12 Best Wood Bed Frame in 2023 – Guide


A best wood bed frame is a timeless piece of furniture that may survive for many years and even generations if properly cared for. Although metal bed frames and leatherette bed frames have become increasingly popular, many sleepers still prefer wooden bed frames for both aesthetics and function.

Wooden frames are available in various styles and colors, depending on the wood used. Known for durability, stability, and aesthetic appeal.

It is important to consider numerous factors while purchasing a wooden bed frame. To help you narrow down your options, we’ve compiled a list of our top recommendations.

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Best Wood Bed Frames – Top 12

Olee Sleep Smart Wood Platform Bed Frame

Zinus Vivek Deluxe Wood Platform Bed

Max & Lily Solid Wood Bed

Best Overall– Thuma, The Bed

Mellow Naturalista Classic- Wood Platform Bed

Best Value– Birch White Wood Frame

Best Low-Profile– Zinus Tricia Platform Bed

Nomad Plus Platform Bed

Zinus Moiz Wood Platform Bed

Best Design– Silk & Snow Wooden Bed Frame

Best Wood– Pottery Barn Dayton Platform Bed

Easiest Assembly– Avocado Eco Wood Bed Frame

1. Olee Sleep Smart Wood Platform Bed Frame

Smart Wood Platform Bed Frame


  • King Size Wood Platform Bed
  • Brown Coloured
  • 5-year Manufacturer’s

Product Description

It’s hard to beat the low price of the Olee Sleep Smart Wood with an included mattress frame. An enclosed mattress prevents slats beneath the mattress from shifting or slipping, making this bed sturdy and safe.

In the unlikely event that you’re dissatisfied with your new bed, the manufacturer provides a 5-year limited warranty as an added measure of peace of mind. This light-brown pine king bed frame is incredibly quiet, so you won’t have to worry about creaking as you toss and turn in bed.


  • Sturdy and Quiet Construction
  • Simple to Assemble Instructions
  • Low Cost
  • Simplistic Design Blends Nicely with most Bedroom Decor.


  • Not as Sturdy as other Bed Frames

2. Zinus Vivek Deluxe Wood Platform Bed

Zinus Wood Bed Frame


  • 37-Inch Wooden Paneled Bed
  • No Need For a Box Spring
  • Wood Slat Support
  • Antique Espresso Finish
  • Queen Size Bed

Product Description

The steel frame has been reinforced with foam padding tape to operate quietly. The non-slip tape has been applied to the hardwood slats to prevent your mattress from shifting.

An espresso wood frame is used, and center support legs are present. There are three center support legs as well as a worry-free 5-year warranty is provided.


  • Assembled without a Box Spring
  • Solid Wood Platform Bed
  • Longevity of Wood Slat Mattress Support


  • Extremely Shaky and Loose Screws

3. Max & Lily Solid Wood Bed

White Solid Wood Bed Frame


  • No Box Spring
  • Platform with Slats
  • Size: Twin Bed
  • Color: White

Product Description

The Max & Lily Solid Wood Full-Size Bed is the best wooden bed frame for kids since it is solid wood. This painted frame in the traditional design is available in six basic colors, including white and blue.

The Max & Lily frame comes with all of the necessary equipment and instructions, and it does not require a box spring to be used. Twin, trundle, twin, and full bunk beds are available in various sizes. Additionally, drawers are offered as an option.


  • Slatted Headboard and a Timeless Design
  • This Bed Structure Seemed Sturdy.


  • Very Difficult to Assemble and takes Longer than others

4. Best Overall- Thuma the Bed

Best Overall Thuma The Bed
Credit: thuma.co


  • The Pillow Boards
  • Japanese Joinery
  • Creating Space
  • Greenguard and CertiPUR-US Certified

Product Description

The ideal platform bed frame. They are designed to elevate any bedroom. Frame, Pillow Board, and additional cushion-coated slats included. A supportive foam backing produces a pro-lounge atmosphere. A washable fabric cover keeps things new.

The Japanese craftsman approach offers a unique bed that is inherently noise-reducing and easy to assemble without additional metal components.

Foundation tested and shown to survive even the most vigorous Bedtime activities. Slats spaced for maximum mattress support and ventilation.


  • High-End Materials
  • Providing Exceptional Support
  • Cushion-coated Slats with Extra-strength


  • Color and Finish Options are Limited
  • There is No Attachment between the Headboard and the Bed Frame.

5. Mellow Naturalista Classic- Wood Platform Bed

Mellow Naturalista Classic


  • Bed Platform
  • 12 Inch Solid Wood Slats
  • No Box Spring Required
  • Queen Natural Pine
  • Easy Assembly

Product Description

There is no need for a box spring with this queen foundation bed frame with a wood slat mattress foundation. Design in the Mid-Century Modern style with a 3.5-inch solid wood frame for improved durability

Construction is free of noise, with non-slip tape on the wooden slats for further stability. Clean up spills on the spot with a little detergent and a moist cloth.

Simple to assemble and can be completed in minutes. A 5-Year Limited Warranty covers the product.


  • Easy to Construct
  • Straightforward and Sturdily Designed
  • Solid Wood is used for this Work.


  • Too Short Center Legs
  • Too Far Apart, Slats

6. Best Value- Birch White Wood Frame

Best Value Birch Wood Frame
Credit: birchliving.com


  • Made of 3 Species of Appalachian Hardwood
  • Easy Assembly
  • 100 Night Sleep Trial
  • Free Shipping
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Handmade in the USA

Product Description

The Birch White Wood Frame provides you with the finest of both worlds. The frame is made of three types of oak, ensuring durability and longevity. Compared to other options with similar materials and designs, the pricing is below average.

Assembling the frame takes only a few minutes. Setup requires no tools or metal hardware due to Japanese joinery techniques. The 13-inch frame provides ample under-bed storage for those with storage demands or compact bedrooms. Six common mattress sizes are available.

Free ground shipping is available to consumers in every state. There is a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty against structural faults on the White Wood Frame, which is longer than is typical for this type of furniture.


  • Complete Sustainability
  • Premium Natural Materials
  • Tool-less Assembly


  • No Headboard

7. Best Low-Profile- Zinus Tricia Platform Bed

Best Low-Profile Zinus Tricia


Product Description

In addition to its solid metal inside support, this low-profile wooden frame from Zinus provides both the durability of a wood frame as well as its low profile. There is no need for a box spring with this set because the structure should provide adequate height and support.

This bed has limited under-bed storage due to its low profile, as you can see in the image above, but you can still store certain goods if they clear the frame.

Even though this bed’s non-slip tape has received high marks from reviewers, many have advised consumers to check the dimensions of their king-sized mattresses before purchasing this frame.


  • No Need for a Box Spring
  • Sturdy Wood and Aluminum Construction
  • Simple Headboard Design Suits Numerous Bedroom Decors


  • Some Mattresses do not Fit the King Frame

8. Nomad Plus Platform Bed

Nomad Platform Bed Frame


  • Platform Natural Popular Bed
  • Size: Queen

Product Description

The Nomad Plus Platform Bed takes top honors design among the wooden bed frame options. This solid poplar bed is constructed in the United States and is available in twin to king sizes.

The frame comes with a 5-year warranty, all parts, tools, and instructions, does not require a box spring or foundation.

The Nomad Plus bed has a strong, rustic appearance that would look equally at home in a city apartment or a country cottage. The Nomad Plus was built to last, with solid wood slats and sturdy construction tools.


  • Quick and Simple to Assemble
  • Strong and Robust Bed Made of Beautiful Wood


  • Support from Slats that aren’t very Strong

9. Zinus Moiz Wood Platform Bed

Zinus Moiz Platform Bed


  • 14 Inch Platform Bed
  • No Boxspring Needed
  • Wood Slat Support
  • Natural Finish
  • Size: Queen

Product Description

This solid wood bed does not include a headboard and is available in two different styles: basic and deluxe. The latter has a thicker platform frame.

The space between the Moiz frame and the floor is 8 inches, which allows for standard-size under-bed storage bins in the area left available. The bed is delivered fully assembled.


  • A Great Deal on a High-quality Wood Frame
  • Lovely Bed, Nicely Packed.
  • A Durable Piece of Furniture with an Appealing Style.


  • Very Uncomfortable

10. Best Design- Silk & Snow Wooden Bed Frame

Best Design Silk & Slow Wooden Bed Frame
Credit: silkandsnow.com


  • Wooden Bed Frame
  • Tradition Meets Convenience
  • Pure Wood, Naturally
  • Quality Craftsmanship

Product Description

Silk & Snow’s Wood Bed Frame is both beautiful and thoughtfully designed. The rails and posts have precise slots that connect without metal hardware or glue.

The frame is made entirely of acacia, making it easy to install and surprisingly strong. Acacia is a beautiful hardwood with a long life. All wood comes from central Vietnam’s forests and the Mekong Delta.

Clean the frame with a soft cloth, light soap, and water as needed. Silk & Snow provides free ground shipping inside the US and Canada. The Wooden Bed Frame has a 30-day return policy. Those who return their bed within the trial period must pay for all freight.


  • Modern Design adds Sophistication to every Bedroom.
  • The Use of Premium Materials.
  • Quality Craftsmanship


  • Little Bit Expensive

11. Best Wood- Pottery Barn Dayton Platform Bed

Best Wood- Pottery Barn Dayton
Credit: potterybarn.com


  • Industrial Modern Design
  • Subtle Tonal Shifts
  • Slat-roll Support System.
  • Solid Mango, Acacia, and MDF.

Product Description

Its stunning textural characteristics embody the Dayton Platform Bed’s natural beauty. There are planks of mango wood and MDF (made wood) in a chevron pattern on the headboard, and at the foot, mango wood’s characteristic grain stands out.

The last touch is a set of antique bronze legs that give the piece an industrial feel. There is no need for a box spring while using this bed because of the slat-roll support system. The adjustable levers ensure that your mattress remains firmly planted even on uneven terrain.

The Dayton is a great option for environmentally concerned and like natural aspects in their design because of its rustic appearance and use of sustainably sourced materials.


  • Levelers Adjust to Uneven Surfaces.
  • The Bed is Designed to be used without a Box Spring.
  • Beautiful Parquet Details on the Headboard


  • Manufactured Wood is used in the Headboard

12. Easiest Assembly- Avocado Eco Wood Bed Frame

Easiest Assembly Avocado Wooden Frame
Credit: avocadogreenmattress.com


  • 100% Solid Wood
  • 10-year Warranty
  • Reclaimed Wood
  • Handmade in the USA

Product Description

Avocado’s Eco Wood Bed Frame is a minimalist solid wood platform bed with easy assembly instructions. The frame is salvaged wood, predominantly Douglas fir, and the slats are solid pine. The salvaged timber gives the frame a textured, modern, rustic look.

The platform is 16 inches above the ground and available in six basic sizes. Assembly requires no tools. The side rails are attached to the headboard and footboard by steel tension mounts, and the slats are inserted into slots along the rails.

Avocado offers free shipment and in-home setup to all US residents. No sleep trial is included; thus, all sales are final. But it has a 10-year warranty.


  • Eco Wood Bed Frame is Handmade
  • Assembly does not Require Tools
  • Sustainably Sourced Materials


  • Without Headboard


Do wooden bed frames last for a long period?

Is it a matter of what kind of frame and materials were used to build it? Harder woods like oak and maple, when properly cared for, can live for decades longer than their softer counterparts.

What if my new bed frame isn’t right for me?

Many bed frames, especially those online purchases, can be returned or exchanged for a refund or credit. Consider the return and exchange procedures carefully before making a furniture purchase.

What is the best way to clean a hardwood bed frame?

Find out how to properly care for your bed frame by checking your warranty and the manufacturer’s instructions. A diluted solution of water and mild dish detergent can dust and clean most hardwood furniture. Use the solution in an unnoticeable location before applying it to a larger area.

What is the average price of a wooden bed frame?

Many good-quality hardwood bed frames may be found for between $300 and $700, with some high-end models going for over $1,000. Solid hardwood bed frames tend to be more expensive, but they are also more likely to last longer—both the size and design affect costs.

Last Words

In a home, a bed frame made of wood might be one of the most important pieces of furniture a family owns. Wood and frame design play a role in how long and how much a frame will survive.

If you’re looking for a wooden bed frame, make a list of the types of wood and measurements you’re looking for. It’s important to pick a bed frame that complements your room’s design, accommodates your mattress, and works with the manner you like to sleep so that you can get the most out of your rest.

We hope our buyer’s guide has made your selection a bit easier by providing you with all of the information you need to make an informed choice!

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Best Mattress Advisor Editorial Team

Our dedicated team of experts, with more than two years of experience in the bedding industry, is committed to helping you achieve your best sleep yet. From in-depth reviews to comprehensive guides, we cover almost every aspect of sleep products, including mattresses, pillows, bed frames, and accessories. Explore our website and discover why we're the go-to resource for all things sleep-related.

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