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How To Fix Gap Between Mattress And Bed Frame [8 Easy Steps]

How to Fix Gap between Mattress and Bed Frame

Leaving a space between your mattress and bed frame by accident can be uncomfortable because it can let in drafts and make the bed surface uneven. You know how hard it is to figure out how to fill it.

Filling the space between your mattress and bed frame can be challenging because most mattresses are thick. It can be hard to find something thin enough to fit in the space but strong enough to hold up your mattress. New mattresses have a gap between them and the bed frame.

This space can look bad and be uncomfortable. This blog post will explain how to fill gap between mattress and bed frame.

8 Easy Steps to Fix Gap Between Bed Frame and Mattress

If you have your own home, you should choose a permanent solution. It will take a little more work, but it will get to the root of the problem and fix it.

Here are some long-term ways to fill the gap between bed and mattress:

Step 1: Check the Space Between Mattress and Bed Frame

The first thing to do is determine the space between the bed’s mattress and frame. To buy a suitable bed frame gap filler, you’ll need to know how big the gap is. There is a chance that the slats on a platform bed will move and leave gaps.

Step 2: Select Your Filler Type

The next thing to do is decide what type of filler you want. There are different kinds of fillers on the market.

You can pick from cotton, polyester, down, or foam. You can also pick from a range of thicknesses. A thicker filler is preferable for structural support.

Step 3: Cut Filler to Preferred Size

Once the sort of filler has been determined, it must be trimmed to size. Please ensure the stuffing is smaller than the hole so it fits tightly.

Maintain a straight line while cutting so that the finished product will have uniformly aligned edges. 

Step 4: Footboard Gap Filler

The filler is then inserted into the gap as the next step. Beginning at the highest point, proceed downwards. Make sure the filler fits tightly so that it stays in place.

Step 5: Set the Filler in Position

The filler then needs to be held in place. Put some glue on it, or use some tape or even staples. Ensure the filler is securely in place, so it does not rapidly escape.

Step 6: Cut Off Extra Filler

Remove any extra filler before proceeding. Make sure the filler is the same height as the bed frame. You can carefully trim the filler using a knife or scissors.

Step 7: Protect the Filler

The filler then needs to be covered. Fabric, batting, and foam are all viable options. Make sure the filler has complete coverage to hide any trace of it.

Step 8: Enjoy Your New Mattress with No Gaps

Now you can relax on your brand-new, gap-free mattress! Vacating the floor around the bed is essential to prevent dust and filth from accumulating.

If you get a more well-known foundation, you might not have to worry about this problem. These strategies will help you obtain a better night’s sleep even if your bed frame or foundation isn’t exceptionally high.

Benefits of Fixing Gap Between Mattress and Bed Frame

1. Comfortable to Sleep

It makes a comfortable place to sleep. When there is a space between the bed frame and the mattress, it can make it hard to sleep on. This can make you uneasy and prevent you from sleeping soundly.

2. Prevention from Dust and Dirt

It keeps dust and dirt from getting in between the mattress and bed frame, which can happen if there is a gap. This can look bad and make you sick with allergies or breathing problems.

3. Get Rid of Bugs

It stops bugs from getting in. If there is a gap in the bed frame and the mattress, bugs may be able to get in.

This can be bad for your health, so you should stay away from it. But the bugs can also hurt the bed frame and mattress.

4. Keep the Mattress in Place

It keeps the mattress from moving around. The mattress can shift and move around if there is a space between them. This can be bothersome and make it hard to fall asleep. Also, it can make the mattress wear out faster.

5. Increases the Lifespan of the Mattress

It helps make the mattress last longer. A gap between the bed frame and mattress might hasten the mattress’ deterioration. The mattress’s lifespan may be extended if the gap is filled.

Reasons for Gap Between a Mattress and a Bed Frame

1. Your Bed Frame Doesn’t Fit Your Mattress

If you use a full-sized bed frame with a queen-sized mattress, there will be space on both sides of the mattress. To avoid this problem, measure your bed frame and mattress before you buy.

2. Bed Frame Wood Settled

The bed frame’s wood frequently settles and develops gaps. It’s usually not a significant deal and is simple to remedy over time. You can use a piece of plywood to close the gap or attempt to shimmy the bed frame back.

3. A Platform Bed’s Slats Have Moved

The slats on a platform bed might shift and open up if the mattress shifts around. This usually isn’t a big deal and is easy to fix. Make an effort to reposition the bed frame or use a scrap of plywood to bridge the gap.

4. Fill Gap Between Mattress and Headboard

If there’s a space between your headboard and mattress, it’s probably because the headboard isn’t attached to the bed frame well enough.

It uses screws or brackets to tighten the headboard to the bed frame.

5. Space Exists Between the Mattress and the Footboard

The footboard may not be securely attached to the bed frame, causing a gap between the mattress and the footboard. Screw or bracket the footboard to the bedframe.

To address mattress-bed frame gaps, you must understand their causes. To avoid this, measure your bed frame and mattress before buying.

Platform bed slats might shift and cause gaps. A gap between bed slats may emerge if your headboard or footboard isn’t securely attached to the bed frame. Use screws or brackets to attach the headboard or footboard.


How to Fill the Space Between the Mattress and the Headboard?

Using a wedge pillow is the best way to eliminate those annoying gaps between your mattress and headboard.

How to fill mattress gap?

A mattress gap filler, also called a bed gap filler, is a simple foam wedge. Its main goal is to assist you in closing any gaps that lead to spacing problems that become a constant irritant.

What is the ideal mattress-bedframe distance?

There should be no more than an inch of space between it and the bedframe to ensure the mattress fits right.


If you’re having the same issue as described in the article on how to fix the gap between mattress and bed frame, the following options should help you create a more uniform appearance for your bed by closing the gap.

First, try putting a pad or topper on the mattress. This can provide an additional layer of padding and may be sufficient to close the gap. If that doesn’t work, consider buying a new mattress slightly smaller than your current one.

The two components will be joined together tightly as a result. Finally, you can acquire a bed frame that suits your mattress if it looks terrible or causes dust mites or allergies.

No matter what you decide, make sure you measure before buying anything, so you know it will fit.

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