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10 Best Mattress for Back and Neck Pain in 2023

Best Mattress for Back and Neck Pain 2021

A mattress that does not fit your sleep and pain needs will hinder your ability to get comfortable and eventually get your eyes shut. Changing the mattress may not be an immediate solution, but many find a better mattress that can help alleviate pain in the back and neck.

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List of Top 10 Mattress Back and Neck Pain

  1. Best Overall Mattress for Neck Pain: Idle Hybrid Mattress
  2. Eco-Friendly Mattress for Back and Neck Pain: Saatva Classic Mattress
  3. Best Rated Mattress for Back and Neck Pain: Casper Original Mattress
  4. Best Foam Mattress for Back and Neck Pain: Nolah Original 10 Inch
  5. Cooling Mattress for Back and Neck Pain: The Muse Mattress
  6. Best Combo Sleeper Mattress for Neck Pain: GhostBed
  7. Best Affordable Hybrid Mattress for Neck Pain: Zoma Hybrid
  8. Affordable Mattress for Neck Pain: Sunkiss Sweetnight Memory Foam Mattress
  9. Anti-Bacterial Mattress for Neck Pain: Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress
  10. Best Budget Mattress for Back and Neck Pain: Beautyrest Silver BRS900 Extra Firm

1. Best Overall Mattress for Neck Pain: Idle Hybrid Mattress


Overall Thoughts

We can not say enough good things about the idle hybrid. This is one of the most important things we have ever looked for in our necks and back.

The hybrid design consists of multiple layers of foam, including one thousand intelligent spools that offer 400% more protection than a traditional memory foam mattress.

You fall into your body to hit the mattress, but do not feel like you are sucked into a regular foam memory column. You don’t get the feeling “stuck” either.

If you suffer from back or spine pain, you will need a new mattress to support your pressure points without being weak. However, you don’t need one so powerful that most people leave hybrid coats in the body areas untouched.

That’s the idle hybrid. This is a medium mattress, which felt comfortable on the top but protects the body in areas like the neck and the back.


  • Free shipping & returns
  • It is flippable, doubling the mattress lifespan
  • It won’t sink over time
  • Hybrid construction is a perfect mix of soft and pressurized support
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Trial Period: 18-months


  • The movement isolation may be higher because it is a hybrid foam/coil

2. Eco-Friendly Mattress for Back and Neck Pain: Saatva Classic Mattress



Overall Thoughts

The handmade luxury mate of Saatva provides adjustable firmness. Their luxury company choice offers medium firmness for most people with back pain.

Moreover, Saatva developed this mattress especially to alleviate pain. According to the website, the State Associations Congress of Chiropractic endorsed the mattress, and several chiropractors in the United States recommend this mattress to customers.

The mattress features two separate belt sets to support and balance your spine and lower back and has a memory foam layer to reduce pressure along the shoulder and spine.

Although this mattress is intended to relieve discomfort, comfort must not be compromised. The Euro pillow top is coated. If you choose the luxurious, comfortable mattress, your pillow top includes a bonus padding that can hold your body and relieve pressure as you slowly settle into your bed.

The majority of the reviewers praise this mattress: It averages 4.9 out of 5 Sterne ratings of more than 2,000. People are delighted about its service, saying it relieves back and neck pain right away and has proven to be much more convenient than intended.

Looking for natural fabrics in your mattress, environmentally friendly? The Saatva Classic has recycled steel rolls and an organic mattress coating with a natural flame retardant.

The foam is free of formaldehyde and contaminants that deplete or deplete ozone. The mattresses are also manufactured in the USA and are supplied free of charge.

3. Best Rated Mattress for Back and Neck Pain: Casper Original Mattress



Overall Thoughts

This Casper foam mattress has an average rating of 4.5 stars out of almost 20,000 ratings. But what makes this mattress so good for pain in the back and neck?

The company claims that the main layer of memory foam offers three support areas for optimum alignment and pain relief.

Soft foam on the shoulder offers better cushioning, while strong foam on the low back and hips helps to align the back. The top layer of foam is built to cool you, and it has perforations that help keep air moving and sleep cooler.

Many reviews praise this mattress and claim it helped immediately alleviate body aches and improves sleep. Some prefer this Casper mattress to precious mattresses made especially for the relief of pain.

The company recommends this mattress for any place of sleep, and while some reviewers find it too firm, others claim the right combination of comfort and support.

Mixed reviews were made of the cooling technology. Some claim it doesn’t matter much, whereas others note that on this mattress, they sleep cooler.

4. Best Foam Mattress for Back and Neck Pain: Nolah Original 10 Inch



Overall Thoughts

It would help if you had a mattress that offers excellent pressure relief for back and neck pain, and that is what the Nolah mattress aims to do.

The company says that its specially formulated foam gives the traditional memory foam pressure relief four times in three main areas: hips, back and shoulders.

This foam is also manufactured for a neutral temperature without viscoelastic chemicals—chemicals in a memory foam known for trapping heat and producing an “in” feeling. Several reviewers agree that the night is hotter.

Checkers have something to say about this mattress. Several people note major changes in back and neck pain and rave about their wonderful sleep. Others applaud the isolation of the motion and the edges of the support. The firmness is also right for many: soft enough for ease and robust enough for protection.

That said, committed sleepers and people weighing over 200 pounds may want to consider a firmer alternative to add assistance.

The Nolah mattress is designed to provide comfort and support for years to come. Since the company provides a 120-night sleep trial and a lifetime guarantee, you have plenty of time to ensure that the mattress lightens the discomfort.


  • Unbelievable soft, contour support for pressure relief
  • Great movement insulation.
  • Cooler than standard memory foam
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Free delivery and returns


  • Full foam bed ensures that you can feel more comfortable sleeping ‘under’ rather than ‘on’ it, which will get you used to whether you currently have an innerspring or hybrid mattress

5. Cooling Mattress for Back and Neck Pain: The Muse Mattress



Overall Thoughts

A cooling mattress at a moderate price that helps alleviate back and neck pain? Check. Check. Customizable solidity? Another check. Another. In addition, if you change your mind, Muse allows you to change your mind after 20 nights for a different firmness choice.

The supporting foam layers in this mattress are designed to contour your body, relieving stress and pain. If you prefer “on the bed” rather than “in the bed,” the firmest choice gives you the strength you want.

This mattress is also built specifically to provide improved edge protection, so you will never feel about to roll away.

This mattress is cool and breathable, combined with gel-infused memory foam and open cell foam (which ensures that the foam has been engineered to provide a better airflow). A mattress cover made of phase-changing yarn tops the mattress to make sleeping even better.

In general, reviewers call this mattress a fantastic choice and state that they feel refreshed and painless when they wake up. Many favorable reviews indicate that cooling is working.

Sleepers of all places call this mattress comfortable, and even the firm admits it always enhances their discomfort. Examiners also laud separation from motion, lack of chemical smell and excellent service to customers.

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6. Best Combo Sleeper Mattress for Neck Pain: GhostBed


Overall Thoughts

This medium-strength all-foam mattress is designed specifically to minimize back and neck pain. It is designed to fight rigidity and pressure points while offering long-term support and balance.

this mattress is very advanced. It has many cooling features and appears on this list at a much firmer stage than most mattresses. We scored it at 7.5/10, which may be too firm for some side sleepers.

Among other mattress firms, GhostBed stands out for how they came into being. GhostBed’s owner founded his first mattress business out of sheer industry dissatisfaction.

He had three neck operations and had difficulty finding a mattress that alleviated his discomfort. The GhostBed mattress, combined with years of growth and creativity, is the ultimate product of this enthusiasm.


  • Excellent motion isolation
  • Very affordable for the quality
  • 20-year warranty
  • Family-owned business
  • The gel-memory foam helps keep you cool


  • If you like a softer mattress, this one may be too firm (7.5/10)

7. Best Affordable Hybrid Mattress for Neck Pain: Zoma Hybrid


Overall Thoughts

The mattress is the perfect mattress for athletes. It is a frame with a foam combination and a cooling cover. Zoning helps make this mattress special so that your neck and shoulders differ from what you get on your back, and hips help to target your sleep in all areas of your body. It’s also a decent mattress option if you are fighting pain in your stomach.

The Zoma Hybrid is a total steal for the price you get. It has a common building close to other companies charging 2x the same size bed.

Take a look at Zoma if you have a refreshing mattress on the market to alleviate your stomach pain. If you don’t like it, you have 100 days to return it in both directions free of charge.


  • Zoned foam has a custom pressure relief for various body areas
  • 10 Years Guarantee
  • Good bounce while also contouring the entire body
  • Hybrid design
  • High-value mattress consistency
  • Not to be dropped over time


  • Not for working with a box spring

8. Affordable Mattress for Neck Pain: Sunkiss Sweetnight Memory Foam Mattress


Overall Thoughts

SweetNight is an awarded brand. Without skimping on efficiency, they undermine much of their rivalry. Flip this 10-inch SweetNight mattress if you want to have another sleeping experience.

All is so comfortable. This paint coat has four special layered areas to ensure that you can sleep on either side, 2″ in the gel-infused memory foam on top to remain relaxed, 5″ more comfort spray, and 3″ spray support to ensure that you feel balanced in this permanent color.

You can leave discomfort behind with movement isolation and help and sleep comfortably with your partner or pet.


  • Free shipping & returns
  • Unbelievable price value
  • 100-day trial
  • 10-year warranty
  • Excellent motion isolation
  • Flippable


  • It’s a 7.5/10 firmness, which may feel too firm if you like a softer feel

9. Anti-Bacterial Mattress for Neck Pain: Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress


Overall Thoughts

Check the knitted pattern and pressure relief for this Zinus Memory Foam mattress. You will be the difference until you are 2,5-inch memory foam, 2-inch pressure foam, and 5.5-inch high-density base foam.

This color is designed for you to be comfortable, but it has green tea and beverages, natural seed oil, which slows down bacteria and petroleum.


  • The comfort level is high
  • Made to be durable
  • It’s firm, comfortable, and relieves pressure


  • Once you open the cover on a mattress, fiberglass is available anywhere so that smells cannot be cleaned or removed

10. Best Budget Mattress for Back and Neck Pain: Beautyrest Silver BRS900 Extra Firm



Overall Thoughts

The strength of the mattress will change when it comes to pain relief. According to the 2015 Trusted Source study, medium-sized mattresses appear to combine sleep comfort, quality, and spinal alignment.

However, depending on personal preference, body frame, weight, and even the kind of pain you encounter, the feelings of a mattress may be subjective.

If a medium-sized mattress doesn’t reach the spot, this extra-solid Beautyrest hybrid might be considered. If you’re concerned “extra business” is just another way of saying ‘like to sleep on a bare ground,’ it might help to find out that some reviews call this mattress very comfortable, even if some people claim it took a few days to adjust.

Overall, the reviewers commend this mattress and state that they slept better. Hybrid mattresses incorporate mold and coils to help them more effectively than foam alone.

This choice has a cooling cap that allows you to sleep easier, and individually wrapped coils (that means that not all coils are connected) are made to minimize motion transfer. Examiners also commend the edge support and claim it fits well for couples.

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How Should We Choose the Best Back and Neck Pain Mattresses?

We have searched top-class mattresses on the market with particular attention to essential features to relieve pain. We considered building our list:

Customer Feedback

Many brands claim that their colors, but feedback from other shoppers also give a more precise image. We read what our customers had to say to see if these selections improved their pain and sleep consistency.

Policies of The Company

Most marks recognize the leap of confidence needed to purchase a mattress online, and many give a trial time so that you can return the mattress if it does not work out. Renowned mattress brands typically offer a long guarantee to cover product defects and unnecessary shrinkage.

Perspectives from Experts

We checked peer-reviewed studies for details on the connection between sleep and pain and the qualities that make a mattress good for pain relief. We also reached Krystle Howald, PT, DPT, Physical Therapy Owner Expected and Activated, for tips on pain-free sleep.

Credibility and Transparency of the Business

We focused on brands known for their sound business practice, quality mattress construction, and good customer service reputation.

How Pain Affects Sleep and Overall Health

Persistent pain in the back and neck may have many causes, including:

Anything else common? Sleep on a poor mattress.

“You will know it’s time for a new mattress, particularly on the neck and shoulders, when you wake up. After sleeping, you should feel better, but these places start to get sore with a bad mattress. You can feel sorrowful hips and rigidity in your lower back, and it takes you a little to get started in the morning ” Howald describes.

She says most mattresses do not usually last much longer than 7 to 10 years. “You will want to purchase a new mattress once you start seeing the indentations.

If you change your mattress until it is no longer supportive, it will alleviate discomfort and soreness and allow you to sleep for longer periods.”

When pain disrupts your sleep or everything else, your brain has no chance of filtering out toxins and recovering itself, which it usually does during deep sleep. Deep sleep insufficient can interfere with brain function and make it difficult for your body to recover correctly.

So even though you don’t have the pain to keep you awake right now, lack of sleep could result in pain a few months or years later. A sleep-enhancing mattress will help you keep your health and prevent this uncomfortable cycle before it begins.

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Other Strategies to Relieve Sleeping Discomfort

You may not be able to spring yet for a fresh mattress. Or maybe your new mattress helps, but there’s still some discomfort. These techniques will also help to make the back and neck pain easier:

Substitute the Pillows

Look for foam pillows or pillows intended to alleviate pressure in the back and neck. A high loft pillow can tighten your neck and cause pain, particularly if you sleep on the back or stomach.

In general, side sleepers need firm pillows that match the head and neck, while sleepers need fine pillows in the back and stomach. You would want the thinnest pillow you can find – or no pillow at all if you just sleep on your stomach.

Take a Mattress Topper

If your mattress provides support but feels too firm, a topper will provide a little more comfort.


Your sleep may not be all, but the back and neck pain may be affected. You will relax lower back discomfort by sleeping flat on the back with pillows under your knees.

Try sleeping back or side for pain in the neck. If you have to lie down to comfort, suggest a bed with an adjustable foundation. (Many of the mattresses on this list are flexible bases compatible.)

Neck Pain Causes

When you have pain in your neck, this is normally due either to bad posture or trauma in your neck. You cannot even remember it until you lie in bed and feel stubbornly rigid. It can feel worse because of the lack of sleep in the brain.

That is why a good night’s sleep is so important, but not just the mattress. You want to make your spine perfect too. If you have a soft pillow and want to cover your stomach, it would be best.

After all, the neck is bad, not just the mattress, because of the wrong pillow. Choose the best pillow and the supportive pillow on your stomach.

How to reduce the pain of the neck?

Right mattress sleep can reduce neck pain and help with the right pillow. Also, you could do a few more things if you want to relieve back pain.

Don’t text in bed, for example. You may not be exhausted yet, but you’re stretching your neck at an angle that won’t let you see your phone in your bed long term.

You don’t even have to be in bed to reduce your stomach pain. Something like good posture helps with night-time neck pain every day while operating on a monitor. Try rolling or even rubbing your muscles. If you get any relaxation, it will be more than worth it.

Try something like a warm or cold pack to relax your muscles and reduce the swelling of your tissues if you don’t like to go for a massage. Short use of neck collars is also going a long way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Right Mattress for Pain in the Back and Neck?

There is no unique answer to this question appropriate for everyone. The best choice for you is to have a bed that you can comfortably find. With that said, you should look for a mattress with good support, especially around your hips and shoulders.

A Bad Mattress Can Cause Pain in the Neck and Back?

Absolutely, A poor mattress is one of the main causes of discomfort in adults‘ necks and back.

What Better is a Hard or Soft Mattress for Back Pain?

A medium mattress is a perfect way to relieve back pain. The soft part of a medium mattress helps relieve pressure while the firmer core supports the pain.


Nothing is worse than lying and sleeping in a bed with a smart back and a good stomach. There are the best mattresses to support you. Choose the right one, sleep and sleep for yourself.

You will be so excited about the new mattress that you won’t be putting on a pillow right before you go to bed! Most mattresses also have a sleep test.

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