GhostBed vs WinkBed Updated 2023 Comparison


GhostBed, a mix of latex and memory foam, is a well-known brand in the mattress business. On the other hand, WinkBeds made luxury hybrid mattresses in the US to compete with the industry of luxury showrooms. Here is a detailed look at the differences between GhostBed vs WinkBed.

Long-standing mattress manufacturer Nature’s Sleep introduced the concept of a “mattress in a box” with the release of their GhostBed brand.

Their more pricey GhostBed Luxe and GhostBed 3D Matrix models are designed to maximize comfort in every aspect.

WinkBeds, in addition to their regular hybrid mattress, has made an all-foam and latex hybrid mattress with a luxury look.

If you want to buy a new mattress, WinkBeds is a good option.

GhostBed’s Supportiveness

Just about everyone needs a mattress that provides adequate support.

It doesn’t matter what kind of mattress you want; a bed that keeps your back in good shape for longer is the most crucial consideration. The majority of reviews say that these mattresses can aid with that.

Edge Support

Generally speaking, mattress experts agree that edge support is crucial when shopping for a new bed.

Sleepers say they have consistent edge support with these mattresses, which means they feel supported around the bed.

Bowling Ball & Density Tests

A bowling ball placed on the mattress is a classic indicator of firmness and is often used to evaluate how well the mattress distributes weight.

Customers who have purchased these mattresses have praised the firmness and overall support they provide.

GhostBed’s Durability

A decade of comfort is what every mattress buyer is hoping for. However, there are several reasons why people wouldn’t want to sleep on the same mattress for more than 15 years.

The manufacturer would all be happier if they came to know that the bed would survive.

These beds are popular among buyers because of how long they last. According to the manufacturer’s claims and customer reviews, this mattress should last for at least seven years.

Make sure these mattresses are suitable for you by conducting a price comparison.

GhostBed’s Owner Satisfaction

Ask clients for their recommendations to narrow your selection of suitable mattresses. Some sleepers were satisfied with these mattresses, while others were less so.

WinkBeds Supportiveness

The comfort level and spinal alignment are directly related to the mattress’s support structure.

People report feeling adequately supported as they sleep on these beds for the most part. So, you can sleep soundly knowing that these mattresses will protect your back.

Edge Support

Most customers are satisfied with the edge support that these mattresses provide.

This ensures that even if you want to recline on the side of the bed, you won’t fall off because the mattress will keep you from sinking to the bottom.

Bowling Ball and Density Tests

Some people use bowling balls and density tests to measure support. There aren’t many quality faults with these mattresses, which is fantastic for buyers who want to feel extra secure about their purchase.

WinkBeds Durability

However, finding a lasting mattress might be difficult when some manufacturers are more concerned with shipping as many mattresses as possible than creating the best product.

As a result, buyers give these mattresses good scores for their ability to last a long time. Most consumers may expect them to last a decade or more.

Those heavier or who use their mattress more frequently may find it lasts a little less than the average person’s mattress.

WinkBeds Owner Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction data collected recently from the internet indicates that these mattresses are highly rated.

Here’s an excellent place to start if you want to learn more about whether or not this mattress is right for you.

Comparison Table

BrandBest ForSleep TrialWarranty PeriodPrice Range
GhostBedHot Sleepers
Heavyweight Sleepers
Back Sleepers
101 Nights20 Years$662-$1533
WinkBedBack and Hip Pain
Side Sleepers
120 NightsLifetime Warranty$849-$1749

GhostBed vs WinkBed- Mattress Construction

Materials Overview

The GhostBed is constructed using three layers:

  • A 1.5″ of 3.5 lb. density continuous aerated latex in the top comfort layer
  • A 2-inch layer of 4-pound density gel cooling memory foam sandwiched in the middle
  • A 7.5″ 2-pound high-density foam for the base support layer

An innerspring and foam bed are combined in a unique hybrid design to create WinkBed’s soft comfort and contoured support. With a six-layer design:

  • Stretch-knit fabric and Tencel make up the cover.
  • Hyper-soft Foam of 1 inch
  • Gel Foam 1″ in thickness
  • 2.4″ innerspring micro air-spring coil encased in foam (1353/ Queen)
  • Lumbar pad manufactured from pre-compressed polymerized cotton
  • Eight hundred fifty-eight pocket coils per queen, coated in foam and individually packaged.
  • 2″ Support foam (1.5lb density 28 ILD).

Comfort Information

GhostBed employs a patented formulation that features more giant cells, enabling the mattress to react more quickly to the body and provide for cooler nights.

WinkBeds’ Micro Air-Springs, placed just beneath their revolutionary foam blend, is made to encourage airflow over your body and help drain moisture away, keeping you at a comfortable temperature all night long.

Support Information

With GhostBed’s cutting-edge technology, your sleep quality will only improve.

It takes some time for Gel Cooling Memory Foam and Lumbar Support Foundation Foam to become accustomed to your body.

For those who suffer from chronic pain, the WinkBeds tempered steel coil base gives targeted pressure point alleviation, which is soft and challenging to compress.

Comfort Specifications

Premium aerated latex with GhostBed cool burst technology is required for temperature regulation. This is an essential part of your sleeping since it keeps you dry and comfortable while also excellent. Thermal sensing has been engaged.

More oxygen is contained in each cubic centimeter of cooler air, allowing for a more frequent and uninterrupted intake of fresh oxygen.

Getting a good night’s sleep depends on controlling your body temperature, even if it’s only a few degrees.

The Continuous Adaptive Airflow Technology ensures the best possible performance for each user’s body temperature, height, weight, and preferred sleeping position.

Whether you’re sharing your bed with a restless companion or not, the WinkBed is designed to minimize motion transfer and fit your shape. Heat can be dispersed away from the body by using it as a cooling aid.

Support Specifications

Sleeping is a long, complex, and complicated process. GhostBed is the only mattress with high-quality latex on the upper side of a cooling gel memory foam that adjusts to your body’s temperature.

The REM sleep-optimized GhostBed gel memory foam mattress has been scientifically proven to work.

No matter how you sleep, you need this middle layer to eliminate all pressure spots, regulate the temperature in real-time, maintain airflow, and organically support your body weight.

The soft material of the WinkBed is designed to relieve pressure. When you roll over, it cradles your body without leaving unwanted “body impressions.” It has more bounce than latex and is softer than memory foam.

Fabric Specifications

The GhostBed offers a detachable cover constructed with a blend of delicate fabrics, including viscose and polyester, for a luxurious feel.

This ultra-soft washable cover keeps you cool and comfy overnight by wicking away heat and sweat.

When it comes to the WinkBed’s cover, nothing beats TENCEL®, a botanical-based material of silky silk while being as cool as linen and absorbent as cotton.

Moisture is naturally wicked from the inside to the outside of the garment. TENCEL® is eco-friendly and sustainable, and its plant pulp originates from responsibly managed forests.

Delivery Information

The GhostBed ships in a significantly smaller box because it is vacuum-sealed for maximum cleanliness.

Give your GhostBed mattress a few hours to a day to fully inflate, breathe, and acclimate to your room’s temperature.

The WinkBeds offer free ground shipping within the entire United States.

Depending on where you’re located, and because each of the mattresses is built-to-order, it will take between 7 and 14 business days to get your bed after placing an order.

Ghostbed vs Winkbed: A Comparison of Their Best Features


GhostBed’s mattress has 4 comfort layers. The mattress cover is plush. This viscose-and-polyester cover is smooth.

It makes sleeping softer. Aerated latex and gel memory foam make up the second and third layers. These layers include microscopic openings to circulate the air and remove heat.

The gel keeps you comfortable all night. Last, a massive support foam aligns your spine. Synthetic latex gives the mattress more excellent bounce to quickly shift sleeping positions.

WinkBed’s Tencel-covered mattress is more relaxed. It absorbs sweat so you may sleep well. The second layer is a gel-infused euro pillow top. These layers shape and relax muscles.

The third layer provides stability and pain relief, consisting of individually bundled support coils. There won’t be any bed-dipping with this protective layer in place.

The base layer offers extra edge support so the body doesn’t sink. These layers make sleep sumptuous and comfortable. This mattress is natural and healthy.

Ghostbed has extra levels and a support system. It’s medium-firm. Your body type determines the best decision.


High-quality mattresses must be firm—healthy sleepers like medium-firm mattresses. Medium-firm mattresses are neither too soft nor too hard. It supports your lower back and hips and avoids muscle problems.

Ghostbed is medium-firm, whereas Winkbed is luxury-firm. The Ghostbed bed is ideal for ultra-sleeping. It’s more natural than Winkbed.

Before choosing a mattress, consider your needs. Mattress firmness depends on sleeping position. It’s firmer for side and back sleepers. You can select the correct firmness from the market.

Motion Isolation and Edge Support

Motion isolation is another crucial aspect that minimizes movement. If you have bedmates, get a mattress that reduces motion.

Winkbed offers better motion isolation. GhostBed’s bouncing mattress reduces motion transfer. Winkbed mattresses are better for couples than this mattress. These mattresses offer quiet, uninterrupted slumber.

Mattress edge support indicates durability and strength. Winkbed has more edge support than Ghostbed. The bed doesn’t sink on either side. It blocks all motion and helps you sleep peacefully.

Deep sleepers can choose the Winkbed mattress with confidence. It’s dreamy. If your spouse rolls to the side or uses the bed’s edge, you won’t fall off.


The Ghostbed mattress employs air-permeable foam to regulate temperature. It’ll keep sleepers more relaxed. The top latex layer eliminates body heat overnight.

The gel memory foam has more giant cells than the Winkbed mattress. Moisture-wicking keeps you cool and cleans you all night.

Ghostbed regulates temperature better than another mattress. The Ghostbed Classic mattress is for overheated sleepers.

It’s perfect for couples and families: aerated foam and gel memory foam for an excellent night’s sleep.

Position and Body Type

Your sleeping style and position determine the ideal mattress. Each mattress supports various sleeping positions. Before choosing a mattress, consider your body type.

The Ghostbed mattress is excellent for overheated sleepers. It’s nice and cozy all night. This mattress is for hot sleepers and back sleepers need it. This mattress is back-friendly.

Moreover, the Ghostbed mattress is suitable for average-weight stomach sleepers. Reduces hip and shoulder pressure.

You’ll sleep soundly. Ghostbed is a combined and supportive mattress. The Ghost mattress supports your whole body. Lightweight and suitable for side sleepers.

The Winkbed mattress is terrific for deep sleep, though. This mattress helps with back and hip problems.

Sharing this mattress won’t disrupt your partner’s movements. It lets you sleep undisturbed. Side sleepers love this mattress. The mattress’s foundation layer prevents sagging.

The Winkbed mattress is preferable to the Ghosbed bed. It improves sleep for all sleepers. Its hardness levels improve your lifestyle.

Price Range

The mattresses from Winkbed and GhostBed Classic are reasonably priced. Both beds are available in a variety of sizes at varying costs.


GhostBed’s mattress is both comfortable and supportive. It is also machine washable and covered by a warranty.

Winkbeds mattresses are significant in terms of comfort, stability, pricing, and temperature regulation. Both products have the potential to restore your sleep and make your morning beginnings more refreshing than before!

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Our dedicated team of experts, with more than two years of experience in the bedding industry, is committed to helping you achieve your best sleep yet. From in-depth reviews to comprehensive guides, we cover almost every aspect of sleep products, including mattresses, pillows, bed frames, and accessories. Explore our website and discover why we're the go-to resource for all things sleep-related.

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