The 12 Best Memory Foam Mattress of 2022


NASA invented memory foam, which is formally referred to as viscoelastic foam. It quickly became the most popular mattress. Memory Foam is associated with comfort for a lot of individuals. With its unique capability for supporting pressure spots as your body shapes, memory foam is one of the most popular mattresses.

Therefore, memory foam is an excellent alternative for people who have back or joint pain, toss and turn at night or cope with a restless sleep companion. Furthermore, for years the greatest memory foam mattresses bounce back into their original shape without falling or becoming lumpy.

The memory foam excels in movement isolation and does not generate any noise, which decreases your chances that a partner would wake you up. However, memory foam mattresses are not for everyone because they also have important disadvantages.

List of 12 Best Memory Foam Mattresses

1. Best Overall – WinkBeds GravityLux

Best Overall Memory Foam Mattress


  • Extraordinary pressure alleviation and isolation of motion
  • The mattress is cool with breathable Tencel and open-cell foam
  • Made with patented foam 3-layers incorporating AirCellTM Memory Foam, Zoned Progression FoamTM and ATLAS CoreTM Foam
  • Strong cradling aids in the relief of pressure points.
  • Memory foam conforming with zero heat retention is ideal for sleepers.
  • Couples who value seclusion and response
  • Sleepers are searching for a balance between bounce, isolation of motion, and relief from pressure.
  • With our 120-night risk-free trial, you may get the best sleep of your life or get your money back.
  • Guaranteed durability and a lifetime warranty
  • Handmade, Made in the U.S.A.
  • Fast & free shipping
  • Price Range: $1,099 – $1,799

Overall Thoughts

GravityLux is a memory foam mattress that comes in three firmness levels: medium-soft (4 out of 10), medium, and firm.

The mattress is made of eucalyptus fibers and is noted for breathability and durability. Polyfoam layers are made of comfort levels, and their unique AirCell memory foam is open-celled to avoid the body from collecting heat at night. Under this, the mid-shoulder and hips are supported by a zoned transition layer. Lastly, everything is supported by a polyfoam core of high density.

Due to the nature of memory foam, it excels in the pressure relief and motion isolation categories, making it ideal for individuals with back, shoulder, or hip problems, couples, and light sleepers.

Furthermore, it should be great for sleeping weights and postures because it comes in three different firmness levels. Finally, while all-foam mattresses inevitably get warm at night, the open-celled GravityLux foam technology keeps GravityLux cooler than the normal memory foam bed.

2. Best Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress – Helix Midnight

Best Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress


  • Medium feel
  • Pressure Point Relief
  • Side Sleeper Support
  • Breathable Cover
  • Price: $599

Overall Thoughts

Helix offers clients options – they have many mattress models to pick from with a selection of designs and firmnesses. Helix Midnight is its most popular mattress; It’s one of the biggest memory foam hybrids on the market.

The Helix Midnight has a thick layer of Memory Plus Foam and provides a pleasant pressure release. In addition, individually wrapped coils are available in the support layer, which provides a lot of support.

The Helix Midnight delivers a great balance between comfort and support; this design is perfect for side sleepers requiring pressure relief and back sleepers that need contouring and assistance.

Because the Helix Midnight is a hybrid, it will sleep cooler than many others! In addition, the coils improve ventilation through the mattress so that it does not capture too much heat.

 Why Helix Midnight?

  • The Helix Midnight provides a superb combination between comfort and support.
  • The mattress is perfect for sleepers on both sides and back sleepers.
  • The Helix Midnight is supposed to be a cooler mattress.

3. Most Comfortable – Nectar Premier

Most Comfortable Nectar Premier


  • The broad comfort layer gives deep contouring.
  • Excellent pressure relief
  • Excessive sinkage is avoided by using transition and Support layers.
  • Side sleepers at least 130 pounds
  • Customers seeking a mattress with a long trial period
  • Free Delivery in the U.S.A.
  • Trial 365-night.
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Price Range: $899 – $1,599

Overall Thoughts

Another excellent mattress is the Nectar Premier, with a 3-inch layer of memory foam, which wraps the sleeper up in a feeling of “body hug.” The mattress has a medium-firm feel, but sleepers weigh at least 130 pounds, with polyfoam transitional and supporting layers and sleepers weighing up to 230 pounds. The thickness of the mattress is 13 inches.

The Premier, like other memory foam beds, is extremely well isolated. The foam layers on both sides of the bed absorb movement, keeping it from moving across the surface and reducing nighttime disturbances for couples and co-sleepers.

The capacity to release pressure is another benefit of this mattress. Side sleepers benefit from ample cushioning for their shoulders and hips, improving spinal alignment and relieving pain throughout the body.

Sleepers who sleep on their backs should be able to enjoy a good night’s rest without sinking too much in the middle. The Premier is relatively cool for an all-foam type with a cooling gel and phase-change material filled with memory foam.

4. For Back Sleepers – Casper Original

Best Memory Foam Mattress for Back Sleepers


  • Zoned SupportTM balances your spine ergonomically.
  • AirScapeTM allows air to circulate to keep you cool.
  • Each mattress cover consists of up to 57 recycled bottles.
  • 100-nigh risk-free trial
  • 10-year Limited Warranty
  • Price: $931 $1,095

Overall Thoughts

The Casper could look like a regular memory foam mattress from the outside., however! There is a Zoned Support layer right in the center of the mattress.

What exactly is Zoned support? It is a memory foam layer that is firmer in the center of the mattress and softer towards the head and foot of it means the mattress will seem firmer or softer, depending on the posture of sleep.

The Zoned Support also provides some of the best support for the lumbar area. It’s perfect for back sleepers. They’ll experience their hips and shoulders sinking in, but that core zone will push into their lumbar area.

What Casper?

  • The Zoned Support layer of the Casper Original provides an excellent balance of comfort & support.
  • For those who sleep on their backs, the mattress provides additional lumbar support. On this list, it’s the greatest mattress for back sleepers.
  • The mattress is protected from overheating by a layer of Airscape foam on top of it.

5. Best Cooling – Cocoon Chill

Best Cooling Mattress Coccon Chill


  • Heat is kept at bay by the phase-change material’s cover.
  • Isolation and pressure relief are both excellent.
  • 100-night sleep Trial Period
  • Exchange mattress at any during the trial period.
  • Free Shipment within the U.S.A
  • 10-year Warranty
  • Those sleeping overheated in all-foam beds.
  • Sleepers of all shapes and sizes, as well as those who prefer to sleep in various positions
  • People who sleep with a partner in the same bed
  • Shoppers are seeking a return policy that isn’t tied to a mandated break-in period.
  • Price Range: $469 – $849

Overall Thoughts

The Cocoon Chill by Sealy is a medium-firm mattress. According to our studies, both Cocoon Chill firmness options provide comfort and support to back sleepers weighing less than 130 pounds. Over 130-pound sleepers, on the other hand, like the medium-sized option’s better support.

The bed’s cover, composed of a phase-change material, is one of the bed’s unique features (P.C.M.). Together with the cotton and polyester blend covers, it is designed to absorb and redistribute heat from your body, keeping you cool even when the temperature in your room or on your body is high.

The Cocoon Chill is significantly cooler than many other memory foam types because of its unique cover. As is typical of memory foam mattresses, the Cocoon Chill provides excellent pressure relief and motion isolation.

This ability to isolate motion, combined with the bed’s quiet mixed-foam composition, makes it a great choice if you share a bed with a partner who is easily awakened by your movements or vice versa.

6. Best Gel Memory Foam Mattress – Bear

Best Gel Memory Foam Mattress


  • Celliant® cover is breathable and contributes to your performance improvement.
  • The cooling Graphite-Gel Memory Foam effectively absorbs excess body heat.
  • Transition Responsive Foam provides pressure relief while providing balanced support.
  • High-Density Foam supports long-lasting durability
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Trial 100 Night.
  • Free Shipment & Returns
  • Materials – Environmentally Friendly

Overall Thoughts

Memory foam is amazing, but there’s one huge problem – very hot it can sleep must not be a question with the Bear mattress; it has the graphite-and gel-infused memory foam, famed for its heat-dissipating capabilities.

The mattress also has a celliant cover, which helps cool down and enhances blood flow and circulation, and speeds recovery. The bear is also a very comfortable mattress, which should give the essential pressure relief for side sleep while supporting back sleepers on the bear mattress at the same time.

People who want a cooling mattress will still sleep on a mattress with memory foam want the bear.

Why Bear Mattress?

  • There are several cooling infusions & a Celliant cover in the mattress, so you should not sleep hot.
  • The Bear’s Celliant cover makes it ideal for athletes, allowing them to recuperate more rapidly.
  • Both back and side sleepers should find the Bear mattress to be an excellent match.

7. Best Luxury – Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Cloud

Best Luxury Mattress Tempur Pedic


  • TEMPUR memory foam is dense and long-lasting, and it resists deep impressions.
  • Body shaping, in general, promotes alignment and relieves pressure.
  • Exceptional motion isolation
  • Side sleepers up to 230 pounds.
  • Couples and co-sleepers
  • Free Shipping U.S.A.
  • 90-night trial period
  • 10-year Warranty
  • Price Range: $1699 – $3,398

Overall Thoughts

TEMPUR-Cloud in the bed-in-a-box mattress of Tempur-distinctive Pedic’s. Made of a special TEMPUR memory foam known for its sturdy structures and remarkable durability, the TEMPUR cloud offers the same quality at far lower prices than the company’s premium cover.

The mattress consists of two TEMPUR layers without sinking too much for a balanced medium. This design is especially suitable for side sleepers up to 230 pounds. The foam also supports the back to the hips and shoulders and decreases the typical pressures of this sleep position.

The mattress is two TEMPUR layers without too much sink for a balanced medium. This design is especially well-suited for side sleepers weighing up to 230 pounds. The foam also aligns the spine up to the hips and shoulders and decreases the pressure areas related to the sleeping position.

8. The Best Luxury Memory Foam Mattress – Saatva Loom & Leaf

Best Luxury Memory Foam Mattress


  • Quilted organic cotton cover
  • Cooling gel-infused foam
  • Ultra-premium 5-lb memory foam
  • Trial length: 180 nights
  • Warranty: 15 years
  • Price: $1599

Overall Thoughts

The Satvaa Loom & Leaf is a hotel-quality premium mattress made by Saatva, a luxury internet business. The only reason it is not number one in the best memory foam mattress list is its Price: $1,599 is one of the most costly options on this page for a queen.

However, the Saatva Loom & Leaf is highly competitively priced, reducing many of its luxury competitors by a few hundred dollars. You are also provided with complimentary white gloves by default.

For all those who enjoy a “traditional” mattress feel, Saatva Loom & Leaf is an excellent option. The Loom & Leaf mattress includes an organic cotton cover, a cooling gel layer, premium memory foam, and several foams for support and luxury comfort.

We also enjoy that two distinct firmness options are available: the relaxed company choice is ideal for sleepers on the back, side, or stomach and anyone who loves to experience floating on top of the mattress instead of sinking.

Many consumers say the Loom & Leaf “feels nice” and provides fantastic support. Moreover, we have seen many glamorous comments regarding the customer service of Saatva, with one customer who says it is “the best in the industry.”

Of the few concerns we have seen, some users have found the Loom & Leaf to take longer than other memory foam mattresses to ‘break in.’ However, if you’re searching for a luxury mattress that doesn’t break the bank, we believe that Loom & Leaf is one of the best memory foam mattresses to buy.

9. Best Mattress For Side Sleepers – Layla

Best Memory Foam Mattress for Side Sleepers


  • The 2-in-1 firmness variations are provided by the flippable design.
  • Copper-infused foams conform securely and maintain a cool temperature.
  • Excellent performance at a reasonable price
  • Customers who favor cotton foam
  • Value-minded shoppers

Overall Thoughts

Buyers searching for a particularly comfortable mattress can consider the Layla mattress, which features a soft memory foam layer that eases extreme pressure.

Additionally, the Layla is flippable and features two firmness levels in a single bed-in-a-box mattress – one of its sides is plush and ideal for a side sleeper. As a result, we can say that it is one of the best mattresses for side sleepers.

Layla’s memory foam is infused with copper, which has two benefits: it’s cooling and aids in heat dissipation. Additionally, it is antimicrobial, preventing mold growth on the mattress.

Finally, the Layla is one of the most comfortable mattresses available; it is particularly popular with side sleepers and fans of soothing recollective foam!

Why Layla Mattress? 

  • The Layla is comfy and delivers the soft, traditional feeling of memory foam.
  • The mattress is flippable and features two distinct firmness levels; it should be an excellent fit for both side and back sleepers.
  • The Layla should not sleep very hot but has a memory foam of copper and a Thermogel cover that keeps sleepers cool at night.
  • Copper infusion is antimicrobial, which means it should prevent the growth of mold and mildew in Layla.

10. Best Pressure Relief – Amerisleep AS3

Best Pressure Relief Mattress AS3


  • Plant-based, open-cell The organic-pure substance remains cool
  • Airflow promotion of breathable cotton blend cover
  • The zoned concept of comfort offers targeted support
  • Experience the comfort of cooling with our memory foam Bio-Pur®.
  • Maximize airflow and support using our HIVE® unique technology
  • All sleeping styles will benefit from the balanced comfort and support provided by this mattress.
  • 20-year Warranty
  • 100-night trial period
  • Price Range: $1,149 – $2,398
  • Hot sleepers who desire features that help them regulate their body temperature
  • Athletes and pain sufferers who want to get a better night’s sleep

Overall Thoughts

Amerisleep has created a memory foam mattress series with an innovative design and unique cover. The AS3 is one of the most popular models from the company, and it is likely to offer a wonderful night’s sleep to the customer.

The AS3 is a three-layer system for interior construction. Three inches of memory foam make up the top layer, which shapes the sleeping area and offers above-average movement isolation.

The second layer is a 2-inch thick S.M.T. zonal support technology transition polyfoam. The final layer is a high-density polyfoam 7-inch thick layer. Many side sleepers, back, and stomach sleepers, and those who weigh less than 130 pounds favor the AS3’s Medium feel.

11. Best for Active People – Bear Pro

Best Mattress for Active People


  • The celliant cover regulates the temperature of the body.
  • Excels at motion isolation
  • Comfort layers create a responsive and conforming surface.
  • 100-days trial period
  • Free Shipment (U.S.A)
  • 10-year Limited Warranty
  • Sleepers who sleep on their sides and backs
  • Those who prefer the comfort of memory foam on a hot night’s sleep
  • Price Range: $895 – $1,495

Overall Thoughts

The Bear Pro Mattress is a medium-firm mixed-foam mattress with comfort layers and a unique temperature-controlling cover. The Bear Pro is expected to give enough pressure reduction for back and side sleepers of all sizes. In addition, the mattress effectively isolates motion, making it an excellent alternative for couples and light sleepers.

A 7″ high-density polyfoam support core, a 2.5″ polyfoam transition layer, a 1.5″ gel-infused memory foam comfort layer, and a 1″ copper-infused polyfoam comfort layer make up the Bear Pro.

The four foams work together to create a surface that blends the memory foam’s enveloping feel with enough support to prevent excessive sinking. As a result, the Bear Pro mixed foam mattress price falls within the usual range.

The cover of the mattress is constructed of Celliant, a material designed for temperature control and restoration. Celliant is developed to transform heat into infrared radiation for better blood circulation and assist sleepers in keeping cool overnight. The cooling effect of the beds is furthermore supplemented with a copper-infused polyfoam comfort layer.

12. Best For Active Lifestyles – Zoma Mattress

Best Mattress For Active Lifestyles


  • The soft, contoured, and warm wicked cooling gel memory foam
  • The reactive layer gives you a bouncer sensation to get caught or sink too deep.
  • A robust base layer ensures that your mattress is finished and a healthy alignment
  • Free Shipment
  • 100-night Trial
  • 10-year Warranty

Overall Thoughts

For those with active lifestyles, the Zoma mattress was invented. The all-foam mattress includes cooling layers that wipe away heat, great for warm sleepers, and high-reactive foam that reacts rapidly to your motions so that when you change sleeping positions or want to get out of bed, you will not become trapped. The mattress is suggested by athletes and is also guaranteed for 10-years.

The Reviews Say: Many reviewers have said goodbye to chronic aches and pains since switching out their mattresses.

“Since buying Zoma, my sleep has been much better. I was waking up in the night with hip and leg pain, but not anymore. The support is great, and the mattress is holding up great. Recently purchased the pillows and found them to be a great product as well,”

Writes one Five-Star Reviewer.

What Are the Advantages of Using Memory Foam?

Sleeping on a memory foam mattress can have several considerable benefits. Some of the most important ones for healthy sleep are here.

Pressure Relief

One of the most significant advantages of memory foam is pressure point relief in pain reduction. As a result, memory foam has been used in the healthcare profession for a long time. Memory foam wheelchair seats, for example, were designed to relieve pressure on the bum from long periods of sitting.

People will discover that sleeping is more comfortable if the pressure points placed on joints are reduced means they won’t be tossing and turning all night, lowering their chances of having aches and pains when they get up.

Contour & Responsiveness

Without a doubt, the most desirable feature of a memory foam mattress is its capacity to adjust and respond to every body type and sleeping position. By very nature, memory foam mattresses accommodate any individual’s sleeping style by adapting to their unique shapes and movements.

Motion Isolation

Memory foam also benefits from limiting movement transfer. For example, if you share a bed, someone movements around a lot while sleeping, motion isolation is vital to avoid awakening your sleeping partner.

The fact that shifting from one side of the bed to the other is minor due to the material nature means that even if one person moves around in the bed, the other is less likely to be disturbed. Another factor for companion sleeping is edge support. Use the full bed surface; a strengthened foam memory mattress is a smart choice.

Proper Spine Alignment

Memory foam’s ability to appropriately distribute body weight and promote natural alignment is one of its most undervalued properties. For example, maintaining a proper posture when sleeping. Memory foam matches your body in every perfect place, cushioning your hips and shoulders to minimize joint tension while supporting the torso to maintain the spine perfectly positioned.

Easy to Maintain

It is also quite easy to look after memory foam. Vacuuming is sometimes the only genuine maintenance requirement. You don’t have to bother about rotating the mattress with a foam mattress. You don’t have to worry about a harsh spring that suddenly hits your back.

Compatible With Any Bed Frame

Memory foam mattresses are usually excellent for almost every frame, including base platforms, boxes, shelf-base, and even adjustable beds. However, because of the foam’s ability to flex and modify its shape, it is an excellent choice for various bed types.

Memory Foam mattresses are best for:

  • Couples and co-sleepers who seek isolation
  • Those who enjoy a conforming hug feel from a mattress
  • Those are looking for a mattress that relieves pressure points.
  • A customer looking for a good deal on a low-cost mattress

Memory Foam mattresses are not recommended for:

  • Those who enjoy the bounce of a spring mattress
  • Those who frequently wake up feeling hot

Types of Memory Foam 

Besides being aware of the advantages that memory foam mattresses can provide, it’s also critical to be mindful of the many types of memory foam mattresses available.

Traditional viscoelastic foam is the most popular and commonly used type. All other types of memory foam, on the other hand, were created to address a common problem with traditional foam: it sleeps hot.

Open-Cell Memory Foam

The cell walls of open-cell memory foam have been broken down to improve ventilation and reduce heat absorption, keeping you cool throughout the night. However, when considering your memory foam mattress’s durability, remember that open-cell foam is less dense than normal closed-cell foam.

Gel Memory Foam

It was designed to address a frequent problem with standard memory foam mattresses: heat retention. To prevent body heat from being retained in the foam layers of a gel-memory mattress, cooling gel is injected into the foam layers. As a result, the gel memory foam has a similar feel to standard foam in terms of durability.

Hybrid Foam Mattress

While hybrid mattresses aren’t entirely made of memory foam, many of them feature memory foam comfort layers added to an innerspring mattress for increased comfort and contouring. A hybrid foam mattress may be a wonderful option for you if you prefer the feel of memory foam but require additional support.

Copper-Infused Memory Foam

The copper-infused foam was developed with gel-memory foam and open-cell memory foam to help keep foam mattresses cool. Copper is recognized for its cooling properties and capacity to promote blood circulation and decrease stiffness. As a result, copper memory foam is often utilized in athlete and active adult beds.

Traditional Memory Foam

Traditional memory foam mattresses, also called viscoelastic memory foam, are the most widely accessible memory foam mattress. The foam is built on polyurethane, and its durability, support, and comfort are well known.

How to Dispose Of a Foam Mattress

Here is some guidance on how to properly dispose of a foam mattress.

  1. Contact the mattress manufacturer: Numerous foam mattress manufacturers provide recycling services. When ordering your new mattress, enquire about the possibility of having your old one removed and responsibly recycled or disposed of.
  1. Check Bye Bye Mattress: The Mattress Recycling Council, a nonprofit organization, founded by the International Sleep Products Association, promotes local mattress recycling initiatives through this program. Bye, Bye Mattress is currently accessible in California, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, while their website includes recycling information for several other states.
  1. Contact local charities: If your mattress is still in good condition and has not reached the end of its useful life, consider donating it to a local charity that accepts gently used beds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best memory foam mattress for side sleepers?

While memory foam mattresses are ideal for side sleepers, the best model fulfills your particular requirements for sleep. For example, to prevent pressure points from developing, side sleepers require increased pressure relief, and the memory foam adjusts to the body, cushions sensitive areas, and backs the waist.

Nevertheless, when searching for a new mattress, there are extra characteristics that side sleepers should consider. For instance, side sleepers need proper support to preserve the healthy alignment of the spinal cord.

In addition, the hardness you choose is influenced by your body type; nonetheless, memory foam may seem subjectively “soft” despite its entire stiffness. Finally, personal preferences like the inclination to sleep hot should determine your choices.

Are memory foam mattresses sleep hot?

Memory foam mattresses tend to sleep warmer than other types of mattresses. Mattress manufacturers, on the other hand, were able to overcome this disadvantage. The memory foam mattress is heated while sleeping for two reasons: ventilation and heat retention.

 Hence the airflow through the mattress body is minimal. However, memory foam makes this problem worse because it closely circumscribes the body and blocks the flux of surface air. Somehow, but only marginally, breathable covers help.

The easier difficulty is that the bed absorbs your body’s heat and is warm over the night. Copper-infused memory moisture and gel might marginally lessen the retention of heat while cooling open-cell moisture.

What are the pros and cons of memory foam mattresses?

Pros: Memory foam mattresses are exceptionally soft and good at reducing pressure; they can also help with hip and back issues.

Cons: Memory foam mattresses are notorious for sleeping hot, and changing positions in the middle of the night can be difficult.

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