Best Mattress for Fibromyalgia of 2023


Fibromyalgia is a “widespread muscular skeleton pain, with problems of fatigue, sleep, memory and mood” symptoms, also referred to as “fibrofog,” which are widespread pain, tiredness, and cognitive problems, and this guide will help you to find the Best Mattress for Fibromyalgia.

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Top 13 Best Mattresses for Fibromyalgia

  1. The Dream Cloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress
  2. The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress
  3. Purple Elastic Polymer Mattress for Fibromyalgia
  4. Loom & Leaf Mattress for Fibromyalgia
  5. TUFT & NEEDLE Adaptive Foam Mattress
  6. LEESA Original Mattress for Fibromyalgia
  7. Saatva Mattress for Fibromyalgia
  8. Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress
  9. Layla Memory Foam Mattress
  10. Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Best for Fibromyalgia
  11. Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress
  12. Bear Mattress-Best for Fibromyalgia
  13. Brent Wood Home Mattress for Fibromyalgia

1. The Dream Cloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress for Fibromyalgia

The Dream Cloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress for Fibromyalgia


  • 365-Nights trial
  • Free Shipping & Returns
  • Easy Financing
  • 25-Years Warranty
  • Made in the USA

Overall Thoughts

DreamCloud is a luxury hybrid model providing the highest possible comfort and the best suitability for sleepers’ individual needs. This bed is made up of 8 layers to give an individual with Fibromyalgia.

According to customer feedback, those with Fibromyalgia who tend to rest in the abdominal cavity will find DreamCloud relaxing due to its moderate firmness, which ensures little or no sinking during the night.

For all back sleepers, particularly Fibromyalgia, DreamCloud is highly recommended. Its pocket coiling layer offers a spinal alignment and provides the pressure and pain relief required.

Sleeping with rheumatoid arthritis and arthritis combined with Fibromyalgia may provide considerable relief from pain while resting on DreamCloud.

The correct balance between softness and firmness makes it possible for the spine to remain aligned and all the body to relax and not feel undue pressure during the night.

DreamCloud has a thickness of 15.” It’s more than most templates would provide. The mattress is ideal for heavy people and sleepers in the stomach. Because of the thickness, the support it provides is also essential.

The only downside is its extra height in the morning as you get out of bed. DreamCloud has 6.5 firmness points, which is medium-sized overall. This firmness level allows the perfect balance between softness and firmness and gives people the requisite “not too hard, not too weak” feeling.

Since it consists of memory foam, latex, and buckets, DreamCloud is expected to last at least 7-8 years. High-quality materials also support the bed without losing quality. The DreamCloud can produce some negligible off-gassing, which completely disappears 24 hours after discharge.

The business has a 25-year bed guarantee. A complete refund is also issued for 365 nights of the sleep study. Transport to the customer’s house is free.


  • Free delivery to most of the US territory.
  • Eight layers of high-quality memory foam and latex.
  • Generous support and spine alignment
  • Cooling effect.


  • The price is above average.
  • Slight off-gassing during the first 24 hours of use.
  • Heavier to move than other models.

2. The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress For Fibromyalgia

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress-For Fibromyalgia


  • 365-Night Home Trial
  • Forever Warranty
  • Free Shipping
  • Made in the USA
  • Affordable Price

Overall Thoughts

Nectar succeeded in making a comfortable model made of high-quality materials and is no myth. The comfort layer’s high-density memory foam provides good protection and adequate firmness, while carefully selected polyfoam from the support layer ensures alignment for better pressure relief.

The upper layer gel memory foam gives a cooling effect, which is very important for the patient with Fibromyalgia. The comfort layer provides the right contours to the entire body and susceptible areas and helps relieve pain when needed.

Nectar sounds like a very appealing model to purchase in your bedroom in conjunction with a much lower price than the competitors.


Those who choose to rest on the side get the comfort of memory foam and a proper level of strength, which helps align the spine at night and makes them feel fresh in the morning. Nectar provides major pressure relief in the body to help the muscles relax.

Patients with Fibromyalgia can appreciate this model because it conforms and adapts to curves, significantly reducing pain. Reviews by people who choose to go to sleeve mention generous support and pressure relief, guaranteed by Nectar.

This bed may provide adequate strength to keep all parts of the body comfortable and decrease discomfort.

Many with allergies to dust mites find Nectar a worth buying choice. Nectar is supposed to last for at least seven years due to the high-quality materials used, and the structure of the bedding does not cause mites to accumulate and trigger an allergic reaction.

The tests and customer feedback show that this bed’s foams do not quickly degrade, ensuring that the model can last much longer without losing its distinctive characteristics.

Nectar has a solidity of 6, which is medium business. Its high-density memory foam and polyfoam allow the sleeper to experience ample comfort without falling into the bed.

Nectar is sold with a lifetime guarantee and a 365-night sleep trial. A complete refund is available during the trial period. This bed distribution to neighboring countries is free, although the customers are charged for delivery to Alaska and Hawaii.


  • High-quality materials
  • Good support and spine alignment
  • The optimal level of firmness
  • Good temperature regulation
  • Significant pressure and pain relief
  • Free shipping to most of the states


  • Possible odor at the beginning of the use.
  • Paid delivery to Alaska and Hawaii.

3. Purple Elastic Polymer Mattress For Fibromyalgia

Purple Elastic Polymer Bed


  • 100-Night Trial
  • 10-Years Warranty
  • Free Shipping
  • Free Returns
  • Made in the USA
  • Size Queen

Overall Thoughts

Purple is an innovative bed built using new technologies. This model’s comfort layer is made from an elastic polymer reinforced with humpback gel.

Taken these two materials to create a unique Smart Grid structure. Smart Grid offers many great features. Smart Grid acts as a comfort layer when placed on a polyfoam layer.

It can adapt and rebound to any shape placed on it and return to its initial shape immediately after removing the pressure. Therefore, the bed offers excellent support and movement insulation while providing great stress and pain relief.

The air circulation inside the Smart Grid is another positive feature of the Purple mattress.

Thus, the temperature regulation is lovely at night because the grid is the thickest part of the bed, allowing the air to move without creating a heat trap.

The elastic polymer structure can be adapted to all the body sensitivities so that the muscles can relax and get rid of any tension inside. It softens the pain and helps the spine to align fully.

As Purple adjusts to any shape, fibromyalgic side sleepers will enjoy the comfort it offers. The bed structure contours and creates a perfect cradle to align the spinal cord and reduce pressure, pain, and tension in the body.

Those who want to sleep on the belly and Fibromyalgia find Purple well. It provides support and stress relief without sinking, which sleepers in the stomach can feel with other models.

Purple offers Ten years warranty, 100 nights of sleep tests, and full reimbursement during the trial period. Shipping is free, and if necessary, in-home and old mattress removal are provided.


  • Perfect support and spine alignment
  • Excellent motion isolation and bounce
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Significant pressure and pain relief
  • Great temperature regulation
  • Several firmness and thickness options


  • Some odor is possible.
  • Heavier than other models and difficult to move alone.

4. Loom & Leaf Mattress-For Fibromyalgia

Loom & Leaf Mattress-For Fibromyalgia


  • Multi-Layer Breathable Support
  • Made in the USA
  • Size: Queen
  • 15-Year Warranty
  • 120-Night Sleep Trial

Overall Thoughts

Loom and Leaf construction incorporates two forms of foam – high-density memory foam in a comfort layer with a compressed cooling gel layer on top and high-density polyfoam on the base layer.

These materials provide Loom and Leaf with the necessary strength and support. Loom and Leaf sell two firms: 5.5, Medium, and 8, business.

The higher score model offers substantial support, pressure, and pain relief, but it may seem too hard for some customers. The 5.5 firmness level model sounds safer for patients with Fibromyalgia.


  • Two firmness options
  • High-quality materials
  • The cooling effect due to the unique layer
  • Good pain relief
  • 15-year Warranty
  • 120-night sleep trial and a full refund
  • Free white glove delivery and old bed removal.


  • Fair edge support
  • Odor potential
  • The significant difference between firmness options – some sleepers may not find their preferred firmness.

5. TUFT & NEEDLE Adaptive Foam Mattress-For Fibromyalgia

TUFT & NEEDLE Adaptive Foam Mattress-For Fibromyalgia


  • Size Full
  • Pressure Relieving
  • Supportive
  • Versatile
  • Free Shipping
  • 100-Nights Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty

Overall Thoughts

Tuft & Needle introduces two models, T&N and Mint, to their customers. T&N has two layers of polyfoam and 10″ thickness, while Mint has three layers of polyfoam and 12″ thickness. Both versions are ideal for patients with Fibromyalgia.

They provide vital support, movement isolation, pressure, and relief for the pain. The T&N model features customer feedback, showing that it gives over-average pain relief compared to other beds.

Couples would enjoy quiet – no noise is created in those beds. They are also perfect for temperature management. Mint has graphite, which helps to make sleep more relaxed.


  • Two models with different thickness options.
  • Good support.
  • Above-average pressure and pain relief.
  • Temperature regulation.
  • Affordable price.
  • No noise.
  • Convenient for all weight categories.
  • 10-year Warranty.
  • 100-night sleep trial with a full refund.


  • Fair edge support.
  • Possible odor.

6. LEESA Original Mattress-For Fibromyalgia

LEESA Original Bed


  • Size Queen
  • Free Shipping
  • Made in the USA
  • Risk-Free, 100-Night Trial
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty

Overall Thoughts

Leesa is a hybrid foam mattress with polyfoam and memory foam, while the support layer consists of polyfoam of high density. All these layers are coupled to build a paradigm of broad support and medium power.

Due to its structure and materials, Leesa relieves back pain and other body areas reasonably soon. Excellent alignment of the spine and pain relief are often not unnoticed. Like several foam mattresses, Leesa doesn’t reveal sinking.

Leesa sounds like a mattress for fibromyalgia patients because of its recovery, calming impact, and fair price.


  • Good support.
  • Medium firmness.
  • Pressure relief.
  • Cooling effect.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Lightweight and easy to move.
  • Free shipping to the US and Canada.


  • Slight odor potential.
  • Mediocre edge support.

7. Saatva Mattress For Fibromyalgia

Saatva Mattress For Fibromyalgia


  • 180-night home trial
  • Free white glove delivery
  • 15-year Warranty
  • Size Queen
  • Optimal spine support
  • Chiropractor approved

Overall Thoughts

Saatva is a bed with a unique support structure and two coils layers: a coiled support base and a layer of individual pocket coils with an underlying layer of high-density memory foam.

The coil structure and reinforced borders build an extensive support system that aligns the spine with sleepers in all weight categories. Saatva offers fibromyalgia pain relief and significant pressure on sensitive and painful areas.

Saatva also boasts a great bounce, reactivity, 3, 4, 6, and 7.5 firmness options so that every client can choose the best. The bobbin design enables high-temperature control and provides cool sleep.

Saatva is an environmentally oriented company that uses environmentally friendly products – recycled steel, organic cotton, and biofuels.


  • Three firmness options
  • Good support
  • Significant pressure and pain relief
  • Adjusts to painful points
  • Good temperature neutrality
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Heavy and difficult to move
  • Possible odor.

8. Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress For Fibromyalgia

Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress For Fibromyalgia


  • Size Queen
  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • 100-Night Trial
  • 10-Year Warrant
  • Free Delivery

Overall Thoughts

There are multiple bed models available in Casper, two of which are memory foam and a mixed foam and latex model. In each model, the mixture of materials and their forms differs. The Casper model consists of memory foam and polyfoam layers.

The Wave bed blends polyfoam, latex, memory foam, and polyfoam with high resilience. The Essential model consists of a comfort layer of polyfoam and memory foam, while high-density polyfoam forms a support layer.

All these models will offer ripe and noiseless sleep. The Wave model seems the best one to do with fibromyalgia pain relief – customers tell us about substantial and targeted pressure relief, temperature neutrality, strong bounding, and conformity. But if you’re looking for a highly stable model, select Essential with a score of 75. (Firm).


  • Three models with different features.
  • Good support and pressure relief in the Wave model.
  • 100-night trial sleeps with a complete refund.


  • Not all models are suitable for people with Fibromyalgia.
  • Slight odor potential.

9. Layla Memory Foam Mattress-For Fibromyalgia

Layla Memory Foam Mattress Black and Gray


  • Free Shipping
  • Made in the USA
  • 120 Money Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Size: Queen

Overall Thoughts

One side of the mattress has a 3″ copper-infused cooling effect memory foam. There is the same foam on another side but 1″ thick. Convoluted foam and base foam are mounted between the two layers.

This building allows you to have two different beds simultaneously. On the one hand, it is medium-soft with more pressure and relief from pain, and on the other side, a firm with more vital protection. Depending on your interests and situation, you can pick sides.

Patients with Fibromyalgia will find this bed very good for them. Substantial conformity and movement insulation on both sides make this model ideal for different sizes, individuals, and couples.


  • Flippable Design
  • Good support, conforming, and pain relief
  • Good motion isolation
  • Below-average price
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Off-gassing potential
  • Mandatory two-week break-in period after purchase.

10. Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Best for Fibromyalgia

Brooklyn Bedding Spartan Bed


  • 120-Nights Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Free shipping & Returns
  • Made in the USA
  • High-Value Hybrid Mattress

Overall Thoughts

The Brooklyn Spartan model is the most appropriate for people with Fibromyalgia in general. This bed was mainly built for people who are physically active and train a lot. It contains copper-infused polyfoam, normal memory layers of polyfoam, and gel foam.

The Spartan model promotes muscle pain rehabilitation and, in sensitive areas, can minimize it. The coil layer offers firm support and pressure relief in conjunction with a body curve that conforms closely. There are numerous firmness choices – Soft, Medium, and Business.


  • Different firmness and thickness options
  • Good support and pain relief.
  • Average prices
  • Free shipping to contiguous states
  • 10-year Warranty
  • 100-night sleep trial.


  • Potential off-gassing.
  • Some noise is possible.

11. Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress- For Fibromyalgia

Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress For Fibromyalgia


  • Made in the USA
  • Size Medium
  • Free Shipping
  • 100-Nights trial
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 0% APR Available

Overall Thoughts

According to customer feedback, Alexander Signature offers strong spinal alignment with sufficient support and alleviates the pressure and discomfort at critical points.

It makes this mattress ideal for patients with Fibromyalgia. In comparison with other foam versions, temperature control is also good.


  • Two firmness options
  • Good pressure and pain relief
  • Good motion isolation
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Mediocre edge support.
  • Off-gassing potential.
  • A 30-night break-in period of use.

12. Bear Mattress Best for Fibromyalgia

Bear Mattress-Best for Fibromyalgia


  • 10-Year Warranty
  • 100 Nights Risk-Free Trial
  • Free Shipping
  • Free Returns
  • Environmentally-Friendly Material
  • Size Queen

Overall Thoughts

Two Bear versions are available – one blended foam and the other hybrid bed. Both versions are medium-sized and are usually considered suitable and suitable for people with Fibromyalgia.

Both models provide strong support and pressure relief. Bear Hybrid bed gives the coil sheet a more in-spring feel and offers stronger support at 6.5 firmness. Whereas in terms of sharpening and pain relief, Bear Mattress (a mixed foam) is safer and provides better motion insulation. Its solidity is 6.

Both models are referred to as good temperature control; due to their coil layer and airflow, the hybrid model has a better cooling effect.


  • Two different bed types
  • Good support
  • Pressure and pain relief
  • Good temperature regulation
  • Significant motion isolation
  • From little to no noise
  • 10-year Warranty
  • 100-night sleep trial with a full refund.


  • Almost the same firmness options in both models.
  • Potential off-gassing in the first few days.
  • 30-night break-in period after starting the use.

13. Brent Wood Home Mattress For Fibromyalgia

Brent Wood Home Cypress Luxe


  • 1-year trial
  • Free Shipping
  • Free Return
  • Made in California
  • 25-Year Warranty
  • 0% APR Available

Overall Thoughts

Three hybrid mattress styles – Ojai, Oceano, and Cedar – are available here. All of them are coated with New Zealand wool, though some construction components are different.

Oceano is the most appropriate model for patients with Fibromyalgia. The gel memory foam is made of polyfoam, and the base layer of micro coils is cooled. The support layer is made of polyfoam. All these components form a supporting bed with a strong contour.

Gel memory foam and a pocketed coil layer offer pressure relief and pain alleviation. Many customers note the good temperature management of Oceano.

Couples and heavy sleepers enjoy strong support, motion isolation, fantastic bounce, and compatibility with Brentwood Home models’ edge support.


  • Different firmness and thickness options.
  • Good general support and edge support.
  • Good pressure and pain relief.
  • Significant motion isolation.
  • The cooling effect of the Oceano model.
  • 120-night sleep trial.
  • 25-year Warranty.


  • A mandatory 30-night break-in period.
  • Potential off-gassing of a new mattress.

Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

  • Multisite musculoskeletal pain
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Sleeping without feeling rested
  • Headaches
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Trouble focusing
  • Pain or a dull ache in the lower belly
  • Dry eyes
  • Bladder problems

Fibromyalgia does not only make you feel pain. It also has a psychological and emotional effect. Many people suffer persistent tiredness or brain fog, which makes it hard to focus and remain alert. It may also cause memory deficits.

Fibromyalgia Remedies

Symptoms can be alleviated by stress control, daily exercise, dietary changes, medication, and ensuring that your organism receives the necessary help for good evening sleep rejuvenation.

Having a good night’s rest is necessary for recovery from the stress of everyday activities for both mind and body. When much of this cure takes place in deep sleep cycles, it makes sense that not having enough sleep leads to sorrow and increased stress.

In combination with a suitable mattress, exercising earlier in the day, avoiding caffeine in nights and evenings, sticking to a daily sleep schedule, maintaining a sleep diary, and sleeping just as often as required to feel rested can help.

Some say that complementary therapies, such as acupuncture, behavioral therapy, CBD, meditation, and an enhanced vitamin D intake, have improved life quality after Fibromyalgia is handled.

Tips for Managing Fibromyalgia Pain

Sadly, there is no remedy for Fibromyalgia. It could be a matter of trial and error to find the best treatment. Medicines and different lifestyle changes and self-care techniques can relieve pain, improve sleep, and improve life quality. Many people find it helpful to chat or join a support group with a therapist.

Here are some additional tips for managing your fibromyalgia pain:

  • Include exercise in your regular or weekly routine to increase circulation, relieve pain, improve sleep, and stimulate mood – try stretching and walking or yoga.
  • Try water therapy, heat or cold use, chiropractic manipulation, acupuncture, and massage, with various treatments.
  • Please speak to a physical therapist about exercises to promote mobility and muscle tone, which help many people strengthen their physical function and reduce pain.
  • Follow a healthy diet of grains, lean proteins, milk, fruits, and vegetables – prevent sugar and refined foods that can cause inflammation and exacerbate your pain.
  • Make sleep a priority by allowing yourself ample time to get 8 hours a night – establish a regular bed routine that prepares your body for sleep.
  • Beware of your symptoms and hear your body – if one day you feel especially exhausted, the best thing you can do is just take a day off and have a rest.
  • Now that you know better what you can do to control your normal level of pain, you may wonder what you can do at night.
  • Upgrading to a better mattress does not cure your Fibromyalgia, but it will help you sleep better. When you sleep well and wake up feeling restful, the day starts better, and the pain can be reduced. Please read more.

What Types of Mattresses Are Good for people with Fibromyalgia?

Mattresses with good care and mold allow people with Fibromyalgia to sleep more easily by decreasing pressure points. While soft mattresses can initially feel good, they have less spinal support, causing more soreness during the night.

Mattresses with memory foam, latex, or hybrid in-spring mattresses tend to give those with Fibromyalgia the perfect combination of weightlessness and help.

Memory foam contours well but is not the most breathable material, your body’s distinctive curves. Therefore, whether you get heated quickly or live in a warmer environment, a top-layer mattress, such as a bear mattress, will help you stay cool.

Besides, the correct alignment of the spine is critical and helps relieve pressure on tender spots. Grade Sleep mattress is perfectly built for this purpose and clinically checked for pain relief.

All these colors are highly rated for people with Fibromyalgia, but they all also have a memory foam that curves around your body, along with a top layer of heat, such as gel or wicking polyester.

In our guide, we find that fibromyalgia patients write longer critical reviews. Our mission is to help you find the ideal mattress, but in rare cases, the last thing you want is to sit with a headache and try to practice the return policy with a history of reactions.

Please find the best mattress; our patented algorithm assesses fibromyalgic patients and tests customer satisfaction further to help you get the requisite relief.

1. Hybrid

Hybrid mattresses are combined with two or more materials. The support core consists of bobbins, while a comfort layer is possible with memory foam, polyfoam, acrylic, micro-coils, and other materials.

People with Fibromyalgia may prefer the right contour model to minimize their pressure points.

However, near conformance may also trap heat. The sleeper is cradled in most hybrid models to alleviate pressure, whereas the spiral nuclei allow substantial airflow to dissipate heat.

2. Innerspring

The main feature of an internal model is its reel frame. This layer constitutes the vast majority of the mattress, even though some models have a tiny layer.

Accountability. The interior design usually looks springy, making it more comfortable to travel on the bed. Individuals who change roles due to their Fibromyalgia can like the sensitivity of most primary models.

3. Latex

The process Talalay or Dunlop can be used to make natural latex foam. Talalay is typically springier and respiratory, while Dunlop is thicker and longer. Specific models use latex, synthetic, or blended.

The strain of weightless relief. The low-point elasticity of latex ensures that when weight is spread, it is compressed over a wider area and distributes the importance of the sleeper to reduce friction near many people’s floating feeling.

Latex models are ideal for Fibromyalgians who want pain relief without much embrace.

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4. Airbed

Airbeds use air chambers as their support system. Depending on the model, the sleeper may either fill or empty the chambers using a remote, app, or curb. Some airbeds have thin comfort layers to smooth the mattress surface.

Adaptability, emptying or filling the airbed chambers can alter the strength of the sleeping surface. As Fibromyalgia symptoms can change over time, adaptability can allow people more flexibility to cope with the current surface of sleep, even though they change every night.

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5. Foam

Different kinds of foams, including memory foam and polyfoam, can contain foam. The most common use of memory spray is in comfort and transition layers, while polyfoam can be used in comfort, transition, and supporting layers.

Isolated pressure release and movement, the entire movement version is usually closed to the body to minimize the pressure buildup around the hips and shoulder.

They often tend to absorb motions that reduce movements as the sleeper changes. Persons who quickly wake up or have Fibromyalgia may like this combination of pressure relief and insulating movement.

How Does Sleep Position Affect Fibromyalgia Sufferers?

The location of an individual who sleeps affects the pain. Each job has some potential benefits and disadvantages. People with Fibromyalgia often choose their sleep based on their present pain and sorrow, but the role of sleep can have unpredictable effects.

Back Sleepers

Many people with Fibromyalgia will relax on their back. By encouraging the hips to fall into the right number, the right mattress helps to ensure the right spinal direction and decreases the spinal pressure.

Some sleepers assume that sleep on their backs reduces lower back pain, but views vary. Fibromyalgia patients with more back pain in their position can consider using a pillow under their knees.

Back sleep can be more problematic for Fibromyalgia patients who also snorkel or suffer from sleep apnea, worsening their symptoms. However, the upper body may be protected with a wedge pillow.

Side Sleepers

More commonly than the rest of the body, the mattress is pushed into a lateral sleeper. Some coats redistribute the sleeper’s weight such that major areas such as hips and shoulders are less stressed. Fibromyalgia lateral sleepers may prefer a mattress covering their curves, which reduces tension and preserves their spinal alignment.

Like any sleeping position, finding the right firmness is crucial. A lateral sleeper’s hips and shoulders could collapse onto a too-soft mattress, which breaks the alignment of the spine. Too firm a mattress will place pressure and pressure on the sleeper’s lumbar area.

Since the side sleeper’s legs rest on each other, any side sleeper may suffer from hip and knee pain, although that may be more apparent for people with Fibromyalgia. A pillow between the knees may enable certain people to position themselves.

Stomach Sleepers

Sleep on your stomach will strain your back and neck, so it’s not advisable. However, many people with Fibromyalgia can choose to sleep that night in either place.

Most of the weight of a person is typically distributed around a person’s abdomen and hips. This weight will force your center section into your mattress and stress the lumbar region while you sleep on your bowels.

Stomach sleepers sometimes turn their heads naturally sideways, which can contribute to neck strain.

A thick pillow could make this strain worse by forcing it backward. If you frequently sleep on your belly, such strategies may help relieve stress and discomfort.

A firmer mattress will accommodate more sleeper hips and facilitate more spinal alignment. Many sleepers have opted not to use a pillow or a skinny pillow to reduce the stomach strain. Stomach sleepers can also eliminate the task of using a body pillow to support your side.

Combination Sleepers

Different sleep positions can improve the comfort of Fibromyalgia by changing which body components feel the pressure. Combined sleepers can encounter the advantages and disadvantages of each sleep position.


What is the best mattress for fibromyalgia pain? 

Fibromyalgia varies, however, from arthritis pain, marked by widespread musculoskeletal pain. Arthritis is a category of disorders that can lead to pain due to the joints’ injury and inflammation. Fibromyalgia does not damage articulations or soft tissue – a pain condition is considered.

When it comes to finding the right mattress for chronic pain, it helps. An unbearable mattress can produce pressurized points that exacerbate Fibromyalgia by causing your spine to fall apart.

Memory foam mattresses are ideal for pressure relief and alignment of the spine, but other materials also perform. Choosing a mattress suitable for your sleeping style is critical.

Are waterbeds good for Fibromyalgia?

Waterbeds don’t usually have much protection and thus can be bad for the back. What you need is a mattress made of press-absorbing materials that match your body contours.

Memory mist, latex, and hybrid fibromyalgia mattresses are perfect because they combine softness and help to make you relaxed.

How many hours of sleep do you need for Fibromyalgia?

 The average adult has the best sleep time of 7 to 8 hours a night, but people with Fibromyalgia can need a little more. Aim for 8 or 10 of a night’s sleep. You will have to try a little to figure out what works best for you.

Why does fibromyalgia pain get worse at night?

Much of the time, many people with Fibromyalgia have widespread discomfort, which sometimes worsens at night.

Fibromyalgia patients also have trouble calming their muscles and feel automatic brain excitement during sleep, which raises pain perception.

If you sleep on the wrong mattress, pressure points may be applied to the joint or cause back pain. You could be more conscious of these pains at night if you have Fibromyalgia. Switching to a stronger mattress can alleviate some of the pain that can help you to sleep better.

Why does Fibromyalgia make me feel tired?

 Fibromyalgia is a disease of pain, and one hypothesis suggests that fatigue causes the body to cope with pain continuously. The continuous firing of pain in your nerves will make you sluggish and make sleeping well at night difficult.

Improving your wallpaper quality would help you better sleep by giving you more comfort and alleviating the tension that might intensify all of your stress.


It is utterly devastating and challenging to deal with various forms of orthopedic disorders such as Fibromyalgia. It’s something that keeps you from sleeping well at night and induces constant tiredness and discomfort all over your body.

Your bed could help you a lot. Therefore it is strongly recommended that you look into some of the options we have recommended for fibromyalgia patients – all of them are handpicked and handled to improve their capacity.

We hope that this will provide you with great value and knowledge to prevent you from wasting hours on the market and searching for the top-rated fibromyalgia mattress.

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Our dedicated team of experts, with more than two years of experience in the bedding industry, is committed to helping you achieve your best sleep yet. From in-depth reviews to comprehensive guides, we cover almost every aspect of sleep products, including mattresses, pillows, bed frames, and accessories. Explore our website and discover why we're the go-to resource for all things sleep-related.

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