How to Build a Memory Foam Mattress Foundation


A base is needed for every mattress so that the body’s weight is spread out evenly. Also, if we want the bed to last long and give us the most comfort, we need a good mattress base.

A memory foam mattress won’t work with every type of base. This article will show you how to build a memory foam mattress foundation. We will also talk about the different kinds of mattress foundations.

Steps for How to Build a Memory Foam Mattress Foundation

Step 1- Get ​your Wood

Make sure you have all the wood you need before you start building. To do this, you’ll need to measure your memory foam mattress’s length and width. There are different ways to set up your foundation.

First, you can put the mattress up against the frame’s edges. This makes the bed easier, but the mattress might fall off.

The second option is to enclose the mattress in a cradle by building a border around it. Although this will ensure its stability, changing the sheets or covering them with a mattress protector may make it more difficult.

Either way, you’ll need to measure the whole frame and the support bars. The number of necessary cross beams depends on the width of the bed and should be at least two or three.

The outer frame needs to be longer than the center cross bars. Always measure your wood more than once before you have it cut. Because of this, you won’t need to buy as much later.

The slats that go on top of the frame and the feet are the other pieces of wood you will need. More slats will make the bed more stable, and higher feet will let you store things under the bed.

Step 2- Create the Frame

Make sure you have enough space when you build your mattress foundation. We suggest doing it in the last resting place, such as a bedroom or a dedicated office.

The frame may be constructed by connecting the two end pieces to the sides. If the wood is bonded together, nails will go in more easily.

Please find out how long it takes for the wood to dry or how to build a memory foam mattress foundation so you can make preparations properly.

The greatest thing to do when creating a mattress cradle is to add wooden panels to the foundation frame’s outside. It will be easier to build this way. Once the structure is complete, glue the panels and reinforce them with screws in the corners.

After the outside frame is in place, put the cross bars in. Given that your slats will span the width of the bed, these should run in a longitudinal orientation. Again, you can glue them in place with wood glue.

After the glue has dried, you can use nails or screws, but screws are better. If you use screws, you should drill a hole first to work more quickly. Pins are good, but over time they can come loose.

Step 3- Add the Slats

After the structure has been secured with screws or nails, you may now add the slats. The best course of action will be to fasten them to both sides and the middle crossbars. This will make the slats more stable.

Have enough slats to prevent sagging if you add more than the minimum number. Adding adhesive before screwing in place, as you did with the frame, will give you a more stable result.

Step 4- Add the Legs

It would help to turn the frame upside down to put the legs on a cradle. You can put the legs on and flip the frame over if it’s level. The wood should be placed at the intersection of the two sides to join the portions of a structure. Most of the time, it’s best to glue them together and then nail them to the frame.

To avoid damaging the pre-installed nails or screws, proceed with caution. Planning to make sure your legs can be securely tied may be necessary.

Remember that you might also need to secure the legs to the center of the frame. Simply placing them in the corners of your bed can add unneeded stress, eventually leading them to bow out. If the legs are on the sides, it will be more stable.

Types of Mattress Bases

Box Spring

A box spring’s base is typically a metal or wooden structure. It might or might not have springs inside. On the other hand, modern box spring foundations don’t have metal springs to make them lighter.

A bed frame made of metal and a box spring base are acceptable options. Slatted bed bases are commonly used instead of box springs because they don’t require an innerspring.

The best base for an innerspring mattress is a real box spring. Some latex or memory foam mattresses can also be used with a box spring. However, check the manufacturer’s guidelines on how to build a memory foam mattress foundation before putting a foam mattress on it.

Metal Platform

It is not necessary to need a foundation with this type of metal base because it can support the weight of the mattress alone. The metal platform works with most beds.

But memory foam mattresses are not the best choice, even though they can be put on a metal base as they need a more stable foundation.

Slatted Bed Foundation

Bed frames with slatted bases are either made of wood or metal. Several wooden or metal slats run across the frame. Mattresses of different heights and thicknesses will require different distances between the slats.

You can store things in the space under the slats. A slatted bed base can be used with almost any kind of mattress. If you’re sleeping on a memory foam mattress, you’ll want to ensure there’s less room between the slats.

Solid Platform Foundation

If your mattress is heavier, the best foundation for it is a solid platform foundation. This kind of base is the most stable and long-lasting. They are the most aesthetically pleasing bed frames available.

The most expensive bed foundation on the market is a strong platform foundation because of its advantages over alternatives.

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What is the basis of a memory foam mattress?

A memory foam mattress base is a firm surface that provides comfort and good support to your body. Many consumers know about mattress foundations, but this bed type has advantages.

A memory foam mattress foundation improves posture, relieves back pain, and helps reduce snoring while you sleep. If you want a great foundation, a few things need to be provided for how to build a memory foam mattress foundation:


The most important thing about a mattress is comfort. A memory foam mattress base is what you need to have a good night’s sleep.


Spending more on a sturdy and long-lasting material to use as a mattress base is wise. You may not want to worry about bedbugs or turning the mattress once a year.

Bed bugs and other bugs can be kept away from the bed by ensuring the mattress base has a strong structure.


Everyone needs a base for their mattress. It relieves back or stomach aches while you rest comfortably on its supportive surface. Making sure you’re lying comfortably will reduce stress on your body’s pressure points.

Benefits of a Mattress Foundation

Here are six compelling arguments in favor of purchasing a high-quality bed frame:

1. Enhances Support

Mattresses tend to shrink over time, which can cause pain and discomfort when you wake up. Having a bed base will assist keep your mattress from sagging and keep it in place if it has already begun.

2. Heightens

Bed foundations will raise the height of your mattress, making it easier to get in and out of bed. Some bed foundations can lift your mattress by up to 16 inches.

The increased height ensures a more restful, cooler, and drier night’s sleep, keeping bedding and other things off the floor.

3. Improves Airflow

Comfortable sleep is impossible without adequate airflow, which is especially important for hybrid and memory foam mattresses. The frames of these beds allow air to circulate freely over and under the mattress. This keeps you cool while you sleep.

4. It prevents Your Mattress from Slipping

Choosing the right mattress base will keep your mattress from moving. This is very important if you keep turning it over in your sleep.

Too much shifting can cause your bed to separate from its foundation and become unsupported. If you choose the right mattress base, the mattress will stay in place.

5. Extends the Life of Your Mattress

A bed foundation can help your mattress last longer by protecting it from the elements, holding it in place, and giving it stability. A mattress can be placed on the floor, but bed frames are made to protect and support the mattress for much longer than the floor can.

6. Assists in Keeping Your Bed Tidy

If you don’t put your mattress on the floor, it will stay cleaner. Bed frames that lift the bed off the floor keep allergens, dust particles, and dust mites from getting on the mattress. If you clean your mattress often, it will last longer.

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Can a Memory Foam bed be put on the floor?

A memory foam mattress can be placed directly on the floor because it is a stable and level surface. But most people don’t like the low profile that comes from this. Because of the height, you still need a frame and foundation unless you’re on a tight budget and don’t mind losing altitude when you sleep.

What kind of base works best with a memory foam mattress?

A memory foam mattress requires a sturdy foundation to prevent sagging and flattening. A slatted foundation is another option; for this, you’ll need half-inch thick slats spaced no more than three inches apart.

You’ll need a Bunkie board if you don’t have a flat surface to put the memory foam mattress on. To keep your memory foam mattress in good shape, you should not use a box spring or a base with wide beams.

Memory foam will remain stable on a solid surface, but you should encourage airflow to avoid heat or moisture buildup.

Does a Memory Foam Mattress need a foundation?

Memory foam doesn’t need a base, but its support is important for comfort and looks. A memory foam mattress doesn’t require a specific platform as long as it offers sufficient clearance to prevent drooping.

If your current base doesn’t provide this, you can easily add some slats or plywood to make up for it.

Why is a Memory Foam Mattress foundation necessary?

Most mattresses go on top of the box spring. Next, it’s placed atop a bed structure. What happens if there’s no way to get to the box spring? How to build a memory foam mattress foundation for a box spring?

Most bed frames aren’t made to hold the weight of your mattress in the middle. So, if you have a memory foam mattress, it will sag to the ground.

The box spring might be put to use. Laying a foundation, however, will help you achieve better results if you already have one. You’ll also have to remove the box spring to shorten your mattress.

Without a bed frame, you can still have a functional and aesthetically pleasing base for your mattress.

How far apart should foam mattress slats be?

Place the Memory Foam Mattress on a flat, sturdy surface or slats with no more than a 2.75-inch space between them.

If your bed frame lacks a sturdy base or the slats are farther apart than usual, you must place your mattress on a flat foundation. In this case, a Bunkie board could prove to be very useful.

How thick do bed slats need to be?

Pine or fir boards 3 or 4 inches wide would work well for this project. They are usually cheap and strong enough to support your weight.

What is a memory foam mattress low-profile foundation?

Most memory foam mattresses have a foundation that is low to the ground but makes noise on the bed. The foundation is strong and works well with most kinds of mattresses.

The foundation of a low-profile building is intentionally made to be shorter than standard. This can be a great choice if you get a lot of snow.

What do you put under a mattress made of memory foam?

A slatted or stable base is preferable for a memory foam mattress. If you choose a slatted foundation, the spaces between the slats shouldn’t be more than 2.75 inches. If you want to use a memory foam mattress, the slats or Bunkie board must not be more than 7 inches apart.


Be careful not to hit any nails or screws already in the wood as you work. You might need to plan to ensure that your legs fit together right. With the right foundation, you can prevent the drooping of your memory foam mattress.

A memory foam mattress foundation consists of an outer frame, cradle, crossbars, slats, and legs to complete the steps of how to build a memory foam mattress foundation. The accuracy of the measurements and the choice of materials will determine the overall stability of the building.

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