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How to Keep Mattress from Sliding: 9 Easy Hacks

How to Keep Mattress from Sliding

Mattresses can move off from box springs and bed frames for several factors, such as not enough friction and not enough support. If you’ve ever woken up in the middle of the night to find your mattress halfway off the bed, you know how frustrating it can be. Mattresses that move around can make it hard to sleep and make the bed uncomfortable.

Even though this may not seem like a big deal, a bed that moves around could keep you from getting enough sleep, which could hurt your health.

This could mean that your mattress doesn’t have enough support or is worn out and needs replacement. It isn’t enjoyable when mattresses slide around. Even though putting the bed back on the base is a quick fix, most people would instead do something else with their time.

A sliding mattress can be fixed with home improvement work so that you can move on to other things. Once you figure out how to keep mattress from sliding, there’s no reason to give up sleep.

How to Prevent a Mattress from Sliding

Now that you know the problem, it’s time to find a solution. This could be as easy as putting a non-slip pad or Velcro strips between the mattress and the bed frame to keep it from moving.

Most options are cheap, but if you want to do something more drastic, you must purchase a new bed frame or mattress.

1. Vacuum Under the Mattress

The accumulation of dust and filth on your mattress might make it move around on the bed. If you want to eliminate this problem, a good vacuuming will do the trick.

The area is best cleaned using a brush attachment vacuum, but an ordinary vacuum would serve in a pinch. Turn the mattress over and give the underside a good cleaning to remove dust.

The area under your bed should also be vacuumed, as dust and filth left behind can potentially lead to slips and falls. Any dirt or dust buildup under the bed, even if the mattress isn’t slipping, can lead to problems in the future, so it’s important to vacuum regularly.

2. Rug Pad Grippers

Mattress grippers made of the same rubber used to prevent rugs from bunching up beneath feet are an excellent investment. These helpful aids come in a wide range of sizes and prices, so giving them a try is a low-risk venture that might pay off in spades.

Insert the gripper pads made of rubber between the mattress and the slats or bed frame.

3. Velcro Strips

Velcro strips are an excellent technique to secure a mattress. Peel back the protective sheet from the adhesive and insert 4 to 6 medium “hook” Velcro strips under the mattress and the matching “loop” Velcro strips on top of the bed or box spring.

To keep the mattress in place, attach one long Velcro strip at the foot of the bed and another long Velcro strip at the head.

Double-sided carpet tape is an alternative to Velcro strips. Attach it the same way you would attach a Velcro strip. Although double-sided carpet tape isn’t as stable or long-lasting as Velcro, it should keep your mattress from sliding around.

4. Use a Non-Slip Pad

Anti-slip mats are relatively similar to standard rubber flooring. These items, however, are frequently made for a more specific purpose, such as anchoring furniture so that it doesn’t shift around the room. These products come in various sizes; however, they are not as long-lasting as rubber mats.

If you find it difficult to lift the entire mattress, try placing a few of these under the four corners of your bed.

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5. Add Railing

One more option to prevent your mattress from slipping off the bed frame is to install a railing around the bed’s perimeter. One can buy adjustable railings or build their own with essential tools.

6. Mattress Extenders and Gap Fillers

If the extra space between sheets can be used, you might not need a new mattress. Without breaking the bank, you can get the extra length or width you need with a mattress extender or gap filler, and a quick fix can be found in stuffing or padding.

7. Carpet Tape

When used to keep a rug or carpet in place, carpet tape has been demonstrated to work well. Your mattress won’t be able to shift around as much. Because you don’t want the tape to leave adhesive on your bed or rip its threads, it’s better to use it only as a temporary measure.

8. Bed Frame

There are two options for dealing with a bed frame that is too big for the mattress. Getting a new bed frame could be an option. If you want to replace your bed, pick one that fits your frame better, or buy a new bed that is the proper size.

You may also keep your mattress in place by opting for a bed with a headboard and footboard. Another option is to fill the gaps with soft material, such as towel rolls or wooden planks. This is a short-term fix that may need periodic tweaks.

9. Yoga Mat Under Mattress

Place a yoga mat (or two) under your mattress to keep it from moving around. A yoga mat might be worth a shot if you’ve exhausted all other options because they’re cheap and widely available.

In addition, if your mattress is sagging, you may be able to prevent more wear and tear by placing a yoga mat under it.

What Causes Mattress Slippage?

Waking up off to one side is annoying and can also detract from the serene atmosphere of your bedroom. Even while low levels of friction and support can play a significant role, these issues can be mitigated.

Lack of Friction

Even the most incredible mattresses can slide around if there’s not enough friction, which often happens with double-sided mattresses. Thanks to the smooth cover, these mattresses have a soft, comfortable surface on each side.

The mattress cover may not have a solid hold on the bed frame, reducing friction between the mattress and the frame or box spring. The fabric may have a different texture on the bed’s underside, but even that won’t help it stay put.

Improper Support

Every frame is not created equal. Poor foundation security may result from an aging frame or a broken box spring.

Slatted frameworks can weaken or sag over time if not made of sturdy materials, causing your bedding to shift. A low-quality box spring may not support the mattress, causing it to detach from the bed’s frame.

Missing Rails

Some bed frames don’t have a lip or lip-like structure that prevents the mattress from sliding between the slats. However, this is not the case for the vast majority of beds. Some bed frames, such as platform and metal frames, don’t feature a headboard or footboard.

Sharing a Bed with Children

When there are many people in a small space, your body has to deal with more movement. Children thrive when they are physically close to their parents.

Therefore, if you prefer sleeping in the same room as your little ones, more power to you. However, you may need to place a non-slip mat under your mattress to control the shifting.

Old Mattress

The age of the bed can cause the mattress to slip. Body fluids, dead skin, and dirt all find their way to the bottom of a mattress over time. When a bed can no longer help you get a restful night’s sleep, it is no longer in good shape. If you frequently wake up hurting and exhausted, it may be time to upgrade your mattress.

If your bed is seven years old or older, you should consider replacing it. It might be hard to know whether or not to take a mattress out of a guest room.

You Have a Two-Sided Mattress

Both sides of products without a bottom or top are often soft. These models are harder to get, but they can help other people whose needs change or who like to have choices.

The Mattress is Smaller than Bed Frame

While it may seem like a good idea to use a frame more significant than your mattress to prevent it from sliding off, doing so instead stimulates additional movement. If your frame and cushion don’t fit snugly, you won’t be able to sleep well.

Tossing and Turning

Tossing and turning in your sleep can cause your mattress to fall off the frame or box spring, aggravating any of the above concerns. This is more likely to occur if you share your bed with a pet or child who is restless at night.

Avoiding the Mattress from Sliding on a Metal Bed Frame

It’s possible that no amount of carpet tape, Velcro, rubber mats, or vacuuming will solve the problem of a mattress that keeps moving around the room. The best solution for a metal bed frame is to add side rails. You may make them yourself if you have the time and the inclination.

As a stopper for a mattress, elastic bands might be pretty helpful. Take off your sheets and secure the straps under your bed frame and around your mattress. If you’re using a mattress topper, the straps should go underneath it; however, using straps may be too harsh for some beds.

Avoiding the Mattress from Sliding on a Box Spring

Since you can’t attach bed rails to a box spring, you might have to make do with Velcro, carpet tape, rubber mats, and good vacuuming. If you’ve tried everything else and your mattress still slides off the box spring, a non-slip bed may be worth considering.

Avoiding the Mattress from Sliding on a Platform Bed

A suitable bed base for a platform bed is essential if you don’t want your mattress to slide around. If your mattress is too large for your bed frame, it may shift as you sleep. When your mattress continues sliding around, a simple and inexpensive remedy is to use anti-slip patches, similar to those used to hold carpets in place.

If you have a foam mattress, you should be careful not to cause lasting dents by utilizing mattress straps.


Do I need to use box springs?

The answer to this question is mattress-specific. Latex and memory foam beds typically do not require a box spring, while the added support may benefit innerspring and hybrid mattresses. Before buying a new bed, make sure you check with the manufacturer.

Is a frame necessary for a mattress?

Although a bed frame isn’t strictly necessary for a mattress, the bed frame is recommended if you want to raise your bed’s components off the floor.

Would it be possible to put my bed on the floor?

Putting your mattress directly on the floor might lead to the growth of mold and mildew due to the lack of air circulation. This wear and tear may make your mattress’s warranty null and void.

Plus, some sleepers find that the flooring makes their mattress feel too solid for their liking, especially if they have a thinner mattress.

What is the best way to keep my adjustable bed from sliding?

It is usual for the base to slide while raising the bed. Avoid this problem by shopping for beds with technology that keeps the mattress flush against the wall. It may be as simple as a bar at the foot of the bed or as elaborate as a non-slip rug.

Why is it that my mattress is slipping off the box spring?

Your bed’s structure may be too big for your mattress. If too much space between the bed frame and the mattress, the mattress can slide off.


Walking halfway off your bed before bed won’t help you fall asleep. If it doesn’t help you sleep, you should look for something else. You should now be able to make a place to sleep that is safe and comfortable. With so many options, you’ll find something to help you fall asleep.

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