Why are Mattresses so Expensive?


When shopping for new mattresses, you notice that they cost a lot of money. But why are mattresses so expensive? Beds can be very pricey when bought from a store. A Mattress can be even more pricey if they are made with high-quality materials like natural latex or cooling foams, which retailers usually mark up by 50% or more to support costs and make money.

There is more to it than meets the eye when it comes to making money, though. Some sellers may use shady marketing techniques and price stabilizing strategies to make more money.

Here, you will find the answers to your questions about mattresses and their prices, so read on! There are a lot more things that affect how much a mattress costs.

Why Are Some Mattresses So Expensive?

The price of a piece of furniture is a good indicator of its quality. However, when it comes to large-scale products like mattresses, additional elements play a role in why they are so pricey.

The price of the materials used to make mattresses is one of them. Delivery and shipping, commissions, merchant profit margin, and all of the cutting-edge technology that makes those comfortable mattresses.

All the factors why mattresses are so expensive will be discussed here.

1. Mattresses Can Benefit Your Health

Even though mattresses may seem like a luxury item, they can significantly affect your health and quality of life.

The National Institutes of Health has found that mattresses can enhance sleep quality, alleviate back pain, and reduce stress levels.

Because of this, it is evident that investing in a high-quality mattress will lead to a more stress-free existence. So, what gives with mattress prices? Some folks have to shell out a lot of money for these reasons.

2. Duration

First, the lifespan of a mattress has a significant bearing on its cost. Between 7 and 10 years is the average lifespan of a good mattress. A high-end mattress can indeed be pricey, but it’s crucial to consider the mattress’s lifespan.

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3. The Demand for Mattresses Is High

Because everyone requires a bed, the necessity for mattresses and beds will never go away. People spend around one-third of their lives in bed, so charging so much for them makes sense.

Because most people prefer buying new mattresses rather than secondhand ones, their demand keeps increasing. In addition, because everyone requires a mattress, profit margins are usually more extensive, leading us to the next issue.

4. Profit Margins

Consider the profit margins while discussing the cost of a mattress. A survey by Statista stated that the gross margin of mattresses in the United States in 2020 was 61.5%.

Profit margins on beds are large since people want a pleasant night’s sleep. They’re willing to pay a high price for this. If you’re willing to bargain a modest percentage if the sale season hasn’t arrived, you can save money on your mattress.

5. Cost of Material

The cost of a mattress is influenced by the material it is made of. Felt, cotton fiber, viscoelastic foam, latex foam, and organic cotton are just a few elements that go into producing mattresses.

In addition, you should think about whether you want an innerspring or a hybrid mattress. Hybrid mattresses, compared to innerspring mattresses, have more layers and materials, and as a result, they are more expensive.

Note: If you are concerned about this, you can choose an American-made mattress.

6. Features

A mattress is pricey because it must have the most up-to-date features. Why are mattresses so expensive, given all of these additional costs? The solution is in what you get for your money: a high-quality item that will last for a long time!

Investing now will save you money in the long run, and if you find anything without a warranty or as much durability support, chances are there isn’t enough margin on each sale to compensate for any flaws down the line.

On the other hand, luxury brands invest more time and resources upfront, ensuring that they can continue to deliver quality products (and better warranties!) for years to come while still making a profit.

7. Delivery and Shipping

The size of a mattress isn’t a surprise. It’s not a tiny thing that you can buy and take home. The bigger the mattress is, the more it will cost to move, and the total cost of the mattress will go up.

A mattress delivery costs between $0.70 and $2.50, depending on how far and heavy it is. Transportation costs are added to an item’s original price at each step in its supply chain; this adds up over time.

Transportation costs aren’t the only thing that needs to be paid for when the mattress is delivered and shipped.

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Another thing to keep in mind is that a mattress needs to be handled by shipping staff, and the retailer needs to think about their pay. This means that the mattress’s price will go up even more.

It’s important to point out that buying your bed online rather than in a store will save you money, even if you have to pay for delivery fees. Their clients pay more for transportation because the stores make getting where they are going more challenging.

8. Technology in The Mattress

Mattresses are no exception to the rule, as seen by the many new advancements in the industry. A mattress’s benefits can be enhanced by technology, making them more luxurious, but the price might also rise.

Other standard technologies in mattresses include, but are not limited to:

Heating Technology

Mattresses with heating technology tend to be more expensive than those without it. Although it can be tough to achieve the ideal temperature for a mattress, you can use this system to warm it up and keep your body temperature in check.

Note: If you’re a hot sleeper, you may want to investigate a bed cooling system.

Sleep Sensor Technology

Incorporating sensors into your mattress will allow you to monitor your heart rate, track your breathing, and even determine how many times and at what time you get out of bed.

It is critical to have a good night’s sleep if you want to wake up feeling energized, healthy and focused the next day. The cost of the mattress will be affected by the addition of these sleep sensors.

Memory Gel Mattresses

Comfortable memory gel mattresses that can remember the shape of a person’s body are on the market. Like other high-tech products, memory gel mattresses will raise the price of the mattress.

The high-density foam and gel layer combination relieves pressure while promoting blood flow.

9. Specialist Requirements

It is pricey because a mattress requires a team of specialists and experts to design, assemble, test, and ship it.

If you buy one of these things at a discounted price, there’s typically not enough money left to buy anything else!

This leads us back to the reason for the high cost of mattresses: other extra costs must be considered in addition to the cost of the materials and the labor. In what way is this relevant to the discussion?

As a result, manufacturers’ wholesale price to maintain their profit margins is higher than the retail price that retailers pay to sell or rent their products.

10. Advertising

Marketing strategy is a vital aspect of every company’s advertising, and mattresses are no exception. However, one of the world’s largest mattress businesses, Tempur Sealy, spent $327 million on advertising efforts alone.

Although bedding manufacturers make a lot of money on their products, this is undoubtedly a contributing factor to the final price of mattresses.

Price Hacks to Reduce Your Mattress Costs

The price of a mattress is because you’re getting a high level of quality and dependability.

So why does it cost so much to buy a product that won’t last long or provide much in the way of comfort? Manufacturers can offer more attractive features while still making money if they spend more time designing their products.

This means that if you spend a little more money today, you’ll reap the benefits in the future.

Even now, you’re not clear why some mattresses are so expensive. Here are some ways to save money today without compromising too much in the process:

Note: Purchase a model that has been retired from production in favor of a newer design; these things often come at a discounted rate.

1. Buy Mattresses Online to Reduce Your Cost

You might want to think about buying the mattress online. Why are mattresses so expensive at a store? Everything has to do with overhead and in-store costs.

When you buy something at a store, you have to pay for rent, employee wages, and other things you can avoid by ordering from home!

There won’t be any extra fees or hassles, and you’ll also get your product delivered to where it needs to go without any extra costs. This is why so many of us buy mattresses instead of in stores on the internet.

2. Leverage Discounts and Sales

When should you buy a mattress? During sales like Black Friday or Cyber Monday! There are a lot of great deals to be had at these types of sales, and you can also save a lot of money.

In a pinch, this could be just what you need. Why are mattresses so pricey? Discounts help cut costs and give more people the chance to buy high-quality items that otherwise would be out of reach for many people.

When it comes down to it, investing now will save you a lot of headaches down the road. If you buy something that doesn’t have an extended warranty or as much support for long-term use, the chances are that there won’t be enough profit on each sale to make up for any deficiencies down the road.

3. Consider the Second-Hand Market

A new mattress may be out of your financial reach. Buy a used one if you can! Going with this alternative instead of renting will save you money. Why are mattresses so pricey to rent?

Because of the long-term obligations and high expenses associated with damage protection, renting may not be the best option for certain people.

In addition to causing additional stress, this can lead to overspending when unexpected occurrences occur (an accident or other property loss).

It’s also a good idea to consider buying a used sleep set because they’re less expensive while still being exceptionally high-quality things that will last as long as any other.

Why Are Foam Mattresses So Expensive?

Aside from being constructed from natural organic components, eco-friendly production procedures, and foam with a 450 to 500 density, high-quality foam mattresses are also expensive.

Products thicker or denser are better at being good at what they do. Luxurious products are the only way to get the best sleep while also being kind to the earth.

In other words, if people buy cheaper brands, it may be months or years before anyone can see or feel how their bodies start working better with these fewer hearty materials. Think about how much time and money you’ve wasted by sleeping on bad things for all that time.

Why is Casper Mattresses so Expensive?

Because mattress price varies widely depending on the type of mattress and prospective insert. While construction size and type are the essential elements that affect a mattress’ cost, the following considerations can also tip the scales up or down:

  • Cooling Technology
  • Layered Support
  • Shipping
  • Foundation, Frame, and Accessories

Why are Memory Foam Mattresses so Expensive?

Even while a $1000+ memory foam mattress may appear pricey, these mattresses are built to last a long time with proper care.

It may be ten years or more before they begin to sag or require replacement in this situation. A well-maintained memory foam mattress might last up to two decades. A high-quality memory foam mattress doesn’t cost that much every day if you look at the actual cost.

A 10-year memory mattress costs $1000, yet you only pay 27 cents a night to sleep on it, to give you an idea. Not that horrible when you genuinely think about it.

The following are some of the factors that go into determining a mattress’s final price:

  • Quality Control is High
  • High-End Memory Foam is Durable
  • A mattress is a Necessity


Why are mattresses so expensive? A good mattress is a necessity to get a good night’s sleep. Mattresses can be expensive since sellers know that people want a good night’s rest and are willing to spend money on them.

You should be buying a mattress thoughtfully, do not just presume that a high price promises a good quality mattress, but ask the store about the aspects that make the price high.

Mattresses cost a lot because of the materials they are made of, how they are delivered and shipped, how much profit they make, and how much technology they have.

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Our dedicated team of experts, with more than two years of experience in the bedding industry, is committed to helping you achieve your best sleep yet. From in-depth reviews to comprehensive guides, we cover almost every aspect of sleep products, including mattresses, pillows, bed frames, and accessories. Explore our website and discover why we're the go-to resource for all things sleep-related.

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