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RV Mattress Sizes and Dimensions Guide

RV Mattress Sizes

RV Mattress Sizes Chart

Most of the time, you are curious to know what size are RV mattresses. If you want to know what RV mattress size you should get, here it is:

RV Mattress SizesDimensions (Width x Length)
RV Bunk Mattress Size28” x 75” 30” x 75” 30” x 80” 34” x 75” 35” x 79”
RV Full53” x 75” 54” x 75” 55” x 75
Three-Quarter48” x 75” 48” x 80”
RV Short Queen60” x 74” 60” x 75”
RV Queen60” x 80”
RV Short King72″ X 75″
RV King72” x 80”
Eastern King76” x 80”
RV California King72” x 84”

RV Mattress Sizes

There are different kinds of beds for RVs, such as hybrid, memory foam, latex, and innerspring. People have other ideas about the most comfortable type, but memory foam and rubber are often chosen because they relieve pressure.

So, do RVs need special mattresses? Any mattress will do in an RV, although there are better options. A foam mattress is generally the best choice because of how small and heavy an RV is.

Can I use a standard mattress in an RV? A standard queen-size mattress (60” x 80”) will fit in many high-end RVs, but these sizes are also where weight issues arise, so you need an RV mattress.

If you’re a traveler or a road trip enthusiast, you may wonder what size is a typical RV mattress? The dimension of a full-size RV mattress is 53” x 75”.

RV Bunk Mattress Size

What size are the bunk beds in travel trailers? This size fits the particular sleeping areas with many family-friendly RVs. Some of the most popular RV bunk bed mattress sizes are 28” x 75”, 30” x 75”, 30” x 80”, 32” x 74”, 34” x 75”, and 35” x 79”.

Truck Mattress Size

What size is a truck mattress? A 42 “x 80” mattress can fit in most 18-wheelers. Most people have this type. But the forms and dimensions will be different. Standard truck sleeper sizes also come in 38” x 80”, 36” x 76”, 35” x 79”, and 32” x 79”.

RV Twin & Twin XL Mattress Size

What size is an RV twin mattress? There are a lot of twin beds in small RVs and campers because they are small and can fit anywhere. RV twin mattresses are 28 by 75 or 28 by 80 inches. You can choose a size based on camper space.

Do twin and twin XL fit the same? No, length is the primary distinction between twin and twin XL sizes. Both types are 38–39 inches wide, yet there is a total 5 inches difference in length.

Short RV Full-Size Mattress aka Three Quarter Mattress

What size is an RV three-quarter bed? A three-quarter mattress is usually 48 inches by 75 inches long enough for two kids or one adult to sleep easily.

RV Short Queen Mattress Size

An RV short queen mattress is also called an RV queen. You can fit these mattresses in small areas and take them with you in your RV. What is a Short Queen size? A short queen has a surface area of 4,500 square inches and measures 60 by 75 inches.

How does the RV queen differ from a queen mattress? It is known as the short queen, or the RV or camper queen. Short queen mattresses have the same width as conventional queens but are five inches shorter. You might guess why the short queen is dubbed the RV queen.

RV Short King Mattress Size

What size is a short king RV mattress? If their camper has ample room, large families may decide for RV king-size mattresses. A short king-size bed in an RV typically measures 72 by 75 inches.

RV Standard King Mattress Size

What are the measurements of an RV king-size mattress? They typically measure 72 by 80 inches, accommodating four children or a couple comfortably in an RV.

Are Eastern King and King beds the same? Eastern king beds are conventional king beds. It is 76 by 80 inches, like a king bed. Eastern king mattresses are roomy and ideal for couples who co-sleep with children or pets.

Suppose you are already familiar with standard king-size mattresses but don’t know how the RV king mattress differs from a traditional king mattress. A short king mattress for an RV is five inches shorter than a regular king, making it more comfortable for small areas. Often found in motorhomes, RVs, and campers, it’s 4 inches narrower than a typical king for constrained spaces.

RV Full or Double Size Mattress

What size is an RV double? A 53-by-75-inch bed in an RV is considered a full or double bed.

RV California King-Size Mattress

Could you provide the dimensions of an RV California King mattress? The dimensions of a California King mattress for an RV are 72 inches in width and 84 inches in length.

RV Mattress Types

Are RV mattresses different? RV beds are usually shorter or slimmer to fit in various RV locations. No mattress size has a standard height or thickness. Most retail RV mattresses are rectangles that sleep one or two people.

Memory foam, rubber, innerspring, hybrid, and airbeds are some of the best RV mattresses today.

1. Hybrid & Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring mattresses are built with a reliable coil technology that has served the industry well for decades. Traditionally, innersprings have been constructed with little or no layers above the springs, relying entirely on the coils for support.

A hybrid mattress has an innerspring core with a foam comfort layer on top. Their responsiveness is reminiscent of innerspring models, and the pressure-relieving properties of foam are combined.

Hybrid beds are designed to solve modern sleep issues like motion transfer and ensure that people can sleep in positions that are good for their curved backs. Most coil beds are firmer, are made to last long, and have more bounce.

2. Memory Foam Mattress

A memory foam mattress has a layer of memory foam on top of the springs or support foam. The heat from your body softens memory foam and makes it fit your shape. This gives fantastic support and comfort.

Memory foam will slowly spring back to its original shape after being pressed on. Over time, it will remember your body shape and the best way to sleep, which is how it got its name.

3. Latex Mattress

Latex foam can be made from both natural and artificial products. Latex from rubber trees is natural, so the mattress has no complex chemicals.

Foam is made from tree sap that is frothed up and cooked. A lot of people who want an eco-friendly organic mattress, choose this one.

Latex foam is combined with either springs or reflex foam in a latex mattress to provide a sturdy and supportive sleeping surface.

4. Air Mattress

Air beds are made to keep you from getting pressure sores in the first place. A lot of people call them “anti-decubitus mattresses.” Because it moves differently, the airflow stops the pressure from building up.

Airbeds have problems like breaking down mechanically, leaking, mold growth, inability to breathe, not lasting long, noise, middle dividers, and hard to use. Different makers have tried to fix some of these problems, but they are still unresolved.

Custom Mattresses: Special Corners in RV Beds

There are a lot of different sizes and types of RV beds and bunk mattresses that can be used in campers and other recreational vehicles. Here comes the handmade mattress, whose corners are cut or shaped to fit perfectly into bunk beds that aren’t round.

These are three ways that they are different from regular beds and home mattresses:

  1. Rounded: Compared to a typical mattress, the corner radius of this design is narrower.
  2. Angled: One corner of this design has been sliced off or cut more than once.
  3. Notched: The corner of this pattern mattress is cut in an L shape.

You might also have a Hinged Mattress. One part of this mattress folds up, so it’s easy to store. Many RVs have these kinds of mattresses in beds that slide out, beds that fold up, or couch sleepers.

Do RVs need a special mattress? If the sleeping area in your RV doesn’t have room for a standard-size bed, you might want to get one made just for you.

Custom Mattress Makers offers a selection of width and length variations to ensure a perfect and cozy fit for RVs of any size.

How to measure your RV bed

A very common question is how to find the right size mattress for my RV. You can use your old bunk bed or the space in your RV bed to measure.

Find out how tall, wide, and long it is, and if you want to add a cushion/ feather topper, add an inch or two. RV mattresses are available in a greater variety of sizes than regular mattresses.

How do I know what size my RV mattress is? Use a measuring tape to determine the RV’s custom size for your bed or camper. Measure your previous bunk mattress or RV sleeping area. Add an inch or two to the height, width, and length if you want to add a mattress topper.


What distinguishes a standard mattress from an RV mattress?

To fit in RVs’ various locations, RV beds are usually shorter or slimmer than a regular mattress. No mattress size has a standard height or thickness. Most retail RV mattresses are rectangles that sleep one or two people.

How thick should an RV mattress be?

Do RV mattresses have a specific thickness? RV slide-out beds need cushions that are 5 or 6 inches thick. Most of the time, they can’t fit beds more than 6 inches wide. For regular RV beds, on the other hand, any mattress will work.

Will a full-size mattress fit in a camper?

Can you put a full-size mattress in an RV? There is a good chance that a regular mattress is a few inches too high for most RV beds. It might also be too big for an RV bunk and could drag it down.

What size mattress is in most campers?

The majority of campers use 53” x 75” RV Full-size beds.


Choosing the right RV mattress size ensures a comfortable and enjoyable RV lifestyle. Understanding the various RV mattress sizes and considering your needs can transform your mobile home into a cozy haven on the road.

RV mattress sizes come in various dimensions, each catering to specific needs and preferences. Whether you’re a solo traveler or part of a couple, there’s a perfect fit for you.

Custom options are available for those with unique sleeping areas, ensuring your RV feels like home. To maintain the comfort and durability of your RV mattress, consider replacing it every 5-8 years.

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