How to Hump a Pillow?


A strange and humiliating thing to do is to hit a pillow. Even though it’s hard to believe, Pillow humming is a centuries-old tradition that both men and women do. We’ll explain it to you if you don’t know what pillow humping is.

In the end, self-pleasure is just self-masturbation. Pillows are sometimes used to help people relax in bed. Cushion humping is a sexually satisfying practice in which you mount and grind on a pillow. To dry hump someone, it’s a lot more painful.

Pillows are soft, so making love to them can be fun for men and women. When you want to have consensual sex with a pillow, you can because pillows don’t say no or make a fuss. The question now is how to hump a pillow.

Humping a pillow isn’t hard, but there are different ways to do it. When a person hums a pillow, both girls and guys have different ways of satisfying their sexual needs. Below are the different ways to get the most out of the pillow.

Choose the Firmness of your Pillow

Pillow firmness is an essential factor in ensuring your comfort. A soft cushion will allow you to bounce on it and quickly transfer it between your legs. Choosing a hard pillow will give you tremendous pressure and stability when humming it.

Placing the Pillow between your Legs

It’s a fantastic idea to put the cushion between your knees when you’re humming your pillow. This strategy works best when you lie on your back with your face facing down on the bed.

If you want to get more movement out of the face-down position when lying down, you can try grinding against the pillow.

Stack a Rolled-up Pillow between your Knees

Fold the cushion in half and place it between the legs for a more comfortable position. A folded-in-half cushion provides greater mobility, a more stable surface, and a better chance of grinding against the best pillow. You’ll have more opportunity to hump away with your favorite toy when the pillow is folded in half.

Pillows Should be Stacked on Top of each other

Stacking two or three pillows on top of each other is another technique to enjoy oneself. As a result, you get a lot more spring when you stack two or three pillows together. If resting on your back isn’t your thing, consider kneeling with a pillow stack for a different experience.

Try out Different Sized and Shaped Pillows

To get additional enjoyment from humming the cushion, try experimenting with different sizes and shapes. Try out different shapes and sizes that are thicker. Pillows of different shapes should be hummed in different ways.

A body pillow with a firmer design can be used as your regular sleeping pillow to help you get a good night’s sleep on occasion. For a different experience, you can also use throw pillows from time to time.

For Girls, Tips on How to Hump a Pillow

It’s easy for girls to hump their pillows, but it may become an entirely new workout if you add a few additions.

When some women hump their pillows, they have the most pleasurable orgasmic sensations, much better than having intercourse. Follow the steps outlined below if you want to get the most enjoyment out of humping a pillow.

Make Sure you’re in the Appropriate Frame of Mind.

Do something that you know will turn you on to make the humping procedure more thrilling. You may read a steamy novel, watch a passionate film, or relive a steamy video from the past. Simulating orgasm is more accessible when the right mood is set. As a final precaution, make sure you are entirely alone and that no one can disrupt your session.

Make Sure You Get the Proper Pillow

Choose pillows that resemble human bodies to maximize your humping experience. It’s best to use long and stiff pillows than short ones.

Experimenting with various shapes will ensure that you get the most out of the experience. For even more orgasmic pleasure, use the pillow with your favorite sex toy.

Make Use of the Edging Method

In terms of pillow humping, edging is one of the most stimulating approaches. Hum until you are near to having an orgasm and then stop for a short time is the method of action used.

You can practice self-control better because of the break. In the end, the edging technique is more pleasurable than letting yourself go completely and without hesitation.

Keep your Humping Speed within Control.

Take it gradually, then pick up the pace as you get more excited. By making noise or doing something else that gets you excited, you can make pillow humping even more exciting. When you start to orgasm, take it slow to appreciate it fully.

Use your imagination.

Try varied sex positions to make humping more interesting. These positions include straddling an armrest, using your hands along with the pillow, squeezing breasts and nipples, caressing every inch of your body, and using a vibrator inside the pillowcase.

A Guy’s Guide to Hump a Pillow

Men prefer to masturbate with their hands rather than hump pillows for their sexual gratification. Humping a pillow, on the other hand, is a common way for males to get a rush of intense pleasure.

There are various ways for men to get pleasure from the cushion. They are most commonly doing it by thrusting their penis between the mattress and pillow.

Similarly, men might utilize two pillows for the same purpose. Another method is to wrap a cushion around the penis and use it as a pillow.

They can then thrust through the pillows groove as if they’re having penetration intercourse after wrapping. Foam pillows can be stuffed by punching a hole in the cover and pushing down on the stuffing.

Wrapping it up

Pillows can be used for a variety of different things in the bedroom. Pillow humping, which many people avoid discussing openly, has a sexual component. The vast majority of people who hump their pillows prefer to do so alone and in their own room’s privacy.

In some instances, sex lives are spruced up with the help of their partners. In addition, humming the pillow helps you to understand better your own body, which is something that many people are afraid to try. The most important thing to keep in mind is to make sure your pillow is always clean to avoid any health problems.

A strange and humiliating thing to do is to hit a pillow. Even though it’s hard to believe that it’s an old practice, learn how to hump a pillow

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