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13 Best Mattress for Side Sleepers of 2023

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

Like those who sleep on their backs or stomachs, side sleepers require a mattress that is tailored specifically to meet their demands. An inappropriate mattress that allows the pelvis to sit on height or low can put unnecessary strain on the spine, resulting in hip and shoulder pain.

Side sleeping is a popular choice for people who want to maintain proper spinal alignment while sleeping. On the other hand, side sleepers may endure hip and shoulder pain as a result of the persistent pressure, necessitating more extensive utmost comfort than spine or stomach sleepers.

Here are our top picks of the Best Mattress for Side Sleepers. We compare their top features to make a well-informed choice. We’ll also tell you how strong they are, how long the probation period is, as well as other vital details before you buy.

Disclaimer: We independently review all recommended products. If you buy through our links, we may earn a commission. For more details read our Affiliate Disclosure.

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Top 13 Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

  1. Best Value Mattress for Side Sleeper- Nectar
  2. Best Foam Mattress for Side Sleepers- Leesa Original
  3. Mattress with Ceramic Gel Beads- Tuft & Needle Mint
  4. Best Mattress for Side Sleepers- Casper Original Mattress
  5. Mattress for Side Sleepers- Classic Brands
  6. Memory Foam Mattress- Lucid Hybrid
  7. Best for Side Sleepers with Lower Back Pain- Purple Mattress
  8. Best for Side Sleepers with Shoulder Pain- Tempur-Pedic 
  9. Gel Memory Foam Mattress for Side Sleepers- Vibe
  10. Best Pocket Spring Mattress- Olee Sleep
  11. Best Hybrid Innerspring Mattress- Inofia
  12. Mattress with Superior Gel Technology- Nature’s Sleep
  13. Best Queen Size Mattress- Sweet Night

1. Best Value Mattress for Side Sleeper- Nectar


Product Description

To prevent sleeping hot or experiencing lumps, Nectar is a gelatin memory foam bed-in-a-box that’s made for all types of sleepers. The fantastic one-year trial period that begins when your bed has arrived at your door is one of the most excellent advantages of buying a Nectar Mattress.

The top layer is covered with Quilted Cooling Tencel. The second layer of gelatin memory foam for support. Add an adaptive transition layer to avoid sinking into quicksand. Supported by a foundation layer. A mattress cover at the bottom prevents mattress slippage.

It’s cool, breathable, and firm. Nectar conforms to your body, easing aches and pains. It’s sturdy enough to withstand you but plush sufficient to comfort you. Even on 90° evenings, Nectar sleeps excellent, gradually managing heat throughout the night.

For as long as you own the mattress, we will honor our warranty. The most prolonged warranty period available in the industry.


  • Side sleepers with Hip Pain will be at Ease on the Nectar
  • The foam is just Cushioned enough for Pain Areas.
  • The Cool Gel Memory Foam top layer Sinks Effectively.
  • A 7-inch layer of High-density Foam for Stability
  • Dynamic Foam that reacts to your Body’s Movements.
  • Ideal for Couples and Families with Pets or Children.


  • The Nectar’s contouring memory foam may not be ideal for combination side sleepers.
  • People with heavy weight may sink through the first two layers of Nectar to the more rigid foundation layer.

2. Best Foam Mattress for Side Sleepers– Leesa Original


Product Description

Cooling, contouring, and pressure-relieving support are all built into this fan-favorite all-foam mattress. With the embrace and bounce you seek in a bed, you get comfort and support.

A medium-firm mattress is ideal for anyone who alternates between sleeping on their back, side, or stomach every night. Created with the user in mind. Reduces back pain by relieving pressure.

To keep you cool, we used our unique four-stripe design on our gray, twill cover.


  • It’s Soft and Breathable.
  • Exceptionally Cozy
  • Fantastic Mattress
  • Great Pricing
  • Faster Shipping than the Manufacturer


  • Sleeps Heated after being Exposed to Toxic fumes for a period
  • Substandard Products and Services

3. Best Mattress with Ceramic Gel Beads- Tuft & Needle Mint


Product Description

The T&N Adaptive Foam used in the Mint mattress provides support and breathability while cooling gel beads add an extra comfort layer.

When gel beads are pressed together, they provide a unique cushioning feel that is progressive and supporting. We placed 4 inches of additional amount foam all around the bottom foam layer for extra edge support.

The upper surface of our transparent T&N Adaptive foam has 30 percent more graphite, which helps to remove heat from your body while you sleep. In addition, we made our cover such that it’s warm and comfortable to wear while still being breathable.


  • Additional Breathability
  • Lavish Comfort
  • Progressive Support


  • Not a Plush mattress
  • Becomes Heated while Sleeping

4. Best Mattress for Side Sleepers- Casper Original Mattress


Product Description

Like the Nectar, the Casper Original is also a mattress that comes in a package from Amazon. Because of the significant redesign in 2020, you’ll have a choice between both the 2019 – 2020 models.

The current version has an AirScape polyfoam upper surface with tiny pores to facilitate circulation near the surface. The transition memory foam layer is divided into three firmness zones: enhanced lower back and hip support, light shoulder conforming, soft head, neck, leg cradling, and reassurance. Polyfoam is used in the Casper Original.

The mixed-foam structure of the Casper Original is balanced. In addition to providing bounce, the memory foam layer adjusts to your body. Its medium (5) firmness is suited for those up to 235 pounds. So the Casper Original is an excellent choice for couples who seek a comfortable night’s sleep.

The Casper Original is the same price on Amazon as it is directly from the manufacturer, and it comes with Casper’s 100-night sleep trial. The 2019 Casper Original is cheaper, but it lacks a ventilated top layer and a zoned transitional layer. The mattress comes with a 10-year warranty.


  • Enjoy a Blended Foam Mattress’s Conforming but Responsive Feel
  • 230 pound or minor Side and Back Sleepers
  • Those in need of Extra Assistance for their Heavier Areas


  • You’re in Discomfort all the time
  • Your mattress is Hard as a Rock
  • Your Back Hurts

5. Mattress for Side Sleepers- Classic Brands 


Product Description

Featuring premium pressure-relieving memory foam, as well as high-density, aerated cool gel memory foam, the 14-inch Classic Brands Cool Ultimate Gel Memory Foam Mattress is an excellent buy. Side sleepers rely on these two for critical support and profound comfort.

Vented memory foam with gel adds a luxurious feel while also keeping you cool. In addition to relieving pressure spots, high-density foam molds to the body’s contours to give superior support and comfort.

Mold and bacteria are not attracted to the mattress’ hypoallergenic components. A ten-year warranty is included. Some people may find this mattress too hard or too soft, but side sleepers will appreciate its firmness.


  • Gel-infused Ventilation
  • Premium Pressure-Relieving Memory Foam
  • Moderately Soft Feel


  • The Obnoxious Chemical Smell will not go away
  • Hard as a Rock, so Brace Yourself
  • Uncomfortable

6. Best Memory Foam Mattress- Lucid Hybrid


Product Description

The Lucid 10′′ Memory Foam Hybrid is an excellent alternative for folks who love hybrid or coil beds. A robust support structure (ideal for anyone over 250 pounds) and some bounces are provided by the bed’s 5.5-inch individually-encased coils.

Despite its name, this bed has a neutral-foam feel, thanks to a layer of responsive memory foam on top of the traditional 2.5-inch layer of conventional memory foam.

Overall, the Lucid 10′′ Memory Foam Hybrid is hard to beat for reactive or neutral foam with coils for extra support. Especially when the bed can be had for only $300, prices fluctuate, so check Amazon and see what it is presently selling for.


  • Excellent Memory Foam Mattress
  • Top Layer Cushioned with Latex
  • Comfortable and supportive


  • Firmly Resolute, not Flexible
  • Inflation that has been Fluctuating

7. Best for Side Sleepers with Lower Back Pain- Purple Mattress


Product Description

Since your weight is more evenly distributed on your side while you sleep, side sleepers are more likely to have hip and shoulder pain, but this does not rule out lower back pain, especially if you’re resting on an uncomfortable mattress.

The Purple Mattress’ dual foam layers are meant to support your lower back. Therefore, with no issue with how you sleep (or what portion of your body requires support), the mattress keeps your spine aligned for a better, more pleasant night’s rest.

There is a 120-day money-back assurance on the mattress, so you have nothing to lose by trying it out. Because of the 10-year warranty, you won’t have to replace it any time soon if something goes wrong with it.


  • As you move, it transforms.
  • Supporting and Comfy
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Maintains a constant temperature 


  • One Unending pit of Dejection
  • Ineffective and Expensive
  • The Motion Transmission and Comfort were both Inadequate.

8. Best for Side Sleepers with Shoulder Pain- Tempur-Pedic


Product Description

Because your shoulders provide vital support for the back and neck, shoulder strain is a leading cause of these conditions, as well as tension headaches and migraines.

To avoid shoulder pain while sleeping on your side, you need a bed to hug your pressure spots while supporting your neck and back. A memory foam mattress, the Tempur-Pedic ProAdapt is also the only brand to employ the same memory foam created by NASA to help astronauts during space missions.

For side sleepers who want a lot of memory foam support, this is a great alternative. In addition, it features an antibacterial cover, a top cooling layer, and a 90-day trial period to assure you enjoy the most significant possible rest.


  • Layers of Comfort and Support
  • Removable Cover


  • Smells Strongly like Chemicals
  • Keeps you warm when sleeping, plus it’s Super-soft

9. Best Gel Memory Foam Mattress for Side Sleepers- Vibe


Product Description

If you prefer to sleep on your side and seek a mattress that will provide you with a restful night’s sleep, this Vibe gel-infused mattress is a great option.

Allergy sufferers can rest easy knowing that the hypoallergenic foam in this mattress is impervious to dust, mites, mold, and germs. This product meets the CertiPUR-US program’s high quality and construction standards.

By conforming to your body shape, its memory foam layer ensures you get the strong support you need at night. Many people are woken up in the middle of the night by their bodies heating up, which causes them to feel exhausted the next day.

It has a cooling gel layer on top, which helps to keep you cool as you sleep by drawing temperature away from the skin and dissipating it, so you wake up feeling refreshed.


  • A Sumptuous Stretch-knit Quilted fiber cover for long-lasting use
  • Convenient Cleaning
  • The Mattress is Readily Adjusted to the bed frame
  • Comfort Foam Layers relieve Pressure Spots


  • It requires time to Unwind and Re-form.

10. Best Pocket Spring Mattress- Olee Sleep


Product Description

A lovely and robust mattress with a 100% polyester cover that is both stylish and comfy. This mattress boasts a 5 patterned hybrid construction for exceptional support and relaxation. It contains a sturdy 7.5” coil that helps keep the mattress firm.

The 1.5-inch soft memory foam is custom-designed to fit your body form and provide comfortable and appropriate back and body support.

Additionally, a cooling gel has been incorporated into the mattress’s top layer to help with any heat-related difficulties that might be keeping you up at night. Incorporating this gel into the bed will help keep you cool at night.

In addition to being supportive, the high-density foam in this mattress is flexible and stretchy. It’s no surprise that this mattress has over 1,300 good customer reviews and is an “Amazon’s Choice” product.


  • It’s the Greatest Hybrid Mattress for Side Sleepers
  • It combines the advantages of Memory foam and Coil Spring Mattresses.
  • Keeps you cool with the help of a Cooling Gel Infusion.


  • If you use your mattress for an extended period, it may Collapse.

11. Best Hybrid Innerspring Mattress- Inofia


Product Description

A twin XL mattress built by Inofia to provide maximum comfort and support. A gel-infused top layer keeps the body cold during the night, allowing the sleeper to relax while slowly dispersing excess body heat. It is made to accommodate all different body shapes and sleeping positions.

As you sleep on the mattress, the memory foam adapts to your body’s structure, giving you the support you need. This excellent mattress has a net fiber around it to disperse heat and improve ventilation.

This mattress is excellent for side sleepers because of its hybrid construction with inner springs, which allows your body to slide across the bed as you sleep easily. CertiPUR-US certification assures you of the product’s long life and high quality.


  • Helpful for those with body aches
  • Adaptable to all bed kinds


  • Decompression takes at least 72 hours.

12. Best Mattress with Superior Gel Technology- Nature’s Sleep


Product Description

The 2′′ top layers of this mattress are filled with premium grade gel, making it ideal for side sleepers who want a comfortable night’s sleep without having to wake up frequently from heat-related difficulties.

The specifically designed cooling gel actively removes any extra heat from your body to ensure a restful sleep.

With an 8″ modest density foam core that has been precisely aligned with the upper layer to allow your maximum body support while also being resistant for many years, this mattress is one of the best in its class.

Its allergy-proof cover is also simply washable to keep it looking new. The rugged stone suede cover includes a non-skid bottom to keep your mattress from sliding off the bed. This CertiPur-US certified mattress is built to last.


  • Transportable Unique tiny Packaging
  • Latest Gel Technology for class-leading Cooling
  • Washable Cover


  • Installing a mattress by one person is difficult.

13. Best Queen Size Mattress- Sweet Night


Product Description

This is the best mattress for side sleepers because of the hybrid construction, which combines the best of both worlds in one bed.

This mattress has a terrific spring construction for comfort, and the memory foam layer underneath it provides much-needed support for your back and body while you sleep.

Hundreds of individually packaged springs respond to your weight on each mattress. They also let you sleep in any posture you wish without sagging. They also relieve trigger points on your back, hips, and neck, reducing pain.

Because each coil moves separately, you can effortlessly switch sides without waking your mate. The upper surface of this mattress is additionally packed with cooling gel to keep you cool and comfy, so you don’t wake up from body heat.


  • Quality and Durability
  • Pressure and Pain Relief
  • Motion Isolation for a Restful Undisturbed Sleep
  • The innovative hybrid design supports multiple body systems.


  • Memory foam design may take acclimatization.

Which firmness of a mattress is ideal for side sleepers?

Choosing a plush or firm mattress for lying on your side depends on various things. Mattresses are typically rated from 1 to 10, meaning incredibly soft to hard. Most beds are medium soft to medium firm.

Mattress firmness affects how well pressure points on the side of the body are cushioned for side sleepers. When the shoulders and hips descend into the mattress, the spine stays aligned. A good bed will help you sleep better and feel better in the morning.

Personal preferences, body mass, and mattress type all factor into mattress firmness selection. Due to the weight difference, a mattress may feel entirely different for each person. The comfort layers soften and firm the mattress. Memory foam contours to the body, while latex adds bounce. They can set a bed. Each mattress has pros and downsides for side sleepers.

How should a Side Sleeper’s Mattress be Designed?

Many mattress companies utilize false wording or excite the advantages of unique characteristics. When buying a new mattress, keep in mind the following points.

Mattress Type

Side sleepers need a mattress that provides shaping and full-body support. The type of mattress you buy affects thermoregulation, motion insulation, and pressure point alleviation. Identifying your objectives and interests will aid in mattress selection.


How well a mattress contour is determined by how it reacts to compression and conforms to your body’s shape. Side sleepers need a mattress that fits their bodies and relieves pressure spots.

Quality Materials

The materials utilized directly affect a mattress’s durability. A bed made of high-quality materials will last longer and be a better investment. The cheapest materials may break down faster and provide less support.

Firmness Level

Side sleepers require a blend of soft padding for the shoulders and hips and assistance for the spine. Consider your particular tastes and weight when choosing a hardness level that is most comfortable and supportive.

Pressure Relief

Sleeping on your side puts strain on your hips and shoulders. Side sleepers benefit from memory foam and latex materials that contour to their bodies, relieving pressure points and preventing shoulder and back problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

What mattress is best for back pain sufferers who sleep on their sides?

For side sleepers with chronic back pain, characteristics like ergonomic phasing are essential. They feature pockets of coils that may be modified to target specific locations like the hips and shoulders. Comparatively, pocketed coils provide more structural support than innerspring mattresses.

Is it true that firm mattresses are bad for side sleepers?

No way. An ultra-firm mattress will not have enough flexibility to mold the body adequately for side sleepers. Too firm a mattress can cause pain and numbness in the arms. Too soft a bed might cause back pain.

There’s no perfect mattress for side sleepers when it comes to firmness. It all boils down to personal preference, comfort, and how your body reacts to each option.

Is Memory Foam a Better Sleeping Surface for Side Sleepers?

Most side sleeper mattresses feature at least one memory foam layer. Memory foam conforms to your body type, easing pressure spots and aligning your spine. It also supports the natural inclination of your back and reduces back pain and other problems associated with firmer mattresses.

What is the best mattress for side sleepers with shoulder pain?

Shoulder pain is joint among side sleepers whose mattresses don’t relieve enough pressure. The best mattress for a side sleeper molds gently around the shoulder, allowing for proper upper back alignment and preventing the weight from resting squarely on the shoulder.

While some people mistake a lack of pressure-relieving for a too-soft mattress, softer mattresses are more likely to exacerbate shoulder problems. Look for a bed with memory foam or a pneumatic polyfoam comfort system.

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Final Verdict

Sleeping on your side has many advantages, including good spinal alignment, improved digestion, and reduced snoring, among others. However, you must have the proper equipment.

The best mattress for side sleepers can make a significant difference in the quality of your sleep and the general health of your body. In addition, you’ll likely discover that you wake up with much less pain and soreness, as well as a more rejuvenated sensation.

Above all, these are the best mattress for side sleepers. According to raving internet reviews, utilize this list as a guideline to choose the ideal alternative for your particular preferences.

An excellent starting point is to look for a soft mattress to allow your pressure points to sink into the bed while offering even support to keep your spine in perfect alignment throughout the night.

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