How to Keep Sheets on Bed- 10 Ways


It’s a horror to break in a new bed sheet set only to discover it won’t stay put on your bed. You can’t toss them away or wake up rolled-in crumbled sheets daily.

So, what’s the answer to this problem? Learning how to keep sheets on the bed can be a game-changer. With the right approach, even the bedsheets that appeared impossible to fit your bed can stay put all night.

Thankfully, this problem can be solved, and using our guide can save you hours of searching on Google. We’ll show you how to keep your bed linens safe in easy steps so you can focus on more essential things like your 5-year-old.

10 Ways to Keep Bed Sheets Tight

This piece will discuss the ten most effective strategies for preventing the sheets from slipping off the bed.

  1. Use an Under-Sheet Beneath Fitted Sheet
  2. Using Suspenders to Strap Your Sheets On
  3. Try Putting the Top Corners on First
  4. Use Rug Corners
  5. Place Stretchy Bands Around Your Mattress
  6. Add a Mattress Topper
  7. Place A Rougher Sheet Under Your Fitted Sheet
  8. DIY (Do It Yourself) Straps
  9. Attach Safety Pins
  10. Zip the Sheets

1. Use an Under-Sheet Beneath Fitted Sheet

Bedding made of smoother materials like Egyptian cotton or silk may slide about more quickly because of reduced friction. Put an undersheet with a rougher texture under your fitted sheet to prevent this from happening. With the increased friction, your bed sheets should stay put.

Look for warm linens like Flannel or Fleece; the higher the temperature, the higher the friction. However, if your skin is extra sensitive or you quickly get hot, you may want to try one of the alternatives listed below instead.

2. Using Suspenders to Strap Your Sheets On

You may have perfected folding a fitted sheet, but you may not know how to keep bed sheets from slipping. Suspenders can help. Amazon sells cheap suspender clips. They clip onto the fitted sheet corners, producing tension and staying in place.

One alternative sold on Amazon has three connected clips that allow the corner to be locked on all three sides and in the middle. Plastic and metal locking clips are available. You should set them at a distance of six inches from the corner of the sheet.

You’ll need to raise one corner of your mattress to do this. Therefore, it’s preferable if your bed isn’t too thick or heavy. If that’s the case, you may avoid re-lifting your mattress any time soon by washing and drying your sheets before attaching the clips.

Some sheet suspenders sold on Amazon are shorter than others, making it impossible to use them to reach across a bed from corner to corner. To do this, you must invert your mattress and clip one end of the suspender to the top left corner and the other to the bottom right corner.

3. Try Putting the Top Corners on First

When making your bed, please start with the upper corners to ensure they stay in place. It would help if you began by tucking the cover into the mattress’s upper corners. After that, head down to the four corners.

The top corners of the bed are the trickiest to pull the covers over, but once you’ve done that, you should reach the lower corners with relative ease and pull the mattress down to an excellent, snug fit.

4. Use Rug Corners

Use the corners of your rug to tuck in your sheets and blankets. Its four corners should each have a rug corner to keep a rug from sliding around. These non-slip rug corners are available at any hardware shop; pick out a set that works well on both carpet and tile.

Use one beneath each corner of your bedspread to ensure a snug fit. The idea is that they will keep your bed linens drawn tight, just like on a rug.

5. Place Stretchy Bands Around Your Mattress

Just order some elastic bands instead of fiddling with buckles and straps. These items, formed like a loop, are designed to go around the perimeter of your mattress to hold your sheets in place.

Some businesses even think of everything, including safety locks. People concerned that their bands will break in the middle of the night may benefit from this.

The price of elastic bands is comparable to that of sheet suspenders, and many individuals find that they are simpler to use.

6. Add a Mattress Topper

Silky or satin sheets can be kept in place with the help of a mattress topper because of the additional friction created. Wrap the topper around your mattress, then cover it with the fitted sheet.

The ViscoSoft memory foam topper is just one example of a famous brand that includes a variety of types with straps that can be adjusted to keep the pad in place.

Mattress toppers are an excellent alternative for those who want to add some softness to their bed at a reasonable price but can’t afford the extra expense of suspenders and clean sheets.

For instance, the Saatva mattress topper provides excellent pressure relief and can even help your present mattress last for years longer.

7. Place A Rougher Sheet Under Your Fitted Sheet

Because of their slippery smoothness, silk and satin sheets are notorious for falling off mattresses. If your fitted sheet is too smooth, try layering a rougher sheet (flannel or cotton are great choices) underneath it. That way, the sheets won’t just slide about all night.

8. DIY (Do It Yourself) Straps

Not interested in fighting crowds and taking a chance on a purchase you might not like? It’s been said that if you want something done well, you must do it yourself.

This is a case when the same can be said. If you’re unhappy with any of the goods we’ve recommended, you can always make your own by inserting elastic straps into the four corners of a fitted sheet.

This should be a breeze if you’re comfortable operating a sewing machine. Once you’ve fixed the issue, you’ll feel great, and you’ll probably be able to sleep better on a motionless sheet.

9. Attach Safety Pins

The use of pins may be necessary if you are still having trouble with the sliding and snaking of your bed linens. The sheets on your bed are only one example of an item that could benefit from using a safety pin.

If you choose to go this route, make sure to pin them down securely. It’s best to pin it while the sheet is being pulled rather than against the pressure to keep the pin from getting bent or weakened.

10. Zip the Sheets

If you’re still having trouble, you may also give a zippered sheet set a shot. This bedding is widely praised for its effectiveness in maintaining bed order, particularly on children’s beds.

The cover wraps around your mattress and has zippers on both the top and bottom to keep everything in place. Those looking for a way to streamline their laundry routine often choose these.

Why Do Your Sheets Keep Falling Off Your Bed?

Are you perplexed as to why this issue arises in the first place? Let’s take a look at some of the more prevalent explanations.

The Sheets Are Too Small

A wide range of mattress sizes is available, from twin to California king. It’s conceivable that you ordered the wrong size sheets if they keep escaping from the bed.

Lucky for us, there’s a simple solution to this issue. First, remove the sheets from the bed to get the correct mattress size. Is it missing, and you can’t seem to locate it? Don’t stress. A measuring tape can also be used for this purpose.

Explore our comprehensive guide on mattress dimensions and sizes for more facts.

The Sheets Don’t Grip to Your Bed

Silk and smooth sheets provide a lovely feel but tend to slide around on the bed. Sheets made of cotton or bamboo are a good option if you toss and turn throughout the night. There is less of a slippery sensation when using these materials, and they prefer to remain put.

Avoid giving up your luxurious silk or cotton sheets by protecting your mattress with a topper or protector. Using these items will prevent your smooth sheets from slipping off your bed by increasing the friction between them and the mattress.

The Sheets Are Worn Out

Sheets should be replaced every two to three years because of normal wear and tear. As time passes, the elastic in fitted sheets wear out, and the sheets become loose on the mattress.

It may be time to replace them if you see this happening frequently. Please look at the selections we have compiled for the most excellent sheets.

Tips and Tricks

Listed below are some helpful hints and suggestions to keep in mind:

Choose the Right Size

The usage of a large enough sheet is essential for a proper sheet layout. You can still fold it, tie it, or tuck it under the mattress in this manner. The mattress will be more frequently exposed if the sheet is concise.

The dimensions of the mattress should determine the size of the sheet. This can be determined by multiplying the desired width or length by the mattress’s thickness plus 7.9 inches to account for the overhang that will be folded under the mattress. The increased length is roughly 31 inches.

Use Sheet Tensioner

Sheet tensioners are another option to consider. Similar to braces, these are placed underneath the mattress to lengthen the fitted sheet.

One-sided use is the norm for them (i.e., not crosswise). Pulling the corner taut, you may make your flat sheet into a nearly fitted one. Repurposed suspenders are another option.

What to Look for When Purchasing Stay-on-the-Bed Sheets

Perhaps you’ve exhausted our suggestions and concluded that keeping the old sheets is not worth the effort. Think about these critical points before you whip out your credit card:

Deep Pockets

Sheets will stay in place all night long when using deep pocket fitted sheets. Be aware of your mattress depth before shopping for a new set. Investing in a set of mattress suspenders may be necessary if you end up with a fitted sheet that is too shallow.

Strong Elastic

The elastic in the fitted sheet should ideally be stretched before you buy it. That way, you may test their longevity for yourself.

Online sheet order? Mattress Clarity guarantees that all the sheets it recommends, including those by Brooklyn Bedding and Nolah, have durable elastic bands that won’t stretch out rapidly.

Crisp Feel

A higher coefficient of friction between the mattress and the sheet prevents sheets from sliding off the bed throughout the night. Both Tuft & Needle and American Blossom make luxurious sheets with an incredible, crisp texture.

Bamboo sheets, which are what Puffy offers, are a good compromise between durability and softness. This comforter set softens over time without becoming slippery.

Zippered Sheets

Babies and toddlers, prone to kicking off their sheets and getting tangled up in them throughout the night, benefit significantly from using zippered sheets.

You may also buy sheets with zippers in queen and king sizes. Though convenient, it’s worth noting that the price of many Amazon-sold zippered sheets is significantly higher than that of conventional bedding sets.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of sheets have the least amount of slipping?

If you’re having trouble sleeping on your current sheets, you might want to replace them. You could try switching to different materials to avoid the hassle of constantly picking up linens that have fallen over.

Fleece and flannel, as was previously said, are more conducive to maintaining body heat and are less likely to shift around. This fabric will serve you well if you reside in a milder environment.

Despite their softness and luxuriousness, Satin, Bamboo, and Silk have a slippery quality that can be dangerous in wet conditions. Try switching to cotton or linen sheets for a more natural and breathable option.

Why are my fitted sheets unable to stay on my bed?

The fitted sheets on your bed may slip off for various reasons. Their elastic may be stretched out, or they may be too thin for your bed. Because they don’t generate enough friction, silk and satin sheets frequently slide off the bed. If your sheets keep falling off the bed, figure out why that is.

What is the best way to protect my sheets from falling off my bed?

The good news is that you won’t be stuck with slippery sheets forever. The good news is that there are various methods for doing so. For instance, you can use mattress suspenders to keep fitted sheets in place on the mattress.

Want to avoid a quick trip to the store? Binder clips and safety pins are commonplace materials that can also be used to fasten your papers.

On an air mattress, how do you keep the linens clean?

The smooth nature of most air mattresses makes it challenging to tie sheets to them. Purchase a stretchy band to remedy this issue. This item resembles a giant rubber band and is designed to fit around the mattress’s edges to keep the sheets in place.

On an adjustable bed, how do you keep the linens clean?

Purchase deep-pocketed fitted sheets for the most significant results. This will help to keep them from sliding around on the mattress as you change the height. Fitted sheets can stay in place better on adjustable beds if you use mattress suspenders.

When should new sheets be purchased?

It would be best if you looked into purchasing new sheets once every two to three years or anytime you notice that your current set of sheets is becoming worn.

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Ten simple suggestions make it possible to solve the age-old problem of tumbling sheets. Another enjoyable aspect of these answers is that they don’t require a hefty price tag or the assistance of professionals.

If you’re having trouble keeping your sheets in place, it could be because they don’t fit your mattress correctly. Another benefit of switching things up is the opportunity to get fresh bedsheets. No matter what you use, it’s easier to get your sheets to fit perfectly.

The difficulty is not figuring out how to keep the sheets on the bed. Finding a sheet that is the right size for your mattress and bed is the real issue.

If you can pull off that task successfully, you’ve essentially accomplished half of your goal. After that, all you need are these simple, low-cost solutions to keep your bedding in place all night long.

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Our dedicated team of experts, with more than two years of experience in the bedding industry, is committed to helping you achieve your best sleep yet. From in-depth reviews to comprehensive guides, we cover almost every aspect of sleep products, including mattresses, pillows, bed frames, and accessories. Explore our website and discover why we're the go-to resource for all things sleep-related.

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