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How to Use a Pregnancy Pillow for Better Sleep

How to Use Pregnancy Pillow

A pregnancy pillow is an excellent thing to buy because it can be used during pregnancy. Many women keep their pregnancy pillows around even after giving birth, and their babies have been weaned from them.

Many different ways can put the pillow where you need it to be, depending on your muscle aches. They come in many different shapes and sizes, too. You should pick a pillow that fits your needs.

This one-stop guide can find everything you need to know about pregnancy pillows. It will help people find the perfect pillow partner and get the sweet, uninterrupted sleep that all pregnant ladies dream about to get some rest.

What Is a Pregnancy Pillow?

A pregnant cushion, commonly known as a maternity pillow, is uniquely intended to provide support or pressure relief to the complete body – not just the head and neck. As a result, they are more significant than standard pillows and come in various forms and sizes to support a pregnant woman’s shifting body.

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Using Full-Length Pillows for Pregnancy

If any of the following apply to you, a full-length pregnant cushion may be the best option for you:

Sleep with a full-length pregnant pillow by placing the cushion on your bed and draping your arms over it. Find a comfortable position by bringing the cushion close to your body. Straight and flexible full-length pregnancy pillows are the two most common varieties.

Tip: Go for the flexible full-length pillow if you sleep in more unconventional, acrobatic positions. This type of cushion does not adapt to your body’s specific position.

Using Pregnancy Pillows in a C-Shape

If any of the following apply to you, a C-shaped pregnancy cushion may be the best option for you:

A C-shaped pregnancy pillow should be placed on the bed and stretched out so you can crawl into it comfortably.

The curvature of the “C” should be facing away from you when wearing it. Place the bottom of the cushion beneath your thighs and pull the top toward your head. The pillow’s entire bottom should reach that point if you want to support your stomach.

Tip: Make sure the cushioned ride doesn’t go up to your thighs. It must be placed exactly halfway between your knees and hips to be effective. This will ensure that all parties receive the assistance they require.

Using Pregnancy Pillows in a U-Shape

If any of the following apply to you, a U-shaped pregnancy cushion may be the best option for you:

U-shaped pregnancy pillows, like C-shaped ones, make switching sides simple. Straddling the cushion on one side, you cuddle up to it. Turning over is all you need to do without switching sides.

U-shaped pregnancy pillows are the best option for back sleepers because they provide support on both sides. In the center, women can rest their head, back, and neck on a designed pillow.

Using Pillows in a J-Shape

A U-shaped cushion lacking one of its sides is a “J-shaped” pillow. Hence, these pillows bring comparable features to the U-shaped cushion, except that you may support your back and tummy concurrently with this alternative.

Since a J-shaped is also approximately half of a U-shaped pillow, they are much smaller and more suited for more compact mattresses and sleeping with a spouse.

There are two possible applications for J-shaped pillows:

Using Inflatable Pregnancy Pillow

An inflatable pregnant pillow may be a good fit if:

If you were used to sleeping on your stomach before becoming pregnant, an inflatable pregnancy cushion might be a good alternative.

Inflatable pregnancy pillows are built of similar materials to an air mattress. A pump is already included in most cases, making setup a breeze. Inflate the pillow to a comfortable level.

Carefully lay on the cushion after it has been inflated, allowing the hole provided to rest your growing baby bump in. Depending on its material, you may wish to cover or drape a towel over your pillow.

Tip: Look for an inflated cushion that mentions explicitly on the label that it offers exceptional back support.

Sleeping with a Wedge During Pregnancy

If any of the following apply to you, a pregnant wedge may be the best option for you:

A pregnancy wedge is an excellent, cheap solution for women with sleeping difficulties. Circles and triangles are the two most common shapes of wedges. It’s easy to use a pregnant wedge: Insert the wedge beneath the area where you need support, and you’re good to go.

Tip: Using a wedge pillow while on the road is excellent. Have a small one in your car for emergencies when you’re on the road.

How Does Pregnancy Affect Sleep?

Increases Stress

During pregnancy, you’ll wonder about the many unknowns that come with your new arrival. Whether you’re worried about giving birth, taking your child home, or getting used to being a parent, these worries might keep you awake at night.


Pregnancy leads your body to create elevated hormones, some of which can have severe impacts on your sleeping patterns. In addition to causing drowsiness in the daytime, certain hormones can keep you awake at night by causing you to have frequent accidents in the bathroom.


Heartburn is a common complaint among pregnant women. When it strikes at night, it might keep you up and create great agony as you lie in bed.

Physical Uncomfort

You’ll have a more challenging time sleeping at night and getting comfortable during the day as your baby grows and takes up more space in your womb.

This discomfort can disturb your sleep, but utilizing a body pillow during pregnancy is an intelligent approach to feel cozy and get some rest.

Tips for Getting a Better Night’s Sleep During Pregnancy

A fantastic pregnancy cushion is the first step to more peaceful sleep, but there are other things you can do to catch tips in this article before the baby arrives:

More FAQs about Sleeping with a Pregnancy Pillow

When Should You Use a Pregnancy Pillow?

In the first trimester, a flat pillow with a little extra cushioning is usually enough to provide support where you need it. The second and third trimesters are ideal for considering a pregnancy pillow upgrade.

Why Is Sleeping on Your Back Wrong When You’re Pregnant?

Sleeping on your back places the whole weight of your growing baby on your spine, your intestines, and your vena cava, the vein responsible for carrying blood from your lower body to your heart.

Blood pressure and heart failure can be caused by cutting off your vena cava’s blood flow. Sleeping on your back can also increase back discomfort.

How Much Sleep Do You Need While Pregnant?

Same as a regular adult, roughly 8 hours. However, due to the tasking nature of pregnancy on the body, matching the complete recommendations is especially vital for pregnant women.

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