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12 Best Gel Memory Foam Mattress of 2023 [Reviewed]

Best Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Gel memory foam mattresses provide superior comfort and airflow than most traditional memory foam models. The combination of memory foam and gel results in a supportive cooling mattress that contours the body and provides better sleep.

After in-depth research of at least three weeks, we have listed some of the “best gel memory foam mattresses” and top picks to choose from.

Disclaimer: We independently review all recommended products. If you buy through our links, we may earn a commission. For more details read our Affiliate Disclosure.

Table of Contents


Top Picks


Editor’s Choice


2. Best for Athletes


13 Best Gel Memory Foam Mattresses

1. Editor’s Choice- Loom & Leaf by Saatva


Product Review Description

Are you a person looking for a mattress that gives you a luxury memory foam feel and doesn’t want a hot sleep at night? Loom & Leaf by Saatva is a perfect choice for you.

Made with ultra-high-density foam divided into four layers that contour your body and a 2-inch gel foam layer integrated with micro-perforations for temperature regulation.

Two firmness levels were offered:

Compatibility: It could be used with a bed frame with a box spring or platform bed.

Good Things you may Experience ✅

Bad Things you may Experience ❌

Customer Reviews:

The brand has an average rating of 3000+ reviews on the website. Overall, people are happier with the service. On the other hand, you may find many people complaining about late deliveries.

Editor Verdict:

If you aren’t a fan of memory foam’s classic slow-moving feel, then the Loom & Leaf isn’t for you. Some prefer a bouncier mattress where they feel like resting more “on top of” the bed.

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2. Best for Athletes- Bear Original Gel Foam Mattress


Product Review Description

Are athletes and active fit personalities looking for a bed specifically made for you guys that help you with muscle recovery? Bear Original mattress is for you!

Coming with three layers of cooling gel, dynamic foam, and high-density support foam to help elevate your back while you sleep. The firmness of the bed is designed to keep the pressure points (hip, shoulder, and back) aligned.

The bed’s surface is enhanced with a special cooling gel infused with Graphite. This unique feature ensures that the bed remains pleasantly cool to the touch and helps regulate your body temperature.

The cover on the top layers of the mattress is designed on a theme that helps you recover your muscle while sleeping.

This is not a good choice if you want a firm mattress with better edge support.

Compatibility: It could be used with an adjustable base like a platform bed, slatted foundation, and adjustable bed.

Good Things you may Experience ✅

Bad Things you may Experience ❌

Customer Reviews:

It has 10091 reviews on the brand’s website; overall, customers are happy with the service. Sharing their thoughts on how this mattress helped them relieve their body pains.

However, some sleepers with back and hip pain find it too firm.

Editor Verdict:

We suggest giving the Bear Original mattress 30 nights to adjust to its feel before deciding. To ensure the best results, we advise against using a traditional coil box spring with this mattress.

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3. Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe- Best Affordable

Product Review Description

Looking for a mattress that is affordable and works best with almost all types of sleepers? Brooklyn Bedding Aurora could be the best choice if you are on a budget. The mattress comes with a cooling-infused foam layer made for entertaining hot sleepers.

Brooklyn offers a choice of three distinct firmness levels to select from.

The Hybrid Airflow technology within the foam layers and inner coils prevents you from heat and gives breathability and airflow.

The GlacioTex™ cover contours your body and relieves pressure points. The CooperFlex infusion in the cover also helps create a healthy sleeping environment, working to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Compatibility: Could work with most bed frames, including box springs, slats, and platforms.

Good Things you may Experience ✅

Bad Things you may Experience ❌

Customer Reviews:

Despite having more than 3019 customer reviews on the brand’s website, this mattress boasts a near-perfect star rating on the brand’s website, attesting to its exceptional quality and popularity among satisfied customers.

The quality materials in this bed make it durable and supportive. The customers also enjoy the coolness that they experience on this mattress.

Editor Verdict:

The brand claims to offer good edge support, but we found it isn’t that good.

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4. Best Comfortable- DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress

Product Review Description

Tired of waking up with back pain and uncomfortable sleep? Switch to a DreamCloud Luxury mattress, which is not only much more comfortable but also lets you breathe while you sleep.

Made with a soft Euro Top that gives soft support and shape. Offering a combination of innerspring coils for a bit of bounce.

The layer of transitional CertiPUR-US foam balances your spine and takes the pressure off your neck, shoulders, and back.

The hybrid mattress also comes with a cashmere-blend cover made of a very light, airy material that feels very expensive.

Compatibility: Works great with adjustable bed frames.

Good Things you may Experience ✅

Bad Things you may Experience ❌

Customer Reviews:

It has 12612 reviews on the brand’s website, and most are happy with its services. Overall the quality of the mattress is suitable.

The price is decent, not crazy. The firmness of a mattress makes customers confused; some feel it is too soft, and some find it too hard.

Editor Verdict:

This mattress strikes the perfect balance between medium and medium-firm firmness levels, making it a top choice for back and side sleepers.

Lightweight back sleepers will stay lifted, sleeping “on” the mattress. While average and heavier individuals will experience a nice bit of give.

The individually-wrapped coils in the support layer allow air to pass through the mattress so that it isn’t one big block of heat.

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5. WinkBeds Luxury Hybrid- Best for Back Pain


Product Review Description

If you are a back pain sufferer looking for a mattress that will relieve back pain, then The Winkbed is undoubtedly for you.

The mattress is expertly crafted. Its features are a luxurious Euro top, a response gel foam layer, and a base of individually wrapped coils that provide both softness and support.

By letting people choose from four hardness levels, the design can work for all sleeping styles and bodies, even those that are bigger and need more support.

The fact that this mattress can breathe makes it excellent for hot sleepers.

The cover on this mattress is approved by OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, Class 1, which means it is safe for children to use. It is rolled up, packed into a box, and sent straight to your door.

Compatibility: It could be used with adjustable bases, platform foundations, or box springs.

Good Things you may Experience ✅

Bad Things you may Experience ❌

Customer Reviews:

There are 8254 reviews on the website; overall, customers are happy with the purchase. Customers found that this mattress is helpful in aligning their spines. The mattress is easy to set up enough that a single person can assemble it quickly.

Editor Verdict:

This hybrid gel mattress epitomizes comfort and support, providing the best of all worlds. Its plush surface offers unparalleled coziness.

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6. Best Cooling- Purple Hybrid Premier 4 Mattress


Product Review Description

Tired of sleeping hot at night? The Purple Hybrid Premiere 4 Mattress could be your next choice.

The Purple 4 mattress uses the company’s GelFlex technology, a grid-like layer of injection-molded material initially made for hospital patients.

This mattress features a cutting-edge gel-infused material that perfectly conforms to your body’s pressure points while providing excellent support. Unlike traditional memory foam, this material doesn’t retain heat.

The crazy part is that the combination design of the purple mattress isn’t just made out of foam. It also has a layer of sensitive steel coils for extra bounce.

Compatibility: It can be used with any flat, sturdy foundation.

Good Things you may Experience ✅

Bad Things you may Experience ❌

Customer Reviews:

Among 1960 customer reviews on the brand website, this mattress has mixed views. Some customers think the mattress is super comfortable and supportive, but it took a couple of months to get used to it.

Some people say the mattress smells when opening the box, but others say it goes away soon after the mattress stretches.

Editor Verdict:

The brand makes it all in the US and delivers in a compressed box. Yes, this mattress may be more expensive than most other mattresses, but it’s worth every penny.

The comfort seemed promising, but there could be a little difference on the surface because of the gel foam and texture of the top area.

Moreover, It may not be as cool as advertised for some sleepers.

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7. Nectar Premier- Best Value

Product Review Description

Experience a peaceful and restful fantastic night’s sleep with the Nectar Premier mattress. This five-layered mattress is thoughtfully designed to provide you with a comfortable and cool sleeping surface.

The bottom layer comprises a 6-inch base foam, ensuring stability and durability. On top of that, you’ll find two unique layers, the dynamic reaction layer, which improves airflow and bounce.

The Nectar Premier model offers an extra inch of gel-infused memory foam, making it an excellent choice for those who desire an even cooler sleeping experience.

Plus, with a zippered cover that promotes air circulation, you can enjoy a refreshing sleep.

Compatibility: It could be used with an adjustable base.

Good Things you may Experience ✅

Bad Things you may Experience ❌

Customer Reviews:

Among 50,000+ customer reviews, the Nectar Premier provides Solid support and shapes to your body.

You may feel it will be too firm, but it softens where you need it and maintains excellent support. It is just the right combination of support and firmness customers need as relief from pressure points.

The mattress and Nectar mattress pad keeps you cool all night.

Editor Verdict:

The Nectar memory foam mattress boasts an ideal balance of softness, firmness, and support in its innovative layering system.

Its therapeutic gel foam layer effectively relieves pressure points located beneath your shoulders, hips, and legs. Thereby promoting proper spinal alignment.

8. Best Hybrid Luxury- Brentwood Home Oceano

Product Review Description

Wanted to experience an ultimate luxury sleeping experience? The Oceano is the most popular hybrid luxury mattress from Brentwood Home.

Its medium-soft feel is designed to provide the perfect balance of comfort and support, ensuring you wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The cooling effect is a standout feature of this mattress.

The gel-infused memory foam with up to 20% biodegradable foam also helps enhance airflow and moisture-wicking properties, keeping you comfortable all night.

It has nine layers: a cover made of Tencel, a plant-based material made from eucalyptus that feels like rayon, a layer of organic wool, and almost 975 folded coils.

Below that are more than 1,722 micro-coils that make the mattress float better. Another layer of shaping foam, poly-silk fiber, Air Luxe foam for more profound pressure relief, and a thick layer of support foam that makes the mattress last longer.

Lastly, the bottom layer is a natural fabric that keeps everything in place.

Compatibility: Works well on flat, supportive foundations. This includes box springs, platform beds, adjustable bases, and slatted frames.

Good Things you may Experience ✅

Bad Things you may Experience ❌

Customer Reviews:

Among 701 customer reviews on the brand’s website, most are satisfied. Customers review that the whole buying experience of the mattress was pleasant, with fast shipping and low odor upon opening.

Editor Verdict:

The poly-foam transitional layer encourages spinal alignment and prevents the body from sinking too deeply into the mattress.

The supportive feel of foam keeps the body resting on top of the bed and maintains spinal alignment.

The mattress might feel expensive for customers, but it is worth the money.

9. Puffy Lux Hybrid- Best Gel Mattress for Side Sleepers


Product Review Description

Looking for a plush and comfortable mattress? Puffy Lux Hybrid could be a fit for you. A luxury mattress that combines the layers of coils, gel, and foam layers.

This made-in-USA mattress could be a good option for people who sleep on their sides and require pressure relief at their necks while they sleep.

The Lux hybrid mattress is made with six layers and a cover that doesn’t bother people with allergies.

Compatibility: It could be used with any base that can be moved.

Good Things you may Experience ✅

Bad Things you may Experience ❌

Customer Reviews:

From 12015 reviews on the brand’s website. Many buyers who suffer from back pain reported experiencing noticeable relief, especially in the lower back area.

Overall, this mattress has garnered positive feedback and is an excellent choice.

Editor Verdict:

As a medium-firm mattress, this bed has a superior construction for most side and back sleepers wanting a softer feel. The Contour-Adapt Coils at the bottom of the Puffy Lux Hybrid help with support and durability.

The brand also delivers complimentary sheets, pillows & mattress covers with a mattress.

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10. Best for Spine Alignment- Casper Wave Hybrid

Product Review Description

Is spine alignment a problem? Have you considered the Casper Wave Hybrid? It has five layers of foam that add up to 13 inches in height.

The top three layers under the cover are made with the signature Airscape foam, which is topped with a thin layer of cooling gel.

The Airscape foam in the second layer has holes that increase airflow and breathability easier. The third layer is made of memory foam and is split into three parts to provide support in specific places and keep the spine straight.

The next layer is made of gel pods, and the bottom layer is made of soft springs that are firmer around the sides.

Even in our luxury category, this mattress doesn’t have robust edge support.

Compatibility: Versatile, It Could be used with adjustable bed frames, platform beds, or a foundation.

Good Things you may Experience ✅

Bad Things you may Experience ❌

Customer Reviews:

Among 1184 reviews on the brand website, most customers experience that the Wave is a softer mattress; however, it offers incredible back support.

On the other hand, a few customers found that the mattress took hours to expand fully.

Editor Verdict:

Supremely supportive and comfortable bed. People with hip and back pain may appreciate this mattress.

Whereas it may not work for side sleepers with shoulder pain.

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11. Dreamfoam Essential- Best Cheap Gel Mattress

Product Review Description

Looking for a comfortable mattress that keeps you cool? The Dreamfoam Essential is made with cooling technology to make your sleep better.

The different layers of the high-density base make the mattress durable and stable, and you can customize it in five different ways.

The Open Cell Technology in each foam layer makes sure that air can move through and that the foam can breathe. The mattress’s stain-resistant fabric provides superior contouring, cooling, and pressure point relaxation.

Compatibility: There is no need for a base. If someone wishes, they can build a base with slats no more than 3 inches apart.

Good Things you may Experience ✅

Bad Things you may Experience ❌

Customer Reviews:

Most of the 3,401 customer reviews on the brand’s website say that the support and coolness of this mattress make them happy. But the mattress is too hard for some people and causes aches and pains.

Editor Verdict:

The Dreamfoam Essential cushion is solid and stable enough to meet your needs. The different layers of foam can be changed to fit your needs. They help control temperature and ease pressure points.

People have different opinions about how firm the mattress is. For some, it may be too soft; for others, it may be too hard.

12. Best for Hot Sleepers- PlushBeds the Ocean Mist


Product Review Description

Do you feel hot when you sleep? PlushBeds have a cooling stretch cushion made with high-tech cooling materials to ensure you don’t overheat at night. The mattress’s gel technology controls temperature and improves breathability.

Organic latex has no chemicals and molds in your body to give you the most comfort and help with back pain. Then, the airflow layer moves air through your mattress and removes heat.

The layer of high-density polyurethane keeps your mattress from getting soft and makes it last longer. The foam layer is also helpful because it gives you good edge support.

Compatibility: Compatible with an adjustable bed frame.

Good Things you may Experience ✅

Bad Things you may Experience ❌

Customer Reviews:

Most of the 201 customer reviews on the brand’s website say good things about this mattress. Customers find just the right amount of softness and ease.

But the customer might have trouble moving the mattress because it is too heavy for one person to handle.

Editor Verdict:

The Ocean Mist cushion by PlushBeds is excellent for supporting and comforting the sleeper.

The layer of high-density foam helps people sleep through the night without sinking into the mattress. The mattress also helps keep you more relaxed at night.

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Best Gel Memory Foam Mattress Comparison [Infographic]

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What Other Things to Consider While Buying a Gel Foam

Gel Foam Lifespan:

As the gel foam layer is made of synthetic materials, it has an age lifespan to last that you need to consider.

The average longevity of gel foam mattresses is 5 to 8 years.


First, determine your budget and stick to it. While splurging on a high-end mattress is tempting, plenty of affordable options offer comfort and quality.

Adjustment Period:

Some mattresses might take a month or two, and some may take more than that to adjust correctly. That is why brands offer various adjustment periods so you can decide whether to go with a specific mattress or not.

The Density of Layers:

The density refers to the material in each cubic foot of foam. Higher-density foam generally indicates a better quality, as it will provide more support and last longer than lower-density foam.

Indentation Load Deflection Period:

ILDs vary for different types of mattresses and materials used. It’s a must thing to consider before you make a final decision for a gel bed.

Brand Credibility:

Check the reviews website and verify that the brand has a good reputation or that people are reacting harshly toward it.

How We Tested the Best Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Our unbiased reviews are based on detailed research on mattress quality, sleep positions, body types, customer reviews, and top ratings.

Our team of two mattress experts listed the top products, read what the brand is talking about its product, and compared them with customer reviews. Keeping a check on what bad things the end user is talking about.

We made a list of things to consider while buying (Buyers Guide) and listed them within our reviews. So the customers can trust and buy as per their needs. Then we talked with customer support to verify a few things the brand is not discussing on its website.

We made sure to offer our reviewers the data-driven and best product possible based on their needs and requirements.

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Mattresses made of gel memory foam dissipate and absorb body heat while molding to the body and relieving pressure points.

Our top rated is Loom and Leaf by Saatva for a luxurious feel. It keeps you cool all night while sleeping. The runner-up is Bear Original Gel Foam Mattress is good for muscle recovery and helps athletes fit physically.

Sleepers who tend to overheat will appreciate the cooling properties of gel memory foam. Hope this article on “best gel memory foam mattresses” finds you helpful.

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