Mattress Firmness Guide – What Firmness is Healthiest?

Mattress Firmness Guide

What is the best firmness for a mattress? For most sleepers, medium-firm mattresses—often rated between five and seven on the firmness scale—offer a decent balance of comfort and support. Why Does Mattress Firmness Matter? A firm mattress relieves pain and promotes restful sleep after a long day. Firm mattresses support your spine and joints, fit most sleeping positions, and are comfortable. How...

Different Mattress Types, Explained

Mattress Types

Are you lost in a mattress maze? Still, deciding what’s the best mattress to go for? Get a good night’s sleep with a suitable surface. Many spring, foam, and hybrid mattresses promise the rest of your dreams. Before buying a new bed, learn about mattress types! This guide shows you the memory foam and blends inside so you can pick the most comfortable one for how you sleep. No more...

Twin XL vs Full Mattress: What Is the Difference? (2024)

Twin XL vs Full Mattress

A Twin XL is 5 inches longer and 15 inches slimmer than a Full. Twin XL beds often cannot fit more than one person comfortably, but they are an excellent solution for a single sleeper who is too tall for a conventional-size bed. In this article, we will delve into what a Twin XL vs Full-Size mattress is, their respective advantages and disadvantages, and factors to ponder when deciding between...

What is Mattress Edge Support and Why Does It Matter?

Mattress Edge Support

What does Edge support do? Edge support is a term for how stable the edges of your mattress are. On the edge, a supportive mattress with good edge support won’t sink. It will also keep you from falling off the bed if you rest closer to the edge. This might be helpful for people who sleep on their side. You don’t know about edge support and are wondering why is Edge support important...

Mattress Thickness: How Thick Should a Mattress Be?

Mattress Thickness

The mattress thickness affects how well it supports, relieves pressure points, is durable, and fits on your bed base; therefore, when selecting the best mattress, consider all the things that matter most to you. What is the best mattress thickness? There isn’t an easy answer to how thick a mattress should be. The best profile for your mattress will depend on your weight, how you sleep, and...

Mattress Sizes and Bed Dimensions 101

Mattress Sizes and Dimensions

The process of comparing mattress sizes starts with measuring the length and width. No mattress size has a standard dimension because height/thickness varies by manufacturer and model. Choosing the proper bed size isn’t easy. Buying the best mattress that fits your needs is a long-term commitment. What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing a Mattress Size? The number of sleepers and room Size...

How to Wash a Body Pillow in 4 Fresh Steps

How to Wash a Body Pillow

Body pillows are a fantastic addition to your bedding, providing support and comfort for a restful night’s sleep. However, body pillows can accumulate dust, sweat, and other unwanted elements over time, making it essential to know how to wash them properly. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the steps to ensure your body pillow remains clean, fresh, and allergens-free. Whether...

Futon vs Mattress: Which is Better? 2023

Futon vs Mattress

In the quest for a good night’s sleep, the choice between a futon vs mattress is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Each has advantages and drawbacks, and making the right choice can significantly impact your comfort and overall well-being. In this detailed guide, we will delve into the world of futons and mattresses, helping you decide the best choice for your sleep needs...

Mattress Warranties

Mattress Warranties

When it comes to investing in a good night’s sleep, a high-quality mattress is essential. However, the best mattresses may encounter issues over time. That’s where mattress warranties come into play, offering peace of mind and protection for your investment. In this detailed guide, we will delve deep into the world of mattress warranties, covering all aspects from types to duration...

How to Store a Mattress Topper 2023

How to Store a Mattress Topper

Storing a mattress topper might seem like a simple task, but doing it correctly can significantly extend the lifespan of your topper. Whether you’re switching to a different topper seasonally or need to store it temporarily, the right approach matters. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you through the proper method for storing your mattress topper, step by step. Necessary Items...

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