level of DreamCloud is rated as medium-sized, or 6 out of 10 as a firm.

The layers of foam under the cover conform to the curves of the body. However, the mattress is gradually firmer, and the individually wrapped spindles ensure a secure base that holds the backbone on an even plane. Top-level windings improve the edges, reducing sinkage despite the dense layer of comfort.

What makes it best?

4. Best Cooling Top Pillow Mattress



Overall Thoughts

Eco-friendly mattresses have become popular, but those in the retail area could cost thousands of dollars for many customers and be cost-prohibitive. Using an online sales model, Avocado wants to provide a more organic experience at a more affordable price. Their hybrid model incorporates a zoned upcycled steel belt with a Dunlop latex and a Euro-like roof.

What makes It best?

5. Best Value Top Pillow Mattress

Logan & Cove


Overall Thoughts

The Logan & Cove is a hybrid memory pillow top mattress available in two firmness choices that balance a medium soft and medium-sized firm on our scale. It is one of many mattresses from, an exclusively Canadian customer-selling Canadian company.

The pillow top has a breathable Tencel cover, which is very rare at this price point, and has a luxurious silk blend. In addition to having a plush feel, the silk also helps keep the mattress cool with heat distribution.

The top of the pillow consists of multiple layers of bio-based and refreshing gel foam that cradle the sleeper to alleviate deep pressure and isolate motion. The lumbar area is supported by zoned transitional layers and pocketed coils, which reduce pressure points in your hips and shoulders. These characteristics and the option of solidity make the bed suitable for back and back sleepers under 230 pounds.

What makes it best?

6. Best Classic Top Pillow Mattress



Overall Thoughts

Saatva is made in the US. Organic cotton and approved foam from CertiPUR-US are used in the Euro-top. It has additional support in the middle of the mattress to prolong the mattress’s life and support proper spinal alignment to alleviate back pain. The Saatva HD model offers additional support for weighted citizens.

White gloves, installation, and removal of old mattresses are free of charge. Saatva Luxury Company is the most famous model.

What makes it best?

7. Best Energy-Saving Pillow Top Mattress



Overall Thoughts

Helix’s Birch mattress is another latex hybrid. Nevertheless, the model includes Talalay latex, not Dunlop latex. Talalay latex is a little softer than Dunlop latex. The Birch could provide better pressure relief than the Avocado, but it couldn’t last as long.

The Birch also has an optional pillow cover, adding 3′′ Talalay latex to the top of the mattress and some flabby wool batting. Like the Avocado Mattress, we have seen the Birch should suit better without the top pillow for the back and stomach sleepers, and with the top pillow, it should provide the majority of the side sleepers with more comfort.

Like other latex mattresses, the Birch has a bounce, and it is also an excellent choice for people who like to sleep or change their positions all night long.

What makes it best?

8. Best-selling Top Pillow Mattress

Modway Jenna


Overall Thoughts

The Jenna pillow top has a cut polyester top with more than 1 inch of foam and 3 inches of egg cake foam. The support layer has individually wrapped bobbins of 10 inches. The wrapped coils are designed to restrict disruption of motion. It’s free to ship, but you do the setup.

Approximately 77% of the reviews are five stars and 5% one star.

What makes it best?

9. Best Pillow Top Mattress

Dreamfoam Willow


Overall Thoughts

Dreamfoam mattress is simple to customize or modify since the pillow top is a zippered area with a removable foam layer.

Formerly known as the Ultimate Dreams latex mattress, the 12-inch Willow has a 3-inch latex foam layer in the pillow’s top. You pick the level of firmness. Your option is sent directly from the factory to you.

The Euro top covers are made of bamboo fibers, robust, respiratory, and soft. It is antibacterial and can also be extracted. The layer of support is latex.

Dreamfoam has been involved since 1995 and is a pioneer in latex and memory foam mattresses, and Brooklyn Bedding is his sister’s business.

What makes it best?

10. Best Pillow Top Mattress

Wayfair Sleep Bed-in-a-Box


Overall Thoughts

According to the brand’s history, Royal Pedic started making expensive mattresses in 1946 in Los Angeles for celebrities, including the USA. President John F. Kennedy and Wilt Chamberlain basketball player.

The Natural Cloud Pillowtop is the top-of-the-line mattress of Royal Pedic. Each mattress is made of all-natural materials and hand tufting in California.

The top of the pillow is coated with soft organic cotton. The coating is made of organic cotton, wool, and latex Talalay.

What’s interesting about this top is that on both sides of the mattress, it has a pillow top so that you can turn it over.

What makes it best?

How to choose?

The purchasing of a new mattress will take a big bite from your budget. Yet for the amount of time that you spend on it, it is a worthwhile investment.

The tops of the pillow sound different from other mattresses. If possible, you might want to try out some of them in a shop to get a feeling. Trying out various models will also give you a sense of how gentle, medium, and firm they are.

Closing Thoughts

It’s a good idea to try a top pillow mattress in person to make sure you like it before buying. The pillow’s tops will help coat pains and aches, but the mattresses do not last as long as the tops are non-pillow.

The majority of standard pillow tops have many good reviews and many less one-star reviews. Keep in mind that good reviews are always written when the mattress feels relaxed soon after the initial buying process.

The good news is that most companies have promised and return policies so that you can return them if your purchase is not satisfied.

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