15 Best Queen Size Mattress of 2023


Queens may be the most popular mattress size, readily accessible in all types, prices, and preferences. A Queen-size mattress is regarded as the standard in houses, hotel rooms, and apartments for adults. Therefore, whether you’ve recently moved in with a partner, require additional space for co-sleeping with a pet, or prefer sprawling out, a queen bed is an excellent bed size.

However, because queen mattresses are the most popular on the market, there are hundreds to choose from, which could feel overwhelming. We’ve done a lot of hard research for you in this post.

Continue to read about the top queen mattresses available now. We also give facts regarding their construction, pricing range, advantages and disadvantages, and sleeper style.

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List of 15 Best Queen Size Mattress of 2021

  1. Best Overall – Nectar Premier
  2. Most Comfortable – Helix Midnight Luxe
  3. Best for Side Sleepers – Amerisleep AS3
  4. Best Organic – Birch Mattress
  5. Foam Mattress – Tuft & Needle Mint
  6. Best Cooling Mattress – Nolah Original 10
  7. Best Luxury – DeamCloud Mattress
  8. True Memory Foam Feel – Layla
  9. Latex Mattress – Zenhaven
  10. Cooling Mattress – Brooklyn Aurora
  11. Budget Option – Copper Dreams Gel Memory Foam
  12. Premier Mattress – Purple Hybrid Premier 4
  13. Natural Mattress – Avocado Green
  14. Luxe Breeze Mattress – Tempur-Pedic
  15. Best Adjustable Mattress – Sleep Number 360 p6 Smart Bed

1. Best Overall – Nectar Premier

Best Overall Queen Size Mattress
Credit: amazon.com


  • Body-contouring that is precise
  • Great pressure relief
  • Trial 365-night sleep & a lifetime warranty
  • For Persons with acute pain or spine pressure
  • For Back, Side sleeper and Couple

Overall Thoughts

Memory mattress foams are an excellent investment for individuals seeking stress relief, pain, and pressure, but the cost of some types is significantly greater than the cost of others. Because its design contains a comfortable layer of 3-inch soft, adaptable memory foam, we consider the Nectar Premier a stand-out mattress.

The contours of the material carefully relieve discomfort and transfer your weight evenly. In addition, cooling gel and phase-change material are inserted into the foam so that too much heat or heated sleep should not be trapped.

Because of its medium-firm feel, the mattress is great for back and side sleepers, many of whom have pressure points and uneven spinal alignment as a result of their sleep positions.

Furthermore, side sleepers will receive an adequate coating to promote alignment and decrease the pressure points for the hips and should also allow the back sleepers up to 230 pounds to sit down without sinking too far under the surface easily.

High-density polyfoam contributes to the mattress’s overall strength and prevents you from sinking too far into the mattress. Aside from that, the Nectar Premier is an excellent choice for families and couples. The layers of foam absorb motion and prevent surface movement, a typical source of sleep disturbances. The mattress is also silent and does not cause disruptive creaks or squeaks.

Although the sticker price of the Premier is rather pricey, Nectar offers customers several benefits. These include a free shipping of the ground on all orders in the United States, a sleep test of 365 nights to evaluate the mattress and lifetime guarantees against structural faults, which will provide you further peace.

2. Most Comfortable – Helix Midnight Luxe

Most Comfortable Queen Size Mattress
Credit: helixsleep.com


  • A quilted pillow top that provides cushioning
  • Support lumbar spine on a zoned basis
  • Those who need more lumbar support
  • Sleeps in a cool environment
  • Those who are Side Sleepers and Back Sleeper.
  • Couples with various levels of comfort

Overall Thoughts

Helix is specialized in designing mattresses for different body forms and sleeping areas. 14-inch Midnight hybrid luxury suitable for side, back and stomach sleepers among most body types with a medium-strength feeling.

The Helix Midnight Luxe comes from the luxury line of the helix mattress with greater layers of comfort that absorb the biggest movement before reaching your sleeping spouse. The mattress also has a quilt of the pillow top, and gel-infused memory foam layers meant to provide cushioning for the hips and shoulders of the side sleepers.

The pocketed support core includes lumbar support zones and reinforced edges necessary to share a bed. In addition, the Helix Midnight Luxe consists of a sensitive surface that enables simple movement on the edge of the mattress itself, just like in other hybrid mattresses.

Furthermore, airflow through the spins and a moisture-wicking Tencel cool the Midnight Luxe slumber.

3. Best for Side Sleepers – Amerisleep AS3

Best for Side Sleepers Queen Size Mattress
Credit: amazon.com


  • Bio-Pur memory foam provides durability and even body contouring
  • For Couples
  • No noise, Excellent isolation of movement
  • Warranty 20-year
  • Back and Side sleepers with a combined weight of up to 230 pounds.

Overall Thoughts

The mattress line of Amerisleep includes foam and hybrid models for various individuals, based on body type, sleep and firmness preferences. AS3 is an outstanding product of its medium feeling, which strikes a balance between the uniform body contour and robust support.

Moreover, Bio-Pur, unique memory foam with solid composition and endures wear and tear, usually plagues all-smooth beds, is a comfort layer. The mattress line of Amerisleep includes foam and hybrid models for various individuals, based on body type, sleep and firmness preferences.

AS3 is an outstanding product of its medium feeling, which strikes a balance between the uniform body contour and robust support. Moreover, Bio-Pur, unique memory foam with solid composition and endures wear and tear, usually plagues all-smooth beds, is a comfort layer.

The AS3 contains a transitional polyfoam layer which is split into several firmness areas. It strengthens your torso and hips, while softer cradles are lighter and not too deep; you keep on a level. A thick base of high polyfoam density delivers additional stability without mattress hardness.

The layers of foam are quite capable of absorbing movement when you change your sleep position or walk into and out of bed because while your spouse is moving, they don’t have waves of transmission on the surface – a likely cause of sleep disorders. In addition, the AS3 is very silent, so you may sleep easily during the night without squeaking or creaking.

4. Best Organic – Birch Mattress

Best Organic Queen Size Mattress
Credit: birchliving.com


  • Materials that are both sustainable and luxurious
  • Organic wool aids with temperature regulation during sleep.
  • Excellent value for money when it comes to a natural latex hybrid.
  • Shoppers wanting a sustainable product at cheap prices
  • Those who wish to a warm night’s sleep
  • Combined sleepers and people who value movement

Overall Thoughts

The Birch 11-inch hybrid mattress consists of durable materials, comprising a natural cotton cover, wool and latex Talalay comfort layers. Wool is recognized for its excellent moisture, and organic layers in the birch mattress serve to manage the temperature while providing a soft yet elastic cradle.

The support core has individually wrapped coils with strengthened edges set over a layer of wool beating to provide additional support and stability. In particular, side sleepers benefit from the coils’ ability to give enough support regardless of their body type or sleeping position.

The birch mattress was confirmed free of dangerous chemicals, and the GREENGUARD Gold has been organically certified according to the Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS). Due to its natural structure and minimum to no exhausting odors, the Birch mattress is a wonderful option for allergy patients in general.

5. Best Foam Mattress – Tuft & Needle Mint

Best Foam Mattress Tuft & Needle Mint
Credit: amazon.com


  • Pressure release without excessive sagging 
  • Effective motion isolation.
  • For a foam bed, mobility is relatively easy.
  • Trial 100-Night 
  • Warranty 10-Year 
  • Free Returns
  • For those Who appreciate a simple mattress design with a well-balanced feel

Overall Thoughts

The Mint Mattress from Tuft & Needle receives first place in the Best Foam Mattress category. It is one of the cheapest mattresses you can buy, and we named it the Best Budget Foam Mattress of 2021 for its value.

Unlike other foam mattresses, the Mint mattress is delivered in a box. It’s compacted into a tight roll, just like the majority of the mattresses in our rating, to fit into a cardboard box for shipping convenience. As a result, it takes only a few minutes after unrolling the mattress for it to grow into a 12-inch-thick bed.

The three major layers of the Mint consist of different types of foam. Two of the layers use the unique alternative to memory foam, Adaptive Foam, Tuft & Needle. It contains graphite and cooling gel particles and is more breathable than conventional foam. Experts say these features help you keep cooler at night compared to a memory foam mattress.

Side sleepers will probably consider the medium firmness of the Mint mattress more comfortable than medium-sized Avocado and Birch when a person lies at his side. In addition, the Mint is more compatible with hips and shoulders. It is a fantastic choice for couples who don’t want to be bothered by the other person’s throwing and turning at midnight.

6. Best Cooling Mattress – Nolah Original 10

Best Cooling Mattress Nolah Original 10
Credit: nolahmattress.com


  • Warranty Lifetime
  • Trial 120-Night
  • CertiPUR-US
  • Made in the USA
  • Free Shipping & Return

Overall Thoughts

Our best mattresses ranking is a fresh addition to Nolah Original 10. This 10 inches thick, all-foam mattress is equal to medium firmness, with a firmness rating of 5 to 6.

The Nolah distinguishes out for its coolness. One of the most serious complaints regarding foam mattresses is they get too hot. Nolah resolves the problem with a 2-inch AirFoam layer above the original.

The company believes their patented foam stays cooler than memory foam partially because it does not use body heat to match the memory foam to your body. The Nolah is good at preventing body heat build-up, partly why Nolah is our best cooling mattress.

Foam mattresses are excellent for preventing movement transfers; therefore, this type is suitable for individuals with restless comforters. On the disadvantage, this style of mattress has no strong support for the edge.

As a result, individuals who like to sleep towards the bed’s edge sometimes feel like they roll-off. Also, when you sit to your advantage, you can go too far to make it hard for some to stand up again. Consider a hybrid mattress or innerspring mattress instead for a bed with excellent edge support.

7. Best Luxury – DeamCloud Mattress

Best Luxury DreamCloud Mattress
Credit: dreamcloudsleep.com


  • Trial 365-night Home
  • Warranty Lifetime
  • Free Shipping & Returns
  • The coolest sleep with the greatest support

Overall Thoughts

This medium-sized hybrid mattress offers sleepers the luxury you appreciate in a luxurious, soft mattress with the stability needed for a hardcore mattress. The Dreamcloud is also an excellent mattress for someone suffering from discomfort, as it removes sensitive pressures that may cause you to wake up with pain and sorrow.

Although the Dreamcloud is maybe a little too soft for heavier stomach sleepers, it should be comfortable for most side back and stomach sleepers. One of the best things about Dreamcloud is that you have to sample the mattress for a whole year and make sure it’s the ideal match for you. Dreamcloud is a very breathable mattress that should keep you pretty cool all night.

8. True Memory Foam Feel – Layla

True Memory Foam Feel Mattress
Credit: amazon.com


  • Firmness: Dual-sided
  • Certified: CertiPUR-US®
  • Trial 120-Night
  • Warranty Lifetime
  • Made in the USA

Overall Thoughts

Layla is a two-sided, soft, and firm memory foam mattress. The cover comprises viscose, lycra, and polyester, with proprietary ThermoGEL stitched into the fabric for additional cooling. In addition, a copper-infused memory foam layer is incorporated into the mattress, which enhances support and temperature control, making this an extremely cool memory foam alternative.

What is special about Layla? Layla promotes pressure alleviation through the use of two distinct memory foam sensations. Individuals who like a gentler feel can use Layla on its grey and white side, while those who want a firmer feeling can use Layla on its darker side. Both give a slow contour feeling that the lovers of memory foam enjoy.

Layla’s Soft side provides a deep hug-like sensation, whereas the Firm side provides a comforting cradle. Unfortunately, between these two alternatives, sleepers stand to gain nothing.

9. Latex Mattress – Zenhaven

Best Latex Queen Size Mattress
Credit: saatva.com


  • Certified Organic Cotton
  • Certified OEKO-TEX®
  • Dual-Sided
  • Trial 180-Night
  • Warranty 20-Year

Overall Thoughts

Zenhaven is manufactured by Saatva, a company best recognized for offering only luxury mattresses. Zenhaven meets this description, but unlike Saatva’s other premium beds, this one features flippable firmness. In addition, one side has a Luxury Plush texture, while the other has a Gentle, Firm texture.

This bed was made with American Talalay Latex that is OEKO-TEX® certified. Four layers of this material vary in firmness to offer not one but two comfortable sleeping positions. Additionally, latex is antimicrobial, which means it resists mold, dust mites, and germs, making it a healthier choice.

The total comfort and support of the bed should override these other outstanding aspects that most sleepers wish to stay in bed all day long. In addition, Zenhaven provides white glove delivery as a complimentary service with their product. This team will bring and install your new bed, as well as remove your old mattress if necessary.

10. Cooling Mattress – Brooklyn Aurora

Best Cooling Mattress Brooklyn Aurora
Credit: amazon.com


  • Certified: CertiPUR-US®
  • Trial 120-Night
  • Warranty 10-Year
  • Made in the USA

Overall Thoughts

Brooklyn Bedding is based in Phoenix, Arizona. There’s one thing this brand knows about the necessity for a cool mattress that is why Brooklyn Aurora came into being. Local sleepers needed a cool surface to sleep with Brooklyn Bedding.

Why is it so awesome? The cover is made of phase-change thermal knitting, a material that responds to the surrounding temperature, keeping it noticeably cold to the touch. The first layer is a copper gel EnergexTM foam infused with TitanCoolTM technology. This conductive gel aids in the removal of heat from the body. If you’re looking for a cool sleeping mattress, this is one of the best options available.

Brooklyn Aurora is a hybrid mattress using a mixture of innovative foams, memory polymers, and coils to encourage support and comfort. Sleepers can choose between three firmness levels: Soft, Medium, or Firm. It enables shoppers to select the mattress that is most suitable for them.

11. Budget Option – Copper Dreams Gel Memory Foam

Copper Dreams Gel Memory Foam Mattress
Credit: dreamfoambedding.com


  • Certified: CertiPUR-US®
  • Certified: OEKO-TEX®
  • Trial 120-Day
  • Warranty 10-Year
  • Made in the USA

Overall Thoughts

This mattress is made by Dreamfoam Bedding, which is a division of Brooklyn Bedding. Although Dreamfoam has a fantastic collection of mattresses for buyers on a tight budget, Copper Dreams stands out as a particularly good value for its overall levels of comfort and support. This bed, previously known as the Ultimate Dreams Supreme, has lately been renamed the Copper Dreams.

What makes this an excellent budget-friendly option? First, this mattress represents exceptional value because it is a top choice for individuals seeking the slow shaping and deep hug feeling that memory foam provides. In addition, the price of this mattress is far lower than that of other memory mattresses, and it makes nearly no concessions in terms of comfort.

Side sleepers and those who prefer a particularly soft mattress will like how this bed conforms to their shapes and alleviates tension.

12. Premier Mattress – Purple Hybrid Premier 4

Purple Hybrid Premier 4 Mattress
Credit: amazon.com


  • Extra-breathable helps keep warm sleepers cool.
  • The supportive hybrid design is appropriate for all body shapes.
  • 100-night trial period

Overall Thoughts

All the fantastic things you hear about the Purple mattress, I’m here to tell you. It’s comfy and supportive, and I had the impression that I was sinking in without becoming trapped, which is more difficult to do with memory foam.

While the Purple Grid, a hyperelastic polymer grid with open channels, gets used to it, it’s not worth it. The grid was more adaptable than other forms of mattresses, in my opinion. No matter what sleeping position I was in, the Purple mattress embraced and caressed my body as if it had been custom-made for my unique form.

I was so impressed when I lied on my back, and I felt like I didn’t even need a pillow. I felt comfortable and aligned without a lot, as I am in an endless quest to locate the right cushion.

13. Natural Mattress – Avocado Green

Credit: avocadogreenmattress.com


  • Optional pillow top
  • Made from organic materials
  • Generous one year trial period

Overall Thoughts

Avocado Green’s key selling feature is that it is organic and entirely free of dangerous chemicals, flame retardants and toxic foams. It’s made of a blend of cotton, wool and natural latex that will cause you to sleep well and consciously. And while this is a terrific beginning, it must also be comfortable. Luckily, it is.

Initially, it seemed stronger than I usually liked, but I began to settle in and love the mix between support and advantage after a few days. I felt just as comfortable as I slept on my back and side.

I was pleased to see how responsive the mattress as it was rapidly adjusted when I changed my sleep position and had no lag or sink that could go hand in hand with some memory foam. Also, I bought the optional pillow top, which gives an additional soft layer that I thought made a difference.

14. Luxe Breeze Mattress – Tempur-Pedic

Luxe Breeze Mattress
Credit: amazon.com


  • Cooling capabilities that have been proven
  • Exceptionally comfortable and luxurious
  • Superior motion isolation
  • Trial 90 Nights
  • White-Glove Delivery
  • Warranty 10-year

Overall Thoughts

This mattress is perfect for warm sleepers since it helps keep your body cooler when you sleep first and through the night. Most cooling mattresses are comprised of cool materials and have minor temperature control features. Nevertheless, this one uses a unique phase change technology that has shown you to feel up to 8 degrees cooler throughout the night.

We have got comments from customers who state that the cooling element is visible, that the moving control is a game-changer and has stayed up well over time shouldn’t be surprising, since Tempur-Pedic is famed for its high-quality foam production.

We also enjoy that this mattress is equipped with a removable and washable cover and a 90-night trial period. Furthermore, a lower-priced ProBreeze model is available at medium strength and up to three degrees cooler.

15. Best Adjustable Mattress – Sleep Number 360 p6 Smart Bed

Best Adjustable Mattress Sleep Number
Credit: sleepnumber.com


  • Firmness control on both sides
  • Hundreds of people have endorsed it.
  • The Good Housekeeping Seal has been awarded.

Overall Thoughts

Sleep count mattresses, which are ideal for couples, are packed with adjustable air chambers that allow you to customize the firmness of each side of the bed to your preferences.

Furthermore, biometric mattress sensors can detect when you have changed position and automatically adjust the mattress to ensure that you remain in the firmness you have picked throughout the night. Even better, she received the Good Housekeeping Seal of approval after performing exceptionally well.

The customer reviews survey panel gave it excellent comfort, support, and sleep quality despite being costly.

“I was reluctant at first because of the price, but it changed my mind as soon as I put it on.”

Customer Review

While another noted, “I hope that we will purchase this brand sooner rather than later.” In addition, the company offers a 100-night mattress trial period, and the option to track your smartphone sleep is also available from the company.

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Buyer’s Queen Size Mattress Guide

Benefits of This Size

A Queen size bed might be an ideal choice because it provides ample surface area without overwhelming the bedroom – which is especially important if you have limited living space.

  • If you have children who are constantly getting in and out of bed, a Queen mattress can accommodate two adults as well as some children.
  • You may find it useful to set up a laptop or prop up a book for some relaxed leisure if you have the extra space.
  • If you are concerned about transporting your mattress, a Queen size mattress will fit through most standard-sized doorways with ease.
  • When it comes to co-sleepers, this dimension provides for easy cuddling when desired, as well as ample space to spread apart when cuddling time.
  • Additionally, it provides sufficient spacing between sleeping partners to reduce motion transmission when one spouse is having a restless night.
  • If you have your bed, you may find that a Queen size mattress provides you with ample space to spread out and roll around without having to worry about falling off.
  • Even if your sleeping partner has paws and lies at your feet, a Queen size mattress should allow you to stretch your toes without having to worry about pushing anyone out of bed.

The Different Queen Types

In the same way that a King Size Mattress can be purchased in California King size, Queen-sized mattresses are available in various dimensions, the most common of which is 60″ x 80″.


In most cases, customers will discover the regular Queen to be 60″ × 80″ in size, which is the most popular type they will find on the internet and in retail establishments.


The Olympic Queen bed is 6 inches wider than a conventional Queen mattress, making it ideal for taller people. Its dimensions are 66″ x 80″, allowing sleepers a bit more space to spread out.


California Queen, also referred to as Queen XLs, is extremely difficult to come by. They are 58″ x 82″ in size, which provides a little more legroom for those sleeping on them.


There are two pieces to the Split Queen bed, each of which measures 30″ x 80″. It is typically done for sleepers who want different firmness levels; nevertheless, many manufacturers provide this configuration, even though it is possible.

Queen Mattress – Pros and Cons

Your priorities determine the benefits and drawbacks of queen-size mattresses. For example, depending on the consumer, the suitable size for one person may be too large or too little for someone else.

The same can be said for queen-size mattresses, with some people believing that they are reasonably priced. In contrast, others, particularly those upgrading from a twin or full mattress, may consider that they are prohibitively expensive.


  • Size: Queen mattresses are a comfortable and practical size that does not take up much space.
  • Availability: Because it is one of most popular mattress sizes, clients should have no trouble finding a queen-size mattress and the bedding and frame required to go with it.
  • Affordable: Although queen-size mattresses are more expensive than twin or full-size mattresses, they are cheaper than king-size mattresses. Queen-size mattresses are considerably more costly than full-size mattresses because they are larger.


  • Queen size mattresses are sometimes less expensive than king size mattresses, but the price difference between a full and queen-sized mattress is often significant.
  • A choice in the middle of the spectrum between full and king sizes, a queen size may not be suited for sleepers who have preferences that fall on either end of the spectrum.
  • Those considering upgrading from a different size mattress to a queen mattress should factor in the additional costs of new sheets and a new bed frame.
  • If you plan to flip or move your mattress regularly, bear in mind that a queen mattress will be significantly heavier to lift than a full or twin bed.

Mattress Myths

The More Coils, the Better

The best innerspring versions we examine feature 600 to 1,000 coils, depending on their quality. However, even if one mattress has more coils than another, the coils in one mattress could be constructed of thinner-gauge metal than the coils in the other.

You’ll also learn about coil varieties such as Bonnell, continuous wire, and springs with distinct pockets. None of those are fundamentally better than the others.

Gel Provides a Cooler Sleep

More than half of our innerspring mattresses (as stated in our mattress ratings) contain a layer of gel-infused foam that’s supposed to give a cooling effect. However, it’s important to note that 10 percent of the mattresses with a gel-infused layer still retain heat after a few weeks.

Overall, our testing revealed that gel-infused innerspring mattresses tended to sleep slightly cooler than their non-gel counterparts, whereas the opposite was true for gel-infused foam mattresses.


We hope that this post on the greatest queen-size mattress has assisted you in searching for the greatest mattress for your house! Deciding to upgrade to a queen-size mattress or to replace an existing queen-size mattress is an exciting decision.

We recommend going through our queen-size mattress buying guide first and then browsing through our list of the top queen-size mattresses to see if there is a recommendation that would be a good fit for your requirements and shopping budget.

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Our dedicated team of experts, with more than two years of experience in the bedding industry, is committed to helping you achieve your best sleep yet. From in-depth reviews to comprehensive guides, we cover almost every aspect of sleep products, including mattresses, pillows, bed frames, and accessories. Explore our website and discover why we're the go-to resource for all things sleep-related.

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