Purple Mattress Protector: Review 2023


If you recently purchased the Purple Mattress Protector to check how it compares with some other protector mattresses. And you have to remark that it’s an outstanding thing. It does its function without the genuine softness of your mattress.

Protect your bed with five-sided dual security against children, animals, food and whatever other life. The protection is also resistant against stain and machine washing, making it easy to clean and new. That describes it in detail here.

Purple The Mattress Protector

Five-Sided Dual-Layer Defense – Keeping their mattress on the bottom and edges protected against filth! The protector is created with an absorbent outside layer for the dissipation of liquid, while the inside layer is waterproof so that the moisture does not penetrate.

Exceptionally Comfy – Simple, elastic fabric enables your hips and shoulders to sink to make their mattress seem comfortable, not even there.

Surprisingly Quiet – It is elastic, malleable and won’t shrink like polyester with every motion so that without interruption, you may sleep soundly.

10 Year Warranty – There’s a lot of growth on your mattress. Continue felt and looked new, except the only protective mattress built for maximum protection.

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  • Waterproof
  • Minimal chemical odor
  • Easy to wash and dry
  • Easy to get on and off the bed
  • Unique and extendable material
  • Water absorbing and resistance to moisture
  • Thinner yet pleasant mattress protection as terrycloth 
  • The robust elasticated holds the safety on the mattresses properly


  • Not Bed Bug-Proof
  • No trial time for testing
  • Some clients have leaks
  • It won’t fit “13′′ height mattress
  • Less Cheap than other thin protectors
  • The substance may feel like plastics too much for
  • May contain additional mattress fabric thinner than 13′′, which may cause sound and move
  • Water Supply resists but does not soak it completely into the protector (fluid pools on top of protector)

Benefits of Purple Mattress Protector

Here, some of the main advantages of mattress guards:


It could work on your mattress due to the extreme way the protector is designed to stretch. Back in the day, when beds did not have fitting characteristics, this was not essential. Whether you are thinking of buying a purple mattress, the protector comes highly recommended.

Stands Up to Anything

The entire purpose of purchasing a mattress protector is to prevent your mattress from becoming damaged. Remember, this is especially essential with the purple mattress since the purple fabric contains a grid of holes, making it very hard to clean if anyone spills something on your bed while sleeping.

Sleep Cool and Quiet

A low-cost mattress cover is composed of vinyl and has the feel of resting on a garbage bag after you first put it on. That doesn’t allow air to circulate, and it retains heat, which entirely negates the benefits of a fresh mattress.

The Purple mattress protector not only extends to cover all of your mattress’s surface area, but it also protects it from the top as well as all four sides as well.

Save time – The strap on this mattress left a lasting impression on you. It is larger and more easily adheres to the underside of the bed. It ensures that it will not come undone throughout the night. Additionally, it is easy to clean and lightweight.

Allergens, Dust, & Dirt

Whereas the presence of allergies, dirt and dust is difficult to evaluate during these brief tests, the Purple Mattress Protector can defend against either of these.

Noise & Cooling

As mentioned above, the protector must safeguard this! That stated, no one wants a guard that makes much noise or creates a warmer atmosphere for sleep. The perfect mattress protector must be capable of preventing spills, allergies and dirt from damaging your mattress yet staying largely unknown.

Furthermore, the cover should not alter the mattress feel. A slimmer design, like this one, often helps to prevent any shift in meaning.

It is an essential trait since it enables the mattress to execute its intended duties while remaining free of undesired stains. When three characteristics (comfort, cooling and protection) are combined, a high degree of overall performance.

How to Wash a Purple Mattress Protector?

Yes, you may wash the cover of the purple mattress. Just washed it on the delicate cycle, using cold water and a standard soap, with a high-performance washer and drying it in the drier with “air dry” that blasts cool air through the dryer.

Could the purple mattress acquire bed bugs in addition? As with other accessible mattress choices, Purple Mattress is not insect resistant to bedding. A 6-sided mattress protector is best that keeps undesirable bud pests away!

If you have children and accidentally spill the water or other liquid on a purple mattress protector, it is safe for your mattress because it is 100% waterproof. You only wash the mattress, and it looks like a new mattress.

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How are you Getting Pee Out of a Mattress?

Cleaning Fresh Urine Stains:

Step 1: Lightly wipe the urinary stain out of excess urine using a microfiber cloth.

Step 2: Mix one tablespoon of liquid washing in a mixing bowl with 2 cups of cold water.

Last Step 3: Add a spoonful of vinegar to the stain (sanitize the surrounding area and cut the acid).

Purple Mattress Protector Reviews

Are you concerned about safeguarding your pricey mattress but are unsure of the best course of action to take? The purple mattress protector was created lately and is prepared to be the ultimate defense against the most severe stains, spills, unanticipated malfunctions, and dangerous things targeting your mate let.

Does the purple mattress covering seem to have been strong enough to protect your mattress? Read the protective mattress assessment below to discover out!

The Purple Mattress is a proprietary polymer that might assist in avoiding discomfort in the back, hip and shoulder. The elasticity enables the mattress to sleep better for side, back and stomach sleepers.

What is the Purple Mattress Protector Made Of?

It is constructed of polyester (85 percent) and spandex (the remaining 15 percent). The mix of two materials creates incredibly permeable protection, allowing you to remain in close contact with the mattress itself.

The Purple protection is perhaps the lightest sleep protector I’ve ever tested. In addition, the defense can accommodate mattresses with levels of up to 13 inches in depth.

The purple mattress protector, fully constructed of polyurethane, prevents the entry into the defender of powder mites, allergens and fluid spillage and damages the mattress.

The purple mattress protector is accessible in different sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, King, and California King. In terms of building, a rubber band runs into the inside circle of the protection to fit tightly around the surface of the mattress.

Purple Mattress Protector Sizes
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Because of the materials utilized and the capacity of the elastic band to grip the bed and keep it in place, the response time of the protector is almost quick when employed.

Protection & Invisibility

All the same, any excellent mattress protector is doing two factors; preserve the mattresses and use them without you recognizing there.

1. Protect the Mattress

Protection against liquids, allergies, dust mites and any unforeseen harm to the bed.

2. Protection Without Any Knowledge

An excellent mattress protector must also be capable of going practically undetected and integrating qualities from #1. Protecting the mattress without altering the natural feel of the bed, eliminating any heat build-up, and ensuring an extraordinarily tranquil night’s sleep are the primary functions of the protector.

3. Liquid Protection

One of the most important considerations is liquid protection whenever a mattress protector is put through its paces. It is why we chose to try the purple protection. It might be essential to protect their mattress. A little occurrence could damage your mattress and perhaps cancel your guarantee.

tested the purple mattress quickly for its capacity to protect against liquid spills.

Test #1 – 2 minutes, 16 ounces of liquid

The first spill test is similar in appearance to a clear spill. Maybe you’ve witnessed something like this happen or have done it yourself. Whatever the case, you immediately went for hand sanitizer and attempted to clean up the mess as quickly as possible before it could infiltrate the barrier and do damage to the mattress.

Around two minutes have elapsed since the fluid was spilled before most of the spillage is cleaned up. You may have responded quickly, but would the purple guard be able to keep up with you?

  • Spill test – I dyed 16 Oz’s of water in preparation for this testing and spilled it over the protector, allowing it to sit for 2 – 3 minutes before continuing. That water was colored for the protector to be able to permeate through the paper towels.
  • Paper towels – To determine whether or not water has spilled through the protector, a coating of towels or sheets was put precisely below the liquid and placed directly below the liquid.
  • After wash cycle – There has been no evidence of color retention after putting the protector through the standard wash / dry cycle. Upon completion of the wash cycle, the protection may soak the fluid, preserving the mattress and restoring it to its original white, unscarred state.

Should you Buy the Purple Mattress Protector?

It is suitable for you if you:

Want a Quality Mattress Protector – Our spill test passed easily with the purple mattress protector. The protection had no liquid caused, and my mattress felt no difference. It kept a cooling effect for sleeping and had a very high quality of construction.

Want an Ultra-Elastic Protector – That’s also due to the increased elastin content in the cover, which provides an extremely elastic feel.

Want a Cooler Protector – These protector’s ultra-thin vital ability to breathe exceptionally effectively. I never felt wonderful at any moment in my sleep test.

Want an Excellent Deal – For a Queen at $59? Among the most valuable protectors I have evaluated yet is the purple mattress protector. The pricing is hard to match for efficiency and durability.


Is the Purple mattress protector expensive?

The Purple mattress protector falls somewhere in the center of its mattress’s guard spectrum.

Does the Purple mattress protector sleep hot?

As a result of its ultra-thin construction, the violet mattress covering allows for maximum airflow without interfering with the mattress’s ability to maintain a comfortable temperature while you sleep.

What’s the Best Cooling Mattress? 

As noise levels are concerned, I’d say they’re on the ordinary side of things. Although it isn’t excessively quiet, the volume isn’t overly high either. However, I assume that most sleepers will make just a small amount of noise, not bothersome.


You have the purple mattress protector nice for all characteristics, and it was utilized as a compromise between preserving your mattress and jeopardizing comfort. This guard allows you both have. I hear a typical slogan: individuals fall in love with a bed feeling at a dealership only when they come home and pack it with an inexpensive mattress guard and blankets.

The Purple mattress protector is in step or even higher on pricing, with several manufacturers set at various locations.

This article is intended to provide general information only and should not start replacing qualified medical advice or other healthcare experts.

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Our dedicated team of experts, with more than two years of experience in the bedding industry, is committed to helping you achieve your best sleep yet. From in-depth reviews to comprehensive guides, we cover almost every aspect of sleep products, including mattresses, pillows, bed frames, and accessories. Explore our website and discover why we're the go-to resource for all things sleep-related.

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