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The size of your mattress is just as crucial as the material and feel when making your selection. One of the most important factors in getting a good night’s sleep is choosing the correct mattress size.

There are many different sizes of mattresses on the market, so picking the appropriate one might be challenging when you’re in the market for a new one. Getting the proper size can be difficult due to the small differences in measurements between different sizes.

The size of your mattress and your budget are important considerations when choosing a mattress. This mattress size guide will help you determine the queen size mattress for your room.

In most houses, a Queen size mattress is preferred. However, many people prefer Full or King size mattresses.

Queen Mattress Size (60”x80”)

In recent years, queen-sized mattresses have risen to the top of the mattress sales charts. Most modern bedrooms accommodate a queen-size bed, widely regarded as the optimal size for a couple to share. No manufacturer makes a product in any other size since that is the industry standard.

Queen-sized mattresses are ideal for people who move about a lot as they sleep. Queen-sized memory foam mattresses from Gotta Sleep decrease motion transmission.

Couples will appreciate this feature even better because getting out of bed or rolling over won’t wake the other person.

Restless sleepers don’t have to worry about being bothered by the person next to them tossing and turning in their sleep because queen mattresses have more space than the others. Larger beds accomplish the same thing, but in some cases, bigger isn’t better.

This is the most competitive market because that’s the most common size. Customers will benefit because they will have to do less legwork to locate a better bargain.

A queen-sized mattress typical dimensions are 60″ x 80″ (152 cm x 203 cm). It is 80 inches long on average or 63 inches. The queen mattress’s standard width is 60 inches “or a length of 5.2 inches.

What is the Width of a Queen Size Bed?

The Queen bed’s typical width is 60 inches (152 cm).

The Pros and Cons of Queen Size Mattress


A queen-sized mattress can easily accommodate two adults. In comparison to a King or California King, a Queen Mattress is significantly less expensive.

Also, a single person with dogs or small children can sleep comfortably on the Queen-sized mattress. As the most popular mattress dimension, there are a plethora of options and manufacturers to choose from.


For two adults plus a pet or child, a king mattress is required. The King and California King are ideal for a family traveling with pets or a small child or children in terms of sleeping arrangements.

What Are Other Mattress Dimensions Available?

Several bespoke mattresses are variants on normal mattress sizes, similar to twin XL and California king mattresses. To have in mind is that getting sheets, clothing, and fittings that fit custom mattresses may be more difficult.

Even though the Olympic queen mattress is 6 inches longer, it’s also 6 inches broader. More width means more room for both of you to spread out without picking up as much area as a king-size bed would in your room.

An alternative is to get a California king mattress, which is wider and longer than a regular queen mattress. It is an excellent option for anyone over the height of 5’11”. If you or your companion are tall, but your room is too small for a California king, you may want to consider it.

Many non-standard king-size mattresses exist. The Wyoming king mattress is 84 inches long and 84 inches wide. The Texas king is 80 inches broad by 98 inches long for those who prefer to stretch out.

The Alaskan king mattress is 108 inches by 108 inches. The Alaskan king is perfect for spacious master suites with a partner, kids, and pets.

The crib mattress is on the small side. The crib mattress is 52 inches long and 28 inches in diameter. The firmness of a crib mattress is vital for your baby’s safety.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission advises that a crib’s mattress-to-wall gap should not exceed two fingers.

The CDC recommends keeping your infant in the same room as you for the first six months to keep a close eye on them at night. A crib mattress will keep your youngster comfortable until they are eligible for a twin bed.

How to Select the Appropriate Mattress Size

There are many elements to consider when figuring out what size bed you should have. The first consideration is purely functional – the size of your living space. You’ll have to verify that the mattress will fit nicely in the room before you buy it.

Consider the other furnishings you’ll need to provide while measuring the width of each wall. A larger mattress can be accommodated with a short and long side of the bed against the walls.

Many individuals think it’s more aesthetically pleasing to have extra room on either edge of the bed. If you’re planning on using the space for nightstands, make sure you allow enough room on either edge of the bed for them to be comfortable. Remember that when you open your door, it will take up space.

Think about your lifestyle after you’ve decided what would fit in your room. Those who want to sleep alone may be content with a double or a twin bed. Invest in bunk beds if you have a lot of kids sharing one room.

If you and your partner will be sleeping on the same mattress, you’ll need a double or queen bed. A king-size mattress may be more comfortable if you have room for it.

Spending overnight in a plush hotel room is truly a pleasurable experience. If you’re tall, a California king-size bed will give you more length and legroom.

Last but not least, think about how much money you have to work with. The price of a larger mattress is more. If you want anything big, you’ll have to shell out extra cash for it. A king mattress costs more than a queen or double.

Your main sleeping space may cost a little more, so you can afford to have a smaller bed in your guest room.

In Selecting A Mattress Size, What Things Should I Keep In Mind?

Many factors might influence the size of your mattress when purchasing a new one:

Room size

Consider the room’s total dimensions. Measure the area of the floor with a tape measure. Depending on the size, you’ll need to determine how much space a mattress takes up in your bedroom while still allowing you enough room to move about the bed and put other furniture there.

The Number of Sleepers

A full-size mattress is recommended if you and your spouse will be sleeping on the same bed. Larger mattresses, such as queens and kings, are preferable for couples since they provide you more room to spread out at bedtime and reduce the amount of time you spend awake due to your spouse tossing and turning.

Sleepers’ Sizes

Beds for taller sleepers are available. However, most are suitable for people of various heights. If you’re 6 feet or taller, you’ll want to look at twin XL, queen, king, or California king mattresses.

Sleeping Positions

Differing-sized mattresses are more suited for various sleeping positions because of their different thicknesses. If you’re the kind to toss and turn in your sleep or sprawl out, a larger mattress may be more appropriate for you.

Mattress Price

The more space a mattress takes up, the more money it costs. As a result, you must balance your demands and wants with your budget and the space available.

Other Costs

Include shipping costs and extra costs for beds and box springs. While most suppliers provide free shipping inside the US, you should consider white-glove service fees that include setup and removal of your old mattress.

Companies like Saatva include white glove delivery and mattress removal in the purchase price. They were considering your current bed and your new mattress’ support needs. Larger bed frames and mattresses cost more than mattresses. Box springs split for some king beds.

When it comes to choosing the proper mattress size for you, bigger does not always mean better.

Mattress Measurements FAQs

Is it possible to get mattresses in other sizes?

It’s possible to find a few king-sized beds that are significantly larger than the conventional California king and Alaskan king, but they are rare.

What is the combined mattress size of two twin beds that are placed side by side?

When two twin mattresses are placed together, they do not make a king-size bed. However, a king-sized bed is made up of two Twin XL mattresses. Even though a king-sized mattress is wider, it is shorter (they are 5 inches shorter).

In what range do mattresses go all the way up to King?

An Alaskan king mattress is 9 feet by 9 feet, making it the largest mattress available. Consider this a regular California King bed measures around 6 feet 7 inches by 8 inches.

Which mattress size is most popular?

The queen mattress is currently the most common mattress size. Even though it’s enormous, it still fits into a typical bedroom. Additionally, it’s a good option for solitary people who require more sleeping surface area than what a twin-size mattress can offer them.

Do Full and Queen Mattresses Have the Same Dimensions?

Some of the most popular choices for teenage bedrooms are full and queen size beds. There is a big difference in the size of a full and a queen. If you want to stretch out at night, a full bed is the best option for you. Queen beds are best for couples who like to cuddle in bed and for guest rooms.

Is it possible to utilize a queen-size mattress on a double-sized bed frame?

That’s not the case; you want to ensure that your bed frame and mattress are the same dimensions. However, an old bed frame with a contemporary mattress can usually be converted by modifying the frame. Take this task to a professional unless you’re exceptionally adept.

How Much Should a Mattress Weigh?

A mattress’ length and width can be determined by taking measurements from top to bottom and from side to side. It’s also a good idea to gauge the mattress’s depth, starting at the bottom where it sits on the box spring and working your way up to the top.

If you’re going to utilize a foundation, you’ll need to measure these three dimensions with a tape measure and note them in inches. Before you buy a bed or encasement, make sure you measure your mattress and box spring.

Now that you’ve learned all there is to know about bed sizes and measurements. It would be best if you were better prepared to shop for a new mattress. Select an adjustable bed frame or soft, breathable bedding for your new investment after you’ve found out your size.


When it comes to your overall comfort, the firmness and type of mattress you purchase are key considerations. Finding the proper size mattress is similarly vital.

Space is essential for maximizing your comfort level when sleeping, not only in terms of the size of the bed but also in the aesthetics of the space in your bedroom.

Taking full advantage of your mattress, you must strike a balance between your requirements, the size of your room, and your financial constraints.

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Our dedicated team of experts, with more than two years of experience in the bedding industry, is committed to helping you achieve your best sleep yet. From in-depth reviews to comprehensive guides, we cover almost every aspect of sleep products, including mattresses, pillows, bed frames, and accessories. Explore our website and discover why we're the go-to resource for all things sleep-related.

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