10 Best Memory Foam Mattress Toppers


A mattress topper is a soft layer placed on top of the mattress to make it more comfortable. Consider a topper if your mattress is excessively hard or the comfort layers are eroding. It won’t “repair” a worn-out mattress, but it can help.

Memory foam is popular for toppers known as viscoelastic polyurethane foam. When the body is hot, the memory foam is softs and moves into a deeper and deeper cradle that relieves the pressure.

Memory foam’s strict shapes can alleviate pressure points and enhance spinal alignment without shaft and hip cushioning. You can quickly choose which one is appropriate for you after reading this post. Please contact us if you have any questions.

List of Best Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

  1. Best 4-inch Memory Mattress Foam Mattress Topper with Cover
  2. Hypoallergenic: 3-inch Recci Memory Foam Topper
  3. Side and Back Sleeper Memory Foam Mattress Topper
  4. Memory Foam Topper GhostBed
  5. Layla Foam Mattress Memory Topper
  6. Best Pillow Top Memory Foam Mattress Topper
  7. Memory Foam Solutions 3-Inch
  8. ISOLUS 2.5 inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper Ventilated Gel Memory Solutions
  9. Best Tempur-Pedic Mattress Topper Memory Foam.
  10. Sleep Joy 2′′ ViscO2 Memory Foam Topper Ventilated

1. Best 4-inch Memory Mattress Foam Mattress Topper with Cover

Best Price Mattress
Credit: amazon.com


  • This mattress has 1.5″ memory foam and 2.5″ high-density base foam and is CertiPUR-US certified.
  • The material is quite thick and cozy
  • A substantial quantity of assistance
  • A five-year warranty is included.

It’s all made with an active suspension that reduces motion isolation. No matter how intense your sleeping partner is, you will feel peaceful and comfortable. The product will ensure that your sleeping partner is not disturbed in any way.

The package also includes a zipped polyester mesh cover for the appropriate casing, and deeper sleep is proper and adds value to your buy.

The product is double-layered. The first layer is 2.5 inches thick density foam, while the second is 1.5 inches wide typical memory foam. A 5-year warranty covers everything.


  • Exceptionally thick and comfortable
  • A substantial amount of assistance
  • The warranty is valid for five years.


  • There is no gel in this product.
  • A powerful odor that dissipates within 48 hours of exposure
  • The cover does not have a weatherproof seal.

2. Best Hypoallergenic: Recci 3-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Recci 3-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper
Credit: amazon.com

For allergy sufferers, a memory foam topper with a removable cover is a great option to consider. The Recci Memory Foam Mattress Topper is a machine washable and dust mite-resistant bamboo viscose cover.

Recci topper is 3-inches thick and consists of 100% pure memory foam. The Recci topper’s underside is non-skid, keeping it firmly in place on your bed. Neither too plush nor too solid, the 3-inch thickness suits all sorts of sleepers.


  • Machine-Washable, Hypoallergenic Cover


  • May Shift During Sleep

3. Best memory foam mattress topper for Back and Side Sleepers: Saatva Graphite

Saatva Queen Mattress Topper
Credit: amazon.com


  • Free Shipping
  • 180-Night Home Trial
  • 1-year Limited Warranty

Saatva provides three mattress topper designs to suit different sleeping positions and body types. The company’s memory foam topper is the thickest, at 3 inches, and offers close, uniform contouring.

They are ideal for side and back sleepers who weigh 230 pounds or fewer, especially those with pressure points in the lower back, shoulders and other sensitive spine areas.

Memory foam is laced with graphite, which naturally cools the surface and prevents heat buildup. The topper also has a layer of high-density polyfoam to support and stabilize your body. The entire topper is covered in a breathable organic cotton layer that wicks sweat away from the body. The cotton is Global Organic Textile Standard certified.

The 3-inch Graphite Topper will significantly alter the feel of your mattress. Saatva’s other two toppers are 1.5 inches thick and comprised of high-density polyfoam and latex. All toppers include large elastic corner bands to keep them from shifting as you sleep.

4. GhostBed Memory Foam Topper

Credit: ghostbed.com


  • Made from closely conforming foam
  • Copper infusion is designed to prevent overheating
  • Backed by a 5-year warranty

The Sleepyhead Copper Topper’s deep contouring appeals to side and back sleepers who suffer from pressure points and achy muscles. The 3-inch copper-infused memory foam topper is designed to embrace the body and relieve pressure points for many people who sleep on top of it.

A medium feels with mild support and sufficient cushioning. Our reviewers observed that memory foam fits tightly to the body and disperses weight away from sensitive areas such as the hips, shoulders, and spine, allowing them to sleep comfortably. Copper is also a good heat conductor, preventing hot spots.

This mattress topper’s deep contour foam absorbs and isolates motion as well. These features may help couples who are easily disturbed by one other’s movements.

There is a 2-inch Copper Topper for the Twin XL mattress size. Sleepyhead offers free shipping within the USA. 30-night sleep trial and 5-year warranty on Copper Topper.

5. Layla Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Credit: laylasleep.com


  • This Mattress Topper has excellent contouring to relieve pressure spots.
  • The straps help to keep the topper in place.
  • The cover helps to keep the topper clean.
  • Doubles your firmness options
  • Suitable for: People looking to improve contour, make their mattress plusher, or reduce motion transfer.

If you like the feel of classic memory foam, you’ll enjoy the Layla topper’s contour. Infused with copper to keep your mattress cool and clean. It also shapes your current mattress is a significant bonus for those with uncomfortable pressure points. It can also benefit lightweight folks who struggle to get deep contouring support from their mattress.

Unlike many toppers, the Layla topper has straps to keep it in place! That’s perfect for people who move around on their mattresses at night. Layla’s innovative softening process gives their fabric an almost silky feel that no other topper on the market has. A Thermo GEl cooling agent reduces heat, keeping you cool all night.

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In this two-inch topper, Layla designers even managed to promote motion transfer. That’s impossible with a topper, but they did it! A true topper design miracle is available to all mattresses.

It isn’t easy to enumerate all the reasons to love the Layla topper. That’s why no one at The Sleep Judge doubted it would top this list. It is the greatest memory foam mattress topper available. The other entries on this list are fine, but none compare to Layla. Layla will offer you the lovely kiss of memory foam on your aging mattress.


  • This mattress topper has excellent contouring to relieve pressure spots.
  • The straps help to keep the topper in place.
  • The cover helps to keep the topper clean.
  • Reduces motion transfer
  • Doubles your firmness options


  • Some complaints of hot sleeping
  • It can make it hard to move around if your mattress doesn’t have much bounce of its own

6. Best Pillow top memory foam mattress topper: ViscoSoft Serene

ViscoSoft 4
Credit: amazon.com


  • High-End Comfort
  • It won’t Slip and Side
  • Plush and Supportive
  • Minimizes pressure points and pain
  • Outperforms
  • Relieve Your Pain & Soreness
  • Removable & Washing Cover
  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

The 4-inch ViscoSoft Memory Foam Mattress is a fantastic choice if you are looking for ultimate added value. ViscoSoft is one of the thickest and most expensive choices on our list, making it suitable for side sleeping people or those looking for extra softness.

The 2.5-inch gel-infused foam topper with a 1.5-inch downward replacement layer is available in 7 sizes. The satin fabric with 300 threads is hypoallergenic and machine washable. It also contains elasticated pockets that help to fix the topper and keep it in position at night.

Sleep with the topping of ViscoSoft. The ViscoSoft provides a perfect extra alternate layer for side sleepers as they sleep on a cloud.


  • Side sleepers will like the fluffy topper.
  • Removable and Machine Washable.


  • It may be too Soft for Some

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7. Memory Foam Solutions 3-Inch

Memory Foam Solutions 3-Inch
Credit: amazon.com


  • The Density of Four Pounds.
  • PURGreen certification.
  • Made in the USA.

It’s a mattress topper that instantly transforms any mattress into a much more restful one. It will also add comfort and support to worn-out or sagging portions of your bed.

Thanks to its 4-pound memory foam density, the 3-pound thick topper is exceptionally supportive. It will reduce pressure on the lower back, hips and shoulders.

The product is created in-house, ensuring top-quality craftsmanship and materials. That’s why the pricing is a little more. The gel-like texture makes it worth every dime you’re going to spend.

8. ISOLUS 2.5 Inch Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

ISOLUS 2.5 Inch Ventilated Memory Foam Topper
Credit: amazon.com


  • Excellent temperature regulation
  • Mildew resistant
  • Good support

The Isolus Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Topper is a wonderful option in this category. Sleeping on this topper will make you feel rejuvenated a wonderful night. This topper provides a truly amazing sensation of slumber.

This gel-infused memory foam topper will help you sleep cooler. Even if it doesn’t entirely chill you down, it keeps you cool enough to sleep comfortably. In addition to keeping bacteria and allergens away, a bamboo cover covers the top. There will be an off-gassing odor for a few days after the topper is installed.

Those who want extra joint support or back cushioning may find the Isolus Gel Memory Foam Mattress handy. Only 2.5 inches thick, yet quite dense. As for night sweats, the topper itself is mildew resistant. Moisture will not affect this item. The only drawback is that it isn’t waterproof. If this worries you, get a quality waterproof cover. The body is removable and washable.


  • Excellent Temperature Regulation
  • Mildew Resistant
  • Good Support


  • A bit pricey for a topper
  • The Returns are complicated
  • The Odor is Very Present

9. Best Tempur-Pedic memory foam mattress topper

Tempur-Pedic memory foam mattress topper
Credit: tempurpedic.com


  • Tempur Material
  • Free Shipping
  • Assembled in the USA
  • 10-Years Warranty

This luxury mattress topper from Tempur-Pedic is made of memory foam. It’s known for relieving back discomfort and absorbing heat quickly.

It also has a washable cover so you can freshen it whenever you want. Purchases made on prominent e-commerce sites have led to counterfeit dupes. Tempur-Pedic may be the finest option.

10. Sleep Joy 2″ ViscO2 Ventilated Memory Foam Topper

SleepJoy 2 inche ViscO2 Ventilated Memory Foam
Credit: amazon.com


  • No Odor
  • Made from Natural Materials
  • Excellent Ventilation

Trial/ Warranty

  • 5 Year Warranty

The Sleep Joy ViscO2 Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress Topper is an eco-friendly way to make your bed more comfortable. The odor is removed during production, so you can use it as soon as it arrives at your door. No bad off-gassing here. This topper is ready to help you (and your nostrils) rest. The stench will not need to be left for a few days.

The topper is comprised of memory foam combined with plant elements for better ventilation and comfort. The airflow is good so that you won’t feel hot at night. The fact that this product comes with a five-year warranty may indicate its overall quality.

It is 2 inches thick, so it is on the thinner side of toppers. Maintenance is also simple. But don’t put it in the washer.  The Sleep Joy ViscO2 topper improves sleep quality and provides additional cushioning. It is perfect for back and side sleepers who want more upper body support.


  • No Odor
  • Made from Natural Materials
  • Excellent Ventilation


  • Low support
  • Thin

Alternatives to Memory Foam

Memory foam isn’t the only material utilized to make toppers. Keeping this in mind, some disagree.  

Latex foam is the main competitor. It has recently acquired popularity. But it is used to infuse memory foam and offer a layer of benefits. Like memory foam, it has some but not all properties. Hence its use as an infusion rather than as a standalone product. Infused with cooling gel for overheated sleepers.

Wool and feather & down are other common mattress toppers. The former is not the best option. It doesn’t shape and curve as well as this material, and it’s not as supportive.

Feather and down, on the other hand, are considered premium solutions. In reality, they may be comfier, but they are not as sturdy and supportive may cause extra pain in your lower back, hips, and shoulders.

Benefits of a Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

Memory foam is the most common material for mattress toppers right now. It’s not surprising because it’s a great material to sleep. Born in the 1970s, it became popular in the 1990s. What are the advantages of a memory foam mattress topper?


It responds to your body shape and forms around you as soon as you lay down. It will support you where you need it. Memory foam toppers are ideal for anyone who suffer from muscular or joint pain.


Sleeping on memory foam is not a problem if your partner moves a lot throughout the night and the vibration wakes you up. It doesn’t transfer sounds and doesn’t move the other side of the bed. So you can sleep through the night.


Memory foam is incredibly durable, so a topper or mattress purchased will endure for years. The fact that most manufacturers provide a three- to five-year warranty speaks much about the product’s quality.


You can select the memory foam topper’s density and thickness. Come in a variety of sizes. The consistency is 1 to 4 inches. So, if you require additional lower back support, you can select the correct topper for you. Toppers are also more portable and lighter than mattresses. Usually, you can unpack the topper and lay it on the bed without expert assistance.

How we selected the most effective memory foam mattress toppers

Here’s what we kept in mind while looking for the best:

  • Testimonials We looked into reviews’ comfort and quality.
  • Living needs. We looked for products that are portable, washable, and more.
  • Sleep habits. Topper selection is based on your sleeping habits. We chose back, stomach, and side sleepers.
  • Brand image. We only recommend brands that produce high-quality goods and operate ethically and transparently.
  • Flammability standards Federal flammability standards do not apply to foam mattress toppers that are not covered in ticking. To reduce flammability, some producers cover their foam with chemicals. No ticking or chemical flame retardants were used in our selection of toppers.
  • Price. We looked at a range of prices to fit your budget.

Maintenance and Care

It is only natural that you carefully maintain your mattress topper for longer shelf life. Do not overpress it and use it with a cover always. The majority of products on the market come with a purchase price cover, so don’t worry about it.

Keep it going as it reduces wear and tear and keeps the product useable and useful for longer. Also, sometimes giving it a nice clean manual would help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size is the memory foam mattress topper best?

You should select a mattress top size based on your current mattress size. Avoid moving during the night, and many toppers have corner straps or knots. However, if you and your companion enjoy various firmness levels, you may want to choose a smaller topper.

How do I clean a memory foam mattress topper?

For this reason, you should never wash or dry memory foam in a home machine. Spills or stains on the foam should be cleaned with water and mild detergent. Fortunately, many memory foam toppers include removable, machine washable covers.

Most antimicrobial covers are produced from polyester, while some are constructed from nylon or polyester/cotton blends.

Can a memory foam mattress topper cause back pain?

Incorrect use of a memory foam topper might cause back problems. If you weigh above 230 pounds, the topper should be firm enough to support your shoulders, back, and hips.

For those under 130 pounds, too-firm toppers may cause back problems. Back pain from a topper or mattress may indicate replacement. It’s possible to switch to a firmer topper if the new backache is caused by softness.

How do I store memory foam mattress toppers?

Keep your foam topper cold and dry from heat when it is not used, and moisture inhibits mold and mildew growth and stabs infestation. A zipped cover can be provided to protect the topper while not in use. If you use the topper each night, clean the cover regularly.

How dispose of a memory foam mattress topper?

If you want to get rid of your topper, donate it to a local charity. Most donation centers will accept toppers, much like mattresses and other bedding items. You can also recycle the topping instead of throwing it away.

If your topper’s sleep trial hasn’t expired, contact the manufacturer for an exchange or refund. If your topper breaks and the warranty hasn’t expired, you may be eligible for a free replacement.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a top-rated memory foam mattress topper involves many factors. Assume you take what we’ve said seriously. In that situation, you will save a lot of time, effort, and money by not roaming around stores and comparing the same possibilities.

Keeping this in mind, the items we reviewed are among the best currently available. It’s a solution you should examine.

Of course, if you choose anything else, it’s still beneficial to evaluate all the parameters listed above to get the mattress topper that’s perfect for you.

We sincerely hope you found value in this post, and we thank you for reading it!

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