What is Mattress Edge Support and Why Does It Matter?


What does Edge support do? Edge support is a term for how stable the edges of your mattress are. On the edge, a supportive mattress with good edge support won’t sink. It will also keep you from falling off the bed if you rest closer to the edge. This might be helpful for people who sleep on their side.

You don’t know about edge support and are wondering why is Edge support important and why does mattress edge support matters. When you’re in your bedroom, mattress edge support gives you a stable, long-lasting surface to sit on.

People who have hip or joint pain all the time need to sit on stable edges. The edge is a little harder, which helps people who have trouble getting up from lower steps.

Are you curious to know if can you add edge support to a mattress? To make the edge stronger, you can also add a firm mattress topper. This is only a short-term mattress edge support fix, though, if your mattress is already sinking. Reducing the room temperature may firm the memory foam mattress edge support.

Should you sit on the edge of a mattress? But it would help if you didn’t sit on the edge of your bed for a long time, like when you do your hair or makeup every morning in the same spot. This could cause your mattress to sink in gradually.

Benefits of Good Edge Support in a Mattress

Is Edge support important in a mattress? Edge support can make your mattress more stable, last longer, and reduce motion transfer, all of which can help you get a better night’s sleep.

However, not everyone may need one of the best mattresses with edge support because everyone has their sleep habits and tastes.

Increase Stability and Support

Do you want to know why is edge support important in a mattress? Edge support mattresses make the bed’s sleeping space bigger, and they can also make the bed more stable and supportive overall.

Heavy people put more pressure on beds than light people do, which is why edge support is so important for mattresses for people who weigh a lot.

Prevent Sagging

Putting a high-density foam cover around the mattress is another way to give it edge support. When a person sleeps on this mattress, their weight is spread out more evenly across the whole area. These foam rails keep the edges from sagging or falling over time.

Reduce Motion Transfer

Are you wondering how can I reduce my motion transfer in bed? One of the best things about good edge support is that it makes the whole cushion more stable. When the edges are strengthened, they make a solid border that keeps motion from moving through it.

Ensure Safe Sleeping

A mattress’s edges are robust all around if it has the right kind of edge support. Because of this, you can sit or lie as close to the mattress’ edge as you desire without worrying that you’ll fall off.

Expands Space in Bed

Supportive edges additionally increase the useful sleeping area. This is because it makes your mattress feel more roomy by allowing you to sleep closer to the edge. We discovered that the sleeping surface on all mattress edges with support foam has grown by up to 20%!

Mattress Firmness and Edge Support

What is the difference between support and firmness of a mattress? Mattress firmness is about the overall feel of the mattress, whether it’s soft, medium, or firm. Edge support, on the other hand, focuses on the support and stability provided by the mattress, specifically along its edges.

When you get out of bed, it’s easier to do so without pain if the edges are firm. Mattress edge guards and make the bed area bigger. This is because you can sleep closer to the edge, which makes the mattress feel bigger.

Both factors play a role in determining the comfort and functionality of a mattress, and the ideal combination depends on individual preferences and needs.

Side Sleepers

What mattress firmness is best for side sleeper? We’ve found that side sleepers like mattresses that are medium soft (4) to medium firm (6). However, body types can make tastes different.

Based on the research, side sleepers under 130 pounds generally like a softer model. Side sleepers who weigh more than 230 pounds, on the other hand, often like a harder mattress because it gives them more support.

Back Sleepers

What mattress firmness is best for back sleeper? If you sleep on your back and are lighter, you can go as low as a five firmness, but not much lower. For back sleepers who carry a lot of weight, an eight-hardness may be too firm.

They need just the right amount of pressure relief to make a good sleeping surface. Other than that, Back sleepers want a mattress that gives them a lot of support.

Stomach Sleepers

What firmness level is best for stomach sleepers? People between 130 and 230 pounds liked the firm side better. People over 230 pounds who slept on their stomachs were equally happy on the firm and extra firm sides.

Fewer curves and a strong support core should keep the middle from sinking, which happens a lot when stomach sleepers lie on softer beds.

Combination Sleepers

What mattress firmness is ideal for combination sleepers? A more supportive mattress is necessary for people who weigh more than 230 pounds to sleep on a combo mattress without developing pressure sores.

People who sleep mostly on their sides should choose a mattress with an average stiffness. People who sleep on their back and stomachs should choose a mattress with a firmer feel.

Heavier Sleepers

What mattress firmness is best for heavy person? Heavy people typically require more support and descend deeper into the mattress than average-weight sleepers.

Lightweight Sleepers

What type of mattress is best for light sleepers? Memory foam beds are very good at relieving pressure because they mold your body’s shape.

A memory foam mattress with a soft to medium level of firmness will provide appropriate support and contouring comfort for sleepers who weigh less than 150 pounds without causing them to sink too far.

Edge Support vs. Mattress Material – Which Is More Important?

Is mattress edge support important? Edge support is an important part of making a mattress for heavy people. Getting the best materials is important for edge support.

From foam to steel rods or bigger coils on the outside of the mattress than the ones in the middle. For some coil 101, border rods bend easily, and coils that are too thick can be painful.

Memory Foam Mattress

Does memory foam have edge support? Three levels of memory foam are very firm and have a design that lets air flow through them. This helps you stay cool while you sleep.

It also has edge support so you can sleep anywhere without the mattress sinking, and the cover can be taken off to keep it fresh.

Latex Mattress

Even though rubber doesn’t have any springs or coils, it is still more supportive than foam. Since latex mattresses don’t have any supportive springs, they don’t usually have any edge support unless they are carefully made.

Hybrid Mattress

Hybrids have luxury layers made of foam or latex and the coil systems of regular innerspring. As a result, the balance of temperature regulation, edge support, pressure relief, and responsiveness are rarely found in other mattress kinds.

Innerspring Mattress

What mattress types have better edge support? Innerspring and hybrid models usually have stronger edges than other types because of their coil support systems.

This is especially true for models that are reinforced with stronger coils around the edges or polyfoam around the outside.

Do I Need Extra Edge Support?

Individuals who are 230 pounds or heavier may find a mattress with a thicker edge to be more advantageous, as the perimeter becomes more readily absorbed under pressure.

Individuals weighing under 130 pounds or who rarely utilize the mattress’s margins may not place as much emphasis on edge support.

A mattress with support around the edges is best for people who sleep on their back or stomach. People who sleep on their sides don’t have to worry as much about edge support because they like softer mattresses.

People who sleep on their backs or stomachs need a firmer mattress. This will help keep your spine straight.

Can Edge Support Prevent Mattress Sagging?

In addition, edge support can help the bed last longer by keeping it from sinking and making it more stable overall. Most of the time, you might not realize that a model has strong edge support. But if the edges of a mattress are really weak, it’s hard to ignore.

Why does my mattress sag at the edges? If the edges aren’t supported well, things can sag and move around, and it might even be easier to fall out of bed.

That’s why it’s crucial to have tried-and-true edge support for a comfortable night’s sleep. Now, you may sleep well without bothering over the mattress’s edge support.


In conclusion, the significance of mattress edge support reviews cannot be overstated, as they directly impact the overall comfort and longevity of your sleep surface.

The benefits of good edge support extend beyond just preventing the uncomfortable feeling of sliding off the bed; it plays a crucial role in providing stability for activities near the edge, such as sitting or getting in and out of bed.

Recognizing the need for extra edge support depends on individual habits and requirements, and it’s an aspect worth considering when choosing a mattress.

Ultimately, investing in good edge support not only enhances comfort but also has the potential to prevent mattress sagging, ensuring a more durable and supportive sleep surface over time.


Can I add edge support to an existing mattress?

A firm mattress topper and sturdy mattress base can help improve the bed’s feel. Adding edge support to a mattress may not always work. It may also change the mattress’s feel.

How can I make my mattress more supportive?

Enhancing the support of your mattress can be achieved through various measures. You can use a mattress topper, add plywood between the mattress and the bed frame, swap it for a firmer mattress, replace the divan base, invest in a new bed frame or slats, flip or rotate your mattress regularly, keep your bedding flat and air the mattress out to make a mattress more supportive.

How do I improve edge support?

Using the best materials is essential for mattress edge support, from foam to steel rods or additional coils that are thicker than the mattress’s center. Border rods bend rather easily for some coil 101, and larger coils might be uncomfortable.

Does every mattress need extra edge support?

Edge support is less important to people under 130 pounds and those who rarely use the mattress’ perimeter.Lighter sleepers compress less, so even weak edges may feel supportive.

Can a mattress lose its edge support over time?

Proper edge support requires a solid bed frame or foundation. It stabilizes the mattress and supports the edges. Without a stable foundation, mattress edges may sag or lose stiffness.

How can mattress edge support impact sleep quality?

Comfort is vital, and edge support keeps your mattress cozy. This avoids bed sagging with time so that you won’t sleep on one side. Good, solid edges protect mattress construction and components for years.

Can all mattress types provide good edge support?

The best mattress edge support is typically found in mattresses with coil cores and reinforced perimeters; however, many firm mattress models also perform well in this area. Since spring systems offer greater pushback than foam, their edges are usually stable.

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Our dedicated team of experts, with more than two years of experience in the bedding industry, is committed to helping you achieve your best sleep yet. From in-depth reviews to comprehensive guides, we cover almost every aspect of sleep products, including mattresses, pillows, bed frames, and accessories. Explore our website and discover why we're the go-to resource for all things sleep-related.

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