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13 Best Hybrid Mattress of 2023

Best Hybrid Mattress

Some individuals like mattresses with memory foam, and others prefer Innerspring mattresses; each has its advantages. Memory foams can provide excellent relief from pressure, and innerspring mattresses offer more reaction and support is all about a hybrid mattress. They feature coils supports, pressure relief, and the foam’s comfort.

The combination in most cases generates a balanced mattress so that individuals who want comfort or support can choose a purist model. Hybrids are a terrific place to begin for all of us who fall in between.

Hybrid beds provide an outstanding balance of comfort and support, ensuring that sleepers benefit from an exceptional foam mattress without the most significant drawbacks!

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List of Best Hybrid Mattress

1. Best Overall – DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress


Overall Thoughts

The DreamCloud is a cost-effective hybrid mattress with polyfoam layers, gel-infused memory foam, and transitional foam layers that absorb movements and cushioning pressure areas.

A base of individually wrapped spines supply robust, targeted spinal support in the support coils. The perimeter is strengthened with thicker coils to support the edge when sitting or sleeping close to the edge of the bed.

The DreamCloud has a quilting cover composed of a silky poly-blend cashmere. The cashmere leaves the sleeper wet and dissipates through the coils, which assist the bed in retaining its neutral temperature.

Due to its medium feeling, the DreamCloud attracts nearly every type of sleeper; however, it can be found a bit firm by side sleeper weighing under 130 pounds. Combined sleepers should have no difficulty switching sleep on the sensitive surface.

The DreamCloud ships free in the neighboring United States and come with a 365-night sleep test commencing within 30 days of delivery. A lifetime guarantee then backs up the mattress.

2. Heavy People – Big Fig



Overall Thoughts

Why not choose a brand built to suit your requirements instead of shopping for a mattress that can “accommodate” you? Big Fig is a hybrid mattress designed for more prominent figures with increased support, durable durability, and fantastic cooling.

What makes it Unique?

3. Best Luxury – Brooklyn Bedding Aurora


Overall Thoughts

The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress is a hybrid model with three firmness options. These are equivalent to 4, 6, and 7-8 at the 1-10 firmness level. The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora offers something for any sleeper, regardless of body type or sleep position.

The comfort layer comprises three layers of foam, including the copper-infused polyfoam layer, the second layer of latex, and the last layer of gel-infused memory foam. Together, these layers give respite and reaction to the shaping pressure. There is a phase-change substance on the surface of the bed designed to keep it cool.

The plush foams of the soft medium variant provide closer contouring and absorb more motion before they are transferred over the bed. The medium and firm versions give a more responsive surface, improved edge, and temperature control.

4. Best Value Hybrid Mattress – WinkBed



Overall Thoughts

The WinkBed is a beautiful choice for anyone seeking a hybrid mattress at a fantastic value pricing range. This hybrid mattress has many outstanding characteristics that help it achieve a good mix of comfort and support.

To begin, you have the option of choosing between Soft, Luxury Firm, or Firmer mattress firmness with WinkBeds is a fantastic option because it allows various sleeping types to select the WinkBeds mattress that is most suited to them.

The WinkBed mattress should be an excellent fit for you if you move around a lot during the night because it can support all three sleeping positions. It has superb motion insulation so that your motions will not disturb any sleeping partner.

On the WinkBed mattress, hot sleepers can also rest pleasantly. This mattress is highly breathable, thanks to its two-layer coil design. Overall, the WinkBed mattress is made of high-quality components that make it a long-lasting hybrid mattress.

What Makes the WinkBed stand out?

5. Balanced Feel – Alexander Signature Hybrid



Overall Thoughts

The Alexander Signature Hybrid is a large, luxurious bed with four layers of contouring foam and a layer of zoned coils underneath. The upper layers of the mattress relieve pressure, while the innerspring provides spine support and alignment.

The balanced feeling gives almost every sleeper a lot to love. Furthermore, its foam layers and cover have better cooling methods so that the foam can cradle you without being overheated. It excels with edge-to-edge coils, which are firmer around the perimeter.

What are its Best Features?

6. Best Hybrid Mattress For Side Sleepers – Leesa Hybrid


Overall Thoughts

Due to its high-quality materials and performance, the Leesa Hybrid mattress is highly rated. This mattress is ideal for many sorts of sleepers, particularly those who need extra support.

The Leesa Hybrid has a highly supportive coils system, high-density memory foam, and performance foams that help people sleep on their stomachs, back sleepers, and heavier people.

The Leesa Hybrid is also an exceptionally comfortable mattress with extra support. The sleepers receive pressure-relieving comfort from the surface of this mattress. Instead of sleeping ‘in’ this mattress as you could with an all-foam mattress, you receive a sleeping experience ‘on the mattress.

The Leesa Hybrid represents a significant long-term investment overall. This hybrid mattress is suitable for many types of sleepers and is robust enough to last for many years to come.

What Makes The Leesa Hybrid Stand Out?

7. Budget Choice – Allswell


Overall Thoughts

Allswell is a hybrid that combines high-end features with a low price. This bed offers a premium brand’s attributes without the huge price tag, thanks to foam-coil technology and a somewhat firm feel.

What was the purpose of making a list in the first place? When compared to similar beds, Allswell offers the same outstanding features at a lower cost. This mattress combines comfort and cooling and should be suitable for sleepers who seek a bed that ticks all boxes without breaking the bank.

Allswell offers a 100-night sleep trial with a generous 10-year warranty to top it off so you can test them out risk-free. Inside Allswell, you will locate wrapping coils individually to create a solid support base while limiting motion transmission on two sides with enhanced edge support.

Graphite and copper gel-infused memory foam with cooling properties sits on top of this layer for a good night’s sleep.

8. Best Hybrid Mattress For Back Pain – Bear Hybrid


Overall Thoughts

Memory foam has a few disadvantages, including the ability to trap sleepers in the mattress and make sleepers sleep hot. While the Bear Hybrid has a memory foam feel to it on top, it wouldn’t have these problems because it has a memory foam alternative that is more responsive and does not trap heat.

The Bear Hybrid is a hybrid mattress that includes supporting coils; the combination of coils and soft foam gives the Bear Hybrid a better balance of support and comfort than many other mattresses.

 The Bear Hybrid’s comfort foam provides excellent pressure relief; based on our pressure map test; the mattress should ease the bulk of pressure experienced by side sleepers on their shoulders and hips. Its supporting construction that promotes alignment of the spine is also an excellent alternative for back pain people.

All the bear mattresses contain Celliant – a substance that has been demonstrated to encourage blood flow and speed up the recovery of athletes and people’s inactive lifestyles and is also designed to remove the body’s heat and keep the top of the mattress cool.

9. Affordable Luxury – Saatva



Overall Thoughts

For people who love memory foam comfort yet enjoy a bit extra bounce, a hybrid mattress provides the best in both worlds. Most high-end mattresses have high-end pricing, but Saatva is a firm that thinks it all deserves a cheap hybrid luxury mattress at a reasonable price. 

What makes it Unique?

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10. All Sleeping Positions – Casper Hybrid


Overall Thoughts

The Casper Hybrid has something to offer in the stomach, back, or side, regardless of the position in which you sleep at night. It’s challenging to find a bed that provides adequate support for stomach and back sleepers while also providing sufficient pressure relief for side sleepers, but hybrid mattresses excel in this area.

The Casper hybrid provides a soft and firm combination of support with respirable open-cell foams that absorb pressure. The result is highly responsive in variety with resilient fountains for a supporting foundation and includes all the elements you want in a highly regarded design.

What makes it Unique?

11. Chill Hybrid – Cocoon


Overall Thoughts

The Sealy Cocoon Hybrid Mattress is a fantastic choice for those who seek the best in the world. This hybrid mattress blends superior materials with memory foam, which fits every sleeper, all covered with a unique cover that remains cool to the touch.

Due to its focused support, this mattress greatly minimizes motion transfer so that you can restlessly sleep. The coils are also enclosed in fabric so that when you move, you won’t hear an unpleasant squeak.

Another great benefit of the Cocoon Hybrid is that it may minimize pressure points, which could be a common problem for sleepers of various types, sizes, or sleeping positions. Pressure points in a mattress can be highly uncomfortable, not to mention detrimental to your spinal alignment.

Even though the mattress size meets all industry regulations, the Cocoon Hybrid provides more sleeping surfaces. It has a reinforced steel perimeter and has an edge-to-edge design means that on the edge of the mattress, you’ll have the same amount of support and comfort.

The unique “Phase Change Material” is excellent for those who get heated when sleeping because it can absorb and release heat. As soon as you lie down, you will feel the cooling action.

The mattress has four layers, beginning with the base layer, which is the essential support layer. The following active coil layer support technology is the ideal fitting memory foam, and the top is the cooling cover that fits the layers.

12. Flex Hybrid Mattress – GhostBed


Overall Thoughts

The GhostBed Flex is designed to be laid on a box spring base, adjustable base frame, or slate frame. It has a mattress height of 13 inches. It’s enough to sit down or sit on it and don’t feel too low.

The mattress gets a grade of 6 (from 0 to 10 on the plush to firmness scale). Therefore, it delivers a decent deal of firmness without being excessively rigid.

The other 6-layers, however, produce a softer and more responsive feeling to provide a proper balance. This design makes this mattress fine for back, side, and stomach sleepers; thus, a couple typically prefers it with diverse preferred sleep postures.

The individually wrapped 8.5-inch coils offer almost a weightless experience. They are reinforced by a two-deep external ring of coils which gives additional strengthening, called a Spirited Edge TM.

They make a mattress that is not sagging on either side or at the top or the bottom. This mattress technology allows you to sit comfortably on the edge of the bed.

This mattress is classified as a hybrid since it successfully balances various sleepers’ needs by mixing spring coils with gel storage foam and other materials to offer the best of the two worlds.

It is available in various sizes ranging from Twin to Cal King and a Split King for couples who require separate elevation levels while using their adjustable base.

GhostBed isn’t a scene newcomer. For two decades, they were in this industry. Its items are created in the U.S.A., and its support is also made. Shipping usually takes 24 hours, and FedEx delivers within 2-5 business days. A 101-night trial is also available, so you cannot go far wrong.

13. Hybrid Mattress – Helix



Overall Thoughts

If you’re searching for a hybrid mattress but aren’t sure where to start, Helix is an excellent option. Helix offers an easy survey that matches one of its many mattress models that best fit your sleeping style.

Whether you’re a heavier person, you have an excellent opportunity to get what you need from Helix, or you’re seeking for a mattress to keep you cool.

After you have taken a questionnaire, you can recommend their most popular Helix Midnight model. It provides an excellent blend of comfort and support, making it suitable for various sleeping positions.

Couples looking for a bed to share can be interested in Helix in particular. For one, these beds feature superb isolation of motion so that your spouse will not sense your movement from the opposite side of the bed. Secondly, the Helix Quiz takes into account the demands of both you and your partner so that you may reach a good compromise.

What Makes The Helix Midnight Stand out?

Who’s best for a Hybrid Mattress?

Hybrid mattresses are becoming increasingly popular, and customers may feel overwhelmed by the numerous options available. I created a list of the top hybrid mattresses to make everyone’s shopping experience much more accessible.


  • Ideal for those that need spring coils for support and breathing
  • Pressure-relieving layers that are thicker than those found in a spring mattress
  • Better edge support than a foam mattress offers


  • Can you jostle when somebody else moves around?
  • Heat can be trapped in memory foam and fluffy layers.
  • It may be heavier than foam mattresses.

Hybrids vs Memory Foam vs Innerspring


Hybrid mattresses are a combination of foam and innerspring beds. Thick layers of foam or latex comfort offer sound insolation and pressure alleviation, although not as much as a whole foam mattress. The pocketed coil base offers cooling, bouncing, and edge support, but not as much as an innerspring mattress.

A hybrid could be a great alternative if you want a compromise between all-foam and innerspring mattresses. Just be aware that hybrid mattresses are more expensive than traditional mattresses.

Memory Foam

Most memory foam mattresses have a high-density polyfoam support core that helps most sleepers under 230 pounds maintain spinal alignment.

Memory foam molds your body foam that provides outstanding pressure relief and movement insulation. When carrying weight, it is also absolutely silent. Memory foam mattresses are frequently inexpensive, with a bed-in-a-box mattress costing under $1,000 on average.


Their essential support for the steel spring defines innerspring mattresses. In contrast to hybrid mattresses, inner mattresses offer a thin layer of comfort is usually polyfoam but can also be composed of foam or latex memory.

Innerspring mattresses are even more fantastic to sleep than hybrids and also have a high surface bouncy. The coils also give robust edges and additional support for heavier people, although at the cost of pressure relief.

Innerspring mattresses are available in different pricing categories and are typically highly cheap. Unfortunately, it is not unusual for an innerspring mattress to develop dips and sags after some years.

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Hybrid Mattress F.A.Q

What Is a Hybrid Mattress-in-a-Box?

For transportation, some hybrid beds are folded up and placed in a box. This style of packing, known as a mattress-in-a-box, makes it easier to load a new mattress into your vehicle, get it through a doorway, and transport it to your bedroom.

After removing the packing, the bed-in-a-box unfolds fast and is usually ready for use in a matter of a few minutes to hours, depending on the brand.

How Much Does a Hybrid Mattress Cost?

According to our survey of hybrid mattresses, the average cost of a queen-size hybrid mattress is around $1,280. Overall, prices range from roughly $235 to $4,000. Our Best Hybrid Mattress rating has retail costs that range from $645.

Can you flip a Hybrid Mattress?

Hybrid mattresses, unlike classic coil mattresses, do not require flipping. If you did this, then the layer of memory foam would finish at the back of the mattress! On the other hand, hybrid mattresses that benefit from being flipped 180 degrees every 3-6 months will increase your comfort and help your mattress wear evenly.

Are hybrid mattresses any good?

Hybrid mattresses are beneficial because they combine the pressure-relieving properties of memory foam with the support of coils.

While it depends on what people look for, hybrid mattresses can be a fantastic alternative for select sleepers.

For example, if you desire the convenience of a moisturizer but want to move around with ease, hybrid mattresses are a perfect alternative; hot sleepers who enjoy a memory foam feel are another group that should try a hybrid mattress.

Are hybrid mattresses better than memory foam mattresses?

Hybrid mattresses are superior to memory foam mattresses in several ways: they are more supportive, breathable, and long-lasting.

On the other hand, memory foam mattresses might be preferable for sleepers who want a lot of pressure relief or who want to save money on their purchase.

What is the best hybrid mattress for side sleepers?

The Hybrid mattress should be an excellent choice for side sleepers because it is softer than average and has a zoned construction that makes the shoulder area feel softer.


Choosing a hybrid mattress has a lot of advantages. There are, however, numerous factors to consider for shoppers. We hope this article provided you with the information you were looking for. Furthermore, the hybrid beds that we’ve provided to you are among the most popular on the market. They blend exceptional features with affordable and competitive pricing.

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