How To Fix Gap Between Mattress And Bed Frame


There’s nothing worse than having your head or cushions fall out of bed because the mattress and frame aren’t attached properly. While it may seem like a minor inconvenience, this gap could be a danger to children. In the worst-case situation, they could break their neck if they get their necks wedged between the bed frame and mattress.

The gap between the mattress and bed frame can be filled to avoid causing you or your child any harm. Here are some methods and tricks to assist you how to fix the gap between mattress and bedframe.

Top 5 Methods To Fix Gap Between Mattress And Bed Frame

1. Place Pillows Strategically to Block the Gap

Not a permanent fix, but it will keep your pillows from tumbling into the abyss. Add more pads to close the distance. You won’t sleep on them. You’re just utilizing them to fill in the gaps.

Assume you don’t care about appearances. Otherwise, you can use cushions to fill the space, but a wooden plank or expanding foam instead, as pads get dirty and require frequent washing.

2. Lower the Headboard

It is easy to close the gap with adjustable height headboards. Remove the bolts from the adjustable-height headboard, move the headboard into the desired location, and then reinstall the bolts.

3. Use Decorative Pillows

Decorate the gap with pillows if your only concern is with how it looks. Throw pillows should be placed near the head of your bed to ensure that they don’t fall through the frame.

4. Buy a Gap Filler

Having to fill the space between a metal frame and mattress has become a common problem due to the availability of devices designed to do so. If you’ve never heard of them before, here’s a rundown of the many types:

a. Wood Boards

Wooden boards are a cheap alternative available at hardware stores. If you need to cut them, measure the distance between the bed’s platform/ slats and the bottom of the headboard, then cut the board to fit under the headboard. If appearance is crucial, paint the board to match your bed frame.

b. Pillowstops

Pillowstops are upholstered, unlike a conventional wood board, and (occasionally) cushioned for aesthetic purposes. The supplier may typically build a stop to match the exact texture and color of your headboard.

A plain wood board is a better, less expensive solution if you don’t care about appearances.

5. Rotate the Bed

Okay, this may seem odd, but bear with it. Your head/pillows keep falling in. What if the gap was across?

So, turn your bed 180 degrees, and you’re done. It will take some time to get acclimated to the new look of your room.

This solution is wonderful if you’re lazy and don’t want to wait. No extra pillows or techniques to close the gap? Don’t loosen nuts from your bed?

Bottom Line

If you detect a gap between your mattress and the metal frame, you may need to investigate all possible causes, but the cure is typically straightforward. However, prevention is better than cure, so you should aim to obtain a mattress that fits your bed frame snugly or use fillers to fill in any gaps.

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