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Why Should I Use Bed Frame?

Why should I use Bed Frame

You should ensure your mattress is comfortable and assist you in getting a good night’s rest. You’ll spend about half your time on it. Why should I use a bed frame? You may be curious if it is worth the money. But it’s a good idea to give your mattress some support to get a good night’s sleep (and even maximize your storage space).

Below, we’ll talk about whether or not you need a bed frame for your mattress and the benefits and drawbacks.

What is a Bed Frame?

Wood, metal, and even leather can make the bed frame. This holds the mattress and the mattress base, which could be a box spring or foundation. The header, footer, legs, and side rails are some of the most common parts.

However, the new bed frames are smooth in design and only have side rails and legs. This gives the bed a “floating” look that looks good in any room.

Wood Bed Frame:

Wooden bed frames are among the most popular ones. Because wood comes in so many species and colors, there are innumerable bed frame styles to pick from.

These frames commonly contain a headboard, footboard, side rails, and slats in the middle to stabilize the mattress and allow airflow.

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Metal Bed Frame:

Modern metal bed frames are gaining popularity due to their durability. These frames can accommodate heavier mattresses like memory foam or hybrid mattresses.

With minimal noise or motion transfer, the Layla bed frame comprises solid steel rails and fiberglass-infused resin tapering legs that fit into any environment and can be constructed in minutes without equipment.

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Fabric Bed Frame:

You may wish to explore a fabric bed frame if you search for a more attractive one. Custom-designed fabric bed frames can be made from soft coverings, including more expensive materials like leather.

Benefits of Using Bed Frame

No rule states that a bed frame is a necessity. And no one will stop people from sleeping on the floor with their mattresses just on the ground.

There are various advantages to using it, including the following:


The primary function is to provide the mattress with adequate, even support. The mattress will remain more solid, and the sleeper’s weight will be distributed more evenly with a reasonable bed frame. “Why utilize a bed frame when the floor can hold the mattress?” some readers may wonder.

Different styles of bed frames give different levels of support. Some may even alter the feel of a person’s bed. On the other hand, bed frames are much more flexible in terms of support than the floor.

There are customized bed frames for different mattress kinds for even more support. Memory foam mattress frameworks, for example, are readily available. You may learn more about them here.


People need a bed frame because they have health issues that they need to think about. It is used to raise the mattress off the ground. This means that there will be better airflow around and under a mattress.

And a more breathable mattress can help keep mold, bacteria, and dust mites from growing. Usually, this means a safer place to sleep and less chance of allergies.

Improved Mobility:

Everyone can’t keep their mattress on the floor because getting up in the morning would be more difficult. When the mattress is so low, people who have trouble getting around can’t use it.

A bed frame is essential for people who have back pain, arthritis, tender joints, chronic pain, and others who would not be able to move very far.


To answer the question, “Why use a bed frame?” people might try to picture how their mattresses would look on the ground. Most of the time, the area where you sleep will look empty.

Although some people love the simple look of a simple bed, most people like the look of a simple bed frame. If you buy this furniture, it will change the whole feel of your room. As a bonus, there are so many beautiful things to choose from!

Storage Space:

Bed frames lift the mattress so it’s not on the ground to help air circulation. They do more than that. They also have a lot of extra space for putting things. Putting boxes or containers under the bed is an excellent idea for small rooms.

In addition, many bed frame models have built-in drawers and storage spaces. Thus, a one-bed frame can be used for many different things.

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What Happens If a Bed Frame Isn’t Used?

So, do you need a bed frame? Yes, if people don’t want to have many bad things happen. As said before, a mattress on the floor can be hard to get out of. People who sleep near the ground can also feel cold at night because their bodies are close to the ground.

Moisture can also build up inside the mattress when it isn’t raised because there is no air circulation under it. This makes it more likely for dust mites and mold to grow. This, of course, can cause allergies and a bad night’s sleep.

Another thing that readers should think about is how dusty it is to be so close to the ground. In the same way, allergies are widespread in this case as well.

Moving the mattress to the floor can result in a firmer mattress (compared to sprung slats, for example). Extra-firm support isn’t for everyone and might cause pressure spots and pain (especially if the mattress is quite firm).

In this instance, slatted bed frames can provide bouncing support, making the mattress feel softer.

Types of Bed Frames and Distinctive Characteristics: A Step-by-Step Guide

Now that readers are aware of the significance of bed frames, they may ask how to get the ideal match for their needs.

It’s always a good idea to understand more about various bed frames and which ones can be able to satisfy the needs of different sleepers. As a result, below are the most common types of shopping carts that customers will encounter:

Solid Foundations:

They are known as platform beds and are supported by wooden panels. A typical panel is a uniform. Others include minor gaps between the wooden beams to allow better air circulation.

Solid foundations support without bouncing. They can be used to reinforce a softer mattress. Many of them are also robust bed frameworks for sex.

Slatted Foundations:

Slatted bed frames use slats for stability. Solid and springy slats are available. Solid slats are usually metal.

Like platform beds, they provide solid support with no bounce. But sprung slats are arched and supportive. They move when pressure is applied and are usually bouncy. So sprung slats can soften a stiff mattress.

A slow-moving mattress on spring slats can also feel more responsive (an excellent option for memory foam, which often feels restricting).

Solid and springy slats provide optimum air circulation and can assist hot sleepers in staying cool during the night. Slats work well as bed frameworks for obese persons.

Adjustable Bed Frames:

Adjustable foundations provide various comfort options while supporting the mattress. Sleepers can raise their legs, sleep reclined, or even try zero-gravity mode.

Adjustable frames improve sleep quality. They are notably helpful for chronic pain and post-operative rehabilitation. More comfort options mean more pricey bed frames.

Drawbacks of a Bed Frame

There are disadvantages to all options in life. You don’t necessarily require a mattress foundation because you have a mattress. Before buying, it’s crucial to understand the downsides, which we’ll go over below.


Buying a mattress can be rather costly, depending on the quality. Adding a bed frame will further strain your budget.

While bed frames are usually cheaper than mattresses, they can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars based on the style, company, and materials. When buying one, set a price limitation and a budget.


Depending on the size of your bedroom, a bed frame can make it appear even smaller. A bed frame can take up a lot of space, whether you live in a tiny studio in New York City or with a roommate. If you live in a tiny space, choose that is elegant and basic rather than big and unwieldy.


When you toss and turn at midnight, you don’t want to be awakened by a creaking bed frame. Squeaky beds might result from a bed frame that has grown loose or worn down over time.

Investing in a sturdy bed foundation bolted tightly together and manufactured from durable materials will cut down on noise.

Is a Bed Frame Necessary for a Mattress?

Here are a few factors a bed frame is required for your mattress.

Prevent Mold and Insect Infestations

Your mattress is vital in your life. After all, it would help if you were sleeping on your mattress for at least 8 hours per night.

Raising the mattress above the floor promotes airflow, which reduces mold growth. Insects thrive on a mattress on the floor due to excellent circulation. Keep fleas, mites, and other pests away by raising your bed.

Extra Storage Space

A mattress on the floor can eat up crucial bedroom space. With a raised bed, you can maximize your storage space. Extra bedding, clothes, and shoes are commonly stored in boxes or rolling carts under the bed.

You may even buy a bed frame with cabinets built into the bottom for maximum storage. Based on how high your bed is off the ground, you’ll want to maximize storage space to avoid clutter.

Support Your Box Spring

A new bed frame might also help you gain better sleep support. While mattresses are essential for a good night’s sleep, they need to be supported by a box spring.

A wooden bed frame supports your box spring. Assembling is more accessible than assembling box springs directly on the floor. So, a bed frame supports the box spring, your mattress, and your best sleep.

Wrapping Up

Lying without a bed frame doesn’t entail violating unbreakable regulations. However, it’s not a perfect circumstance either. After all, bed frames have a specific role and can make users feel more comfortable and safer.

Have you ever tried to sleep without it, and which alternative is superior, in your opinion? Share your ideas in the comments!

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