Full Size Mattress Dimensions, Pros, and Cons [2023 Updated]


Compared to a twin, a full size mattress measures 54 inches long by 75 inches wide, giving you more area to spread out. Double beds and full mattresses are both terms for the same thing. Before the rise in popularity of the queen mattress, this size was an excellent choice for couples.

When they only provide 27 inches of personal space, full-size mattresses are now regarded as too small for couples.

Single children and adults do best on full beds. Especially if you have a small living space, a full-size mattress is an excellent sleeping option if you’re single and living alone. If you have a habit of tossing and turning in your sleep, consider getting a double bed.

Full mattresses are ideal for children’s growing bodies because they are larger than twins but smaller than queens. If parents and kids want to cuddle in bed, a full mattress is great.

Small bedrooms up to 10 feet by 12 feet comfortably accommodate a queen-size mattress. A bed frame and other pieces of furniture, like side tables and lamps, will fit comfortably in this amount of room.

Full XL Size

The Full XL size is an alternative to the ordinary full. While the full and full XL are identical in size, it is 5 inches long. It may be a preferable alternative for taller people because it provides more leg area than a full or twin mattress.

Price For A Full Size Mattress

Between $500 and $3000 is the price range for a queen-size mattress. Larger mattresses cost more to produce because of the additional materials needed. Cost may be affected by materials as well. Natural mattresses, such as latex, are more expensive than memory foam or with innerspring coils.

Pros and Cons of Full Size Mattress


  • Ideal for Singles
  • Beneficial for Children and Teens in the Growth Phase
  • Small Enough to Fit in Small Bedrooms and Studio Apartments
  • Lightweight and Convenient to Carry
  • Its Size is Reasonable in Terms of Cost.


  • Taller Folks May Find the Space too Small.
  • There isn’t Enough Room for Couples.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Mattress

When it comes to picking a mattress, there are numerous variables to consider. It’s possible that you’ll become perplexed over which beds to keep and which to throw out. Use these tips to focus your search.


Here are a few suggestions to help you stay on track with your spending:

  • The price rises in direct proportion to the size of the mattress. To determine the size bed you need, look at the size dimensions above.
  • The price of a mattress can be greatly influenced by the material used in its construction. There is a price difference between hybrid, memory foam, and latex mattresses compared to innerspring, foam, and cotton.
  • Before your bed feels complete, you’ll need to buy sheets, pillows, pillowcases, coverings, and duvets, among other things. Make sure you’ve set aside money for these kinds of costs.
  • Check to see if your bed frame and mattress are the same sizes before you buy. Transportation costs could rise if you choose the wrong mattress.

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Room Size

Please remember that the size of your room has a significant impact on how well a mattress fits in that space.

To accommodate different mattress sizes, here are a few room dimensions to consider:

  • For the master bedroom, choose a king, California king, split king, or queen-sized mattress. They’re a terrific option for couples, and they’ll fit in a room that’s 12 by 12 feet.
  • Dorm dormitories, studio apartments, and children’s rooms all benefit from full and twin XL mattresses. Either size can be accommodated in a space that’s ten by 10 feet or smaller.
  • The above can be used for young children and comfortably accommodated in a room no larger than seven by 9 feet. In a compact space, twin beds can be converted to bunk beds.

Bed Size

Mattress sizes are designed to fit specific types of beds; therefore, their dimensions are always concerning those beds’ dimensions. A king-sized bed and a king-sized mattress, for example, can differ by an inch or two in terms of size.

If your mattress is too large for your bed, it will hang over the sides and become damaged. If the mattress is overly large, dirt and other pests will have more room to nestle in.

Please See The Table Below For More Information on US Mattress Sizes:

  • King Size Mattress: 76.5” x 80.5” | 194.5 x 204.5 cm
  • Cal King Size Mattress: 72.5” x 84.5” | 184 x 214.5 cm
  • Queen Size Mattress: 60.5” x 80.5” | 154 x 204.5 cm
  • Full-Size Mattress: 54.5” x 75.5” | 138.5 x 192 cm
  • Twin XL Size Mattress: 39.5” x 80.5” | 100 x 204.5 cm
  • Twin Size Mattress: 39.5” x 75.5 | 100 x 192 cm


What is the size of a full-size bed?

A full-size bed is 16 inches broader than a twin bed, measuring 54 inches long by 75 inches wide. Teenagers and adults living alone will appreciate having a full mattress.

However, a full bed is not as costly as a queen and can be fitted into any compact area, even if it costs more than a twin. There is less possibility of falling off the mattress for those who toss and turn during the night.

Is it possible for a couple to sleep on a full-size bed?

A full-size bed is inadequate for a pair, but it gives solitary persons an additional 16 inches of breadth. Teenagers and adults traveling alone will appreciate the extra room.

Larger bed sizes are preferable for couples since they provide more space. Couples will appreciate the additional personal space supplied by these mattress sizes.

Is it true that two twin beds equal a full-size bed?

No, but a king-sized mattress is made up of two twin beds, not a full. When two twin mattresses are combined, they make a mattress that is 56 inches by 80 inches. A twin bed measures 38 inches wide by 80 inches long. A king-sized mattress has these exact measurements.

Does a full-size bed look and feel the same as a double-size bed?

There is no difference between a full-size bed and a double bed because they are both single beds. Both words relate to a bed that is 54 inches wide and 75 inches long.

Full or double beds are not twice as large as twin/ single mattresses, despite the word “double” suggesting otherwise. A full-size mattress is 15 inches wider than a twin-size bed, yet it’s the same length.

There is no real difference between a double and a full mattress. However, mattress manufacturers have mainly replaced the word double with the word full. Futons come in various thicknesses and sit on a full-size bed frame, both of which are available from Mattress Firm.

What is the most often used mattress size in the world?

The queen-size mattress is the most common choice due to its many benefits, including price, size, and versatility. It’s big enough to sleep two people comfortably but small enough to fit in most places.

In terms of bedroom furniture and sheet sets, it is a cost-effective solution for couples who want to share a bed. A queen-sized mattress is also much easier to maneuver through tight spaces like corridors and stairwells than a king-sized one.


Compact bedrooms and smaller apartments are ideal for a full-size bed. Full-sized mattresses are suitable for adults because a queen-sized bed only provides 27 inches of personal space, making the mattress too narrow for a couple.

Full-size mattresses are more expensive than twin-size mattresses, but if you want a mattress with more sleeping areas, the additional expense may be justified.

Standard dimensions can be better understood when you are familiar with common mattress sizes. When you know how much space you have for sleeping, you can choose the ideal mattress for your needs.

If you’re traveling alone, you might wish to save money by getting a smaller room. Queen or king-sized mattresses are better for couples sharing a bed because of the additional room they provide. Particularly tall people may require an exceptionally long bed.

Consider your preferences, as well as your financial situation, before scouring the market for new mattresses: good night and good dreams.

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Our dedicated team of experts, with more than two years of experience in the bedding industry, is committed to helping you achieve your best sleep yet. From in-depth reviews to comprehensive guides, we cover almost every aspect of sleep products, including mattresses, pillows, bed frames, and accessories. Explore our website and discover why we're the go-to resource for all things sleep-related.

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