Pillow Top Vs. Euro Top Mattresses


The terms ‘pillow top‘ and ‘euro top‘ refer to external vibration damping layers sewn to the mattress’s top surface. Mattress manufacturers sometimes interchangeably use ‘pillow top’ and ‘euro top,’ but these two components vary in structure and presentation.

Euro top and pillow-top mattresses are made to include a luxurious and comfortable bed for the sleepers, so what would be the distinction?

Euro and pillow-top mattresses see an extra padding layer to improve warmth, but the implementation of this layer changes and produces a slight distinction inconsistency and presentation. Pillow tops, for instance, are better, although Euro tops are better.

Difference between Pillow Top vs Euro Top Mattresses

What Is a Pillow Top Mattress?

Pillow tops get an extra element of insulation immediately stitched to the surface of the pillow. Therefore, the pillow’s surface edges do not work in harmony, ultimately with the individual mattress’s sides.

This structure will help a large gap between some of the incredible amount and the mattress ground. Remember a large pillow standing in the middle of any bed, which is why the term is “pillow top.”

Pillow Top Mattress

Pillow tops on any mattresses can indeed be identified, most typical on sheets with actual, secure, supportive cores, such as innerspring coils.

It’s because the extra padding enhances the softness and texture of the spring beds to lessen pressure for the wave of information like hips and shoulders.

Let us glance at the pros and cons of both the top mattress of a pillow:


  • Pillow tops will dramatically increase the plushness and contouring capabilities of an insulated mattress.
  • The additional layer creates a barrier between the coil support department and sleepers, significantly limiting aging effects.
  • Pillow top mattresses support and reduce problem areas despite compromising the comfort of an innerspring mattress. This dramatically increases spinal coordination when transferring body weight to avoid and decreasing back pain.


  • While Innerspring mattresses are considered to be absorbent, an upper surface of padding, wool, or fiberfill can reduce airflow, creating a warmer sleeping environment than expected.
  • The mattress top bears the motion burden since it rests on top of every mattress. It may affect form, drop, or transfer too early.

What Is a Euro Top Mattress?

Euro top mattresses are theoretically a form of top pillow mattresses because they have increased soft texture padding. However, they vary from regular pillow tops since the additional covering layer is stitched under the mattress cover and instead sewn to both the surface.

Euro Top Mattress

A Euro top’s design and quality level the comfy layer with mattress corners, making a stacked and standardized appearance. It also removes the difference and v-shaped indent inherent in conventional pillow tops between the extra layer and mattress layer.

No material difference means less potential for settling, and more room for padding resulted in a thicker, supportive bed.

Here, we’ll discuss the basic pros and cons of a Euro top mattress.


  • Unlike pillow tops, there is no distance or V-shaped crease to sink deeper towards, as Euro tops are sewn under the mattress sheet. The design includes a more friendly environment.
  • The lower layers of the mattress wholly protect euro tops since they lie immediately across them, making them less likely to slip out of place. The mattress cover also covers them, increasing comfort.
  • Euro tops are designed to be even broad with each mattress surface, offering excellent surface support and a smoother appearance.


  • Euro tops balance under the mattress sheet, on top of all other layers. These layers complement the added protection, often stopping a Euro top from contouring effectively as a pillow top.
  • The modern structure increases strength and beauty, resulting in increased demand versus pillow tops.

Main Features

Construction and Material

A pillow-top comes from a single, gusseted surface of foam or fiber padding that seems ultra-soft (or ‘pillowy’) to the touch. It gives the distinctive color of an additional padding layer on top of the mattress. Euro-tops are padding layers produced of foam or fiberfill.


Pillow-tops and euro-tops also come in different sizes. Both surfaces have statistical analyses to the visible light average three feet high. Pillow-tops only have to be as thick as the discrepancy with both pillow-top and convenience coating.


As pillow tops are smaller and covered with softer padding, returners can typically feel the mattress underneath the blanket. It provides a standardized pillow-top combination of firmness and smoothness.


Pillowtops are less robust because they generally flatten out and be less pillowy after prolonged application. And since the foam is standard of lower quality, pillow tops often reveal more internal creases over time. Euro-tops have higher durability — yet they continue to collapse at the bottom unnecessarily.


Eventually, there is practically no price savings amongst pillow tops and euro-tops since those are used on various mattresses and come from different manufacturers.

Considerations like comfort coating core structure, chemical structure, and mattress brand also have a much higher total market value.

How to Pick a Euro Top Mattress and Pillow Top Mattress?

As above, Euro-top and pillow-top mattresses have different advantages and drawbacks. Unless you’re having trouble distinguishing between some of the two, consider your interests.


Pillow tops are commonly softer than Euro tops, as when the lack of padding between the add-on sheet and mattress cover encourages sleepers to fall deeper into the bed. It also results in superior contouring and discomfort recovery right choice for unbearable trigger points.

Motion isolation

Euro tops are thicker and more comfortable with withstand your sleep partner’s motions when they travel around the bed. Euro tops can be the wisest option for someone who regularly tosses and turns, making better mattresses for couples even though they are better at distancing agitation than standard pillow tops.


Euro tops are often more sturdy than stapled pillow tops since they are stitched there undercover, making them smooth with mattress edges and less likely to flatten, fall, or change.

Esthetic expression

Euro tops match with the mattress and would be more fashionable, particular after extensive use.

Other considerations

As described above, pillow tops can be made from foam mattresses, latex foam, wool, or fiberfill—all with different feelings. Your pillow-top composition will affect your mattress’s overall vibration isolation, contouring durability, and durability.

Pillow Top Material

This segment will discuss how widely used pillow top materials affect a bed’s above features.

1. Memory Foam Pillow Top

Memory foam increases overall tension relief, responsive only to heat and pressure. It assumes it can cushion and support the body’s most challenging pieces, such as your hips and shoulders, making it a suitable option for uncomfortable pressure-pointed sleepers.

Memory foam pillow tops also immunize movement. As night sleepers shift, memory foam will withstand their vibration until it hits the coil help desk and transfers throughout the bed.

These factors make pillow tops made of memory foam best for side sleepers requiring support around their hips and shoulders, those with back pain, shoulder pain, or hip pain, or light sleepers with a powerful sleep partner.

A standard memory foam problem, however, is its ability to hold body heat. While today’s climate offers a range of more water-resistant choices, traditional memory foam is thick, making air flowing through the content impossible.

2. Latex Foam Pillow Top

Slightly stronger than memory foam, latex foam. Latex can comes from natural latex, synthetic latex, or a mixture of the other, but natural latex is the right alternative. Natural latex’s lack of composite polymers also renders it permeable, so let’s talk about it.

Latex is the shape of the rubber, naturally bouncy and robust. Its consistency is vital but also generates a greater fear for heavy sleepers.

Natural latex foam longevity, stability, and reproducibility are ideal for environment customers or heavy sleepers wanting a minor improvement in fluffiness and discomfort relief.

3. Wool Pillow Top

Pillow tops are stronger than memory foam and latex foam. Wool is equivalent to memory foam when exerting pressure. It needs support, although. The consent you provide comes from the middle of your mattress themselves, but although thick, wool does not contain any substances fit to distinguish movement.

Productive, although. It comes from a sheep or goat coat and functions as a natural insulation material, keeping you cool and comfortable in winter. It’s amazingly robust. This durability continues to change the production of wool-containing items.

These pillow-top varieties are ideal for sleepers requiring a slightly firmer innerspring mattress.

4. Fiberfill Pillow Top

Fiberfill is a mixture of polyester and some other textile polymers to mimic or beaks. Through the use of synthetic materials makes fiberfill less breathable. Also, these pillow top styles are the weakest healthy and most prone to flatten or sag.

Like wool, fiberfill could not provide contouring features, but its comfortable feel can also appropriately relieve your hips and shoulders.

Fiberfill pillow tops are a wise option for those finding a smooth, supportive and comfortable mattress. It shouldn’t go against saying—building a pillow top alone cannot make a mattress right for everyone.

Therefore, these features will significantly affect your insulin sensitivity than the pillow top type.


Could the top mattresses of a pillow be dropped?

Without ever turning that mattress and sleeping on your bed’s coils, rotate your mattress 180 grades once every three months to reduce wear and tear.

If you want to “cover” a mattress, turn the comforter to make your bed head and likewise. Consistent rotation of your mattress can eliminate slumping by eliminating profound experiences of your body and your companion’s positioning.

Precisely what sort of sleepers should wear mattresses with either the pillow top?

Top mattresses with pillows are ideal for side sleepers in that they provide an extra cushion. Side sleepers typically have the ultimate storage of a pillow top rather than back and stomach sleepers since they weigh almost all of their body on hips and shoulders. Sleepers prefer to spend time on firmer mattresses than just pillow tops. Hybrid and Latex mattresses are strongly suggested for these sleepers.

Were memory foam or pillow-top mattresses best?

Memory foam mattresses are made of more durable materials, holding about four years longer than pillow-top mattresses. Because of their increased longevity, memory foam mattresses are still much more affordable than pillow tops.

Even though memory foam mattresses outlast pillow-top beds, it isn’t easy to decide either better because each has a distinctive feel designed to suit multiple sleepers’ characteristics. The mattress you choose will drop close to your extreme situations and preference.

For example, most pillow top mattresses also have core support, slightly firmer and receptive than memory foam, making them the best bed for heavy spelters looking for a soft yet supporting coat.

Put another way, the memory moisture adapts to sleepers’ bodies to maximize relaxation and provide a bed for sleepers with sore pressure areas instead of just pillow tops.

Where healthy are the top mattresses of the pillow?

The company and model of the mattress will determine the height of any bed. Most reddish-brown from 8 to 14 inches, but the top of the pillow will add 2 to 4 incremental inches.

Very often do top mattresses of pillow last?

Pillow top mattresses have an approximate duration of 3 to 5 years, much shorter than all mattresses’ types. Though Euro tops do stronger than pillow tops, both mattress tops are essentially non-removable.

If a pillow top starts to deteriorate much faster than other mattress varieties, shopping for one with warranty coverage, including sloping, will help the above hypothetical. It will also prevent you from buying a pillow top of limited effectiveness that could be even shorter than expected.

Final Thoughts

When you search for a bed and encounter every mattress that feels too soft or too hard, suggests a Euro top or top mattress with pillows. These varieties of beds increase the feeling of plumage to slower mattresses to strengthen soft comfort despite decreasing protection.

However, Euro-top mattresses and pillow-top mattresses differ significantly and texture. Consider what is most necessary for you in a bed—additional matte surface and pressure reduction or coated protection and life span? That although two tops reinforce the coating of your sheet.

Pillow Tops are embroidered to the top of the mattress covering so that sleepers have so much more room to breathe in, resulting in luxurious vibration damping. On the other hand, Euro Tops are positioned together under-mattress sheet, further supported by the layers under it and providing comfortable insulation and durability.

A complete guide on pillow top vs. euro top mattresses with detailed pros and cons, types of the pillow top, and how to pick a right pillow top

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Our dedicated team of experts, with more than two years of experience in the bedding industry, is committed to helping you achieve your best sleep yet. From in-depth reviews to comprehensive guides, we cover almost every aspect of sleep products, including mattresses, pillows, bed frames, and accessories. Explore our website and discover why we're the go-to resource for all things sleep-related.

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