How to Get Pee Out of a Mattress


Parents will generally tolerate their child getting into bed with them at night, but nobody enjoys waking up to smelly sheets because the kid has wet the bed. Worst of all, wetting the bed requires that you get up and take action right away. When the urine sits for a longer period, it will be more challenging to clean the pee from the mattress. It is first necessary to wash the mattress to get rid of the urine odor. Because it’s supported by scientific research, you can do it.  

How to Clean Urine from a Mattress

  1. Keep the bedding as clean as possible, strip the bed, and place all the bedding in the washing machine as soon as possible.
  2. Gather necessary materials. Washing and cleaning will be challenging. You will need vinegar, baking soda, water, a spray bottle, a vacuum, and a few cleaning towels.
  3. To absorb as much liquid as possible, use a damp towel or paper towels to blot the moist areas gently. Avoid rubbing or scrubbing the mattress, as this increases the risk of pushing the urine into the mattress.
  4. Put water and vinegar into a spray bottle and then create a solution with equal parts of both.
  5. Apply a solution of vinegar to the affected area.
  6. Blot the area with towels again to remove excess moisture.
  7. Baking soda should be used generously to cover the area.
  8. Allow as much time as possible for the baking soda to settle on the mattress. At a minimum, eight hours is recommended.
  9. Remove the baking soda with a vacuum cleaner and inspect the mattress for stains and urine odors.
  10. Repeat steps 5 – 9 as required to delete the odor and stains.

This method often removes the odor of urine from a mattress and prevents lasting stains. Utilize a sufficient amount of baking soda and provide enough time for it to absorb any extra moisture.

How to Clean Dry Urine From a Mattresses

To get dried urine out of your mattress, you’ll need a spray bottle filled with hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, liquid detergent, and a handheld vacuum cleaner.

Step 1

Add 1 cup of Hydrogen Peroxide, 3-tablespoons of Baking Soda, and 2-3 drops of dish soap to your spray bottle. Instead of shaking the bottle, swirl it a few times.

Step 2

For urine stains, be sure to use a generous amount of spray and cover everything evenly.

Step 3

Allow the mixture to rest until it is dry; you should notice a coating of baking soda residue appear.

Step 4

Make sure that you wipe off the residue, and you will be all set! You can continue doing this procedure until they’ve been removed for stains that are still apparent or a urine odor is still there. It is better to allow the combination to settle and work for a longer period before repeating these steps. Leave your bottle in the sink, so you don’t have to clean up two messes in one day.

How to Clean Old Stains from mattress

After it has dried, urine creates an unpleasant yellow residue in our mattress. Hydrogen peroxide is required to get rid of these kinds of stains. Hydrogen peroxide breaks down the urine’s chromophore, making the chemical composition of the urine different.

However, it should be noted that hydrogen peroxide should not be used on fabrics of a different color because of its bleaching effects. In addition, the condition of mattresses made with foam could deteriorate, resulting in mattresses that have a lumpy and worn surface.

When it comes to non-foam pillow toppers and innerspring mattresses, hydrogen peroxide solution is the best. By contrast, it should not be used on memory foam, latex, hybrid, or foam pillow top mattress.

What you will need

  • Baking soda is used to remove dry pee stains and lingering odors.
  • Hydrogen peroxide is used to remove the bold stain and kill bacteria.
  • Dishwashing liquid detergent that penetrates and degrades uric acid while reducing the odor.
  • The solution is dispensed using a spray bottle.
  • Vacuum to pick up remaining baking soda & solution residue.

Step 1

To clean a dry stain, sprinkle baking soda over the area and use an old toothbrush or a dry cloth to push it into the mattress’s fabric. Allow the baking soda to rest until it darkens. Baking soda that has been darkened is a symptom of urine absorption. Once it is sufficiently blackened, you can vacuum it dry. Always follow this procedure until the baking soda remains white to get maximum results.

Step 2

Next, mix up 3-teaspoons of baking soda, 8 ounces of hydrogen peroxide, and a few drops of liquid dish detergent in a bowl. Combine the three components, then fill a spray bottle with the solution. Instead of mixing the components in a spray bottle, we recommend combining them in a bowl to avoid creating a large amount of foam from shaking the spray container.

Step 3

Use even coverage of the urine stain remover, but avoid soaking it. Allow the mixture to remain until it has finished drying. An open window or a fan pointed toward it might help dry things faster.

Step 4

Allow the mixture to dry completely before using your vacuum to suck up any residual.

How to Clean Strong Smelling Stains

How to Clean Smelling Stains

Ammonia is present in higher concentrations in urine if someone is dehydrated, has bladder stones, has an infection, or is suffering from some other disease. It’s also possible that pet accidents may have a stronger ammonia smell.

Ammonia’s strong aroma lingers long enough to keep you awake. Thankfully, enzyme-based cleaners were created expressly to get rid of unpleasant odors.

Enzymes called protease and bacteria that are entirely natural are also found in these cleaners. Because of these protease enzymes, protein-based stains such as urine are digested into small particles that nourish the indigenous bacteria. Once the bacteria have ingested the small amounts of urine, they evaporate and turn into carbon dioxide and water.

Enzymatic cleaners are the most successful at removing urine stains and odors, but before using them on an actual mattress stain, run a spot test on a non-visible region of the mattress. Then, follow the cleaning suggestions given on the product if your enzyme cleanser does not stain your mattress.

How to Dry Your Mattress

Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned your mattress, allow it to dry completely. Failure to accomplish this stage will lead to other, more significant issues. For example, if your mattress gets wet, it may start to smell musty, or even mold and mildew could form. It is said if that does happen, you should consider purchasing a new mattress.

You can dry your mattress by using several ways after blotting the stain. One method is to use a hairdryer on high heat. Then move back and forth over the wet place for 15 to 20 minutes.

It is best to wait for the stained area to completely cool down before assessing whether it is dry or not. Use an alternate drying method if residual dampness remains after 30 minutes.

Flip the mattress and place it against a wall or an object that can hold it securely. Have a fan blowing down both sides of the mattress to help circulate the air. To circulate the air, open any closed windows and turn on your ceiling fan. The space heater should be aimed toward the mattress to avoid creating a fire hazard.

Your mattress is also best placed outside while the weather is nice. To avoid having your experiment sitting on the ground, position it on platforms such as concrete blocks to maximize air-to-ground contact. Then, allow the surface to air-dry in direct sunlight for a few hours.

How to Prevent Future Stains & Odors

How to Prevent Stains and Odors on a Mattress

Stains and odors on your mattress can be prevented by making sure the mattress is protected correctly. When purchasing a mattress protector, we recommend getting one that is fully waterproof.

Using a regular cleaning schedule for bedding will help to reduce the occurrence of unpleasant smells on your mattress. We recommend washing sheets and pillows once a week.

How to Get Dog or Cat Pee Out of a Mattress

How to Get Dog or Cat Pee Out of a Mattress

Because animal urine is made up of different compounds, it tends to be more concentrated and has a stronger odor. Therefore, it is also essential to make sure that all pet urine is eliminated so that an animal can go back to the same spot where it previously urinated.

What you’ll need

  • Baking soda
  • Vacuum
  • Enzyme cleaner
  • White vinegar
  • Essential oil (optional)
  • The same approach shown above, with just a few minor adjustments, is used to remove pet urine from a mattress.

Step 1: Apply Baking Soda Directly to Stain

 Instead of blotting up urine with a towel, use the baking powder to treat the surface as soon as possible. When urine collects in the mattress, baking soda (a very effective absorber of moisture) becomes darker in color and absorbs the water.

Step 2: Vacuum Powder and Repeat

Dilute fresh baking soda with hot water and clean soiled powder from the area. Let the filthy powder continue to soak up the pee. While you’re waiting for the baking soda to whiten, keep repeating.

Step 3: Clean Mattress as Normal

To get all of the pee in the mattress cleaned up, extract as much of the urine as possible from the mattress. Then clean the urine as you would with human urine. To remove the stain, you will have to repeat the process.

Step 4: For Stronger Odors, Try an Enzyme Cleaner

While animal urine is far more concentrated than human pee, it also contains extra constituents, including carbohydrates and fatty acids (in dogs) and ammonia (in dogs and other animals) (in dogs and cats). Using an enzyme-based cleaner that speeds up the chemical reaction may help break down these less easy-to-treat components.

Be careful to verify that the enzyme cleaner is safe for pets and that the solution does not include any harmful ingredients. You will most likely find enzyme cleansers at your local pet store, or you can buy them online.

Step 5: Avoid Toxic or Chemical Products

Enzymes have been proven to be non-toxic; they must be used carefully if any enzyme cleaners are used. Please do not use any non-animal-safe chemicals, such bleach, hydrogen peroxide, or regular household cleaners, as they are not specified as safe for animals.

Step 6: Avoid Accidents with Pet Repellents

Your pet’s sense of smell may still be able to detect residual pee chemicals you can’t see. One should use a pet-friendly repellant to prevent further accidents, as animals return to the same areas they’ve peed before to do so.

Frequently Ask Questions – FAQs

Getting urine stains out of your mattress is straightforward if you use these instructions. You may have other queries along the way. Following are a few of the most commonly mentioned factors you should keep in mind when cleaning your mattress.

 How Long Does It Take for Pee to Dry on a Mattress?

The average drying time for urine on a mattress is two to four hours, therefore treat it as soon as possible. The drying time for liquids on a mattress depends on the amount of liquid, how deeply it is absorbed, and how long it takes for the liquid to evaporate. While mattresses may require up to 8-10 hours to dry completely after being cleaned with a vinegar solution, a spill or accident will dry much more rapidly.

What Gets Rid of the Smell of Urine?

It not only cleans urine stains but also removes residual odors. For example, baking soda is a natural odor neutralizer, while white vinegar is an effective odor remover.

As tempting as it may be, you should never use harsh chemicals or cleaners like bleach to clean your mattress. In addition, residual contaminants in the cloth can be damaging to your health.

Is it the same process for pet urine?

Except for one exception, of course. It is essential to be especially vigilant while getting rid of the odor after your pet has urinated on the bed. Since pets have such sensitive noses, they will continue to urinate in the same place, even if they don’t detect even the slightest smell of pee.

You probably won’t smell anything once you get rid of the stain since it was a small human being that caused the problem. However, even if your pet is at fault, you need to remove any lingering smell to absolve yourself of guilt. Enzymatic cleaners are beneficial if there is a pet accident.

How Do You Dry A Mattress After Wetting the Bed?

To remove the moisture from a damp mattress, wipe the area dry with a clean towel, then sprinkle it with vinegar or baking soda. Allow enough time for the mattress to dry, as you will have to sleep somewhere for the rest of the night.

How do you prevent urine accidents from reaching your mattress?

Using waterproof mattress protectors prevents any urine spots from setting in. They also require less maintenance. A mishap should be followed by replacing the mattress covering and other potentially contaminated bedding. You will also keep dust mites, mold, and bacteria off your bed using a mattress protector.

Do air fresheners get rid of urine smell?

Urine cannot be removed by air fresheners, though they may hide the smell. Thus, hence, they will not permanently remove the urine smell from your bed. If you want to rid the area of the unpleasant smell, you will have to lift and remove the stain will require an enzyme, like a protease or hydrogen peroxide, or vinegar and baking soda.

A Clean Mattress Is a Healthy Mattress

One of the most important things you can do to keep your mattress in the best condition for a restful sleep is to know how to remove pee from it. To have a comfortable night’s sleep, removing odors is as essential as removing stains. Not only will this help your mattress last longer, but you will know to preserve your mattress for many years to come.


One of the most important things you can do to keep your mattress in the best condition for a restful sleep is to know how to remove pee from it. It is important to sleep in an odor-free environment to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep. A skill that can remove stains from your mattress without affecting the materials is also helpful in prolonging the lifespan of your bed.

A simple household item will most often be enough to get rid of pee stains and rid the house of unpleasant odors. You should use one of the ways above, and before you know it, your mattress will look and smell brand new.

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