How to Clean an Air Mattress 5 Easy Steps & Tips


Air mattresses are great for guests and can quickly make a bed in any room. It’s impossible to clean them like a conventional mattress because of their fragile material.

On the other hand, air mattresses are easy and quick to clean. Once they are clean, you should keep them in good shape and fix them when they break.

In this guide, we’ll talk about how to clean an air mattress, why it’s important to clean it every so often, and what you can do to stop mold from growing.

How to Clean Your Air Mattress- Step-by-Step Guide

Let’s say your guests stayed for a week and slept on your bed while there. You should clean your air mattress very well before putting it away.

If you put it away dirty, intending to clean it later, you’re more likely to forget, and any smells or moisture still on it could soak in or make mold or mildew growth.

1. Unplug it from the Power Source

Most contemporary air mattresses use electric pumps that expand into a wall outlet or a battery.

If you want to clean your mattress without risk of electrocution, you must first remove it from power and move it away from any outlets.

If the pump is removable, you should take it off the bed to have more room to move around while you clean the airbed.

In case your air mattress has a built-in pump, you’ll need to be careful not to get any liquid on the battery, which could damage it.

2. Remove all the Sheets

The next step is to strip the air mattress of its coverings. The best course of action is to toss these into the washing machine before you clean the mattress.

Keep in mind that if you leave your air mattress out all the time, you will need to wash the sheets at least once a week.

Your air mattress is low to the ground, so dirt and dust can easily settle between the sheets.

3. Vacuum the Air Mattress

Lastly, before washing your mattress with a cleaning solution, you should vacuum it well to eliminate any dust and dirt on the outside.

Without the air in the mattress, it cannot be easy to get into the creases and folds for a thorough cleaning.

When vacuuming an air mattress, move the hose attachment carefully down the surface, covering the entire surface area.

Then it would help if you continued to the mattress’s borders before turning it over to clean its underside.

4. Clean the Air Mattress with a Soft Cloth

Air mattresses can be cleaned with a gentle cloth and some rubbing alcohol once all the debris has been removed.

Clean the air mattress, paying special attention to any spots that might have gotten dirty. This should help you get rid of a lot of dirt and grime.

If there are any remaining stains or dirt after using the cloth, a small bit of rubbing alcohol should do the trick.

Rinse the soft cloth, and then use it to clean the area. If you keep doing this, you should be able to clean your mattress at some point.

Don’t let any water or moisture inside the air mattress. This can lead to the growth of mold and bacteria. In the end, it will ruin your air mattress.

5. Allow the Air Mattress to Dry Out

After taking your air mattress down, you’ll need to let it dry. The mattress should be left out in the sun to dry if the weather is warm.

This might assist you in getting rid of any lingering moisture and in getting rid of offensive odors.

It’s best to dry the air mattress while it’s inflated to ensure that any creases or folds get completely dry.

Most of the time, your mattress will be dry after three to five hours.

Once the procedure is complete, you can bring it inside and rearrange your mattress. Just replace the clean linens on your bed and store the mattress until you need it again.

It’s not as difficult as you may imagine cleaning an air mattress. If you stick to the above guidelines, cleaning your mattress should be simple.

Assuming you give your mattress a good cleaning once every few months, it should last for years.

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How to Wash an Air Mattress

Your air mattress needs to be washed now. To wash your mattress by hand using a towel immersed in your cleaning solution, follow these steps: whether you want to deep-clean it or spot-clean it.

If the manufacturer’s instructions don’t specifically say it’s okay, you should never wash your air mattress in a machine.

Here is more information about how to clean an air mattress lightly, clean it deeply, and dry it.

Light Cleaning

If the top layer of your air mattress is velvety, it’s best to only clean stained areas instead of the whole thing.

You can spot-clean your mattress by doing the following:

  1. Put your cleaning solution on a washcloth or sponge and squeeze it out.
  2. Use the cloth to gently blot any stains, working from the stain’s edges toward the center.
  3. Wet a clean towel with water and dab the affected areas to remove any remaining soap.
  4. Do this process again for each stain.

You can also use a soft-bristled scrub brush if washing the spots gently with the towel doesn’t do the trick.

Deep Cleaning

If your air mattress is mostly made of plastics like polyvinyl chloride or polyurethane, you can be sure that deep cleaning won’t hurt the plastic.

To do a Standard Deep Cleaning:

  1. Put your cleaning solution on a clean cloth.
  2. Wring the cloth to get rid of any extra water.
  3. Use the cloth to clean the mattress, pressing harder on stained or very dirty spots.
  4. Wipe up any extra soap with a clean, damp cloth.

To Get Rid of Cat or Human Poop on the Mattress:

  1. First, use a clean, dry cloth to dab the area to remove urine gently.
  2. Apply baking soda to the troubled region and let it remain for a while before removing it with a damp cloth.
  3. Mix equal vinegar and water, and then rub this mixture into the dirty area.
  4. Continue doing steps 2 and 3 until the pee stain is gone.

To Clean your Air Mattress of Mold or Mildew:

  1. Soak a cloth in warm water and alcohol, then wring it out well.
  2. Use a cloth to scrub the moldy area.
  3. Use a warm-water-soaked cloth to rinse the area.
  4. Spray a fabric disinfectant on the mattress to eliminate any still smells.

Drying Out Your Air Mattress

When you’ve finished washing your air mattress, letting it dry in the sun is the quickest and most convenient option.

However, you can also position your bed close to a fan to hasten the drying process if it’s chilly or rainy outside.

Rubber or plastic mattresses dry very fast when left to air out. It could take several hours for softer textiles like velvet and velour to dry completely.

Inflating the mattress while it dries will help you finish the procedure faster by preventing moisture from building up in the folds.

Fundamentals of Cleaning an Air Bed Mattress

The following are some of the principles involved in cleaning air bed mattresses:

Clean Regularly

It’s best to clean the mattress every time you use it to keep it clean. If this isn’t done every week, once a month should suffice.

Depending on how often you use it, it must be cleaned at least once every season. But if you see mold or mildew on an air mattress or bed, you should clean them to kill the mold.

Cleaning with Mild Soap and Water

Spit a few drops of gentle soap into your water bowl. Then, use the soap and water to wet a clean towel.

Next, use this cloth to gently scrub each foam area, paying close attention to any stains. Last, let your mattress dry by itself.

Wipe Pumps with Damp Cloths

You can generate gentle detergent on the air mattress pump and use any wet cloth. Then, dry it off before letting it dry in the air.

Sprinkling Baking Soda

Baking soda can be sprinkled on the air mattress. Even though you need to cover the mattress lightly, you don’t need a lot of baking soda.

It would be best to let it sit for a few minutes before vacuuming.

Use Water and Vinegar

You can purchase a solution that is equal parts vinegar and water.

One cup of water and one cup of vinegar should be combined, and then the liquid should be applied to your mattress using a towel or sponge.

After cleaning it with water, let it dry completely by air.

Mixing Water and Isopropyl Alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol and warm water can be combined in a bucket or basin. Then, use this mix to wet your sponge.

To proceed, use the sponge to scrub an air mattress. Then let it dry in the air when you’re done.

Application of Disinfectant

You can eliminate mold or mildew on your mattress with disinfectants like Lysol.

You should immediately spray this chemical over the affected area when you see mildew or mold growth.

This disinfectant will kill the spores that can lead to mold growth in the future. It keeps mold from growing.

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Why You Should Clean Your Air Mattress

If you’ve never thought about cleaning your air mattress, you might wonder if it needs to be done regularly.

Your air mattress gathers debris from the floor every time you put it up, including hair, grime, and dust.

Additionally, people who use your blow-up bed while they sleep leave behind sweat and dead skin cells, which assemble over time.

Last, mold and mildew can grow on an air mattress if stored in a dark, damp place like a basement or closet.

All of these things add to the overall cleanliness of your mattress.

Useful Cleaning Supplies for Air Mattresses

Now that your mattress is ready, it’s time to get your cleaning supplies together. Your desired level of cleaning will determine the specific products you require.

  1. We suggest using a warm water and dish soap solution to give your polyvinyl air mattress a regular, thorough cleaning.
  2. Baking soda and vinegar will help eliminate scents when removing cat or human pee from the bed.
  3. If mold or mildew is on the mattress, we suggest using one solution of one part water and one part rubbing alcohol to clean it.

Mold Prevention on Air Mattresses

Keeping mold and mildew from growing in the first place can make the mattress last longer and save you money.

Here are some ways to keep your airbed from getting mold:

  1. Dry your mattress completely before putting it away. After washing your bed, ensure it is completely dry before putting it away.
  2. Store your air mattress someplace dry and well-ventilated to avoid condensation.
  3. Cover it up: If mold development persists, investing in a vinyl zip cover may be the best action. Since these covers are frequently machine-washable, you can wash them frequently to avoid mold growth and maintain the cleanliness of the mattress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can rubbing alcohol be used to clean an air mattress?

Alcohol is usable if it is diluted with water. Just be careful not to use it frequently, as it could eventually eat away at the vinyl.

How should I dry a queen-size air mattress?

The warm sun is ideal for this. A fan can facilitate a gradual drying process, which is another alternative.

Can you wash an air mattress in a washer?

The electric pump makes that impossible. The pump will break, and the mattress will be useless. Only clean your sports gear as directed.

How should you clean an air mattress?

The ideal cleaning solution for an air mattress is mild washing soap and clean water. After that, neutralize lingering scents with baking soda.

A mixture of white vinegar and clean water can treat mold on air mattresses.

Is there anything you can spray on an air mattress to clean it?

A mixture of white vinegar and water is one of the most effective sprays for cleaning air mattresses.

How can an air mattress be dried?

An air bed can be dried in a few different ways. The mattress can be exposed to the sun as one method.

The sun will aid in the water’s evaporation. The use of a fan is another option. The fan will aid in air circulation and fasten the drying process.

Is it safe to spray Lysol on my air mattress?

The Lysol disinfectant spray will kill 99.9% of the germs on your air mattress, so it is safe to use.

How many different ways are there to clean an air mattress?

An air mattress can be cleaned in two ways: deeply and lightly. These cleaning techniques also apply to Casper mattresses stored in boxes.


Here are some of the best ways how to clean an air mattress. Make sure you read everything to have the best time sleeping.

Whether you sleep on an air or memory foam mattress doesn’t matter. Your body undergoes significant changes while you sleep, so you must do so on a clean mattress.

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Our dedicated team of experts, with more than two years of experience in the bedding industry, is committed to helping you achieve your best sleep yet. From in-depth reviews to comprehensive guides, we cover almost every aspect of sleep products, including mattresses, pillows, bed frames, and accessories. Explore our website and discover why we're the go-to resource for all things sleep-related.

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