13 Most Comfortable Mattress in 2023


Whoever sleeps on a lumpy sofa bed or a sluggish old mattress can say to you the same thing: comfort is important. Not only can a comfortable mattress help you have a restful night’s sleep, but it can also relieve pressure, align your spine, and make you feel refreshed and not sluggish.

The best mattress definition varies from person to person. That’s why it can be overwhelming to shop for a new bed.

We’ll share the most comfortable mattresses with our choices. Although they might not be ideal for all people, most people will feel comfortable with these mattresses. We will also clarify factors that may affect which mattress you feel most relaxed about.

Disclaimer: We independently review all recommended products. If you buy through our links, we may earn a commission. For more details read our Affiliate Disclosure.

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Our Top 13 Most Comfortable Mattresses

  1. Nectar – Best Value Comfortable Mattress for Side Sleeper
  2. Layla – Most Comfortable Memory Foam Mattress
  3. Tuft & Needle Mint – Best for Back or Hip Pain Sleepers
  4. WinkBeds – Most Comfortable Pillow Top Mattress
  5. Plank – Best Firm Mattress for Hot Sleepers
  6. GhostBed Flex – Most Comfortable Hybrid Mattress
  7. Saatva – Best for All Sleeper Positions
  8. Botanical Bliss by Plushbeds – Best Eco-Friendly Organic Comfortable Mattress
  9. Novosbed – Best for Motion Absorption
  10. Nolah Signature 12” – Best Pressure Relief Comfortable Mattress
  11. Amerisleep AS3 – Most Comfortable Mattress for All Sleepers
  12. Zoma Mattress – Best Gel Memory Foam Comfortable Mattress
  13. Brooklyn Bedding Aurora – Most Comfy Hybrid Mattress

1. Nectar – Best Value Comfortable Mattress for Side Sleeper

Best Comfortable Mattress for Side Sleeper
Credit: nectarsleep.com


  • Memory foam contours uniformly to relieve pressure
  • Great motion separation and noise reduction
  • A 365-night sleep trial is available
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Overall Thoughts

Those who enjoy the near feeling of “hugging” the Nectar Mattress should find it very comfortable. But this mattress is medium-strength the 3-inch memory layer molds a comfortable memory foam to the precise contours of your body for a cloudy sensation and even weight distribution.

Additional layers of polyfoam provide good overall support and avoid excessive decay. The perfect mattress weight range is 130-230 pounds.

Memory foam mattresses are known for having a hot sleep. The Nectar Mattress provides a superior cooling effect because the comfort layer contains open-cell foam, less dense and more respiratory than the foams used in several competing versions. The surface temperature is well controlled with a Tencel lyocell cover made from botanical materials.

The isolation of motion is another power. Like most all-smooth beds, the Nectar mattress absorbs movement and avoids transportation around the floor, a significant advantage for both partners and couples. The mattress is also totally quiet, and when you get out of the bed, you won’t creak or squeak.

2. Layla – Most Comfortable Memory Foam Mattress

Most Comfortable Memory Foam Mattress
Credit: laylasleep.com


  • Layla is flexible and has a soft and firm side and two firmness options in one mattress
  • The Layla’s soft side is softer than normal and provides great relief pressure for sleepers of several sizes
  • The mattress is provided with copper-infused thermo-gel memory foam and cover; sleeping should not be especially warm
  • The Layla has a classic, highly supportive memory foam feeling

Overall Thoughts

The Layla is one of the best mattresses on the bed-in-a-box market and is also one of my favorite ones; it is especially revolutionary because it can be turned on.

The Layla is a good option if you don’t know between a firm and soft mattress because it features a softer side and a firmer side that enables sleepers to choose what is best suited for them. The Layla’s lighter side is more supportive and has a stunning 3′′ lightweight memory foam.

The softer side of the Layla offers the best pressure relief I’ve had on a mattress – the majority of side sleepers can almost not have any pressure on the shoulders and hips on this side of the Layla – our pressurized map tests once again showed that the Layla relieves a lot of pressure.

The memory foam of the Layla is also mixed with copper; this component is antimicrobial and helps to keep the column-free from mold and mildew. It’s also a great driver; copper draws heat from sleepers, keeping them cool at night.

Finally, the Layla is a classic, slow-moving memory foam that you shouldn’t see if you want to sink into a revolutionary mattress slowly!


  • It’s thick and hard, so you’ll probably need some assistance flipping it;
  • Perhaps too soft to sleep strictly on the stomach, even on the firm side.

3. Tuft & Needle Mint – Best for Back or Hip Pain Sleepers

Best for Back or Hip Pain Sleepers
Credit: tuftandneedle.com


  • Excessive body sink is avoided with close contouring.
  • Gel-infused Open-cell foam keeps you comfortable when you sleep.
  • Excellent pressure relief
  • Warranty: 10-Years, Limited
  • Trail: 100 Nights

Overall Thoughts

Tuft & Needle relies on designing its iconic T&N original flagship mattress with the Mint Mattress by inserting an additional foam layer and 2″ in the profile. The effect is a medium-firm foam mattress that adjusts and shapes your body and relieves pains and back pain without being too soft or sinking.

The top two layers are made up of gel-infused polyfoam, which retains less body heat than conventional storage foam. You should then stay cool and comfortable all night long.

The Mint Mattress provides a good balance of conformity and support to accommodate people weighing up to 230 pounds. In particular, sleepers should find this mattress relaxing. It offers good padding across the shoulders and hips, improving the alignment of the spinal and reducing discomfort for those who favor it.

Like other all-foam versions, the Mint Mattress isolates movement very well and produces noise can reduce sleep disruptions as your partner moves in or out of bed.

There is a very good price point in the Mint Mattress. Antimicrobial HeiQ security can be purchased for a small fee to protect the mattress against harmful bacteria and pollutants. Tuft & Needle returns the mattress with a sleep test of 100 nights and a 10-year warranty.

4. WinkBeds – Most Comfortable Pillow Top Mattress

Winkbeds Pillow Top Mattress
Credit: winkbeds.com


  • The WinkBeds Mattress is available in various firmness types, including Soft, Luxury Firm, Firm, and options in between, so you can find one that fits your needs.
  • For back sleepers, the Luxury Firm style is one of the strongest mattresses.
  • Because of its sturdy construction, you may expect this mattress to last for several years.
  • The combination of a pillow top on top of supportive coils gives the mattress a well-balanced feel.

Overall Thoughts

Those looking for a comfortable mattress feel like they are in a high-end hotel; the mattress from WinkBeds would be a good match. This luxurious hybrid mattress has a durable coil structure and a cozy pillow cover.

The best thing is choosing what level of firmness you want between Soft, Luxury Firm and get the desired level of comfort.

For many sleepers, the WinkBeds mattress in the luxury company is an excellent option for balancing comfort and support makes it one of the most convenient back sleeping mattresses.

Your hips should fall into the right amount while the mattress provides good support overall.

5. Plank – Best Firm Mattress for Hot Sleepers

Best Firm Mattress for Hot Sleepers
Credit: plankmattress.com


  • The flippable structure provides two solid sleep surfaces.
  • Customers can add a phase-change panel to their mattress to keep it cool when sleeping.
  • Extremely good motion isolation and almost no noise
  • Trail: 100 Nights
  • Warranty 10-years limited

Overall Thoughts

The Plank by Brooklyn Bedding is most convenient for those who enjoy sleeping surfaces that are extremely firm and supportive. A flippable mattress, the Plank is built on one side with a firm feel and on the other side an extra firm.

The mattress should attract back and stomach sleepers as these positions need less contouring and support to relieve pressure, and pain is especially true for people weighing over 230 pounds.

The firm side has a polyfoam comfort layer which often slightly conforms, while the extra firm part is padded with lighter quilting to keep the body comfortable. The holder made of polyfoam with high density lies in the center of the mattress and provides sufficient strengthening on both sides, depending upon what one you pick.

The Plank should not sleep too hot thanks to its firm design – a common issue with fluffy all-foam beds. Each surface can also be fitted with a phase change panel.

The material from phase change absorbs and releases heat for cool surfaces regardless of how warm you are, so people who need an additional cooling boost may look for this feature. The sticker price of Plank is fairly reasonable given its smooth construction and ultra-lasting materials.

6. GhostBed Flex – Most Comfortable Hybrid Mattress

Ghostbed Flex Hybrid Mattress
Credit: ghostbed.com


  • The comfort layer of the mattress is made up of protective coils and soft memory foam
  • GhostBed Flex is an ideal fit for back and side sleepers
  • This mattress has a cooling cover and airflow promoting coils, so it should be a cooler sleeping mattress

Overall Thoughts

It’s great to find a comfortable mattress, but having a mattress with the right combination of support and comfort is better – so I am a huge GhostBed Flex fan.

The GhostBed Flex, a hybrid mattress that blends individually wrapped coils and luxury foams into its comfort layer – making this a great option for back sleepers. Their hips can fall into the layer of soft comfort while receiving excellent support from the underlying coils.

Simultaneously, the layer of memory foam should offer great pressure relief for side sleeping people – they should sink in a little and feel no noticeable pressure on their hips and shoulders.

Although the top of the mattress has a quiet memory foam feel, it must be pretty simple to move around in the night; the spray and transfer foam bring a bit of reaction to the mattress of the majority of people.

The GhostBed Flex should also be an excellent option for hot sleepers. You should sleep on the GhostBed Flex very cool!


  • It may not be suitable for heavier stomach sleepers
  • It may be too rigid for side sleepers

7. Saatva – Best for All Sleeper Positions

Saatva Best for all positions
Credit: saatva.com


  • Three firmness levels to accommodate various sleeping styles
  • Extra sleeping space provided by edge reinforcement
  • Targeted support provided by pocketed comfort coils

Overall Thoughts

The first thing worth mentioning is the Saatva, a hybrid innerspring mattress, which combines comfort and durability. This model provides the pinpoint support necessary for a correct spinal alignment using a coil-on-coil system. 3-firmness options are available, and this model will probably work for almost any type of sleeper.

The Saatva surely deserves your attention. It is a full mattress that does not compromise comfort to its durable design.


  • May not provide much cradling for lightweight side sleepers;
  • Some motion transfer is possible so that a partner’s sleep does not function if one of you can be interrupted easily during the night.

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8. Botanical Bliss by Plushbeds – Best Eco-Friendly Organic Comfortable Mattress

Botanical Bliss by Plushbeds
Credit: plushbeds.com


  • Organic latex construction, which is suitable for eco-conscious users
  • Two firmness levels to fit a variety of body types
  • A top made of organic wool for added comfort and temperature regulation

Overall Thoughts

Another bed I just have to note in my overview of the most luxurious mattresses is Plushbeds’ Botanical bliss. If you like eco-friendly materials, you can choose this bed.

The Botanical Bliss mixes comfort and wellbeing with its natural Dunlop latex. The covers are 100% cotton. It’s nice to touch, breathable and particularly hypoallergenic.

The mattress has two levels of firmness medium and medium-Firm. Moreover, there are three levels of thickness to choose from; this means that almost every person has a suitable mattress firmness, and as long as you like the bouncy sound of Latex, you can choose a great choice for yourself.

In short, botanical bliss is a great find, particularly for those who want safe, natural materials. This organic mattress works for various sleeping styles and provides great value for money.


  • Because of the great bounce, it may not be suitable for restless sleepers and partners
  • Weak edges
  • It could be a little more expensive than other models

9. Novosbed – Best for Motion Absorption

Novosbed Mattress
Credit: novosbed.com


  • Three firmness levels to meet the needs of different users and fit different body types
  • Excellent motion absorption properties to reduce nighttime disturbance
  • Easy-to-clean removable and washable cover

Overall Thoughts

Good movement absorption is normal in several foam mattresses, but it comes with the fast sand effect, so you feel stuck in your bed. I explore the Novosbed recently, and I can tell that this mattress is an exception.

The Novosbed does not limit your motion and stays extremely Cradley, which is included in my analysis of the most comfortable mattresses.

The Novosbed is made of solid foam that keeps its surface uniform. It has remarkably strong edge protection for a mattress with memory foam.

The upper layer consists of breathable foam, which dissolves your body heat more than the viscoelastic foam of the first generation. Combine it with a fresh Tencel sheet, and you can both get a nice hug and a refreshing sleep.

The mattress can be used in three levels of firmness. Each level provides precise contouring and motion absorption to find the best choice of firmness easily. Novosbed is a perfect mattress that can support your spine’s natural curve and give you continuous sleep.


  • Can cause you to sleep hot, especially if you are a heavier sleeper
  • Initial off-gassing is probable

10. Nolah Signature 12” – Best Pressure Relief Comfortable Mattress

Best Pressure Relief Mattress
Credit: nolahmattress.com


  • Each side of the flippable template has a different firmness.
  • High-density comfort foams relieve pressure while isolating motion.
  • Nolah makes a donation to wildlife protection for every mattress sold.
  • Trial Period: 120 Night Sleep
  • Warranty: 25-Years

Overall Thoughts

If you prefer a softer feeling one night and a strong feeling the next, a flippable mattress might be the easiest choice. These beds usually have different firmness levels on both sides, and the feel is as easy to change as it is to turn over.

The Nolah Signature 12” is a mattress of this kind. This all-smooth model consists of a medium-soft side that conforms closely with a firm side that is less contouring but more supportive.

Both sides have unique strengths and weaknesses depending on their surface feeling. The medium-soft side is superior to pressure relief, especially if you weigh 225 pounds or less; it also provides splendid isolation for movement to minimize couples’ nighttime disturbances.

The medium-soft foam causes you to sink deeper, so you will find that movement on this side is less easy.

On the firm side of the Nolah Signature 12”, you will have less outline, and cradling means less relief from pressure and cooler sleep as you will not sink further under the surface. The firm side also offers superior edge support.


  • The Nolah Signature 12” is a little expensive.
  • Not recommended for people who sleep on their stomachs, mainly if they are overweight
  • Upon arrival, there might be a slight odor.

11. Amerisleep AS3 – Most Comfortable Mattress for All Sleepers

Amerisleep Mattress for All Sleepers
Credit: amerisleep.com


  • Medium, “Goldilocks” feel
  • Easy and free returns
  • Eco-friendly and CertiPUR-US® certified
  • Our plant-based Bio-Pur® memory foam provides cooling comfort.
  • Use our proprietary HIVE® software to maximize airflow and provide targeted assistance
  • Trial: 100 Nights
  • Warranty: 20-years
  • Balanced comfort and support perfect for all sleeping styles

Overall Thoughts

Our favorite mattress is Amerisleep’s AS3, searching for a comfortable bed because it perfectly combines comfort and support. It has 3-inches Bio-Pur® to contour your body and HIVE® technology to help you sleep healthy.

The medium firmness is suitable for most sleepers, but it is very convenient for side sleepers, combo sleepers and back sleepers. The AS3 is also a great option for couples with various sleep needs as it fits well for most places to sleep.

The AS3 consists of 3-layers of foam: the Bio-Pur®, the HIVE®, and the Bio-Core®. The mattress is covered in a pull-out cotton cover which is easy to washing.

Amerisleep often dips memory foam and opts on their beds for an alternative plant, Bio-Pur®. Bio-Pur® is a favorite because it contains fewer petrochemicals than standard memory foam, so the smell of “fresh foam” is less likely. It is also respiratory and receptive to other foams, which means sleepers would not sink.

The Bio-Pur® layer of the AS3 is sufficiently dense for the pressure under the hips and shoulders and thus works for side-sleepers, and stomach sleepers will want to avoid such a thick, comfort-sized bed since the stomach may compress too deeply.

The Affinity layer in the AS3 transforms the Bio-Pur® and Bio-Core® foams. It includes cut-outs—the HIVE® technology—to give the head, shoulders, lumbar, hips and feet targeted support and keep the posture safe.

Bio-Pur® pressure relief and the adaptive affinity contribute to a healthier sleeping posture and relieve pain.

12. Zoma Mattress – Best Gel Memory Foam Comfortable Mattress

Best Gel Memory Foam Mattress
Credit: zomasleep.com


  • Cooling gel infusions are included.
  • Pain-relieving zoned assistance technology is included.
  • Designed for recovery
  • Free returns with our 100-night trial
  • 10-year full replacement warranty
  • Smooth, contouring cooling gel memory foam that wicks away heat.
  • The reactive layer gives a bouncer feeling so that you will not get trapped or sink deep.
  • A strong base layer ensures that your mattress is made to last and keeps your mattress aligned.

Overall Thoughts

The next mattress on our list is the Zoma Sleep online mattress brand, and it gets excellent reviews on its website and Amazon. Their flagship gel foam mattress, Zoma, features a mild sensation and three layers of foam engineered to improve sleep and maximize recovery.

To help athletes sleep deeper and perform better, Zoma markets their mattress, but in reality, this bed will help everyone get better sleep and refresh themselves in the morning.

Zoma Matratress is most comfortable for side sleepers, combo sleepers, and back sleepers, and it’s also a good choice for couples like the AS3 above. We also recommend Zoma to hot sleepers because it includes cooling gels for fighting sweats at night.

The first layer of the Zoma Mattress is the 2 inches TriangulexTM gel memory foam. As we have said, gels in this layer keep you cool, but the TriangulexTM has another purpose: to provide zoned support, it consists of three-way cut-outs.

These triangle cut-outs make it possible to compress below the shoulders and hips to relieve pain and strain, but under the lower back, this layer is firmer to avoid the torso.

The transitional layer of ReactivTM below the gel memory foam allows deeper contouring and lifts you in a comfortable position. It equally allocates weight, isolates movements and enhances the abundance of the bed.

The Zoma’s base is 7 inches Support+ to strengthen the above layers. Support+ is robust, durable, and supported by a 10-year Zoma warranty. Zoma provides free delivery and a 100-night sleep trial for every mattress.

13. Brooklyn Bedding Aurora – Most Comfy Hybrid Mattress

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora
Credit: brooklynbedding.com


  • Hot sleepers looking for a cooling mattress
  • All body types
  • All sleeping positions (comes in three firmness options)
  • Free Shipment and Return
  • 120 Night Trail Period
  • 10-year Warranty

Overall Thoughts

Bedding Sets from Brooklyn Aurora is a luxurious hybrid mattress with coils for support and a smooth foam texture. We think this is the most comfortable mattress on the market right now, particularly if you’re looking for an active-cooling bed.

Aurora has a cool-to-the-touch cover that helps control core temperature and keeps you warm all night long. The bed is available in three firmness options: fluffy, medium, and firm, allowing you to choose the best mattress for your sleeping comfort.

Guide for Most Comfortable Mattress

  • Are you sleeping on a comfortable mattress?
  • Are you sleeping for a whole night?
  • Do you have pressure points or sleeping limbs?
  • Are you getting hot enough to wake up in the middle of the night?
  • Wake up in a certain part of your body or your whole body with pain?
  • Is there sagging in your mattress?
  • Can you wake up with pain in your back and neck?

The list of questions continues, but it takes a couple of minutes to find out what your mattress is for and where it is short or, in certain cases, sinking will help you get an understanding of your needs and what kind of materials could be your best mattress. What do you like from a mattress you don’t get?

How to Buy a Comfortable Mattress?

To find a comfortable mattress, you can first decide which attributes and characteristics you find more comfortable and less comfortable.

For example, when you want to sleep on a comfortable mattress that tightly hugs the body, a very firm mattress might not fit – but if you prefer an extra firm surface, this model may be perfect.

As you can see from our top selections, a large number of materials and construction elements can make a mattress feel comfortable. Here are some attributes to compare different models:

Pressure Relief

In general, softer mattresses provide greater pressure relief, while firmer mattresses provide more support, contributing to lower downs and increased pressure. Furthermore, some materials – like memory foam and Latex – reduce pressure better than regular polyfoam.


Firmness is measured at 1-10; 1 is the softest and 10 the firmest. The majority of beds sold today fell from 3 to 8. If you tend to have more body contours or sleep on your side and even spinal alignment, a softer mattress would probably feel comfortable.

If you want a supportive surface that doesn’t contour much, suggest a firmer mattress instead. A balanced, medium-soft to medium-strength feel is suitable for many sleepers.


A low-profile mattress (less than 10 inches) can not be thick or comfortable enough if you weigh more than 230 pounds. As a consequence, in some areas, you can find uncomfortable sagging.

Light/smaller people can encounter difficulties getting in and out of bed with high-profile mattresses (more than 12 inches) can, however, depend on the bed frame height or the box spring height. Many people think medium-profile mattresses (10 to 12 inches) are perfect.

Neutrality of Temperature

Some mattresses are more breathable than others to make the bed cooler includes Latex or open-cell foams close to the surface, coil systems that promote strong airflows, and coverings made of wool or copper.

Some people don’t have a problem with sleeping hot, but you can look for cotton with temperature-neutral features if you feel too warm in bed.

Edge Support and Ease of Movement

These two qualities are sometimes combined. Mattresses with good edge support will not sink around the perimeter so that it is easier to get into and out of bed. Most of these mattresses often make it easier to roll over the surface to decrease.

Although it varies according to the model, firmer beds – especially with coils – provide the best edge support and the easiest movement.

Temperature Control

One of its most discomforting things is to wake up in the middle of the night hot and sweaty, which means that the control of temperature plays an important role in mattress comfort.

All-foam mattresses appear to absorb a lot of body heat and make the bed warm. Innersprings and hybrids with coil support center provide more ventilation in the bed and make it easier to sleep.

Mattress Myths

Popular statements not included in our assessments:

The more coils, the better

Better in-house models with 600 to 1,000 coils. But even though one mattress has more coils than another, the coils may be made of thinner gauge metal.

You can also listen to coil variants like Bonnell (type of hourglass), continuous wire and pockets. None of these are superior necessarily.

Gel offers a Cooler Sleep

More than half of our original mattresses have a gel-infused foam layer that claims to be a cooling effect, but we have to note that 10 percent of the gel-infused mattresses still retain warmth.

Overall, our studies showed that gel-containing innerspring mattresses tended to sleep slightly cooler but the other way round with gel-infused foam beds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What mattress is the most comfortable for people who suffer from back pain?

For people with back problems, it’s all about finding a bed that can support your body’s curvature and fairly distributes your weight. A mattress that helps align the spine and relieves significant pressures is more likely to avoid or relieve back pain.

If you have back pain or worry about back pain, finding the best mattress is not anything to take lightly. Memory foam mattresses are ventilated, breathable, and some of the best back pain (and hip) mattresses.

What kind of mattress is the most comfortable for people who sleep on their backs?

The best back-sleepers mattresses usually feature medium to firm surfaces. Some back sleepers, however, prefer more cushion than either offer. We recommend medium sleepers mattresses.

Which mattress is the most comfortable for people who sleep on their stomachs and backs?

Combined sleepers need a mattress that can be adapted to their movements to assure their comfort. To support sleeping styles with minimum discomfort, we suggest medium feel mattresses. Sleepers with partners have great memory foam and hybrid mattresses because the surface limits motion transfer. 

Whose mattress is the most comfortable for stomach sleepers?

A mattress should have a solid, buoyant feeling to minimize sinking. Stomach sleepers prefer to collapse into soft mattresses, distorted back pain and another discomfort. Although foam mattresses are great for sleeping stomachs, they may want to try a highly reactive hybrid mattress.

What happens if I don’t like the mattress I buy?

The good news is that most online mattress retailers have the same policy regarding returns: they give 100% free returns. Yes, that is right. You can return your online mattress for a full refund in certain cases if you don’t like it (during the trial period). They will normally send someone to pick up the bed for you at no additional charge.

What is most comfortable for side sleepers?

Side sleepers, on the whole, prefer a softer bed. It’s entirely up to you how soft you want it to be. Some people will prefer an ultra-plush mattress, while others will prefer a medium-firm mattress.

Is it worth it to spend a lot of money on mattresses?

That is dependent on the circumstances. Two items define value: first, nice features, and second, a fair price. And, let’s face it, it doesn’t matter how much you spent on your mattress if you’re dissatisfied with it – it’s still a waste.

What matters is that you study and prioritize the main factors that will have the greatest effect on your sleep, such as sleep style, firmness level, and body weight, among others.

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Our dedicated team of experts, with more than two years of experience in the bedding industry, is committed to helping you achieve your best sleep yet. From in-depth reviews to comprehensive guides, we cover almost every aspect of sleep products, including mattresses, pillows, bed frames, and accessories. Explore our website and discover why we're the go-to resource for all things sleep-related.

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