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How to Use a Boppy Pillow (16 Ways & Guide)

How to Use a Boppy Pillow

A boppy pillow lets you bond with the baby while being fed. A good thing about this pillow is that you can use it for nursing and feeding your baby when you start to wean them off of it. They love the boppy pillow because it keeps their arms from getting numb while feeding their babies.

When the mother is nursing, she can rest her back on the boppy pillow. Use it as a positioner to help mothers get their babies into the proper position when feeding them.

If used correctly, they can occasionally be effective and safe, but they can be dangerous for babies if overused. Several babies have perished due to being utilized improperly.

Learn more about the boppy pillow, how to use a boppy pillow, and safety tips to make sure you use your pillow the right way.

How to Breastfeed While Using a Boppy Pillow?

To utilize the boppy pillow while breastfeeding, ensure your back is appropriately supported and you feel at ease. Wrap your waist around the boppy cushion and place it on your lap.

You should place a pillow between your baby’s legs. If your baby is sleeping on their side, they must face your body. Make sure your baby’s mouth is at the same level as the breast you plan to feed them.

If necessary, rest your arm on the cushion while cradling the baby’s upper torso and head with your arm. It’s not a good idea to immerse your breasts or torso. Adding a pillow beneath the boppy will raise the infant if necessary. With your arms, you can also lift your infant.

How to Use a Boppy Pillow to Provide Nursing Support?

Tummy Time: How to Use a Boppy Pillow?

The Boppy Pillow is an excellent alternative to the traditional tummy time for young children. Here’s how to utilize your Boppy for tummy time appropriately.

How to Bottle Feed a Baby Using a Boppy Pillow?

It’s vital to remember that the boppy isn’t intended to assist a baby in feeding itself. Babies who can’t sit up or handle their bottles aren’t ready for self-feeding and risk choking if they do so.

How to Sit Comfortably with a Boppy Pillow?

Since the boppy butt pillow shifts the weight to your thighs, it aids in rehabilitation. This pillow’s greatest strength is its ability to bear significant weight without breaking down. This butt pillow makes it easier to recover from surgery. As a result of its small size, it is easy to carry around with you.

Sitting Support for The Baby

Using a boppy pillow for your toddler’s sitting can be learned in minutes. Before he develops a strong core, a boppy pillow is a great way to help your baby stay upright. Even after he’s learned to sit, you may continue to use this pillow to provide him some extra support.

This is one way to sit comfortably with a boppy pillow. Never use a couch, a high surface, or a chair to place the pad. Assemble your child in the center, and make sure their spines are in a C shape with their legs pointing outwards.

To offer support, place the pillow’s edges around the child so that the boppy encircles them on all four sides. To begin training the infant to sit on his own, you might gradually pull the sides of the chair away from him. If the baby falls, immediately reposition him in a safe position.

Playing Assisted

This pillow makes it possible for babies to play for long periods without fatigue or exhaustion. Also, it allows the baby to view more of the world around him. This pillow allows children to touch, grab, and reach for toys before lifting their weight with one arm.

Back Support

A boppy cushion is simple to use for back support. A chair that supports your back and shoulders can provide comfort and ideal posture. A boppy can help alleviate lower back discomfort since it provides support and relieves pressure on the lower back.

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How to Sleep with a Boppy Pillow During Pregnancy and Postpartum?

Pregnant women and those who have recently given birth may find a boppy pillow a valuable sleeping aid. The pillow’s elastic C-shape is ideal for placing under the pregnant belly of a woman sleeping on her side to provide additional support.

Hip pain or discomfort is a common problem for pregnant women at the end of pregnancy, as you may have heard. Two portions of a pubic bone are joined by a ligament known as a symphysis pubis to aid childbirth.

It is common for women in their third trimester to experience increased discomfort due to the relaxing hormones secreted by the body.

Furthermore, this Pillow can keep you comfortable during this period. Pressure and stretching are reduced by sleeping with it between your knees or thighs.

It’s also the situation when you need more hip, pelvic, or abdominal support when sleeping during the postpartum recovery phase. Always remember not to put your infant to sleep on a Boppy Pillow.

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How to Use a Boppy Pillow to Keep Your Infant Safe While Sleeping?

Using the boppy cushion is a breeze while nursing, feeding, or propping a baby up. This is a dangerous pillow for your baby to sleep on. Never place the baby’s head on this cushion. If you aren’t sure, you can handle it. Keep the tot’s airways open to avoid asphyxia.

Keep your youngster at an appropriate height and avoid having him curl up in the center. This pillow should not be used in a crib or on a bed. It would be best if you did not use it on a bed, bassinet, play yard, or playpen. Whether you’re alone or with a babysitter who can sleep while feeding the baby, it doesn’t matter.

Other Uses of a Boppy Pillow

The other function extends beyond nursing, and you can continue to use it after you’ve completed nursing.

1. Propped Playing

Until a newborn is a few months old, gross motor coordination cannot be fully established. Therefore they can’t pick up toys or elevate their heads. In addition to allowing newborns to get closer to the objects above them, the boppy pillows provide an opportunity for motor skill development.

2. Congestion

Sometimes, your infant could catch a cold or have congestion. Using the Boppy cushion, you can help her lie in a correct posture to alleviate the congestion.

3. Baby Snuggles

While babies love snuggling close, controlling a baby’s weight for lengthy durations can be challenging. With the Boppy cushion, it’s easy to keep a baby’s bottom warm and cozy, which is excellent for baby snugglers and babies alike. So, with a Boppy pillow or a Boppy lounger, you may cuddle your baby close to your heart.

4. Acid Reflux

An undeveloped muscle valve (lower esophageal sphincter) between the stomach and throat of an infant can induce acid reflux and spit-up. This condition permits the food to flow down the throat, causing spit-up. An upright bouncer or boppy cushion will help settle things down for the little girl.

5. Sibling Support

Parents and children may watch each other while holding a baby with more excellent safety and security when using the boppy pillow. Of course, kids must do this under your supervision and guidance.

6. Laptop Support

You may use the boppy pillows to keep your laptop from slouching when away from your desk or workstation, just as you would writing support. You’ll be less likely to get back pain because the pillow will elevate the laptop to a higher level.

7. Gadget Holder

Position your tablet, notepad, or phone against the Boppy pillow while on a video conference, whether it’s just you two or the whole family. Then, while still sitting straight, hold your baby.

8. For Visitors

Have you had visitors who would instead observe your infant from a distance or touch them just while they lie down?

They are probably afraid of holding your teeny, defenseless newborn. Anxiety and dread associated with handling a newborn can be alleviated directly with the Boppy cushion.

You may place the Boppy on their laps and rest your baby in it while they sit.

9. For Pets

Having the same cushion for your pet and kid won’t be realistic, but you can pass the pillow on to your pets after your toddlers are grown up. Just throw a blanket on it and let them enjoy it.

What are the Advantages of a Boppy Pillow?

When you use a boppy pillow, you can lessen the pain nursing can put on your shoulders, back, and neck. When you’re fatigued, it helps you pull your child up to your breast when they’re on your lap. This means you don’t have to lean over to breastfeed your child.

Your infant can benefit from “tummy time” while sitting with the support of boppy cushions. Always keep an eye on babies when they’re near or on a cushion.

In such a situation, leaving an infant unattended puts the child’s life in danger, as asphyxia can occur. Under no circumstances should an infant be allowed to lie near a breastfeeding pillow.

We must never forget that babies are at risk of asphyxia when on or near soft and voluminous things. When an infant’s airway is restricted, it’s difficult for them to correct their head position.

How to Take Care of a Boppy Pillow?

Machine wash delicate cycle, 30˚C/ 85˚F. Use the delicate cycle on the dryer set at low heat.

While drying the pillow, place a sneaker or tennis ball (covered in a pillowcase) in the dryer to assist the pillow in preserving its shape. When chlorine bleach is required, use only non-chlorine bleach.

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Bottom Line

When nursing, feeding, or propping your baby up on the Boppy Pillow, you’ll have one of the various pillows available. In addition, other cushions may slide, which can be uncomfortable.

Mothers love the Boppy Pillow because it serves multiple purposes with only one pillow. They can also utilize it during pregnancy and after birth.

Despite its many other functions, the Boppy cushion isn’t designed to be a safe place for newborns to sleep. According to the manufacturer’s website, you must not allow your infant to sleep on the Boppy.

Babies are in grave danger from the Boppy. Babies and newborns can quickly suffocate if left unattended on pillows or other soft surfaces. You should use the Boppy pillow only while your baby is attentive, active, and under adult supervision.

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