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How to Clean a Futon Mattress (7 Easy Steps)

how to clean a futon mattress

Futons look great in homes and can be used for sitting and sleeping. But like other things in your house that get used often, your futon mattress will sometimes get dirty.

You like the new futon mattress you bought a few months ago, but it’s time to clean it. This is why you need to clean and take care of your futon mattress regularly if you want it to look nice and be comfortable for a long time.

This short guide will show you how to clean a futon mattress in different ways and steps without hurting it.

How to Clean your Futon Mattress?

Your futon mattress should be cleaned once in a while. If you want to maintain the quality of your futon mattress, follow these guidelines:

1. Flip the Mattress

Make sure to turn your futon mattress to rotate, depending on your style. It can last longer if you rotate it to prevent sink spots from forming.

When you get a new futon, rotate the mattress often for the first 30 days to ensure your weight is evenly spread out.

2. Remove Surface Stains

Spot-clean any ugly areas with a damp washcloth, warm water, and a drop or two of mild laundry detergent. Excessive water on the mattress might lead to the development of mildew.

3. Remove Odors from a Futon Mattress

Sprinkle baking soda on top of the flattened futon mattress. Please clean it up after about an hour. A steam cleaner may be able to remove odors from your Futon while also providing a thorough cleaning.

Check with the manufacturer to see if you can use a steam cleaner on the mattress.

You can use a spray fabric freshener from the store to give your clothes a short scent boost in between washings.

4. Let the Mattress Air Out

Leave your Futon open for an hour without a cover or bedding. So the mattress will have time to dry out. You can use a fan to promote air flow while ventilating the area.

5. Vacuum

Vacuuming your mattress once a month will help keep dust and dust mites at bay. If you leave it folded while vacuuming in the sitting position, use the brush attachment to reach the crevices.

6. Inspect the Structure and Maintain It

Check the futon’s frame without the mattress to ensure none of the joints are broken or twisted. Tighten any screws that need it.

If your futon’s frame is constructed of wood, use furniture polish to dust and clean it as needed. If made with a metal frame, it should be cleaned with a damp rag.

7. Cover Futon Mattress

Most futon covers are thicker than bed sheets and can be washed in a washing machine. If you use your mattress cover often, you should wash it a few times a month.

Maintaining a Futon Mattress

Like all other mattresses, Futon must be cleaned and cared for regularly to stay clean and last longer.

For example, you can protect a futon mattress by buying a waterproof mattress cover, letting it air out, flipping it often, and not putting it on the floor.

Here is a list of things you can do to keep your futon mattress in good shape:

A) Purchase a Waterproof Mattress Cover

A mattress cover from Amazon keeps your mattress dry and free of smells.

They shield the mattress from sweat, oil, filth, germ accumulation, spills, and stains that may otherwise seep through. However, to keep the cover clean, wash it frequently.

B) Air out the Futon

Take the Futon out of its frame so often and let it air in the sun. When you change the sheets or make the bed, open the windows so fresh air and sunlight may enter the room.

C) Flip the Mattress Regularly

Make sure to flip the mattress over once a month to keep it from getting saggy or lumpy.

D) Avoid Sleeping on the Floor

Dust and mildew will likely build up if you put your mattress on the floor. Instead, please put it on a surface with slats that allow air to flow through the mattress.

Futon Replacement Signs

A futon mattress often only lasts five years due to its frequent use as a bed and sofa. Even though this can be much longer sometimes, here are some signs that your mattress might need to be changed:

Sign 1: Visible Damage

The thinnest kind of mattress is a futon. It is more prone to shatter because it is so light, owing to its primary use on the floor.

If the mattress has damage that can’t be fixed, it’s time to get a new one.

Sign 2: Molds are Growing

Moisture is never a good thing for mattresses because it makes mold grow. And mold can hurt your health in harmful ways.

Even though a small amount of mold can be fixed, a big patch is dangerous to your health and can cause a stuffy nose, sore throat, coughing, and a rash on your skin.

Sign 3: Lumpy Surface

You can sleep soundly if you have a comfortable mattress. But a mattress with bumps won’t. If the mattress doesn’t support your body evenly, you might wake up with back pain.


How do you clean cat urine from a futon?

Blot up as much water as you can from the futon mattress as soon as you can. Spray the infected area with rubbing alcohol or white vinegar from a spray bottle, then pat it dry. If necessary, do it again.

How should a Japanese futon mattress be cleaned?

Use a damp sponge, cold water, and a mild solution of natural soap.

Do not use a hair blower to make the air too wet. You can vacuum your mattress to ensure there is no dust on it and to move air through it.

How to Clean a Futon Mattress with Memory Foam?

Sunlight will help dry out your futon mattress’s fibers, and a good cleaning will eliminate any dust or dead skin.

The last dry way to clean your mattress is to sprinkle baking soda on it, let it sit for about an hour, and then vacuum it clean.

How do you clean a stinky futon mattress?

A mattress can eliminate unpleasant scents by sprinkling baking soda and letting it sit for an hour. Then, use the vacuum again to get rid of the baking soda.


If you take care of your futon mattress, you can make it last longer. This includes learning the dry and wet ways to clean a futon mattress at home. The former uses sunlight, a vacuum, and baking soda to freshen your mattress.

On the other hand, the wet method removes stains and spills while deeply cleaning your futon mattress. Just don’t soak your futon mattress or get it too wet.

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