8 Best Mattress Protector of 2021


What is the Best Mattress Protector? The perfect answer to that question depends on your needs. Some people want a mattress protector because they have allergies and need protection from dust mites. In contrast, others want a way to extend the life of their mattress investment with an extra layer of insulation. Whatever your reason for needing one, we are here to help you find the right type for you!

Our Top Picks Best Mattress Protectors

  1. Best Mattress Protector for Hot Sleepers
  2. Mattress Protector for Allergies
  3. Best Mattress Protector Waterproof
  4. Mattress Protector for Kids
  5. Best Mattress Protector for Bed Bugs
  6. Best Mattress Protector for Urine
  7. Bed Bug Mattress Protector for Kids
  8. Best Mattress Protector for Cooling Mattress

1. Best Mattress Protector for Hot Sleepers

Noiseless Waterproof Mattress Cover
Credit: amazon.com

The GhostProtection from the Ghost Bed is a water-resistant protector with a wide variety of mattresses. It has particular components to protect your mattress from spills and allergies. The Ghost Protection List Price for good quality, impermeable mattress covering is within the usual range.

The lowest part protects against liquids, whereas the upper layer incorporates various elements to improve sleep quality. Fabricated from either a cotton and microfiber combination are the soft knit technology is developed to wick sweat and aid in temperature regulation.

It also allows air to circulate through the protection, which prevents your body heat from becoming buried in the protector. With no-slip elasticated corners, you can rest assured that your mattress will be a snug fit.

Ghost Bed created this protector to be both noise-free and antibacterial, making it an excellent choice for those who have delicate sleeping habits. That protector can be washed and dried at home, though the remanufacture hanging it to dry for the most effective effects.

A total of seven conventional sizes, including one split king, are offered, with shipping to the contiguous United States provided at no additional charge. Even though Ghost Bed does not take returns on this item, it covers a 10-Year Limited Guarantee.


  • Quiet Protector
  • For Hot Sleepers
  • People who prefer a Soft Mattress Protector


  • Highly Rated

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2. Best Mattress Protector for Allergies

Allergy Relief Zippered Protector
Credit: amazon.com

One customer who suffers from severe particulate matter allergies begins his review by saying, “That product has turned my life over.” After purchasing this protection, she no longer experiences the “terrible symptoms I often used start waking up with” when she begins her day.

Another common complaint among customers is that they have slept better since using hypoallergenic mattress cover on their mattresses.

Among them was one who immediately noted a “significant reduction in my allergic conditions” and described it as “an easy, lengthy, and reasonably priced technique to reduce the dust that comes from within your bedding.”

A further allergy sufferer who has to maintain their mattress regularly expresses gratitude by saying, “It’s just been so lot easier to remove by use these, but I’ve not split out since.”


  • Provides Reliable Protection from Bed Bugs
  • 100% Waterproof
  • It has Breathable Fabric


  • Not Affordable

3. Best Mattress Protector Waterproof

SafeRest Twin Size Premium Mattress Cover
Credit: amazon.com

The Safe Rest Premium Mattress Protection is among the few guards we tested that did not fail, remaining ultimately waterproof after ten cycles of wash and two leaking tests, which is impressive. It’s reasonably priced and looks promising in user evaluations (as well as by our staff members who have used it).

We think it’s perfect for a child’s bed, and we suggest having at least two on available to swap out if the situation calls for it. The cloth terry bottom is just a little noisier, so it’s a little noticeably thicker than the more expensive quilt covers.

However, we don’t believe that’s a huge concern because it’s used somewhere under the sheets rather than directly against the body. The Safe Rest is available in a variety of sizes, from Twin to Californian King.



  • Not Urine Proof
  • Make Noise at Every Move

4. Best Mattress Protector for Kids

SureGuard Encasement for Kids
Credit: amazon.com

Accidents, urine, sweat, and other liquids prevent entering the mattress and causing damage by using this impermeable mattress. The parent reported that the child’s “nasty diapers leak” left “not a single stain on the mattress” when the diaper spill was discovering.

100% Waterproof

SPF 50+ protection against sweat, sleep problems, and liquids; a 10-year quality warranty. (PLEASE NOTE: A Sure Guard Mattress Encasement recommend for six-sided security.)


Helps to keep the mattresses hygienic – Just on the top side, it prevents dust mites, mold, fungus, pollen, and animal hair from accumulating – Use in conjunction with Sure Guard Cushion Protectors.

Soft & Noiseless

Drying surface made entirely of cotton; moisture-wicking properties. No plastic, Vinyl, phthalate, flame retardants, or other hazardous chemicals are using to maintain the feel of one’s mattress.

Durable & Easy to Clean

For regular incidents, get two or more of these covers – while one is washing, the other serves to protect the mattress from stains.

Twin / Single Bed (39 in x 75 in)

Fitted sheet style; stretchy skirt accommodates mattresses of any depth. Individually lab-verified and GREENGUARD Gold certified this product is environmentally friendly.


  • Durable
  • Easily Washable in Machine
  • Waterproof and Hypoallergenic


  • It’s not Cheap

5. Best Mattress Protector for Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Waterproof Zippered Cover
Credit: amazon.com

Hundreds of individuals have purchased the mattress cover primarily to protect themselves from bedbugs, and many have stated that it is effective. “The business placed one on my mattresses another on the box spring, so I moved from becoming mauled nightly to receiving zero bites almost instantly.”

The Protect-A-Bed Allery zip Smooth Overview of the theory is coating with a waterproof urethane layer that provides excellent protection from liquids, allergies, and bugs. It is another very selective and defensive fight with bedbugs.

The overview of the theory has been certified by an entomology lab to provide adequate protection versus bed bug infestations. The cloth intended to block blood and pathogens from entering. The Asthmatic and American Academy of Dermatology has given their endorsement to it.

Hot sleepers would find that perhaps the mattress exterior sheathing provides above-average heat neutrality, thanks to a thin zipped polyester and silk cover designed to transmit water out of the cells while sleeping.


  • Fully Waterproof Encasement
  • Sleepers who tend to Overheat
  • Those with Taller Mattresses


  • More Costly

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6. Best Mattress Protector for Urine

The Nectar Mattress Protector
Credit: nectarsleep.com

An inadequate pocket depth is a typical concern with mattresses protectors, especially for thicker than standard mattresses. The stretchy corners may quickly become loose and create a lumpy and unpleasant sleep area, which requires modifications in the dark of night.

The Nectar Mattress Protection shouldn’t cause it. The fuzzy linear of the protection is 22 inches in all six sizes and is safe during the night – even those with very thick colors.

The Nectar Mattress Protector is also highly convenient. A quilt cotton fabric provides a pleasant sensation and constant breathability so that the sleeper stays cool all night long.

This same Nectar Mattress Protector is available at less than $100 throughout all sizes and is a high-value option. The firm also provides free delivery in the neighboring United States, a 50-night trial with complete refunds and free returns.


  • Machine Washable
  • Exceptional Pocket Depth
  • 5-Years Warranty
  • Quilted Cotton Surface with Waterproof Backing


  • Not Available on Amazon at any Cost

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7. Best Bed Bug Mattress Protector for Kids

SafeRest Bed Bug Mattress Protector for Kids
Credit: amazon.com

The Safe Rest Premium Mattress Exterior sheathing comes highly recommended for parents searching for a secure and effective option for their child’s bed. The cover’s surface is sensitive terry cloth and has an absorbent, 100 percent waterproof cell membrane interior. It’s soft, comfy, and completely silent.

The bed covering, Oeko-Tex certified for security, guards against dust mites, and helps avoid accidents. Its material is indeed bite-proof and watertight, which means that spills will not see further into your child’s mattress.

Additionally, a Velcro flap secures the zipper closing, preventing it from being accidentally opened. For clean, toss the exterior sheathing in the washing machine with the remainder of your bedding.


  • High-Quality Materials
  • 360 Zipper Closing Feature
  •  It Protects from all Six Sides


  • Expensive
  • It does not Ship to All Countries

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8. Best Mattress Protector for Cooling Mattress

Brooklyn Bedding Cooling Cover
Credit: brooklynbedding.com

Its porous structure and cool-to-the-touch sensation make the Brooklyn Bedding Cooling Mattress Protector an excellent choice for hot summer nights.

Its Titan Cool innovation of the firm is infused into the surface of the Cooling Mattress Protector to provide cooling comfort. The conductance of the shield is increasing, allowing it to pull heat away. The breathable elastic construction increases the airflow.

Customers looking for a mattress pad that is simple to clean will enjoy the fact that the Brooklyn Bedding Cooling Mattress Protector could be washed, cleaned in cool or warm water then tumble dry on a low heat setting.

The mattress pad provides an extra layer of protection for the mattress, minimizing regular wear and strain. Spills prevent from staining the bed underneath due to the waterproof construction.

Given that the Brooklyn Bedding Cooling Mattress Protector is a thin veil, users should not anticipate adding softness or modifying their mattress’s hardness. It is an excellent choice for customers who seek to preserve their beds from accidents and stains even while increasing the overall permeability of the mattress.

Each Cooling Mattress Protector from Brooklyn Bedding is available for a 30-day sleep trial period. 


  • Allergy Sufferers
  • Hot Sleepers who are Prone to Sweating
  • Fixed Firmness or Comfort Level of their Mattress
  • Provide a safe sleep who want a waterproof mattress protector


  • Expensive

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What is a Mattress Protector?

A mattress protector rests on the top of your mattress and works as a safeguard against spills, bacteria, and allergens. Mattress protectors fit like a duvet cover and cover your mattress’s top and side or completely embrace your bed.

Its main advantage of mattress coverings is that they have generally been fluid-resistant. So, whether you’re winning and eating and spilling your glass and binging Netflix or your dog gets a little too enthusiastic when he wakes you up, protection of the mattress ensures that your bed is not fluidized.

So, You Need a Protective Mattress?

See some interesting statistics you may not realize about your sleeping mattress each night below:

  • Adults Create Around 100 Liters of Sweating a Year in Bed – it’s approximately 26 gallons, or just two beer kegs.
  • Walking from the side to your belly while sleeping, particles trapped in your bed will spread into the air.
  • If you have got a Mattress of Around Seven, you sleep with roughly seventeen million bacteria. It’s a napping party now!
  • Ensure, along with billions of germs, you tell “Hello” to the 1.5 million bed bugs that may live, defecate, and reproduce on your mattress.
  • One Study Revealed that pillows within 1.5 and 20 years could house 4 to 17 distinct fungal species – that amount can be significantly higher for the mattress.

Protecting mattresses are essential items to preserve the surface of mattresses you feel relax. Because not only boosts your mattress’s durability, these are also quite economical and safeguard you against your mattress.

What Does a Mattress Protector Guard Against infections?

Because you know, whenever you sleep, you’re not the only one. How can you defend yourself against all the dangers in your mattress? With just a protective bed.

Here is just a list of what protective mattresses protect:

Dust Mites

The tiny animals are practically undetectable to the naked eye and have a length of less than a millimeter. Fungal spores flourish in warm, moist areas (along with your bed) and are among the most prevalent allergies. The excrement and corpses of dust mites can cause nightly sneezing, flushing nose, cough, itching, throat, eyes, nose or mouth, and asthmatic.


Almost always, the protective coating of a mattress cover is liquid-resistant and prevents spillage from drinks, sweat, body oil, and other fecal matter. If any liquid comes into touch with your mattress protector, it may be washed and dried quickly.


Nearly nothing is better than sitting with your dog, you understand. You can’t resist seeing so many puppy dog eyes and waving tails, particularly when they beg to cuddle as the sunsets. A mattress protector does not ensure that your pet tarnishes your mattress with liquids, dirt, viruses, and other detritus.


Billions of bedding bacteria. Although most do not cause harm, you may sleep quietly during the night, knowing that a mattress guard keeps harmful bacteria away.


Additional microorganisms that might induce allergic symptoms such as runny and sinus infection, headaches, itching, sneezing, asthma, and lung diseases to those sensitive are fungus spores.

Flame Retardants

Many mattress companies or agencies harmful chemicals to inhibit the initiation and progression of flames. While chemical compounds can eliminate or mitigate a fire, they are dangerous for people and the environment.

You can get into the air, and that is why many bedding firms stop this chemical. They can lead to cancer, thyroid problems, adverse health impacts on infants’ growth, and other health problems. When your mattress includes harmful chemicals, a mattress cover will scare them separate.

Skin Cells

The skin changes constantly and recharges every 27 days. Now, where is the whole skin going? In the medium in the atmosphere of cells in the skin. And also, who loves the cells of the skin? Middle powder.

Whenever you sleep, On your mattress, millions of skin cells are stuck throw away. Due to a mattress’s protection, you can keep hair follicles and dust mites from your bed because you may wash it often.

Plasticizers make polymers more flexible, But plasticizers can create numerous health concerns, like asthma, comparable to flame solvents.

What Are the Different Types of Mattress Protectors?

Usually, mattress protectors are splitting into two parts — mattress and fabric. Usually, protection should not leave the uncovered mattress surface for a square facet. Alternatively, you can examine a few distinct sleep geographic data:


The mattress enclosure surrounds your mattresses with a large zipper. Easier to attach or remove, but with 360-degree coverage against any blemishes, filth, and bed insects or mites. 


Like it’s a fleece blanket off the mattress, the front, shoulders, and fitted protection covers the partial base of your coat. The protector fitting is simple to stain blocks and to challenge to fix while allowing some visibility below.

Anchor or Elastic Strap

Mattress protectors contain only the surface of the mattresses with the least protection. This one-surface barrier hold by backpack height on bedding corners.

Much like a fit, the material from a protector might affect your sleep or bedding coverage. And you’ll have a lot more choices to choose from when it came to the fabric. According to your demands, mattress guards can find in a range of organic and inorganic materials such as:

  • Vinyl
  • Wool
  • Cotton
  • Latex
  • Polyester
  • Spandex
  • Polyurethane

Each substance has its distinctive features. Natural choices – like cotton and wool – are noise canceling and can maintain or lower your skin temperature. And these compounds are generally organic and allergic for the green-conscious buyer.

Therefore, you should look at public pool materials such as Vinyl or cotton if you want the most critical protection from spills. We invented our Wet Mattress Protector at Casper to stop track mishaps and to give sleep relaxation.

Our polymeric cotton and spandex create that relaxed, wrinkle-free covering that suits all bed and bedding depths up to 16 cm. Either your mattress is a single or King of California, we have protected you and their mattress.

How Thicker Should My Mattress Protector be?

Mattress guards differ significantly from mattress tops, and their primary purpose is not always to make your bed pleasant – although many may improve your sleeping experience.

Protectors might range among a few millimeters and one inch from any place. Almost all simpler, more conventional toppers are likely around a quarter of an inch in thickness, while more deluxe cushioned goods are half an inch or more.

But note that mattress protectors don’t frequently consist of memory foam, which means excessively thick coverings might flatter with time.

If you’d like a generous amount of extra cushioning, it is worth investing with a less costly protector in a high-quality mattress top. The cover protects your bed from spillage, while the layer adds a few centimeters more Cush.

How do I choose the Best Mattress Protector?

The most excellent mattress protector that you may not be the best mattresses protection for somebody else, but the first item to think about when choosing a mattress protector is what you’re after for it doing in the first place.

Did you buy protection for a kid’s bed, or maybe you have some dogs who can’t help but jump straight after a messy walk? In such a scenario, you’ll probably require watertight protection.

A denser protector as Wool rooms or Avocadoes could be what you want or need since you’re seeking a bit more comfort and less intense protection. Some guard against dust and bedbugs, whereas others help quickly and efficiently correct your burning at night.

Imagine you have something else to figure out. In such a situation, we would recommend reviewing user reviews online or on its website, as this can be reasonably clear from the service provider’s perspective.


Do Mattress Protectors work for Urine?

A wise investment for families with adult or juvenile bed weather may be a mattress protector. Such water-resistant and blemish layers are often manufactured from fabrics such as polyester or nylon and provide total protection against urine harm. These can be useful in protecting the bed against animal stains.

Do Mattress Protectors make the Bed Hot?

The primary purpose of a mattress protector is to preserve the mattress against dirt, spills, and blemishes. It moreover provides a sanitary night’s sleep, functioning as a barrier to both you and the bedding. In addition, your mattress protector’s defined core might cause people to sleep hot as well.

Are our mattress protectors good for back and hip pain?

Although some mattress toppers provide additional cushioning, if you’re seeking significant support, you’ll want to consider upgrading your mattress with such a mattress topper. If you suffer from headaches or have a less than ideal mattress, this can offer you additional depth and tailored support as needed.

What’s the best way to care for my mattress protector?

The maintenance recommendations for various mattress protectors may differ. However, the best approach to look after just a mattress protector would be to prevent unnecessary stress in the first instance.

The good news is that virtually most waterproof protectors are easy to clean; otherwise, they don’t use. It means that if you have an incident, they won’t find a good one.

However, most manufactures will post instructions carefully on their websites, and if you’ve any specific requirements for your protection, your best choice is to check with the original manufacturer.


After reading this article, you should have a good idea about what mattress protector will work best for your needs. If not, please leave a comment below, and we’ll do our best to help you find the perfect fit!

Remember that there is no one size fits all solution when it comes to bedding protection, so make sure you choose wisely before making any purchases. We’re here to help!

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