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Best Organic Mattress (Natural, Non-Toxic) in 2023

Best Organic Mattress

Did you know that a good night’s sleep is one of the best things you can do for your brain? It turns out that our brains are more active during sleep than when we’re awake. It is why it’s important to get a good night’s rest and why the best organic mattress can be so beneficial.

Organic mattresses are made with organic cotton, organic wool and organic latex foam that can be hypoallergenic for people who have allergies to dust mites or other materials found in traditional mattresses.

The organic mattress industry is currently a $400 million market, with organic cotton production rising from 15% to 51% in the last decade!

However, organic mattresses can be more expensive than regular ones, and it’s important buyers know what they’re looking for before making their purchase decision.

In this blog post, we’ll look at the organic mattress and the brands that are making them so you can find one suited for your needs!

Disclaimer: We independently review all recommended products. If you buy through our links, we may earn a commission. For more details read our Affiliate Disclosure.

Top 5 Picks for Organic Mattress

Table of Content

  1. Spindle Natural Latex Mattress
  2. Plush Beds Organic Mattress
  3. Happsy Organic Mattress
  4. Awara Hybrid Organic Mattress
  5. Pure Green Organic Latex Mattress

1) Spindle Natural Latex Mattress



Overall Thoughts

Neal Van Patten formed Spindle Mattress after inheriting his family’s fourth-generation mattress-making business. Founding father Neal Van Patten had the foresight to conceive and bring to market some all latex mattresses with no excitement, gimmicks, or hype marketing, all without trying to convince customers to buy.

He had one more reason to start manufacturing and selling Spindle Mattress. He wanted to make a profit. Retailers bear excessive overhead costs, and those costs lead to high prices that can range between $3,000 and $6,000. Additionally, by purchasing our materials directly from their suppliers, Spindle can avoid the middleman.

Each bed has three layers of natural latex (latex sandwiched between two latex-friendly materials) and a ten-inch cover made of latex-friendly materials to provide you with the true feeling and assistance of natural latex.

Besides just being a mattress corporation, Spindle does many additional things. We provide informative, educational customer service for our customers by explaining their needs and desires and how we can meet those needs and expectations.

Our goal is to ensure that our customers have a complete understanding of their mattresses’ insides and how they came to purchase one. The longevity of Spindle’s mattress and company design will provide comfy, lavish sleep for the coming years.


  • Made of Cotton, Wool
  • Supportive and Comfortable
  • Good Smell and Adjustable Frame


  • Exorbitant Price

2) PlushBeds Organic Mattress



Overall Thoughts

Leading global luxury mattress supplier and seller, specialized in natural beds and mattresses, specializes in natural mattresses and bedding. All of the goods in this online store are handmade in our California-based GOLS and GOTS certified organic manufacturing plant.

All orders within the continental United States qualify for free shipping. Some of the world’s largest, most systematic and thorough standards for chemical inertness emissions have been met with the GREENGUARD Gold Certification for each company’s brand mattresses.

The company gives back to ecological and social nonprofit organizations through TerraPass, offsets 100 percent of its carbon pollution, and subsequently processing scholarship money for young adults.


  • Medium firmness
  • 100% Certified fromGOLS and GOTS Organic
  • Best for all position sleeper


  • Expensive

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3) Happsy Organic Mattress



Overall Thoughts

Recognizing that your mattress goes all applicable flammability requisites and maintains both UL/GREENGUARD certification standards for chemical inertness emissions makes it safe to sleep soundly, understanding your bed can stand up to extreme heat.

Best of Both Worlds

In addition to relieving pressure points, this organic hybrid mattress supports someone’s unique body because of the natural latex and enclosed coils.

Firm Support

Most sleepers find that the Happsy Organic Mattress provides its most comfortable on a firm mattress, making it suitable for most individuals.

Sleep Healthy

To have a better night’s sleep, you should use the best of substances. Fabric, sheepskin, latex, sugar beets, PLA, and steel coil entice enveloped in glue-less waves are all organic.

Made in the USA

Our mattresses are all made in the USA, using indigenous and export ingredients, and they are ready to be sold to you once you unroll them.

NO Flame Retardants

It’s just because federal combustibility regulations are very difficult to change without the help of these organizations.

Thanks to Happsy’s smart mattress styling, it is possible to do so, eliminating the need for any harmful chemicals or flame barriers whatsoever. Instead of just getting a pass mark, Happsy gives you a grade that’s completely void of all the chemicals.

No Glues or Adhesives

It is common for regular mattresses to contain as much as 10 pounds of glue. Gluing is used throughout the layers of comfort, fabrics, and the coil system, too. Conversely, every coil in a typical mattress is linked together with glue.

To avoid the use of glues or adhesives, we at Happsy have discovered a way to construct our beds, which includes our box spring components, without any.

NO Polyurethane Foam Or Synthetic Latex

Polyurethane foam is no longer found in the Happsy mattress (i.e., memory foam, “eco foam,” “soy foam,” etc.). While not avoiding the styrene-butadiene found in synthesized latex, Happsy does use natural latex instead.

Raw materials are an excellent substitute for synthetic materials because they help you lower your overall teratogenicity effects. Happsy mattresses are particularly comfortable because they use quality components and allow air to flow freely.


  • Healthy sleep
  • Comfortable and Supportive
  • Organic Hybrid Mattress


  • More Costly

4) Awara Hybrid Organic Mattress



Overall Thoughts

A Hybrid Mattress for Comfort

Maintain a restful sleep environment with the Awara mattress. We used Cooling Natural Dunlop Latex Foam and combined it with Premium Pocketed Coils to produce a hybrid bed frame.

This combination provides neck, shoulder, back, and hip relaxing the muscles. A proper sleep position helps you maintain neutral spinal alignment and disseminate your extra weight for just a restful night’s sleep.

Natural and Organic Materials

Packed with synthetic polyurethanes and chemical fire retardants, such as polyurethanes, are conventional memory foam mattresses.

Awara’s Plush Euro Top has been made of New Zealand sheepskin and organic cotton and therefore is covered in natural latex from natural forests grown locally. Live a comfortable, wild night’s sleep – you’re in a mattress with safe, all-natural materials.

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Cooling Comfort

Wool is naturally hygroscopic, which means it can absorb moisturized dirt particles mites away. The naturally breathable cotton helps pull moisture away from the skin while also adding a soothing effect.

180 Night Trial and Forever Warranty

When you’ve used Awara besides 180 nights, you’ll see where it helps you, and if you’re not completely satisfied, you can come back to it (Amazon only). It will take nearly three months longer than normal.

The Everlasting Warranty offers you the assurance that you can use Awara and for the rest of its life, with no problems.

Your Impact is Tenfold

By purchasing Awara products, you can help our partners fight against deforestation by supporting Trees for something like the Future. Each time you use Awara, understand that 100 trees would be cultivated in Kenya, Senegal, Uganda, Guinea, or Tanzania to protect and restore their respective forest areas.


  • Strangely Comfy, Supportive
  •  ORGANIC/Chemical Free
  •  The Thickness of 13 inches! 


  • High Cost
  • NO Sustainability

5) Pure Green Organic Latex Mattress



Overall Thoughts

That medium-firm latex mattress sculpts your skin and provides excellent support, making it great for those who suffer from back or joint pain. Some people prefer sleeping on latex pillows because they think they are cooler.

As long as your spouse doesn’t roll-off or get out of the mattress, latex won’t make you fall asleep because it wouldn’t transfer motion. Absorbent cotton and wool have both been certified GOTS.

Even though OEKO-TEX and Greenguard Gold-certified materials have been used to make the mattress, it’s also free from toxic chemicals and heat-resistant chemicals.

Latex foams, cotton, and wool create the Pure Green Mattress, which marks a new requirement in Latex Mattresses. Consequently, Sleep On Latex designer developed this natural latex mattress with special care, considering the elements of comfort, style, long-term durability, and user-friendliness.

In particular, medium firmness mattresses are best for back sleepers, side sleepers who prefer firmer beds, or couples with differing sleep choices.

The mattress has a 6-inch layer of dust at the foundation. “Natural Latex Foam applied as a coating of 100% Pure Green. And this 6 “a very powerful, appreciative and flexible base is provided by the base layer.

Topping it off with a soft 2 ” coating of latex-free foam is used to provide the needed comfort. Contentment and support are obtained in this mattress by incorporating these two components. Approximately about 1 “To finish the mattress cover, the fabric is beaded in wool. It provides extra thickness and comfort.


  • comfortable
  • Great for Side Sleepers, Back Sleepers and Couples
  • No Fire-Retardant Chemicals 


  • Expensive

What Makes it an Organic Mattress

Theoretically, there is just no 100% organic mattress. Mattresses described as the most environmentally conscious may still contain coils, coatings, local hardware sections, and other synthesized materials. The bed can be made using 100% organic matter, and some mattresses are made using only these materials.

Accreditations are critical in determining whether or not mattresses have recycled practices. The license should be issued by a company that is not associated with the label and does not express any brand preconceptions.

Much superior stability will make their certifying links and preloaded files readily available to web users. Everyone’s advice is to conduct extensive research on the brand names and the accreditations they have gained, and the organizations that grant them.

Enables centralized must be followed closely, and if clients need additional information, contact the brand’s customer services. Aspect readers in the correct direction must be possible; the term “should” serves as the criterion.

Why Consider an Organic Mattress?

Many people avoid organic mattresses due to their high cost. Cost of natural beds It depends on the method and the company. The average queen size all-latex or combination mattress costs between $1,600 and $2,000 and organic compounds can easily push the price over $2,500.

Organic mattresses are a good investment for some people, despite their high cost. These mattresses have some advantages compared to conventional beds.

Reliability is a major plus for natural mattresses, even though their long-life expectancies help offset their high prices. The median mattress will last between 6 and 8 years already when wear and tear, support loss, and other concerns force you to purchase a new mattress. Natural mattresses typically previous eight years or more.

Organic latex is one. Organic latex used in mattresses is naturally resilient, bouncing back and resisting deep body impressions.

Synthetic and blended latex usually wear out faster. A bed with organic latex layers has an average lifespan of 8.5 years. For models made of blended or synthetic latex, the lifespan is closer to 7.5 years.

Organic mattresses also have less odor potential. Unboxing a foam-layered bed causes off-gassing particles known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Despite their name, VOCs are only found in synthetic materials.

The EPA warns that indoor exposure to VOCs can cause headaches, nausea, fatigue, and other health issues. Also, VOCs have a distinct chemical odor that many people dislike, and some beds continue to smell long after unpacking.

The fragrance of latex and latex hybrid mattresses is attributable to the latex’s organic odor that is not related to VOC off-gassing. Owners of these mattresses claim they rarely encounter unpleasant odors after airing out their beds for several days. In the same way, organic wool doesn’t release any VOCs.

Sustainable vs Organic

Organic” refers to farm commodities produced using specific, appropriate methodologies. The USDA maintains a complete list of organic food standards, how crops are grown, what components could be used in production, and how goods are branded. The GOTS and GOLS share requirements.

Sustainable” is a less formal term with consistent criteria. The United Nations Environment and Development defines sustainability as “development to address current needs without jeopardizing children and grandchildren’s ability to meet their own.”

A sustainable mattress is particularly affected produced in this way. It could be latex or cotton ideas and create and harvested using sustainability farming, local mattress industries that use green packaging solutions to reduce their carbon footprint.

Many certifications exist for sustainable materials. We’ve by now mentioned the Cloud Forest Alliance’s accreditation for self-sustaining forestry. Due to formulation or other factors, an independent mattress substance may not be organic. Even so, this does not imply the importance is damaging the environment.

Most Popular Certifications to Look For:

To ensure their mattresses are organic, natural, nontoxic, or environmentally, mattress corporations use a range of different accreditations. As guys shop for a natural mattress, here are some of the most famous qualifications you will see.


Meets stringent criteria for subject matter, emission levels, and reliability. To learn if your mattress is created with small quantities or no toxic substances, pollutants, chemical flame retardants, or ozone depletes, ask to have your bed’ CertiPUR-US certification verified.

OEKO-Tex Standard 100

Oeko-Tex management and administration that the bed was constructed with negligible use of substances and had low VOC emissions, which results in low VOC emissions from the bed.

USDA Organic Certification

This accreditation is used to test the organic nature of food or plant species, such as grass or cotton.


Fire-resistant chemicals, toxic substances, and other hazardous emissions are all examined by the Eco-Institute.

Greengard and Greengard Gold

In mattresses, Responsibilities in the workplace mean the total emissions standards. Beds that are Greengard Certified have a low level of emissions, and those certified as Greengard Gold have even lower emissions.

Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS)

GOLS certification latex must contain at least 95% organic matter.

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

At least 70% of the natural fibers in a GOTS-certified mattress are edible, and the residual 30% are free of any toxic chemicals.

What Are the Benefits of a Natural or Organic Mattress?

1. Fewer Chemicals

Perhaps the biggest reason to choose a natural or organic mattress is that no harsh substances or highly toxic fire retardants are used in manufacturing. The majority of organic compounds have flame fire suppressant properties that originate from nature.

2. Sustainable and Biodegradable

In terms of being environmentally aware, this is something to rejoice. In because manufacturing and materials use less energy, they produce a lower environmental impact. Many organizations depend on these regions of effort.

3. Hypo-Allergenic

Reactions, skin irritations, and breathing issues also may occur when toxins and flame repellents are used. Are sounds familiar, doesn’t it? The mattress products are transformed organically without adding anything harmful to the plantation.

4. Kid-Approved

Young children are especially vulnerable to the effects of dangerous chemicals, making this product. Deciding on a natural mattress limits the number of such substances to which their skin is exposed.

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What is an Organic Mattress, and How does it differ from a Regular Mattress?

Inorganic mattresses, organic cotton is used as the main fabric, and for this reason, it can be hypoallergenic. Organic wool or latex foam may also be present in organic mattresses to provide a softer feel that’s more comfortable on your skin. This organic material creates an “organic barrier” from dust mites, common allergens found in regular mattresses.

Many people with allergies prefer organic beds because they believe these products will not cause them any problems such as sneezing and nasal congestion due to their hypoallergenic properties.

The natural materials used in organic bedding have antimicrobial qualities, so you won’t need to worry about allergic reactions caused by mold growth since all of the components are completely natural.


There are two types of organic mattresses: 100% organic and 95% organic. The latter refers only to the content inside the cover, while the former is both cover and filling material.

A majority of suppliers will use a blend of 50-60% organically grown ingredients; this ensures they meet consumer demand without raising prices too high.

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How To Find The Best Organic Mattress For You

If organic cotton is the most important factor for you, then it’s recommended that you purchase a 100% organic mattress. If price and comfort are your main concerns, then buy 95% organic.

When looking to make this decision, look at the materials used in each part of the mattress; does your organic bedding contain wool or latex foam? You can also research which type of material will suit your lifestyle best by asking friends who own an organic bed what they would recommend!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best organic mattresses?

While offering users the resources and assistance, and comfort, finding an organic mattress inside your budget is a terrific option. At first glance, this may seem an avoidance of answering the question, but as it turns out, it’s far more individualized and based on factors such as your body type, your usual sleep role, and individual interests.

When purchasing a mattress, be sure to try it out. A perfect bed for one individual may be unbearable for another, even if it has favorable performance scores across the board.

There are many high-quality organic mattresses available, which means you can only discover the perfect mattress for you by considering your unique requirements. There are many small local bed reviews out there, especially those who only detail how each mattress functions for different sleepers.

Are Organic Mattresses Hot?

Polyurethane memory foam mattresses have an issue with retaining heat. Rubber foam mattresses sleep cooler due to not retaining heat as polyethylene memory foam does.

Spring-based organic mattresses enable more flow of air than their foam counterparts. To get that traditional memory foam type feel, select one of our quality latex mattresses with a softer latex mattress.

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Are our organic mattresses eco-friendly?

A truly eco-friendly mattress is made with recycled resources and an environmentally sustainable production process. While some organic mattress makers will happily share this information with customers, a few precise details of their production process are typically private information.

How Long Does an Organic Mattress Last?

Additionally, latex-free foam mattresses are commonly made from organic latex, a material with more durability than synthesized foam. Award-winning beds have warranties that guarantee supplier defects for 25 Years.

Nonetheless, it will become apparent when you awaken with joint pain and aches, you have problems concentrating, or your spouse has sleep problems that it is necessary to update your mattress. Some other indication it’s the moment to go mattress buying is when you notice buckling or ridges in the mattress.


We hope that this blog has helped you feel more informed about the benefits and features of an organic mattress. It is always a good idea to do your research before making any big decisions, so if after reading this article you have any questions or would like some recommendations from our team, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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